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“Chosen” is an exciting action series starring and executive produced by Milo Ventimiglia. Quoted “a heart-pounding thriller” by, “Chosen” follows Ian Mitchell (Ventimiglia), a husband, father and lawyer who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep – and a photo of a stranger he is instructed to kill within the next three days. The critically acclaimed series is available now in full on and all Crackle platforms. PROOF:

Hey Everyone--signing off for now--I really enjoyed all of your great questions. Thank you!!

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rrieger58 karma

What was it like working on Gilmore Girls? Do you ever miss it?
EDIT: Since someone already asked my first question, I'll ask something different. Which was your favorite GG episode?

iammilov40 karma

i've got good memories from that show. good good memories.

xlunasxgrisx35 karma

So, will you be my valentine? :3

iammilov63 karma

done and done.

the_fourth_son28 karma

I was born with a smile like yours. I've never liked it and even went so far as to consult a surgeon to see if it could be corrected/straightened. I hated it and was self-conscious of it until, after every episode of Heroes, I'd get texts from girls saying "The hot guy on Heroes makes me think of you. His smile is so cute."

So thanks for that.

iammilov45 karma

work with what God gave you. i hated mine for th esimple fact that i kep t biting my lip accidentally when i was eating. fucking sucked. but can't change anything about it. just gotta use it. so, use it. makes you unique.

Johannasburg22 karma

I had the pleasure of working on Chosen and just wanted to say that Milo is one of the nicest and most generous actors I've ever been on set with. Thanks for being such a cool dude, Milo! xo -Jo

iammilov23 karma

and what beautiful sets and art direction we had to play with. you're the best Jo, thanks love back!!!!!

LewisDKennedy21 karma

How does it feel to have such awesome hair?

iammilov41 karma

lucky. i'm very thankful. thanks Mom and Dad.

Frajer21 karma

Hey Milo what was it like making Gilmore Girls? Who was your favorite person to work with on that show or was it just everyone?

iammilov35 karma

such a great experience. Scott Patterson and i had the most fun. just the dynamic of Luke/ much for both of us to travel with our characters together.

beastmode218 karma

What is it like to be Rocky's son?

iammilov31 karma

sly's a king. was good to be on that set.

iammilov16 karma

hey all, been fun, gotta finish up and get back to work. all my best.


SchindlerTheGrouch14 karma

Was the gilmore girls script difficult to learn?

iammilov47 karma

jess was monosyllabic, not too hard.

doublejointedhungary12 karma

With so many Gilmore Girls alumni cameo-ing on Amy Sherman's new show Bunheads (Sean Gunn, Liza Weil, and more) what are the chances of you making an appearance?

iammilov16 karma

getting ready for Frank Darabont's new 1940's show at the moment. though i would love to work with Amy and Dan again.

spandipants10 karma

How does it feel to be on my laminated list?

iammilov19 karma

i don't know what that means, sounds a little dirty, but i like that i'm there.

elephantbuttons10 karma

Just had to tell you, I got in an actual, out and out fight with a friend ~15 years ago about whether Jess or Dean was the better choice - I defended you to the end.

And now, a Jess inspired question - what is your favorite novel?

iammilov10 karma

i dunno, Dean was pretty rad. always been team Dean. but i like where we left Jess, think we coulda been friends.

static240410 karma

if you found out heroes was coming back for another season and they asked you to return, would you do it?

iammilov22 karma

depends on what story they want to tell and if i was free to do it. had a great time with the show and my costars and crew, would love to reunite with them

helenbarker949 karma

No question, I just wanted to say that I love you. I mean, you are hands down my favourite actor.

Keep acting! Stay awesome!

iammilov17 karma

you're the best. appreciate hearing that. love back

NinjaDiscoJesus8 karma

If you had to choose between directing, producing or acting - which one would you pick?

iammilov10 karma

the good news is i don't HAVE to choose between any of those. i get a lot out of each and hopefully get to do all of them a long time now.

SeriousBlack16 karma

I think you kind of missed the point of the hypothetical...

iammilov57 karma

but we did prove i'm not as smart as i look right? :)

mangogenie8 karma

Hi Milo! I loved you in Heroes and when you pop up on /r/LadyBoners. Since everyone's asked all sorts of TV role questions, here's some sorta random ones:

  • favourite dessert?

  • coffee or tea person?

  • do you watch/follow a sport? what is it?

  • and for the ladies, how do you keep your rockin' body in shape? Personal trainer, diet, etc.?

Thanks! <3

iammilov6 karma

-chocolate trifle

-coffee and or tea


-trainer, boxing, always on the go, always on the move.

afoxcalledwhisper8 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA! I was pretty surprised to see it, but super excited.

