Hey folks, Johnny Hekker here! I am ready to get some question and answer going to enlighten you all on all there is to know about the life and everyday operations of a rookie punter and overall swell guy!

Edit-Everyone if you don't already follow me on twitter! @jhekker I can answer more questions later after I am finished with this AMA. I will be on for another 20 minutes answering questions! Loving all of the support.

Edit- I am out of here folks! Thank you all so much for participating and helping me up my online swag factor! Follow me on Twitter @jhekker and I can answer some more questions! Also look for a special valentines video for all of the Lovers out there. You all are so amazing and I love you...yes even you trolls. Peace, Love, and Ermagerd Go Rerms Johnny R Hekker

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Hardrockgod189 karma

If you were to have a punting battle with /r/nfl favorite redditor /u/loate who would win?

Whatthehekk499 karma

Kluwe has skills, no doubt about it. I would say that he would win the battle..If we battled pokemon cards he would have no chance.

Loate706 karma

That's it. We're fighting. You've challenged the wrong Pokemaster my friend.

Whatthehekk471 karma

oh shizznit! You don't want it Kluwe! haha maybe we can get it on Pay-Per-View. Charity punter pokemon battle.

Pillgrumb141 karma

Mr. Hekker - What say you to the assumption that all of "your people" look the same? Source

P.S. Go Beavs

Whatthehekk107 karma

hahah most OSU players do look exactly the same so I could see how they made that little mix up.

symessays117 karma


Whatthehekk156 karma

That was a special moment for me having it be my hometown team. Having all my friends send me congratulatory/ hateful texts was awesome. They didn't see it coming at all.

rsantoro114 karma

Hi Johnny, would you be able to get me Steven Jackson's Jersey?....Yeah the one he's wearing

Whatthehekk274 karma

You don't want it...its sweaty.

JCHekk87 karma

Who's your favorite sister-in-law?

Whatthehekk107 karma

OOOOH....this one is tough. I won't answer it because I don't wanna ruffle any feathers. Catie is great though ;)

daedalus00078 karma

Hi, Johnny!

Can you take us through what was going through your head as you lined up for that (fake) punt against the 49ers?

Were you given special permission to go rogue like that if you recognized an error in the defense?

Thanks! Go Rams!

Whatthehekk117 karma

I was just thinking, "This is going to work just like in practice...don't you dare mess up the throw!" Punters only get chances if the coaches know you can complete it!

Bacontroph71 karma

Hey Johnny!

I was your BI 212 TA at OSU. You were one of the better students, it was easy to tell because your lab reports had excellent grammar and you asked questions during my boring ass lectures.

What would you be doing if the NFL didn't work out for you?

2nd question, who was your favorite TA at Oregon State?

Whatthehekk96 karma

Being on reddit you have to have good grammar or else you get eaten alive! If the NFL didn't work out for me, I would probably be in grad school somewhere working on attaining a masters in education. I love teaching others and I would like to be a coach some day as well as teach. You had to be my favorite TA of course ;) I really don't remember all of my TA's so the fact that you are a redditor puts you on top!


Who is your favorite pokemon?

Whatthehekk220 karma

Hitmonlee...the dude could drop bombs as a punter.

pfennigweise59 karma

What honestly goes through your head when a guy starts to run a punt back?

Whatthehekk215 karma


sesharine57 karma

Question via my girlfriend. Why can't one person do the punting, field goals, and kickoffs? I couldn't really explain it to her very well.

Whatthehekk92 karma

Punting is a pretty specialized movement where you swing more straight through the ball, with kicking and kickoffs the motion is similar so you see a lot of guys do Field goals and kickoffs. There are also a couple guys in the league that are Punters/ Kickoff guys Pat Mcafee, Thomas Morstead and there are a couple more. Its very rare to have a guy do all three.

tehsbe56 karma

In high school you were the starting quarterback for my high school's main rival, who we always lost too. In college you went Oregon St., one of my Washington Huskies Pac-10/12 North division rivals. Now you are a member of an NFC West team and are directly competing with my Seattle Seahawks every year. You even made the key play that put the Rams over the Seahawks in week 4 this year.

