Tony Rogers

is best known for directing the Tropfest- and AFI Award-winning comedy Wilfred (2007 and 2010). He was also director of the feature film Rats and Cats alongside the same creative team from Wilfred.

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Dogs have smaller lung capacity. They usually just have cones. Except for St.Bernard's - those things can pull a whole bucket bong. What do you think they keep in those barrels around there necks.

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Yes, all of the above. There is 3rd American series coming.

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I like it, it's a funny show. I watched some last night just to remind my self. I't works a bit differently to the Australian version but it's still Wilfred! And he's still fucking fluffy animals.

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The drugs were usually parsley but the nachos was real.

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Adam Zwar, Wilfred's man in the original series had a girlfriend who's dog wouldn't let him near her. Adam and Jason Gann asked the question, what if that dog was a guy in a suit. We all decided this would make a good short film. From there it spun of into a TV series. The short film was entered into Tropfest in Australia and went onto screen at Sundance. The reaction was so good we decided to pitch it as a TV series.

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The dog wasn't called Wilfred and it didn't really speak. Wilfred just came about and Lassie was already taken.

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You can write a show like this without drugs, but I wouldn't advise it.

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Yes, but the odds aren't as bad as you think. Most people don't want to be TV Comedy writers.

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I also agree. 'Louie' is a much darker show." A lot more of it was shot at night (All of the stand-up was!). And yes, he/the show is hilarious. Louie is a genius. Have you seen him re-telling the 'Sitting On The Cock Of A Gay' thing? Terribly brilliant!

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Hardly any of it is improvised. By the final edit the improv rate was only 0.8 %.