Hi Reddit, Tony Rogers here. I'm the co-creator of Wilfred, original director and sometimes writer of the Australian series.

I'm currently working on a new project that I think fans of Wilfred would like. It's called FUNT and is about a bunch of guys who start up an analogue TV Network and try and flog it to old and vulnerable people - to those who don't know any better.

Also, it's about frozen penises.

It's only in pre-pilot phase at the moment so I'd appreciate your thoughts (and views!) on it. You can check it out here - https://www.youtube.com/funtvnetwork

Happy to answer any questions you might have about Wilfred, my new project FUNT or how many animals I would prefer to fight if they were the size of a different animal.

Ask away.

EDIT: Have to go but I'll be back at 3.00pm Sydney time.

EDIT 2: Thanks a lot. Gotta go now. Eskimo porn doesn't shoot itself. Feel free to watch my new show FUNT

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blurance376 karma

So is Wilfred a hallucination, a demon or a mystic being? Is there going to be another season for the American version?

TonyRogers447 karma

Yes, all of the above. There is 3rd American series coming.

OG_Pow323 karma

Why is the bong always still filled with smoke after they hit it? Bad etiquette man! What are you guys actually setting on fire there?

TonyRogers630 karma

Dogs have smaller lung capacity. They usually just have cones. Except for St.Bernard's - those things can pull a whole bucket bong. What do you think they keep in those barrels around there necks.

Frajer153 karma

Have you seen the American version? What do you think of it?

TonyRogers321 karma

I like it, it's a funny show. I watched some last night just to remind my self. I't works a bit differently to the Australian version but it's still Wilfred! And he's still fucking fluffy animals.

reepicheepi102 karma

I thought the Australian version was not afraid to be more well... depressing (though still comedic) in a sense than the American one.. kind of like the difference between the US version of The Office and the UK one. I wonder if that's a difference in terms of what the audience expects?

criminalpiece150 karma

Wilfred is pretty much the darkest comedy on American tv. I find both series do well at blurring the line between comedy and drama.

FredRH166 karma

I would say that 'Louie' is a much darker show than 'Wilfred'- and still hilarious.

TonyRogers124 karma

I also agree. 'Louie' is a much darker show." A lot more of it was shot at night (All of the stand-up was!). And yes, he/the show is hilarious. Louie is a genius. Have you seen him re-telling the 'Sitting On The Cock Of A Gay' thing? Terribly brilliant!

MasterBlaster86098 karma

how did the show wilfred come about, and did you ever think that it'd be as popular as it is today?

TonyRogers191 karma

Adam Zwar, Wilfred's man in the original series had a girlfriend who's dog wouldn't let him near her. Adam and Jason Gann asked the question, what if that dog was a guy in a suit. We all decided this would make a good short film. From there it spun of into a TV series. The short film was entered into Tropfest in Australia and went onto screen at Sundance. The reaction was so good we decided to pitch it as a TV series.

ZombieLiquid58 karma

Was the dogs name Wilfred? How did you decided on it?

TonyRogers181 karma

The dog wasn't called Wilfred and it didn't really speak. Wilfred just came about and Lassie was already taken.

TonyRogers93 karma

We knew it was a good idea but having a leading character in a fluffy suit is always dangerous. Until the short was made we didn't have any idea it would be this popular. And even once it was made it only really had a cult following and some critical acclaim.

nyran2089 karma

HOLY CRAP I LOVE YOUR SHOW! Also, does anyone call Elijah Frodo on the set? Oh and lastly, how'd you come up with this idea of a talking dog or rather what drugs were used, specifically?

TonyRogers219 karma

The drugs were usually parsley but the nachos was real.

NinjaDiscoJesus70 karma

Is it as hard as it seems to break into TV comedy writing..

TonyRogers128 karma

Yes, but the odds aren't as bad as you think. Most people don't want to be TV Comedy writers.

timbernuts53 karma

just finished watching the trailer and all i can say is i hope you get it distributed to Canada, or some way that i can get a hold of it

TonyRogers55 karma

Thanks, glad you liked it. We'll be happy if it gets distributed in Nova Scotia.

TonyRogers56 karma

Do you have any contacts there!

CloneSix49 karma


TonyRogers67 karma

For me it's good, sure it's nice if a lot of people see it but I tend to make stuff I like. It's like my new show FUNT, I have no idea if it will gain an audience but I like it.

jheeoonnk48 karma

Nice! I absolutely love Wilfred. You guys struck an urge I had for a dark comedy during a time when I kinda needed one. Outside of jesus music videos, what type of videos do the characters try to make on FUNTV?