Needless to say, I "sports hate" you quite a bit right now. I'm glad you're representing the area where I grew up, but seriously, you've been a thorn in my side for years.

How does it feel to be a part of so many teams that have beaten so many of my favorite teams?

Whatthehekk82 karma

I always make those same two connections. I grew up a Husky fan...became a beaver. Grew up a Hawks fan...became a Ram. Its just the position God put me in. I don't mean to put down any of your favorite teams but as an athlete I want to win every chance I compete; whether it be in an nfl game on sundays or playing ping pong on a tuesday. I hate to lose. I hope I can keep the butt whippings coming against your favorite NFL team. Good Question my man. Sorry for all the losses.

Glaeal47 karma

Is it hard to play football without a soul?

Whatthehekk72 karma

yes...so hard!

stickyrice8944 karma

Hey Johnny,

Beaver alum here. I just want to thank you for winning the 2008 USC game with your bomb punts inside the 10 and 5.

I considered and still do consider you a great punter. But what was with the case of the shanks your junior year?

Whatthehekk65 karma

Shanks happen to all punters, whether we want to admit it or not. I had a hard time with consistency with my drop, sometimes it would be outside of my body and the ball would hit off the side of my foot and shank. Thanks for your support my man.

cubedG37 karma

In your honest opinion, are punters people too?

Whatthehekk57 karma

PUNTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!! I wanna make tee shirts that say People are Punters too! It has to work both ways.

amanoob36 karma

Is one of your legs bigger than your other? Do you train one of your legs more than the other?

Whatthehekk55 karma

when you do one motion for enough reps some muscle imbalances do occur. One of my goals this offseason is to help get my body back into balance with flexibility and strength. My left leg is good with balance because I land on it when I punt so my right leg needs to get used to doing some one legged stuff during the off season. Good question!

NakedMuffinTime30 karma

Can you tell us how your training camp was as a rookie? What were some of the pranks played on rookies there?

Whatthehekk47 karma

There weren't a whole lot of pranks aside from the typical "go get me something" runs. Training camp was a bit stressful because I was just working to make a spot on the team as a rookie and as a free agent nothing is guaranteed. I worked as hard as I could and just did my best to let people know what kind of guy I am and the I put the team first.

javajavahutt29 karma

So... are you and Andy Dalton in a club together, something like Gingers in the NFL?

Whatthehekk61 karma

HAHA Cortland Finnegan always calls me Andy Dalton when I am throwing the ball around at practice. There is a few other gingers in the league that deserve mention as well...Two are even punters. Me, STL snapper Jake Mcquaide, Tim Masthay, Jon Ryan, Andy Dalton, Pat and Paul McQuistan...just to name a few. We are making a comeback!

nhuff9027 karma

Who was at fault on the delay of game during the first game against the 49ers? How did the coaching staff and the rest of the team react after the game ended in a tie?

Thanks for doing this!

Whatthehekk70 karma

You are welcome! I accept full responsibility as the holder for that delay of game! I am supposed to check the game clock before greg takes his steps back and I just didn't really think to look at it. It was just such an empty feeling when the game was done. You don't really know how to react when something like that happens. Good thing we got em the second go around ;)

JWard51527 karma

Ive always wanted to know how in Gods name you guys can boom a punt for like 60 yards? Even my soccer playing friends cant get the ball downfield like you guys can.

Whatthehekk51 karma

If you practice something enough it comes. Gaining overall leg strength and improving leg speed helps too. Just gotta get the technique down.

nyj102125 karma


Whatthehekk81 karma

Yes I have met Steven Jackson, Being his teammate for an entire season I saw him almost every day. He is pretty intimidating looking because of his physical stature but he is the nicest guy ever. Really a pro's pro. The guy treats everyone with respect and makes everyone feel important to the team.

