I'm going to answering questions for the next hour. Oh and by the way Community returns tonight on NBC 8pm

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AceMedo1561 karma

Is danny pudi's smile as heartmelting in real life as it is on screen?

Oct19isTonight2422 karma

Yes but he can only hold it for 12 hours

Jordanfre1528 karma

What's it like being more handsome than the guy who's famous for being handsome?

Oct19isTonight2106 karma

Thank God for make up

ligthbulb1336 karma

Who the hell are you always texting? Everyone you know is here.

Also, how would you describe tonights premiere in one word?

Oct19isTonight1803 karma

Tech support

tom_riddler1248 karma

Fuck, marry, kill: Donald Gover, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong

Oct19isTonight2428 karma

All three actions, to all three of them, in that order

T3canolis1183 karma

I'll ask the question that all Community fans are wondering about the new season:

Is it still Community?

Oct19isTonight3249 karma

No. It is now Game of Thrones

phalo1093 karma

Was the paintball (Modern Warfare) episode of Community as much fun to shoot as it looked?

Oct19isTonight1685 karma

Some of the most fun I've ever had. It was like won an auction item where I got to pretend to be an action star for two. The director Justin Lin is a genius

Brass-Mirage1067 karma

Dear Mr. McHale,

My question is simple: are we ever going to see Dean Pelton wearing this? http://imgur.com/CYw9O3m

Oct19isTonight1856 karma

Dear Lord I hope not. That would make him look ridiculous.

tom_riddler1048 karma

From an actors perspective, how has the attitude of the set changed since Dan Harmon's departure?

Oct19isTonight1863 karma

We as a cast have become more vocal on about jokes in scripts and such. Since we've lived with these characters for four years we have a pretty good sense of what they might say or do. Or I like to think I have a pretty good sense. Damn, I hope I do by now

CharlesBBarkin964 karma

Megan Ganz wanted us to ask: “Ask him which he loves more: my episodes, or my company.”

Oct19isTonight1190 karma

I love Megan. One of the best around

readcommentbackwards941 karma

Joel, first of all, welcome to the Internets.

I know that you're a married man and probably have a happy marriage. However, most of the Reddit community is wondering this:

  1. During Alison Brie's "Santa Baby" lapdance . . . what did you think about to avoid an awkward erection?

  2. Also, did you know Ken Jeong has a medical degree from UNC (Go Heels) . . . and would you ever trust him to operate on you?

  3. Finally: Favorite Childish Gambino song?

Oct19isTonight1797 karma

I had to imagine Ken Jeong's medical degree to avoid the awkward boner. I was also wearing a cup(as I always do). Picking a favorite Childish Gambino song is like picking your favorite type of puppy. They're all good.

fruity4430 karma

Would you ever do a rap verse on a song with Childish Gambino? Like Tina Fey did?

Can't wait for tonight!

Oct19isTonight1255 karma

I would but it would end my career. So...I guess I have an out if I need it

NeighborStrategy912 karma

In the Soup, has Lou been played by the same dog the whole time, or has he been replaced by similar looking dogs like Lassie?

Oct19isTonight1732 karma

He played Seacrest's clydesdale once.

themadnooch892 karma

Given that Chevy Chase seems like a nightmare and didn’t really want to be there, was he professional about it every time “action!” was called? It seemed like most of the cast does a good job of acting out scenes with him when cameras are rolling, and I actually laughed at a large portion of all Pierce scenes. Also I call major bullshit about how you only did pushups to get those pecs.

Oct19isTonight1604 karma

When Chevy was in the zone and liked what he was doing he would nail it.

Phan91882 karma

I was wondering if Community actually got six seasons and a movie, what would you like to do for a movie?

Oct19isTonight2319 karma

I would like it to be shot like Les Mis and take place in the same era

shwinnythepooh879 karma

Honestly how much does Donald try to rap on set?

Oct19isTonight2006 karma

In between take Donald wears head phone and composes on his lap top. He quietly raps to himself and sings. I didn't know what he was doing in first season when he did that. Turns out he was making some of the best music out today

Cyense817 karma

Alright, be honest with me. How long DOES it take to get that perfect kind of bedhead?

Oct19isTonight2602 karma

6-8 hours. Depending on what time I go to bed.

PhotoDeanic813 karma

What the hell are regionals?

Oct19isTonight1633 karma

They're right after semis!

WhiteTrashRedditor660 karma

Who is your favourite actor on set to work with? Is Danny Pudi as cool as Abed in the show?