Pilot feedback: more beards

TonyRogers97 karma

There is an entire channel that makes fun of birds. (The Bird Mocking Channel) There's the Dead Animal Planet, the Moustache Channel, the Misadventure Channel and there's a Rude Sports Channel. The beard frequency will increase dramatically on the Amish Channel, even the woman have them.

SmokeyMcSmokeSmoke44 karma

How much of the show is Improv?

TonyRogers112 karma

Hardly any of it is improvised. By the final edit the improv rate was only 0.8 %.

timbernuts43 karma

do you have any advice for writer directors hoping to get in the industry?

TonyRogers108 karma

Shoot a short film, or even just your favourite scene to test your characters and the idea. Show people and don't be afraid to take advice. Or ignore it.

i_eat_cereal_AMA32 karma

What's your favorite cereal?

TonyRogers69 karma

Sultana Bran but it changes all the time.

AppleShampew29 karma

I just watched the last episode of the Original Wilfred. Great series. I love the American version as well.

At the end of season 2 when Adam goes to jail for dog fighting and the new guy comes in, did that mean Adam was out of the picture and that new guy that showed up was going to be Sarah's new boyfriend?

Was this supposed to be the end of the series or did you have a season 3 planned where Adam is back and shit starts happening again?

Thanks for Wilfred. Love the show.

TonyRogers74 karma

Yes, in the last Ep. of the Australian Wilfred there is another guy that can speak to Wilfred. Adam was going to end up in prison but was still going to be in the series. Sarah would visit Adam in prison and at first Wilfred really likes this new guy played by Sam Johnston. Things turn sour and this new guy gets killed in a boating accident. Wilfred is implicated but hey, he's a dog.

redartifice27 karma

What's you ongoing involvement with the US version? Also, I'm so glad I caught the original when it was first on SBS.

TonyRogers55 karma

Thanks, I'm glad you did too. The US version has a life of its own but we get a cheque once in a while. I am now working on a number of new shows including FUNT. I hope Wilfred goes to a 10th series, though that fur is going to get a bit manky.

chromesparks15 karma

What kind of dog is Wilfred?

TonyRogers45 karma

He's an Australian sheep dog. People call it a blue healer. But I might have just made that up.

IBelongInAKitchen13 karma

How high are the writers?

TonyRogers132 karma

You can write a show like this without drugs, but I wouldn't advise it.

indiefellow10 karma

Compared to the Australian series, how do you think the American series stacks up, specifically with the casting of Ryan (Elijah Wood).

TonyRogers59 karma

When you go to Comedy College they say never cast a hobbit alongside a dog. Well, they've broken that rule and it works. What a clever hobbit!!!

TonyRogers73 karma

In the Oz version, I originally cast Tom Cruise in that role. But technically he's only half a hobbit so it wouldn't have worked.

KidKoma8 karma

Hey Tony, I love Wilfred.

Did you have intentions of getting into T.V./films when you shot the first short or was it something you decided to do when the idea struck?

TonyRogers21 karma

I was already into film but Wilfred was the first thing that really found an audience. Jason, Adam and myself felt it would make a good TV series so I guess thats how I got into TV. Although I always liked the medium. We also did a film together called Rats And Cats. I think the last time it screened was at SXSW in Austin Texas.

Jtelli91506 karma

Hey Tony Rogers! Wilfred is one of my favorite TV Shows. Ive seen the first two seasons a couple times and am still hooked.

Are there going to be as many twists in the 3rd season as in the the first two?

Also, Im almost certain that wilfred is a character created by Ryans guilt, in Ryans mind. I say this because Wilfred refered to Ryans mind as OURS in one episode, and there are all kinds of foreshadows like with his mother. Did i catch onto something?

TonyRogers19 karma

Thanks. It's a dilemma and it continues to create energy which is whats great about Wilfred. But he's a dog.

Jakealiciouss2 karma

Dude, big time fan here. Wilfred is very psychological, do you have an interest in psychology? What gave you the idea for the show? It's a pretty far-fetched plot!

TonyRogers8 karma

When I was young I began training to be a psych nurse. It wasn't for me. Not psychological enough. As for 'far-fetched', have you not seen Mr Ed??

[deleted]2 karma

Where can Americans watch the Australian version?

TonyRogers2 karma

Australia. (I'll get back to you)

nightzone1 karma

How do you feel about the movie TED blatantly ripping off Wilfred's concept?

TonyRogers3 karma

Ted was a fucking bear. Wilfred is a fucking dog. Where is the similarity?

[deleted]1 karma


TonyRogers51 karma

Hi angrypotato1

I sent proof over to the mods before coming on. They tell me that being in the list over on the right is proof that I've supplied proof. Is this right?

mfslgoop1 karma

Frozen penises? I must ask what was the creative process that blossomed into that fantastic idea?

TonyRogers6 karma

Eskimo porn.