Steady_P22 karma

hi Johnny, huge rams fan here. What's its like being a member of the rams do you enjoy St. Louis? who do you hang around with on the team? Whats Sam Bradford like and who does he usually associate with on the team?

Whatthehekk39 karma

Well I would say being a part of the Rams organization is a blessing. I have heard from many of our vets that have been on other teams how different and upbeat everything is in our training facilities. Everyone gets along and you can tell that we all want to improve and win games now. I spend most of my time with Greg, Jake McQuaide, and one of our D-lineman Matt Conrath. All good guys. Sam is a quiet leader that loves the game. he likes to hang out with Danny a lot I think...Punters arent the most in the loop players haha.

OldOrder22 karma

I would like to have Steven Jackson's babies but I am sadly a male. What would be my best course of action?

Whatthehekk50 karma

I have no idea where to go with this question...hahaha AWKWARD QUESTION OF THE THREAD AWARD!!!!!!!

nyj102120 karma


Whatthehekk45 karma

Greg is a freak! the guy likes to relax his leg as much as possible when not kicking the ball. When you smash the ball like he does, it takes a lot out of you. He does lift but he likes to keep it controlled.

ohginjasnap20 karma

Hey Mr.Hekker thanks for this, two questions

  1. How did you feel when the Rams signed you?

  2. Have you met any Blues players?

Whatthehekk42 karma

Answer 1. I was ecstatic! I was at my brothers house watching the last day of the draft with my family and when the draft was over and the rams called me I knew where I wanted to go. It was just such a blessing to be a part of it all. Answer 2. No I have not but I would be open to hitting the ice with them and making an ass of myself!

rab167319 karma


Favorite memories of OSU? Plan on stopping by much as a product of our fine University?

You kicked my team's ass multiple times in IM softball.. thanks for that

Whatthehekk35 karma

Favorite memories would be beating number 1 USC, winning in the sun bowl, and beating UW in my last home game as a Beaver. I loved my time at OSU. I have been at OSU the last couple weeks and will still be back here working out until workouts start in St. Louis

RIP_Porkins18 karma

You and Greg Z both had great rookie season. Have you and him formed a friendship being in similar situations? The Rams are my favorite NFC team so I hope to see you both on the team for many years. I really think your team will be great as soon as next year.

Whatthehekk46 karma

The Rams really appreciate your support! Greg and I were roommates this year and we were able to bond a ton outside of football. Greg and I are good friends and with our snapper Jake, we are a great Trio and a special teams force to be reckoned with.

BrodyApproves16 karma

Is your kicking leg insured? If so, for how much?

Whatthehekk23 karma

no it is not insured.

NakedMuffinTime16 karma

Do you get nerves before games? If so, what is your sort of pregame ritual?

Whatthehekk39 karma

I do get nerves before games but good nerves..more like I get hyped to go out there and kick the ball. My pregame rituals consist of listening to specific music, Outkast, Rage Against the Machine, and some Dubstep to get the juices flowing.

Patticus_Finch15 karma

Hi John Hekker!

I'm a HUGE Rams fan, I've been one for a long time now, and I was just wondering how is the Rams locker-room? Is it just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun?

Whatthehekk27 karma

The locker room is great! We are all kind of separated by our locations in the locker room but we all have a great time while we are at work. Everyone gets along and guys have fun playing xbox, shooting mini hoops, or just sitting around chatting. I love the environment in our locker room.

Yobogoya14 karma

Go Beavs! Johnny, can you explain to reddit why Oregon State is the greatest school ever?

Whatthehekk40 karma

Dear Reddit, Oregon State University is the greatest school in the world because of local boyz....enough said

nakedbobcat13 karma

you kick many field goals? whats the longest you can hit from?

Whatthehekk15 karma

I can hit from 55 probably. Don't have the livest leg in the league but if I catch a hold of one it will go.

