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I've done ama's before and the last one wasn't too bad. In light of recent events I cautiously am here to try and answer any questions you may have.

Sadly I've only gotten around to answering a few questions. Please ask away and I will do my best to answer them tomorrow.

Ok working to catch up right now.. holy hell there are a lot of comments.

2/12/13 1100 hrs update: gotta take a break. I'll try to answer some more later today. Thanks reddit!

2/12/13 1315 hrs update: back to answering questions... we'll see if I can get to all of them

BREAKING NEWS: DORNER gun battle in Big Bear. It's on the news.

Tried to answer as many questions as I could. Gotta go now and thanks again reddit! Hope I was able to provide a little bit of information.

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Nebz604880 karma

I need to go out and get some milk in my truck. Do I need to call ahead or will you guys shoot anyways?

45cal678 karma

call ahead

FeNgArAeRiTh556 karma

Seriously though please stop shooting innocent people.

45cal548 karma

seriously was shaking my head when I heard the news. God damnit if this asshole doesn't have a lot of people scared and making some terrible decisions.

There are extenuating circumstances but bottom line, we fucked up.

iamaredditer533 karma

Have you done a desk pop yet?

45cal409 karma

I have only poked holes through paper and dinged some metal targets at the range. No desk or ceiling tile has faced my wrath... yet.

belgarion8960 karma

Tangentially related: what's your favorite cop movie?

45cal280 karma

Currently end of watch

squidbill421 karma

I understand that he's a killer and that he was a cop, but why is this manhunt so much more important than anyone else who killed three people. Why should the public care any more about him than, for instance, the green river killer? There was no million dollar bounty for him. I respect your line of work completely, but it seems like everyone is so upset because he killed cops. In my opinion, being a cop doesn't make you any more important than everyone else. I doubt there would be a million dollar bounty if a guy came into my house and killed my family.

45cal323 karma

He's killed, he plans on killing again, and he has the training and weapons to do a considerable amount of damage. Cops are supposed to be protecting the public and he's killing cops and plans to continue to kill cops.

Keep in mind he isn't just targeting officers. He's targeting their families and anyone who gets in his way.

Vurve325 karma

How do you feel about every officer wearing a small camera on their person to record their events?

Why do so many cops seem to object to this form of personal accountability?

45cal575 karma

I think it needs to happen. And it needs to happen now

tomatillojoe280 karma

Have you ever fucked with someone just because they were a teenager with a little bit of gold and a pager?

45cal357 karma

Were I to run across a teenager with gold and a pager it would be my duty to fuck with them. The universe seeks balance.

IAMADolphin_AMA64 karma


45cal164 karma

Go home dolphin. You're drunk.

rageofliquid193 karma

It seems, especially here on reddit, many consider police in general corrupt. What's your take on police corruption overall? How common is it? Is there a fraternal bond covering it up?

45cal250 karma

Compared to the department of the past, we've moved a huge step in the right direction. I believe it is largely uncommon. Also, I'd like to point out that officers get fired all the time and some receive criminal charges for the actions they chose to make. These just don't seem to make the news.

dirtymoney157 karma

I only hear about cops getting fired or meaningfully punished when the cop does something against their police dept. or fellow cops (like stealing from property room, fudging overtime, even stealing other cop's food from the breakroom fridge, etc etc.... and rarely when some cop shoots some poor fuck in the back, shoots a tiny little harmless purse dog, beats someone to death etc etc...

Why is that?

45cal125 karma

I have classmates who've been fired for multiple DUIs and neglect of duty charges to name a few allegations.

randumbleme235 karma

MULTIPLE DUIs? Meaning it took more than one for them to be fired?

45cal18 karma

Seek treatment for the first. Pack your bags on the second.

TyrialFrost73 karma

Do you support increased punishment for crimes by police?

Do you think cops investigating complaints against cops is fucking ridiculous?

In this day and age why arn't all on duty police wearing camera's?

45cal120 karma

I support increased punishment. Our IA is no joke. If you're breaking the law they will gun for you.

ellisdroid157 karma

How do you feel about people video taping the police?

45cal346 karma

More more more

Justathrowawayo43 karma


45cal40 karma

I don't know about always on but on as soon as I make contact with the public. If it's always on that would suck. While driving around for 10+ hours you get bored. I wouldn't want the stupid shit we end up talking about to be made public.

luluhd143 karma

How do you feel about the LAPD receiving almost as much, if not more, negative attention as the guy they are looking for right now?