Oct19isTonight1348 karma

Danny is one of the best people on the planet. People are attracted to him like he's the president.

anik23654 karma

Do you think a live episode of Community à la 30 Rock could work? Who would be the Julia Louis-Dreyfus to your Tina Fey?

Oct19isTonight1542 karma

That would be terrific. Can we borrow some money from you to cover the extra costs?

WhiteTrashRedditor585 karma

Does it even feel like a job, working on the set for Community? It just looks like you guys have a blast.

Oct19isTonight1145 karma

It's a dream come true to work on a show like this and with such a good cast.

By the way I have to go soon, I'm guesting Fallon. I have to get dressed.

NikkiNavs539 karma

First, I'd like to start off by saying you're on my top 5 celebrity 'to-do' list so keep up the good work. My question is: How does the show feel without Dan Harmon?

Oct19isTonight866 karma

The show is different in that the creator of it isn't there. So that was weird. Thankfully there were some writers from the beginning to help guide for all the new people. I haven't seen any of the eps but I know some must be good because the scripts were great. Cast member Jim Rash wrote a terrific one among many others.

rabbit29505 karma

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed on the set of Community with Harmon no longer there?

ligthbulb924 karma


rabbit29812 karma

I totally Britta'd that.

Oct19isTonight1204 karma

Yeah, I've been Britta'ing the last 16 minutes. I don't know what I was doing wrong but I'm finally able to reply

Loose_Lipped_Control326 karma

You're the worst.

Oct19isTonight837 karma

agreed. Now you guys will see the full display of my intelligence when you see how crappy and long it takes me to type.

Girrzimm499 karma

how big is your forehead REALLY?

Oct19isTonight1818 karma


NGU-Ben497 karma

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you hate Todd?

Oct19isTonight1029 karma


MustardTrousers475 karma

Okay Joel, you're clearly in a bad space today, but Pierce is our friend. And the Barenaked Ladies are triple platinum, are YOU?

Oct19isTonight1066 karma

It's been...

Genticles467 karma

What was your favourite epsiode to film out of the first three seasons?

Also, Annie or Britta?

Oct19isTonight1177 karma

That's impossible. They're so different. I still can't believe we did a My Dinner with Andre parody. Such great writing and a tour de force by Danny.


Wilderness_doc436 karma

Will Mankini ever get a cameo on Community?

Oct19isTonight849 karma

His fee is too high

Revolutionizer428 karma

Hey Joel!

do you think Community would benefit from putting the episodes up on Netflix (perhaps all at once) in the future, like House of Cards? Also (perhaps a common question): has the dynamic of the show changed since Harmon left? If so, in what way? Thanks for the AMA, looking forward to the premiere tonight!

Oct19isTonight736 karma

I know we're now syndicated on hulu so I don't know how it works with Netflix. We're also now on Comedy Central.

ryancroberts404 karma


Oct19isTonight994 karma

Getting training for me was very helpful. I can't speak for anyone else.

She smells like....victory

acoustic_noise396 karma

If you could do a project (like a show or a movie) of your own idea, what would it be?

Oct19isTonight991 karma

I really would love to do a Community movie. Hopefully will have more seasons after this

msmouse05390 karma

You give a lot of speeches as Jeff on the show, so does the rest of the cast every try and make you laugh or break when they are out of the shot?

Oct19isTonight665 karma

They feeling on set is wonderfully goofy. The cast is very gracious if letting me stumble through my speeches until I get the words right

katieya377 karma

Hi Joel! Happy October 19th.

Ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt? Favorite flavor?

Edit: thank you so much! And yes, please come back!

Oct19isTonight1208 karma

Gelato. Dark Chocolate Peppermint

Guys, I have to go. I have to go to Fallon or he's going to be pissed. I'd love to do this for two hours next week. Will that work?

streetsahead88376 karma

Dan Rather is doing an AMA at this moment as well. So, Joel, who would win in a fight between you and him?

Oct19isTonight800 karma

Regular Ultimate Fighting rules or K1?

rabbit29366 karma

What’s your favorite Alison Brie moment? All of them? It's totally all of them.

Oct19isTonight866 karma

I loved the paint falling on Annie and Abed

tragic-waste-of-skin336 karma


Oct19isTonight526 karma

She's absolutely a great person all the way around. She should have gotten all the awards for how good she is on that show. Sutter is an incredible creator

ConMan2292323 karma

Are you excited for the season opener or anxious to see how it's received? Also, how hopeful are you for a fifth season?