They_Call_Me_Nasty13 karma

Johnny, who is your favorite SpongeBob character?

-Place Kicker from Oregon.

EDIT: Bonus Question: Who has better looking hair? Coach Reed or You?

Whatthehekk23 karma

HAHAHA Great to have another Beaver state specialist here. My favorite character is SpongeBob of course. The faces he makes crack me up still to this day. I would say Bruce has better hair now because I went and chopped it all off. GO BEAVS

18bumpercar12 karma

Hey Johnny, what was it like coming out of college undrafted?

Whatthehekk31 karma

Coming out of college undrafted was completely fine with me. The free agency position I was in was great because I ended up in St. Louis which was one of my top places to land before the draft started. I approached it like I did in college, where I was a walk on. I had a chip on my shoulder that I had something to prove and that I wanted to show everyone that I really did belong at that level.

JcEmery912 karma

Hey Johnny, thanks for taking the time to do this! In your opinion, what opposing team had the loudest fans?

Whatthehekk33 karma

Seattle, Nobody came close.

uhhhhmmmm10 karma

Toughest/best part of adapting to an NFL lifestyle?

Whatthehekk42 karma

Toughest part: managing being away from the Northwest, my family is in washington and my friends and GF in Oregon at OSU. Best part: Getting to continue playing football and actually getting paid for it. (NCAA needs to step their game up)

SkypvT10 karma

Hi Hekker, are there still rookie hazings in the league and were you forced to do anything? Like sing a song, dance something weird, or paying for the entire team's dinner after a game?

Whatthehekk38 karma

I was only forced to stand up in front of the team and say my name, my university, position, favorite movie, and who my first pet was and what happened to it. Coach Fisher isn't one for hazing.

GWStroebel10 karma

Hey Johnny, what's the biggest difference between college and the pros?

Whatthehekk19 karma

I would say the amount of attention and exposure you get as a player. The length of the season with preseason and regular season is pretty grueling too.

IReallyLikeFootball10 karma

Thanks for doing this Johnny!

Just curious, how much can you bench? Does it beat Morstead's 405 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_H5IP0FHyE0)?

Whatthehekk25 karma

hahaa....not even close. I don't even want to say what I bench now..don't gotta bench a lot to boot the pigskin!

your_backpack10 karma

Favorite team to play against? Maybe favorite isn't the right word, but is there any specific game you ever look forward to in a season? Probably some NFC team since you play them the most

Whatthehekk43 karma

I always look forward to playing in Seattle because that is where I am from. Having my whole family at the game means a lot to me and I love playing in my home town. 206 Stand UP!

abc02159 karma

Is Sam Bradford a nice person? I was a HUGE Sam Bradford fan since he played for Oklahoma. I recently had the one chance in my life to meet him and he wouldn't bother to come talk to me, even though I was the only fan around. Just wondering if he was really like that or had an off day or something.

Whatthehekk25 karma

Sam is an incredibly nice person. I am sure he was just busy or had something else he had to get done before socializing. Sometimes as a player in the NFL people expect a lot from you as far as socializing with fans and all that. As a star it is like that to the 100th degree. Take my word for it, Sam is a great guy and would never do that to intentionally disappoint you.

RusJ9 karma

What's happening. What stadium or field would you least want to punt at?

Whatthehekk22 karma

This is a tough question to answer because I haven't played everywhere yet but from my brief NFL stadium knowledge I would say Buffalo. It gets cold and windy there...two of punters worst enemies. My hat goes off to Moorman and Shawn Powell

whoopdedo8 karma

What's the worst football injury you've ever gotten? Feel free to exaggerate or just make something up to impress us.

Also, do you do like Steve Weatherford and leave your jewelry on when you play? He has a wedding ring, but you're not married are you? Annis Stukus of the Edmonton Eskimos in 1951 wore a wristwatch (but no helmet or shoulder pads).

Whatthehekk57 karma

I have never been injured...I am made of twisted steel and sex appeal I like to take off all of my bands and whatnot during games. I rock a watch sometimes during practice. no bling though.