45cal332 karma

If it makes us more transparent and accountable than I welcome it. If we are doing things poorly we need to fix it. We aren't perfect.

po-leece131 karma

Fellow police officer here.

You guys seem to be in one hell of a sticky situation. I don't know much about the LAPD, but I'm curious about Dorner's past within the LAPD beyond that one complaint that got him fired, and legitimacy of his dismissal.

Another big concern I have, is how the hell did they not catch that Dorner was a ticking time bomb? If he just killed the people who fired him, that'd be messed up, but understandable. But instead he kills the daughter of an LAPD captain and her fiancee. That is fucking brutal. He gets fired and goes on a killing rampage, it's killed any tiny bit of credibility Dorner has.

And lastly, I'm curious to know about more those shootings with the two trucks, I mean, where I work, we can't shoot at cars, only the passengers/driver if it's a life/death situation, I can't possibly begin to understand how they unloaded 60 rounds to the back of that truck.

45cal149 karma

The truck shootings were a mess. It's an active investigation and I can't divulge what I know. I believe the public is correct in its outrage. We fucked up. We also have the no shooting at or from moving vehicles policy. The officers will likely rely on exigent circumstance

vollnov123 karma

What do you think about the use of marijuana?

45cal399 karma

use it if you think you need it. I'd like to see it legalized, regulated, and taxed.

mossman85126 karma

Would you arrest me if you pulled me over and found that I was in possession of a small amount?

45cal403 karma

No. The countless people I've run across in this scenario are testament to that.

bean220117 karma

Did you ever work with Christopher Dorner?

45cal125 karma

no I did not.

tfdre101 karma

What's the craziest thing you've seen on duty?

45cal320 karma

So as not to identify myself I'll tell of a crazy story. May or may not be mine.

naked man cutting his genitalia with a razor is asked by stunned officers to stop. Naked man pauses before furiously attempting to remove his nuts. Officers tazed him... to um.. save his manhood.

Freakboy88123 karma

I work at a Starbucks in Costa Mesa so I regularly serve coffee to cops. Sometimes they tell me stories.

The one most related springs to mind. A woman was reported missing and turned up in a hotel on Harbor Blvd. The cop telling me the story was the first to the scene. This woman was huffing a fire extinguisher and had successfully clawed out her eye. So the eye was dangling on her cheek and she started to throw up the fire extinguishing powder, which was turned green from the stomach.

That's my second hand story.

How often does something like our stories happen?

45cal96 karma

Not often enough. I'd be the life of the party with all the cool stories I'd tell.

pocami92 karma

Stay safe out there, especially in light of recent events.

-- From all of us Kern County LEO's.

45cal87 karma

Much appreciated. Stay safe sir/ma'am.

abraininajar83 karma

So, what's the drone situation looking like?

45cal373 karma

i see you and am unimpressed.

TheNiftyReptile81 karma

If the order came down to start confiscating firearms, would you obey it?

45cal252 karma

I'd have a helluva collection.

But seriously, no. No way in hell.

ks4874ek72 karma

LAPD has been getting some bad rep. Have you ever witnessed corruption in the force? Did you do anything about it like reporting it or confronting them?

45cal138 karma

I haven't witnessed it. If and when I do ill report it

sirms68 karma


45cal401 karma

we need gun control... and have it. What we don't need are more laws. Instead we need to enforce the ones we have. For people with no criminal or mental illness history there shouldn't be all of these laws that deny us our right to bear arms.

Instead I would like to see us enforce the gun control laws that make sense. Ex-convict with a gun should not result in a one month stay in county jail. I see too many gangsters who are arrested for weapons possession who are out within months.

I would move away from the "guns are scary lets make them illegal" law and move toward responsible possession. Should you choose to own a gun and abide by the law that is your right. Should you choose to utilize your gun in a crime (murder, adw, robbery, etc.) you should be given an enhanced charge much like gang enhancements that can add several years to your charge.

my two cents.

edit: reddit gold. Sweet. Thanks.

bunknown45 karma

Why are so many folks in law enforcement opposed to the legalization of Marijuana? Also do those who work in law enforcement want new drug policies in place, or are they happy with the status quo?

45cal152 karma

I would say the majority of us support legalization and taxation of marijuana.

jeremybikes46 karma

Would you smoke it if it were legal?

45cal203 karma

No. I think it would negatively impact my ability to perform my duties.

dersandman44 karma

Do you ever race your fellow officers while on duty, or turn on your sirens to get from point A to B for no real reason?

45cal109 karma

Yes. We've raced older an newer police cars to prove which one was faster. (The old one). I've also used the lights and sirens when I didn't really need to.

bunknown44 karma

What is your reaction to those who sympathize with the current mad man running loose in California?