No crazy mind blowing questions (I couldn't think of any haha), but I would like to know what you think about your career so far.

Are you happy with all your acting choices? Any regrets?

I first heard of you during gilmore girls, so I was wondering if you had any interesting on set stories?

Also did you ever want to go down a different career path when you were younger?

I better leave it at that, but thank you if you answer my questions :)

iammilov14 karma

doctor and military life were my other choices. acting ultimately won out.

theshatz8 karma

What was your first thought when you read the script for Chosen?

iammilov13 karma

solid story, great character, love what Crackle was wanting to do and the kind of story Ben Ketai wanted to tell. i was in.

PedoraBear7 karma

What's your favorite TV show/movie?

iammilov46 karma

breaking bad, sons of anarchy, spartacus. and right now really liking House of Cards.

thumby_valentine7 karma

On "Heroes", were you ever given any insight by Tim Kring or anyone else on how the story would have continued?

Also, how was it filming Grown Ups 2 with Adam Sandler et al?

iammilov10 karma

no idea where it would've gone. Sandler is the best. just a fun set to be on and anyone that let's me be a comedic jackass is alright in my book

phantomliger7 karma

I recently saw The Divide and I wanted to know what it was like playing that kind of character? Basically going crazy in a confined space.

iammilov11 karma

disturbing and rewarding. great support group in that cave we were in. Biehn, Arquette, Vance, Eklund, Gonzalez....such good good work done for such a bleak story.

psjackie6 karma

You are going to play a father? omg idk if i can handle that DILF

iammilov2 karma

i think you can, you have to.

whoviangirl6 karma

Can I love you?

no, ok, actual question: Do you have a favorite role that you've played? Either one that felt the most like you or maybe one that was fun because it was wildly different from your personality?

iammilov11 karma

of course, can i love back? easy enough right?

the stuff i do with Sandler is pretty fun. i hope i'm not as big a dumbass as when i'm with the king of comedy

Slamies5 karma

Whats Has been your favourite acting role so far?

iammilov2 karma

enjoy them all. the more recent work and the stuff i have coming out this and next year, that's what i'm excited for people to see.

susdiba2324 karma

I think Chosen is great. Did you get to help cast the other actors in the series?

iammilov6 karma

great cast right???!!! once the creative team put our heads together i think we made some smart choices on some incredibly talented and wanted actors

Emphiness4 karma

How did you feel about where Rory and Jess' relationship ended?

iammilov15 karma

had to happen for both of them to grow up.

patchesmalone103 karma

Have you started working on Lost Angels yet? It sounds like it is going to be amazing. What is it like working with Frank Darabont and that cast?

iammilov8 karma

this summer we start. not sure exactly the release of the show, but working with Frank had been a treat. always a fan, and even more so of the man now. unbelievable cast. Bernthal, Strong, DeMunn, McDonough, Davalos....all awesome

Protanope3 karma

Hi Milo! I really enjoyed your comic book series Rest. Any plans to continue it?

iammilov5 karma

sold it to NBC as a TV show, but never shot it. might do something with it in the future. great story by Mark Powers.

areebak1013 karma

how was it like filming heroes? do you miss it?

iammilov4 karma

only ever miss people. was a good time, good experience in life.

RiseOfGotham3 karma

First, thanks for chatting with us Milo and second will there be another season of 'Chosen' ?

iammilov3 karma

talking about that right now. i think there are a lotta stories to tell in the Chosen world.

Bmjslider3 karma

What's your new show with Frank D going to be about? Details?

iammilov8 karma

1947 Los Angeles. Mob vs the LAPD

83123 karma

What's your guilty-pleasure movie you wouldn't normally admit to loving?

iammilov10 karma

armageddon. happy to admit it. great film

zellicy3 karma

Still friends with Dianna Agron?

iammilov4 karma

yup. super awesome gal and so talented.

iamhuntzberger3 karma

Apparently we battle for someone's affection...

Curious about how you felt about the ending of your character on Gilmore Girls? I was really hoping for a spin off after Season 3 and really hoping you would be back during the 7th Season.

iammilov5 karma

i think Jess grew up. was nice to see.

iloveyoumilo2 karma

what was your favorite scene in CHOSEN to shoot? awesome series by the way!

iammilov0 karma

the diner scene with Diedrich was pretty great...and the house scene with Nicky Whelen, man is she fun to work with...the fight scene with Brett in the warehouse...TOO MANY SCENES that i loved doing!!!