I_am_THE_GRAPIST8 karma

Next season, will you pin a team back at the 1 yard line for me? Doesn't matter what team you're against (49ers, preferably).

Whatthehekk23 karma

I will do my best to do it early and often next season...just for you!

nhuff908 karma

How do you feel about claiming Titus Young off waivers? Seems Fisher can handle players with character concerns looking at Pacman, Jenkins, Givens etc. Just curious how the team feels about the signing.

Whatthehekk27 karma

Well let me drop a disclaimer that the opinions of this punter do not reflect the overall opinions and beliefs of the team but any playmakers that we can add to our roster will help us be better. We want as many hungry, talented players as we can have to drive up the competition. Competition and hunger make teams great. Were on our way.

OldOrder6 karma

What was the general feeling on the sideline of the 2nd game against the 9ers this year as it went into overtime? Did the team feel like another tie was coming? Also I started being a football/Rams fan in 2004 so I have never seen a winning season, I'm gonna need yall to make next season special for me.

Whatthehekk15 karma

We all knew that we would pull out the win. I know there was not one doubter on that sideline that we would pull it out. We are gonna work our best to give you that winning season my man!

tclipse6 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA!

I just want to know what your first NFL game felt like. Was it routine "just like college" stuff or were you genuinely pumped?

Whatthehekk11 karma

I was nervous as heck for that game. I was just caught up in the moment and did my best to block out the nerves.

DickMcVengeance6 karma

What do you do in your free time? Focus on punting and the craft of punting?

Whatthehekk17 karma

In my free time during the off season I like to work out, punt, and play video games. Shooting hoops is also pretty great but I gotta stick to what is paying the bills.

Scooto6 karma

Just want to say as a Seahawks fan I have to hate you for throwing that fake field goal against us. But thanks for the AMA! I've wondered for a while about punters, where/when did you learn to punt, and how do you practice/what do you do in the weight room to improve your punts?

Whatthehekk16 karma

I learned how to punt going into my freshman year of college, I was a QB and punter/kicker in high school and needed to sharpen my game before college so I went and trained with a punting coach in Alabama to improve. As far as weight training to improve punting you need to get a strong core and get flexible to maintain health. I feel that only getting out and actually punting will get you better at punting. Getting stronger can help but you need to refine the technique always.

iGamble6 karma

Hey Ging, two quickies for ya: 1. Who is the chattiest player on another team, constantly jawwing (other then sherman of course) 2. Tell us a little about how youre instructed to embellish falls when brushed into after a punt, or are you?

Whatthehekk9 karma

I can't really speak on chatty players. I would say a chatty team in general is the Seahawks. 2. I haven't been coached on that skill. Flopping isnt something you just go out and practice. It just happens. Usually I try and stay up unless I actually get bumped.

awildmaxappears6 karma

Is Chris Long as hilarious in real life as he is on twitter?

Whatthehekk19 karma

yeah he is a riot. Love having him on the team to make funny jokes and smash opposing qb's into pieces.

Tepid_Hand_Luke5 karma

At what age/level of play do punters or kickers even stop coming from walk on tryouts?

Whatthehekk14 karma

I have seen walk ons at every level. Of course in the NFL its not a come one come all type of deal, a coach has to know about you to ask you to work out for them.

charfei705 karma

If you hadn't been signed by any team, what would have been your backup career?

