Milo Ventimiglia

is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Petrelli on the NBC television series Heroes. Ventimiglia first break career in Fox series Opposite Sex, playing Jed Perry, main protagonist of the show.

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iammilov63 karma

done and done.

iammilov57 karma

but we did prove i'm not as smart as i look right? :)

iammilov47 karma

jess was monosyllabic, not too hard.

iammilov46 karma

breaking bad, sons of anarchy, spartacus. and right now really liking House of Cards.

iammilov45 karma

work with what God gave you. i hated mine for th esimple fact that i kep t biting my lip accidentally when i was eating. fucking sucked. but can't change anything about it. just gotta use it. so, use it. makes you unique.

iammilov41 karma

lucky. i'm very thankful. thanks Mom and Dad.

iammilov40 karma

i've got good memories from that show. good good memories.

iammilov35 karma

such a great experience. Scott Patterson and i had the most fun. just the dynamic of Luke/ much for both of us to travel with our characters together.

iammilov31 karma

sly's a king. was good to be on that set.

iammilov23 karma

and what beautiful sets and art direction we had to play with. you're the best Jo, thanks love back!!!!!