MexicanSeaf00d2 karma

What do you think of "House Of Cards" and the future of T.V?

iammilov6 karma

future? present, it's here and happening. gonna be awesome when a purely digital show gets recognized for a major award. or will House of Cards be nominated for a Streamy award? who knows.

koolmodee2 karma

Do you see shows on the "web" as the future of entertainment? Did you have to do anything differently filming for Chosen as you do when filming other TV shows?

iammilov4 karma

no difference at all. have you seen house of cards on netflix? $100mm produciton for the internet. genius.

WildChiLd4Lyfe772 karma

Hello Milo, first off... loved Chosen! Seriously sat and watched all of them in a row... at like 1am my time! Could not stop watching it!! I wondered how hard it was to play a father when you don't have children yourself? Also when the scene where you're burning yourself with the cigarette lighter... what did you think of to make it so believable? (hopefully you answer! - Thanks! if ya do!) :D Much Luv Christina!

iammilov3 karma

have a lotta friends with kids, and jsut like any role, you imagine what it would be like. and Caitlin Carmichael, what a talented cool girl. she made me better.

Buttafingaz2 karma

I know this is not related to the awesome Chosen stuff. I just wanted to ask when you were playing Peter Petrelli what abilities if any would you have wanted to have/use.

iammilov2 karma

teleportations is the only one i'd want in real life.

Daas_Boot2 karma

How was working on the Divide? It's an awesome movie by the way.

iammilov4 karma

dark dark rabbit hole i got to go down with a very safe and talented group of actors

captainmao2 karma

Hey, Milo! Have you ever been to Sicily? If so, where and do you have any anedocte about it?

iammilov3 karma

was there last october. was all over the island. so many favorite spots. a good solo trip.

slamwisegamgee2 karma

Milo, I love you as much as everyone else. Of course I'm asking about Heroes, it's my all-time favorite show. Everyone (including myself) loves the rivalry and hatred between Peter and Sylar. My question is, how close are you and Zachary Quinto in real life? I know you're friends with everyone, but since you guys kicked each other's ass so much, I'm wondering what your chemistry is.

You're both my favorite people, and thanks for doing an AMA!

iammilov3 karma

zach is awesome. truly great human being and a real talent. we all have pretty busy lives so we keep up when we can.

Little-Red2 karma

Who has influenced you the most in your entire acting career?

iammilov4 karma

family and close friends have th emost direct impact. they help me to grow in life, and change and adapt to what i play on the screen.

indigo152 karma

I guess I have two questions: Are you hoping to do more directing in the future, and is it more of a challenge being in front of the camera or being behind it?

iammilov5 karma

i hope, but every time i line up to direct i get an acting gig. i'll make it back behind the camera.

challenges to both. challenges to everything in life.

Chiphai2 karma


iammilov4 karma

holy fuck, this dude is mental, i can't wait.

WildChiLd4Lyfe772 karma

Oh also... love your instagram pictures! Noticed you haven't posted anything lately, hopefully you will grace us with more pictures soon! But my question is... are you planning to ever do like a coffee table book of your photography? I would completely buy one! I love seeing your how you view some things... and others wouldn't view it the same! Well hope so! Thanks again! xoxo Christina

iammilov5 karma

THANK YOU. i really enjoy photos, mine and others. like music or art, provoke a lot of thought and emotion...

taking a small break it happens when you find the right leaving off point (1200 photos and a final goodnight shot).

i may do a book of photos, have so many to show and share. in time it'll happen.

alicee762 karma

How different is it being an EP on a show as well as an actor? Do you prefer doing both or just one?

iammilov1 karma

you get to be involved in the creative as well business decisions. i like doing both.

rosexo2 karma

I was wondering if you play video games..If so, what's your favorite games? I loved you in That's My Boy I lol'd :-)

iammilov8 karma

thank you thank you. i do game. but i've been slacking lately with travels. xbox weighs too much to take with. Halo 4 and CODMW2 are still in the plastics sadly.

susdiba2321 karma

Is this the first web seris you have produced?

iammilov3 karma

nope, back when webseries were first born, myself and my producing partner did a show called It's A Mall World. check it out. 13 episodes. good times.

bexxx_y1 karma

What's one moment on Chosen that could never have been on a lamestream TV show?

iammilov1 karma

probably the killing at the end. what champ Diedrich Bader is.

bexxx_y1 karma

What challenges do you face acting on a web series vs a TV show?

iammilov6 karma

same challenges. no different than TV work. great thing about digital nowadays, same as TV.

PaperBagBird1 karma

Do you have a song that you always go back and listen to whenever you're down?

iammilov4 karma

listen to a lotta Smiths albums. still.

rojamitchell10 karma

Do you ever just google yourself/the shows you're in just for fun?

btw~ your CHOSEN link is broken

iammilov1 karma

can't say i have. what link? how can i fix this?