Whatthehekk19 karma

I want to own and operate a shave ice stand in Hawaii with my best friend. We've talked about it for years. haha

dao2565 karma

How hard is it for punters who have never held at any level before to come in and do so in the nfl (Jon Ryan comes to mind) I get the whole kickers and punters spend a lot of time together thing so it makes sense that way, but it kind of seems like a lot to ask of someone who has to already be very focused on their punting

Ps gingers look hilarious on madden. Just thought you should know

Whatthehekk6 karma

Holding has always come easy to me, I think it just takes an athlete to sit back there and practice it enough and it becomes second nature. I'm sure 7/8 guys on our team could hold if they had to.

kHaza5 karma

Hi Mr. Hekker, redditor and football fan (and player, actually) from the UK here. First off I'd like to apologise for the disgraceful lack of support our fans showed you at Wembley in September. It was frankly quite embarrasing, and as the home team, you deserved much better. My question actually relates to that game: I would like to know how it felt to travel to London to play a game of football in terms of jet lag, tiredness etc, and with this in mind, do you consider a permanent franchise in London to be possible, or would it simply be too taxing on its players to have to make such a journey so often?

Whatthehekk18 karma

It was really a great experience getting to travel over there for the game. I appreciate your support for the game and I know the fan experience was different because we play a game you aren't used to cheering for. I could see an expansion in London only if it is multiple teams. For a team to travel to london for one week only would make it very hard and for the london team to travel to the states for weekend games would be very difficult as well. Im not too sure if that answered your question.

brandoninpdx4 karma

What's a workout week look like for you? Is it given to you by the team or do you just do it to stay in shape?

Whatthehekk10 karma

Most of my workouts in the weight room are given to me by our strength staff at the rams. I even have an offseason workout plan that I stick to in order to come back in shape. My punting workouts are all designed by myself to make sure I am limiting reps and not just going out punting forever.

SirSwarlesBarkley4 karma

Could you tell your O-line to stop letting Bradford get murdered every down? :(

Whatthehekk9 karma

I'll get right on it...haha sike. Thats not my job bro. If they weren't trying their best I'm sure someone would tell them but they do everything in their power to be successful. Nobody wants to hurt the team.

bwc_284 karma

How flexible do you have to be as a punter? Seems like you guys can knee yourselves in the face every time you kick the ball.

Also, as a lifelong Rams fan I hope you and Legatron stay with the Rams for many years!

Whatthehekk20 karma

Flexibility helps when punting because your motion through the ball is very important. With more flexibility, you can use your leg as a whip and really power through the ball. I have kneed myself in the face a couple of times when kicking the ball.

Dole_Bananas4 karma

How do you explain your improvement from college to the pros?

Who's the smelliest Rams player?

Favorite alcoholic beverage?

Whatthehekk6 karma

I would say from college to the pros I just really made football my life. After my senior season, I made the decision to withdraw from OSU for my final two quarters and go train in Alabama with my punting coach, getting away from my normal everyday routines and diving into punting full time helped me grow to where I am now. I have carried that work ethic with me everywhere I go and am now using it this off season to get better still.

Whatthehekk12 karma

smelliest rams player...I have no idea I try and not sniff my teammates. Favorite alcoholic beverage....not trying to promote drinking in any way..it doesn't make you cool...but I like yuengling beer...I mean Budweiser!!! haha

belgarion894 karma

What is your favorite perk about being in the NFL that most people don't expect?

Whatthehekk19 karma

I really like how easy it is to volunteer for things. At our training facility there are women who work in our PR department always giving us awesome opportunities to get involved in the community! I love getting to give back to St. Louis

Mikeydoes4 karma

Who was your favorite player to meet?

Does Sam Bradford have what it takes?

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

ESPN talks Rodgers up to be the best QB, do you agree?

Who do you think are the top Super Bowl contenders this upcoming year?

Whatthehekk16 karma

Met Marshawn Lynch, super awesome dude. Sam has what it takes to win a superbowl no doubt! Peyton Manning I think Sam Bradford will be all they will talk about after this season. Its too early to talk contenders but everyone has a 1/32 chance.

Yobogoya4 karma

Have you been approached by Nelly to join the St Lunatics yet?

Whatthehekk22 karma

Not yet but I do rock the cheek band aid from time to time just in case we do meet up.

squashinmonks3 karma

Do you thank Jake McQuaide after every good snap?

