Iam music producer Flux Pavilion, rather than give you a full bio i'll let my music do the talking:

Just released my first proper album/EP called 'Blow the Roof' you can grab a copy here: or im sure there is a torrent somewhere by now if you dont have the money.

So, yeah . . . . . AMA! Gonna let a few questions roll in then ill get started.


update (22:55): ok guys im gonna have to make a move. But before i go i wanna say i love doing these things so
much. Its a great (and rare) opportunity to speak directly to the people who are listening to and enjoying the music that i write. Reddit is a great thing. P.S nobody asked me but THIS is my (current) favourite gif.

                     VIVA GALACTACUS

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blingx2033 karma

Can you stop?

fluxpavilion2018 karma

I've never tried

merkadoe509 karma

Then how do you know you can't stop if you've never tried? I want some answers.

EDIT: Was gonna say something witty to bring in more karma, but I've got nothing.

fluxpavilion915 karma

Flux Pavilion - Maybe i could stop but ive got a feeling that i wont. doesnt quite have the same ring to it I dont reckon. Maybe i'll do another remix and call it that. . . . .

kerrigan2251 karma

Sounds like the title for an old rag-timey jingle

Maybe I could stop, but I've got a feeling that I won't

Catsfosho605 karma

The next EP will have have a song I probably can't stop

fluxpavilion548 karma

ha! yes!

iPadAlex1364 karma

im sure there is a torrent somewhere by now if you dont have the money

I love you. Buying your album because of this and because your music is awesome

fluxpavilion1313 karma

thanks, that means alot to me :)

JPEEZY95977 karma

Have you ever put your dick in a subwoofer?

fluxpavilion2266 karma

thats how i made Bass Cannon

eaglehawkfalconbird744 karma

Did an agent of Kanye West or Jay-z ask you for permission to sample "I Can't Stop?" If so, did you receive any of the song's profits?

fluxpavilion1648 karma

Yer, they spoke to me about it before they wrote their version, i gave them all the samples they needed to work on it. I think to divulge too much into this kinda information would be bad form, I didn't get ripped off, but i also dont own a fluxcopter.

EDIT: . . . . . . yet

Kuro007579 karma

Whats the origin of your name?

fluxpavilion932 karma

there are many different explanations i have come up with over the years. But quite simply it just popped up out of a conversation i had with Doctor P when i was 14. and it just stuck. I was told a few times when i first started that no one would ever remember it and i should change it. But im pretty glad i didn't.

rudesheim516 karma

List your favorite:

  • EDM album,
  • non EDM album,
  • Pizza topping.

That'd be all.

fluxpavilion676 karma

i cant commit to these being my absolute favourites, by they are well and truly up there.

  • Prodigy - Music for the jilted generation
  • Turin Brakes - Ether Song
  • Mozzarella

Edit: general cleanliness

jrodfosheez499 karma

What is your opinion of the trap movement?

fluxpavilion780 karma

I'm really into it. I was always a fan of the sound but this recent resurgence has acted as the catalyst to the creation of some pretty unique stuff. Further bridging the gap between hip hop and dance music, which is pretty exciting i reckon.

AtrumTalio445 karma

TIL Flux Pavilion likes chicks with dicks

Patlon217 karma

FYI Transgender women are sometimes refered to as "Traps" on the Internet.


fluxpavilion1027 karma

TIL Transgender women are sometimes refered to as "Traps" on the Internet.

MikeySmalls351 karma

It would totally make my study abroad experience (in London) if i could see you tomorrow. Hook me up?

fluxpavilion908 karma

Added you plus 1 to the guest list

tws_347 karma

did you really get banned from twitter? or what actually happened?

fluxpavilion1147 karma

nah i think i just got put in twitter jail for a bit. I made a promise to retweet anyone with my album art as their (i hope this is the right spelling for this context) profile picture. I kept to my promise and a hundred or so retweets later i was blocked. I'll have to admit i was pretty drunk at the time.

eastthepolice345 karma

Flux, how did you link up with Childish Gambino? Was the track "Do or Die" originally created for Gambino's mixtape, "Royalty"? I ask because of the lyrics, "Royalty is Do or Die".

fluxpavilion329 karma

I was actually talking to him about doing a remix at first. Once i started working on the tune it really felt like we could do something more with it, if we worked together.