45cal103 karma

It's unfortunate, but I don't take it personally. People have used violence as a solution since the beginning of time. Whether you believe he's in the right or wrong doesn't change how I feel about him or how I will react when I encounter him.

Nice_DatsNice68 karma


45cal230 karma

I haven't shot anyone

accidentchildren168 karma

Are you sure you work for the LAPD?

45cal30 karma

Surprisingly yes

JimmyDeLaRustles52 karma

Will you mag dump him, or give him a chance to surrender?

45cal247 karma

If he gives me the opportunity I would take him into custody. Emotions are high, but I'm not the judge, jury, and executioner.

If he comes at me armed... I will do what I can to stop him.

anti-establishmENT77 karma

If he comes at me armed... I will do what I can to stop him.

mag dump

45cal552 karma

And urinate on myself.

sepiaknight35 karma

Hello!! How did you get started as a cop? Was it a lifelong dream or is it a career choice that happened randomly?

45cal46 karma

I always wanted to serve, but a series of seemingly random events led to my ultimate decision to apply. Growing up I didn't see myself as doing anything more than possibly being a reserve officer but I'm here now and I've found my calling.

thisisaunicorn29 karma

Who is the most interesting person you have met on the job?

45cal100 karma

Having met thousands of people with incredibly diverse backgrounds and life stories this is tough. I'm gonna panic and just say I met a dude once who liked cheap mexican beer.

xFlyingGoldfishX27 karma

I'm interested in working at the LAPD after I graduate, but everybody tries to convince me how bad of an idea it is. Do you regret joining the LAPD?

45cal65 karma

Best decision of my life. But you will one day face a moment in time where you must make a split second decision. A potentially life-altering situation. If that is something you are willing to accept it is an honor to wear the badge and work for the community.

ElderCunningham24 karma

Any specific area of LA in which you work, or is it more of an all over thing?

Scariest thing you've ever seen on the job?

What's the most danger you've been in?

45cal115 karma

Without getting too specific I work a division within South Bureau.

Scariest thing I've seen... hmm that's a tough one. I've looked murderers in the eye, chased gangsters with guns, and seen more dead bodies than I care to count. What tugged at my heart strings is encountering a young girl who was starting down the path toward gang life. Sexually abused by her father, disowned by her mother, and estranged from her foster parents... her only solace was with the gang members who took her in. Who in turn sexed her into the gang. The one-on-one conversation with her, the plea to speak with the Department of Child and Family Services worker, and all the hopes and prayers won't change the fact that I know where her life is headed. Not exactly the answer you're looking for, but there you have it.

Most danger I've been in: between chasing guys with guns, high speed pursuits, and eating fast food like it's going out of style.. I'm most afraid that my mother is going to kill me for the gray hairs she's getting from all of the worrying.

morganinhd17 karma

Do you know any of the officers who have mistakenly identified Dorner and fired blindly into the trucks we've seen in the news? If so, what punishments have those officers received? Do you think they are good cops?

45cal3 karma

I haven't learned their names. They'll receive extensive retraining at the very least. Some Wil be suspended for days possibly and depending on what happened people could be fired. Will criminal charges be filed? I'm guessing not. The situation was fucked up and we messed up. However I'd like to learn more about what exactly happened before making a final judgement. I don't know them so I couldn't say whether they were good cops.

ThurstonChesterfield8 karma

I come from a proud family of police officers and military vets. Your LAPD brethren who discharge their firearms without identifying their targets while having no regard for human life are the absolute definition of DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. They are criminals. Period.

My question for you is simple... how long will you, too, hold to the thin blue line? At what point will your moral compass point true north?

45cal5 karma

That isn't the definition of domestic terrorism. Try again

NotoriousADD8 karma

Why did police continue to shoot at people driving similar trucks after the truck Dorner drove was found burned out?

Why have there been no repercussions for cops who have shot and killed civilians in the course of the manhunt?

Is the person who fired Dorner for whistle-blowing on corruption under investigation? If not, why?

45cal0 karma

The truck shootings were prior to the burned truck discovery. No civilians have been killed by officers to my knowledge in the hunt for dorner. The people who fired dorner aren't under investigation because he's a liar.

Everleigh927 karma

My opinion will not be popular but I want to thank you for what you do. My dad is a cop( northern ca) and I know it's a very often thankless job so I wanted to tell you thank you for what you do and knowing every day it could be your last because of the risks involved

45cal2 karma

Thank you