I was asked to do an ama, about my video and taxidermy. Home - http://s.shr.lc/X5i2Pi via @Shareaholic , htt ps://www.facebook.com/nope .chucktestahttps://twitter.com/OjaiTaxidermy

Thanks for asking all the questions, I'm done for tonight.

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nutsocharles1837 karma

Did that rhino just order a drink?

bigc872488 karma

NOPE!!!! Chuck Testa !

JewishTaco1619 karma

What did you have for breakfast?

bigc872333 karma


fakugooby21403 karma

Do people recognize you a lot on the streets?

bigc871928 karma

they actually do

guitardude9111165 karma

Did you actually get any serious business from the video, or just internet fame?

bigc871644 karma

more internet interest than business for sure

jafebsemas1049 karma

What the strangest thing you've taxidermied?

Edit: this is my highest karma content. Reddit works in mysterious ways.

bigc871613 karma

i have to say that I was recently asked to do a human rib bone, as well as 2 human fingers and in the animal world I mounted a two headed calf

Dragoonscaper789 karma

Chuck, What was it like to work with Rhett and Link on the original Ojai Valley Taxidermy Video and the others you appear in? Are they pretty fun to work with? And are you collaborating on any other videos with them?

bigc871040 karma

It was great fun. They treated me like a family member and they are so creative it's amazing. Nothing up right now with them but they call from time to time with ideas

dusty102able696 karma

Please tell me that the monotone is a ploy!!!!

bigc871174 karma

I hate to do this to you but NOPE... Naaa that was Rhett and Links idea and it worked out really well for me

toastking667 karma

Did the video benefit your business?

bigc871159 karma

Yes to a limited extent, but I am still getting fan calls all the time, so I'd say more fans than customers

wowzuzz591 karma

What was your first reaction to learning that basically you were the king of the internetz for a short period of time?

bigc87989 karma

It was mind blowing. There was a media storm like I never expected and had a hard time keeping up with it all. It was a LOT of fun though

triit537 karma

Say you get an unfamiliar obscure animal in from some foreign land. How do you pose it and construct it such that it looks natural? Just from pictures?

Have you ever mounted an Egyptian goose?

bigc87776 karma

there are tons of resource material to draw from, but I generally do not see many unfamiliar animals come into my shop. And a goose is a goose no matter the county it originates from..the steps are the same for domestic as well as exotic

fashabala436 karma

How did you get into taxidermy? Do a lot of people bring in their pets, or how much business does it account for?

bigc87998 karma

I have the whole story on my website, about ordering the bird kit from a magazine, but I stopped doing pets because they are a specialty niche, there is too much sadness associated with it and the customers are often disappointed as there pets look different than they need them to. All in all a lose lose situation

tengen14422 karma

What was your reaction to the internet success you received?

Also, have you ever been recognized in public or contacted by businesses for advertisement purposes?

bigc87682 karma

Yes, I have just finished my first commercial and was tested 5 times for reality shows. I didn't get picked up yet but who knows??

cool_mas381 karma

What are your opinions on the current socioeconomic condition of the European Union?

bigc871054 karma

i can't answer that as I have a hard enough time with the condition of the United States

moenke298 karma

would you rather taxidermize one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

bigc87528 karma

i tried to answer this one before and I chose the horse sized duck.

kane0h282 karma

Can you show us a pic of a taxidermied animal that offends you... as in horrible quality, not simply an animal you don't like?

bigc87371 karma

that is a really good question. Someone just posted a hideous mountain lion on my facebook page the other day but I can put a few lousy jobs on my fan page for you to see

ZauDex93267 karma

Do you play Deer hunter?

bigc87493 karma

I don't play video games at all. I just never got into them

Nat34249 karma

Any plans for a new commercial?

bigc87398 karma

i just made one for a customer in San Francisco. It's really funny and I'm selling headsets. It's at the editor now and should be coming out in a few weeks

blipblop18223 karma

What kind of music are you into? I feel like a man like you would have excellent taste in music

bigc87526 karma

i'm really into all types of music. I love classic rock, oldies, old country and jazz. I have my sirius radio playing 24 seven

SupaWillis202 karma

How much has your business grown after the commercial went viral?

bigc87414 karma

I finally had enough time to graph it and it has increased about 30 percent. Not great but not bad

died-ed178 karma

What is your favorite animal to taxidermize and why?

bigc87293 karma

I have more than one but I totally love to work on African animals and deer of all kinds.

Reiswig789156 karma

How often do people recognize you in your day to day life? Also what is your favorite parody of your video?

bigc87353 karma

i actually love the cartoon one, I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about but it was so creative I loved it whe

Needmofunneh145 karma

What was your first reaction to the music videos? Do you think they are funny, or are they disrespectful to you?

bigc87369 karma

I can laugh at myself and I think it's really funny. I also got to meet Sabatoge, Mack lethal, Scumbag Steve and a few others. It's been a learning experience that's for sure

PostYourSinks115 karma

How did you come up with the whole Nope! thing? Do you still have a business? If so, has the video helped?

bigc87453 karma

Rhett and Link created the Nope thing, and my business is still going strong. I get about 10 fan calls a day and alot more on the weekends. I actually had a stalker who really hated me and sent death threats and the FBI was involved. That was interesting

LuckyLML3100 karma

What did you think of your "Nope" video after it was first completed? Pre-viral.

bigc87210 karma

i really loved it. It was fun having my daughter and son and house in a commercial that was going to be on TV

centaur72498 karma

Do you plan on being taxidermized when you pass?

bigc87283 karma

Nope, I would love to be frozen in a cryo type situation tho

Ramboozler852168 karma

Are you recognized at all on a daily basis?

bigc87120 karma

not every day but a lot more than I thought would happen

c2537558 karma

The video obviously has become a viral hit on Youtube. Was the original intention to make a serious video, or something more like what resulted? Did you expect it to be popular at all?

And what's the weirdest thing that's happened because of the video?

bigc87201 karma

The most unexpected thing to happen is that me and some other memes just got a contract with playstation/xbox to be offered as avatars. I also got a shirt contract today. Not too bad after a year and a half

StephJamz45 karma

What was it like working with Rhett and Link, and how did you find out about the commercials they were making? Was working with them what you were expecting or was it way outside of your comfort zone? Thanks!

bigc87101 karma

They are two of the nicest guys to work with. The first commercial I did with them I was extremely nervous but I got into the groove eventually. The dope zebra one was fun and I wasn't nervous at all