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jduece4 karma

Man... Black Friday must be a big deal to you and your family, lol. For your proof, you submitted a news article from black Friday of your brother camping outside of best buy...then in your description, you describe the fbi running into your house like a "black Friday stampede" lmfao. What gives. This AMA should be about a Black Friday freak, not about your computer nerd brother.

biamia2 karma

I didn't even realize! How funny is that.

SubSeven983 karma

This is some scary stuff. I used to infect people with subseven back in early 2000. Although i didn't go after personal information, I did mess with people on their own computers. Glad i ended up getting bored of this so called "hacking" phase.

biamia4 karma

I'm glad you did too!

raindove893 karma

Hi, no questions. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this AMA!

biamia8 karma

Not a problem thanks for dropping in!

hyperhopper-4 karma

Why do you feel you were violated by being watched when you dressed? You could turn out to be

  • A psycho who comes out shooting

  • Hiding evidence

You said he told you to "Hurry up and get dressed" which means he obviously was just doing his job, and not taking pleasure in watching a young girl dress. Why would you care? I would be upset if they didnt watch as that would be very slack.

biamia9 karma

I need to properly state that I wasn't upset that I took my time dressing in front of them but that I was photographed and stalked with out my knowledge. Use what ever politically correct term they have for it, the voyeurism is what really messed with me and caused the distrust.