He felt the same and we went to work on the beat from scratch, Royalty is a self appointed hip hop title as far as i know

WeedAndCraic332 karma

Do you even lift?

vagabondddd315 karma

Hey flux,

What has been your favorite show that you have performed?

also, best/funniest travel experience?

fluxpavilion984 karma

picking a favourite show is like picking a favourite gif, they are all special for different reasons. alot of the time the bus is parked right next to the que of people waiting outside a show, its pretty funny serenading them with speakers out of the window. Vengaboys and Rick Astley are tour favourites

jdnetwork301 karma

How did you meet Dillon Francis? And could you convince him to do an AMA?

fluxpavilion578 karma

We pretty much met through mutual love for music, you always run into everyone eventually at a festival, and he gave me a T shirt with cats on it so i knew we were gonna be friends. regarding the AMA ill mention it to him.

splendick102 karma

Also- is Dillon Francis funny all the time irl?

fluxpavilion201 karma

yes he is

humpncattle267 karma

What is your favorite venue/festival to perform at?

fluxpavilion709 karma

i think Red Rocks has been the best so far.

safewinter264 karma

Favourite non-dubstep artist?

fluxpavilion945 karma

according to my Itunes most played its Bon Iver.

Strijdhagen212 karma

Hey Flux!

I'm glad that Blow the Roof was on Spotify from day 1! What's your opinion on Spotify and other music streaming applications?

fluxpavilion451 karma

I think the best thing about Spotify is the ability to share playlist's. Ive found tonnes of awesome music by listening to playlists that include some artists that im into at the time.

Spotify gets an upvote from me, as will anything that makes good music accesible to anyone and everyone who wants to listen to it.

illmoney200 karma

Hey Flux! I'll be opening for you at Ultimate Music Experience Festival in South Padre Island Texas in March, super stoked!

As an established artist, can you share any horrible stories of openers? Also what would you consider a proper opening for one of your concerts?

fluxpavilion331 karma

I like to hear opening acts play there own stuff and have their own style. Obviously i never wanna be upstaged, but you should be trying to upstage me. No matter when you are playing you gotta try and play the best set of the night.

One piece of advice though, if you are playing before an act, dont rinse all of their music. Once a guy played 'Jump Back' as his closing track, and at the time i was opening my set with the same track. Not the end of the world but its general DJ etiquette to avoid doing that.

Schmerka_Berl169 karma

Which DAW do you use?

What's your favorite part of the producing process?

Where's your favorite place to tour?

fluxpavilion168 karma

i use Cubase.

Writing the actual music over trying to make it sound good.

Everywhere has its own charm, but im working tonnes in the US at the minute and loving it.

CHamDiesel154 karma

What has been your biggest inspiration through your musical journey?

fluxpavilion519 karma

I've never really felt like i've fit in anywhere since when i was a kid, I always kinda floated about and just hung out with people who were interested in writing music. I suppose i've never really worked out my identity other than in my music.

It gave me a reason to be proud of myself, and even though its nothing tangible, self worth has been a big inspiration for getting myself out there and putting all that ive got into my work.

I have always thought, if im creating something, even if it isn't good, as long as im happy with it i have a reason to exist.

More of a life journey than a musical journey i suppose, but in my current life i think it counts for the same.

DarkRedWhite149 karma

Would you ever consider a livestream of you working on a track?

fluxpavilion317 karma

I've actually thought about doing this, could be a pretty cool thing.

I'll keep you informed via twitter if i get it together

frogminator143 karma

Can't think of a question, just wanted to say thank you for the great music!

fluxpavilion273 karma

anything can be a question?

DublinItUp134 karma

What drugs do you take?

fluxpavilion313 karma

ive been known to take the odd 5htp in my time

LankyN120 karma

What names in EDM do we have to look out for in the near future?

fluxpavilion201 karma

Im gonna be cheeky and refer you to our Circus Records rosta. When we sign someone its because we love their stuff and predict wondrous things for the future.

Brown and Gammon, Roksonix and Mizuki are the ones to look out for from us.

Naethyn91 karma

Savant, whom is not extremely popular, but does get some love on the front page sometimes. Regardless, everyone of his songs is good.

fluxpavilion208 karma

Savant is awesome! as is Kill Paris

lobster_lover112 karma

How do you feel about the undeniable relationship between EDM and drugs? How about the fact that most people are on ecstasy at your concerts?

fluxpavilion254 karma

This is quite a popular question and i've never been able to come up with a decent answer to it.

