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I read that as "tweet as a man."

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You're thinking of Boris Onishchenko the Soviet épée fencer. He created an elaborate wiring system inside his weapon's grip that allowed him to register bogus hits at will. The funny thing is he still crushed his opponent even after his altered épée was confiscated, he was the best fencer competing and didn't need to cheat.

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There are so many young people, the kids who in the future will be driving our economy that rely on Pell Grants and Stafford Loans. Thank you for acknowledging their importance. Would you be open to pushing for an expansion in education funding if you won?

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I understand if this is too personal, but what's the pay like?

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How flexible do you have to be as a punter? Seems like you guys can knee yourselves in the face every time you kick the ball.

Also, as a lifelong Rams fan I hope you and Legatron stay with the Rams for many years!