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Fellow police officer here.

You guys seem to be in one hell of a sticky situation. I don't know much about the LAPD, but I'm curious about Dorner's past within the LAPD beyond that one complaint that got him fired, and legitimacy of his dismissal.

Another big concern I have, is how the hell did they not catch that Dorner was a ticking time bomb? If he just killed the people who fired him, that'd be messed up, but understandable. But instead he kills the daughter of an LAPD captain and her fiancee. That is fucking brutal. He gets fired and goes on a killing rampage, it's killed any tiny bit of credibility Dorner has.

And lastly, I'm curious to know about more those shootings with the two trucks, I mean, where I work, we can't shoot at cars, only the passengers/driver if it's a life/death situation, I can't possibly begin to understand how they unloaded 60 rounds to the back of that truck.

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Yeah we also have a no shooting at vehicles policy, which I thought was standard.

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Police officer here. Thanks for your reporting.

From personal experience, I can tell you sexual assault investigations are amongst the most challenging. Especially historical cases where there is no forensic evidence.

I'm curious to see the specific cases you've mentioned and why the arrests are as low as you've reported. I wonder how much of it is lack of evidence and how much is a lack of investigation. I have unfortunately seen both of these things. Sometimes the victim will disclose the occurrence to a friend or family member, who then makes the report, then when police arrive, the victim recants or refuses to provide a statement. It's about as difficult an investigation as one could get. Sexual assaults by strangers for comparison are very easy to investigate, but familial sexual assaults have many challenges for both victims and investigators.

From what you've seen, what do you think is the primary reasons for this?

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I'm a police officer in Canada, so generally speaking, we are provided with substantially more training than our American counterparts. Even so, it's almost impossible to get a victim to cooperate who doesn't want to.

There is also the terrifying issue of false or malicious reports. One concerning trend amongst false reports is that the two will have consensual sex, then afterwards one party will break up or humiliate the other party (bragging) and then the insulted party seeks revenge. We have to make sure we get all the evidence before making an arrest, because a simple accusation could effectively ruin someone's reputation / life. I've unfortunately seen several suicides in these cases.

That being said, I feel that sexual violence and sex offenders are amongst the worst of all criminals, but logistically, they are very resource intensive investigations.

A lot of police forces with less resources don't have the training or resources to properly investigate them.

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Police officer here, from a different municipality. I'm pretty shocked about that whole situation that's been going on.

Careful you don't get ambushed, it seems like a very real danger for the time being.