Joshua Steele

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known professionally as Flux Pavilion. Best known for his 2011 single "Bass Cannon", which peaked at number 56 on the UK Singles Chart

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thats how i made Bass Cannon

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I've never tried

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Yer, they spoke to me about it before they wrote their version, i gave them all the samples they needed to work on it. I think to divulge too much into this kinda information would be bad form, I didn't get ripped off, but i also dont own a fluxcopter.

EDIT: . . . . . . yet

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thanks, that means alot to me :)

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haha yes i was thinking that . . . . when i have a strong enough opinion and argument to back my views ill get back at you.

right now its not a debate im mentally capable of getting involved in because i can see it from both sides of the wall.

Ill just keep writing the music.

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nah i think i just got put in twitter jail for a bit. I made a promise to retweet anyone with my album art as their (i hope this is the right spelling for this context) profile picture. I kept to my promise and a hundred or so retweets later i was blocked. I'll have to admit i was pretty drunk at the time.

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TIL Transgender women are sometimes refered to as "Traps" on the Internet.

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and thats the album cover