Joel McHale

Joel mchale la premiere of bully 02
is best known for hosting The Soup and for his role as Jeff Winger on the NBC comedy series Community.

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Oct19isTonight3249 karma

No. It is now Game of Thrones

_JoelMcHale2826 karma


Oct19isTonight2602 karma

6-8 hours. Depending on what time I go to bed.

_JoelMcHale2597 karma

You're welcome.

_JoelMcHale2463 karma

Hey Joel, do you think you'll have to come up with your questions for this AMA chat?

Oct19isTonight2428 karma

All three actions, to all three of them, in that order

Oct19isTonight2422 karma

Yes but he can only hold it for 12 hours

_JoelMcHale2422 karma

No wait, that doesn't sound exciting. I fought a bear.

_JoelMcHale2415 karma

In traditional British fashion, assume the position of the Town Crier, and scream out about the show daily until it's #1.

Oct19isTonight2319 karma

I would like it to be shot like Les Mis and take place in the same era