Whatthehekk13 karma

We have a little debrief after every punt and I tell him how the snap went which usually goes like this jake-"how was the snap?" me-"perfect man good job"

eziam3 karma

What is your favorite stadium to play in (besides your own)?

Whatthehekk10 karma

I really liked playing in Arizona this year. It seems like the ball flies really well with the thin desert air.

mattwrobel3 karma

Did you get hazed during your rookie season? Also, who's the coolest dude on the Rams roster?

Whatthehekk10 karma

I didnt get hazed much, I was pretty lucky being a specialist so most of the guys didnt even know who I was until I went out to practice haha. The coolest guy on the Rams roster....man..Wayne Hunter.

jbrooks7722 karma

How do you feel about having no more Olympic Wrestling, starting 2020?

Whatthehekk16 karma

Its a shame!! One of the oldest olympic sports is getting pushed aside while we still have speed walking, sword fighting, and water polo... Also the USA needs a handball team!!! I want to try out!

Whatthehekk6 karma

haha from time to time! I usually bring it up first just to make sure they cant use it against me. I was over it as soon as I got back to the sideline so I'm not gonna get upset about it now.

ramerica2 karma

I remember giving you shit for every punt you shanked at Reser my Freshman year. It was great to see you improve right in front of my eyes! Hope the NFL is treating you well! Are you missing anything in Corvallis, and why is it Local Boyz. I love getting a #8, ribs and chicken...double mac.

Whatthehekk5 karma

I am in corvallis so I'm not missing much about it. :) thank you for motivating me to get better. If you don't have people that think you suck then you don't have anyone to prove wrong. Double mac is a great call.

brenx7122 karma

Hi Johnny,

Funniest guy in the Rams' locker room, in your opinion? Any characters that an average fan wouldn't expect to be a joker?

Go Rams

Whatthehekk8 karma

Man...we have a ton of funny guys on the team. In different ways I would say Kellen Clemens is very sarcastic funny Cortland Finnegan will clown on anyone Chris Long is a real prankster and mastermind. That is a tough question to answer haha. The most underrated funny guy on our team has to be Joe Barksdale.

tylerjehills2 karma

Big thanks for talking to the fans Johnny! Has being in the NFL already become second nature to you? Or are there still points where you just sit back and marvel at how much you have accomplished already?

Whatthehekk9 karma

I am still so hungry to improve that I dont every want to sit back and bathe in accomplishments. I want to work to be one of the best ever and even that isn't something attainable physically. I just want to improve every season and help this team win. I am used to what the flow of a season looks like but there is still so much for me to learn that I still see it as an opportunity to make more happen.

emlovespopsicles2 karma

Hi Johnny!

I was wondering if, as a pro athlete, you feel any responsibility to the community in which you play?

GO RAMS! #superbowlorbust

Whatthehekk12 karma

Oh of course! As a pro athlete I feel it is important to show love to the community that supports your team as best as you can. Giving back to the community is something that we as an organization hold really highly and we try and show St. Louis that we care about them!

Comfortably-Dumb2 karma


Whatthehekk23 karma

I have red hair...typical term for someone of my pale, freckled complexion with red hair.

pandacamp1 karma

How much of an advantage is foot size when it comes to punting? I've been blessed with a size 14, should I change my career path?

Whatthehekk4 karma

Foot size doesn't really help or hurt anyone's chances of being a better punter. I have found that most good kickers don't have very big feet. Punters can get away with being big footed bafoons like myself. Keep on punting I say!

Release_the_KRAKEN1 karma

Johnny! What's in your breakfast of Champions?

Whatthehekk20 karma

Breakfast of champions....Honey bunches of oats with vanilla soy milk, an orange, and about 30 plates of bacon!

neckitdown1 karma

I find myself highly inflexible, any good stretching tips for hammys?

Whatthehekk4 karma

Stretch More!!!! haha really just stand up and work on touching the ground with your fingertips by bending at the waist and keeping your feet flat on the floor and legs straight. progress to getting your palms on the ground.