Personally i neither condone nor condemn people for the choices they make concerning drugs in or out of shows, I've never thought of the music as being a direct catalyst. Throughout history there has always been a strong connection between drugs and music. I'm not convinced the connection to dance music is any different to what happened in the 60's with 'rock' but statistically i could completely wrong.

maybe it's because they are both fundamentally created for entertainment purposes they attract likend minds?

hartley78986 karma

If I send you a photo of my butt, will you sign it?

fluxpavilion206 karma

yes, but i leave you with the challenge of working out how to get it to me. (must be A3 on glossy paper)

KingPinBreezy79 karma

Hey Flux, big fan, I almost saw you at WEMF 2011 but you missed your flight with Doctor P! I forgive you. My question is,

What is your take on the whole "brostep" "dubstep" beef?

fluxpavilion85 karma

thanks for the forgiveness!

I just keep my head out of most debates regarding music. Anyone has the right to debate something that is important to them, but personally i've always found myself drawn to the music itself rather than the culture surrounding it.

maximoe78 karma

Who are YOUR favourite artists?

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

fluxpavilion250 karma

Listening to some chilled stuff at the minute

Bonobo (doing a new album!) Tired Arms, Cinematic Orchestra, Sigur Ros kinda stuff.

Its actually a hard question, am i doing it for fun or am i choosing for a realistic upper hand? Probably the horse sized duck, easier to implement stealth tactics and get the upper hand.

jaws14us76 karma

Hey! I need a suggestion on headphones! What's your recommendation??

fluxpavilion90 karma

It actually just fell out one day, i looked in the mirror and noticed it wasn't there any more.

Josh Extravaganza is still alive and well.

rcrum873 karma

As a kid, did you ever have beats going through your head similar to your style today? Or did you come up with it later on when you found the inspiration?

fluxpavilion102 karma

Thats a really interesting question. My music has always retained the same compositional elements, i suppose thats just the way that i lean naturally when im writing.

But i dont think i could ever have predicted how my music was going to sound, in the same way i have no idea what my music will wound like in 5 years time.

I can't imagine what a 13 year old me would think hearing my new EP.

Rawrmeow_67 karma

Hey! I want to tell you your remix of "Cracks" is the song that got me into dubstep and EDM in general, which is now my favorite genre! And your new EP is awesome, I love "The Scientist." And that brings me into my question, do you write the lyrics for your tracks?

fluxpavilion59 karma

yes i do!

WhiteNigNog66 karma

Do you like cats?

m_aurelius64 karma

What synth(s) did you use in your remix of Gold Dust? Especially interested in the bass (or what was layered with the sub bass).

  • What's your DAW of choice?
  • What monitors do you use in the studio?
  • Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

edit: any synths you use heavily will do to. cheers.

sighsalot55 karma

You might be interested in his AMA last year on /r/edmproduction.

Here's a summary of the questions/answers and the original thread.

Also that subreddit is an awesome community of producers of all levels from beginner to professional.

fluxpavilion12 karma

yer i covered alot of stuff in that production ama!

chances are ill be back on there to do another at some point soon, its nice to get geeky, but now isn't the time!

WreckedEmRanger63 karma

Who would you consider your biggest influence?

fluxpavilion215 karma

I have found myself thinking 'Would Frank Zappa do this if he were alive today?' and i think that influences my process quite alot. As far as musical influence goes id have to work on a track by track process really.

sezmu1038 karma

How was it working with Childish Gambino?

fluxpavilion84 karma

An absolute pleasure, we started working on a new track a few weeks back.

germinik27 karma

Whats your favorite Flux Pavilion track?

fluxpavilion74 karma


MooningRobot22 karma

What would you be doing for a living if you weren't a musician?

fluxpavilion77 karma

i think i would probably be a chef.

It's one of my dreams to own a cafe that serves breakfast 24/7

antisheeple16 karma

What software did you get started on, and what background do you have in music?

fluxpavilion9 karma

I started on a Playstation game called 'Music' funnily enough, it was actually a pretty decent introduction to electronic music production.

My background was purely as a music fan, i started playing guitar so i could learn my favourite songs. I wasn't working in music before this, just hanging out with my friends and writing music in my spare time