Oct19isTonight964 karma

I can't wait to hear what people think. The fans of Community are the best in the world. I truly think the way you support the show is unique. The passion is incredible. My gratitude is bursting. Okay, I have to go. Fallon will kill me if I don't get dress and go. Let's do this next week. Sorry this was only an hour. Thanks a ton for watching at 8pm tonight. Six Seasons and Movie!

WhiteTrashRedditor314 karma

Who is the funniest cast member on the set of Community?

Oct19isTonight798 karma

Donald puts on a one man show daily. So funny. Jim also makes me fall on my ass laughing.

hannahsmetana290 karma

Hi Joel. So you have 3m twitter followers. @nbcCommunity has 100k. Did you have any idea the Soup was so popular? And assuming half a million are porn bots, can't you bully the other 2.4m into following @nbcCommunity, given the move to start monitoring social media interaction?

Oct19isTonight1255 karma

I've always been terrible at story problems

vishmister273 karma

Are you and the cast like a family off-set as well as on it?

EDIT: OMG. Joel McHale. Best Day of my Life

Oct19isTonight733 karma

Yes, we have a conference call every night and sign off the way they did on the Waltons.

okayc0mputer270 karma

What was it like growing up in Italy?

Oct19isTonight1529 karma

I don't know. I left when I was 3. Food was really good but it was pretty much breast milk the first year I was there.

fluffynukeit265 karma

"The universe is an endless, raging sea of randomness. Our job isn't to fight it but to weather it together on the raft of life. A raft held together by those few, rare, beautiful things that we know to be predictable...us."

We have seen a lot of changes in Jeff's character during his journey toward becoming a "good person." Do you think these have been innate changes to Jeff's personality, or do the other members of the group bring out the best in him? In other words, if the forces of life eventually had Jeff on his own away from the group, do you think he would revert back to some of his old personality traits? Why or why not?

Huge fan of the show. You are all awesome. Thanks for doing this AMA and being a part of something so special to me.

Oct19isTonight525 karma

I hope any change Jeff goes through take place glacially. I think that's more real. In real life it's usually not an about-face. I love that he's slowly learning and has to learn some of the same lessons over and over again. Jeff relies on the group. They're his family. That alone is a big change for him.

rabbit29243 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Chang sized duck or 100 duck sized Changs?

Oct19isTonight293 karma

This is a toughy

Csnyder23229 karma

I may sit in the bathroom at school so i can watch how this AMA rolls out. What are your thoughts on skipping Theology IV to do this? (Also, very big fan!)

Oct19isTonight439 karma

Theology IV? Did you skid I,II, and III?

1337and0219 karma

Love you Joel!

How many push ups can you do in one sitting?

Out of all the episodes that have aired, what's your favorite?

Oct19isTonight450 karma

I use those perfect push up thingys and it's hard. Usually 40

Fiedy88192 karma

Why the change in the set of The Soup, more of a budget for 2013? #thankgoditsOct19

Oct19isTonight495 karma

We got money for graphics now!!

mcaustic189 karma

Which show has the best snarky lines: The Soup or Community?

Oct19isTonight440 karma

Not sure but Brian Williams and Dr. Oz nailed on the Soup last night

Liamusic188 karma

Hi Joel! Giant fan of the show, been following since season 1...two questions 1. Do you have a favorite episode(s)? 2. What episode did you have the most fun shooting?

Oct19isTonight390 karma

I loved Modern Warfare, Blanket Fort, Remedial Chaos Theory, My Dinner with Andre, Kiss from a Rose, Foosball, John Goodman. The list goes on and on.

aleishapaige150 karma

Do you have any interest in doing more serious projects after you're finished with Community?

Oct19isTonight361 karma

I'd like to be in Mildred Pierce II

Hjortshoj63 karma

Why do you think you have been typecast as kind of a jerk? Do you think that it may be due to your sarcastic delivery on The Soup? By the way I’m a huge fan of all your work (except for Spy Kids 4, that was kind of pathetic) if you are ever in central IL and want a free meal let me know.

Oct19isTonight157 karma

I'm always in Central IL

happygerbil40 karma

Love Community but I also love The Informant!

What is Steven Soderbergh like in real life?

Oct19isTonight79 karma

Soderbergh had wanted to, he could have had a very successful career as a actor and comedian. Brian Williams too