I worked as a school teacher for almost 10 years and have been rapping (semi)professionally for 2.

also in this post somewhere will be 2 of my most trusted friends and music collaborators: DJ DN3 and K-Murdock. holler at them for questions as well.

proof A:


EDIT: Proof B:


EDIT: my music is all available at http://megaranmusic.com Thanks Reddit!

Tour dates:

2.1.13: Dallas,TX | The Boiler Room 2.2.13: San Antonio,TX | Bonds 007 (w/Richie Branson) 2.3.13: Austin,TX | Red 7 2.4.13: Houston,TX | Fitzgeralds (w/brentalfloss) 2.6.13: Phoenix,AZ | Trunk Space (w/Mouse Powell) 2.7.13: San Diego,CA | The Ruby Room 2.8.13: Los Angeles,CA | The California Institute of Abnormal Arts (w/The Megas) 2.10.13: San Jose,CA | Rockage 2.0 (w/Bit Brigade, The Minibosses, many more) 2.11.13: San Francisco,CA | DNA Lounge (w/Bit Brigade) 2.12.13: Orangevale,CA | The Boardwalk 2.13.13: Bellingham,WA | Glow 2.14.13: Seattle,WA | El Corazon 2.15.13: Everett,WA | Tony V’s (w/The MC Type) 2.16.13: Salt Lake City,UT | The Woodshed 2.17.13: Las Vegas, NV, Bunk House

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K-Murdock27 karma

Wassup guys, K-Murdock aka Player 2 here! Checking in early, ready to read and participate if called upon ;) This should be fun!

MegaRan16 karma

yo K! I got a question. Where's my beat for that secret project!?!?!

storyvilleemcee14 karma

Storyville signin' in and saying hello.

MegaRan7 karma

S-Ville! I have bad news-- my phone ate that verse I wrote at Samik's. technology has failed me :-( I'll have another one asap.

ziddersroofurry10 karma

Hey, Mega-Ran. I don't really have a question, I just wanted to thank you for your music and for being such an overwhelmingly positive person. There are a lot of times when i've had down moments that have ended up being turned around by your music, your words and the knowledge that somewhere out there, there's a good person with a good heart.

Ok, I guess I do have a question-you'd never change, right? You'd never let the forces of darkness beat you down for long, right?

Again..thanks man. Bottom of my heart, you rock.

MegaRan6 karma

hey hey. Thank you so much for listening and for your kind words. I hope you know how powerful that is. I've had people tell me to quit rapping... that no one would want to hear the stuff I talk about... so thank you, for real.

I can't see myself changing. I am who I am. as long as there's evil to fight , I'll be the hero this rap game needs, ha.

You are more than welcome.

coffeepunk6 karma

Hey Ran! What has been the most difficult challenge since you started doing this full time? And what do you do when you get hit with bad writer's block?

MegaRan9 karma

What up!!

The worst thing is time management, which has plagued me since college. but now that there's no schedule, no bell ringing every 45 mins to keep me on track, I wind up spending too much time on things, or not enough time on other things. My homie Wax says it best in his new record "We Can't All Be Heroes." when 'writing raps' becomes part of a to-do-list, it's hard to be as excited about it.

Writers Block is easy, I just read books or watch Adventure Time usually, and something will come to me.

PickPikmin6 karma

Two questions. What made you want to become a rapper? Also, don't you have some sort of deal with Capcom? How did that come about?

MegaRan9 karma

1993-94 in hip hop made me want to be a rapper. so many classic moments... from Wu Tang to Biggie to Tribe Called Quest to Snoop and Dr. Dre to Gangstarr... all releasing classic albums. I got caught up in the rush and started writing my own rhymes with my homies on the stoop. we were called "The Firm." we weren't that great but we tried hard.

The Capcom story is a long one, but fun to tell. I made an album called "Mega Ran" in 2007 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Mega Man. it got kind of successful on the net, and then I got a myspace message from a Capcom rep asking me about it. He was nice though and told me they loved it and played in the offices. Comic Con was the next month, so they decided to invite me out to play and sign autographs. Later a movie called "Second Skin" wanted to use "Grow Up" from that album in the movie, and told me they needed a license from Capcom. Their lawyer hit Capcom and the next thing I know, I got an email titled "Capcom's Blessing for Mega Ran comes Through." I have that message starred in my inbox. I'll never forget it. Capcom was super cool for not only encouraging me to keep creating, but assisting with promotions and stuff.

Shoezard6 karma

Has it been much of a struggle/transition going from a job that I assume had a salary to a job where the money comes in more sporadically?

MegaRan3 karma

big time. I try to stay active to keep money coming in but its hard man... I love the thrill of not knowing though, that's what keeps me going hard. I know that it could stop at any time.

Death_By_Jazz_Hands6 karma

I saw your show at Magfest a few weeks ago, it was incredible! Anyway, couple questions:

  1. Do you ever feel shoehorned as a rapper into some sort of "nerdcore" genre because of your VG-based songs, or are you happy doing songs VG songs alongside more mainstream hip hop songs like Push?

  2. Your freestyle section of the show was probably my favorite part. It seems like you were an incredible teacher. Did you ever use hip hop exercises like freestyling or anything else to connect to your students?

  3. Question for K-Murdock: How much do you pay for health insurance premiums, because your beats are sick.

  4. Are you, in fact, the most huggable rapper alive?

MegaRan6 karma

Hey there!

  1. I don't feel the shoehorning unless I'm in a situation where I try to explain what I do and people don't get it. But I feel like my job is bringing the nerds to the hip hop heads and hoping they all play nicely. So I'll do "Sock Hop" right next to "Push" and not think anything of it.

  2. Thanks man. I used to do "Freestyle Fridays" with the kids. Poetry was my favorite unit to teach, but the principal got on me because I spent too much time on it, haha. But hip hop is the language of the youth, so being able to speak it fluently has helped me tremendously in the classroom.

  3. Undoubtedly, yes.

Mindflare5 karma

Mega Ran! I don't have enough time to tell you how inspiring you are as an artist or how fresh and creative your music is, but I have a simple question:

As a former teacher yourself, is there any advice you can give me as I pursue my path to becoming a teacher myself? I'm double majoring in Mathematics and Math Education. It would mean so much to hear what you have to say.

And incase you don't answer, thanks again for making music and doing what you love.

MegaRan3 karma

DONT DO IT! haha no im just kidding. Best advice I can give is do your best to not take it home with you. It's a very draining job. Leave it there. stay till 6 if you have to, prepare for the next day, grade your papers. No worse feeling than a huge crate full of assignments at the end of the week. Stay positive and stay creative. keep the students on their toes and try to have fun. I used to be told not to smile until Christmas.... I don't know about that.

tolleyw4 karma

What made you decide to leave education?

MegaRan10 karma

I had gotten extremely frustrated with the administration, and at the same time, my music had gotten fairly popular (I have Reddit to thank for the Black Materia Explosion). So I kept setting goals like, "If i make X this month, I'll quit.. if I get booked X times next month, I'll quit... I had taken too many days off to go to music events, and I felt like it was time... I just decided to take the plunge.

six6sickx4 karma

Hey Random! I don't really have a question, but I caught you on MC Chris's tour this past summer and had never heard of you before. You blew my mind and a single day hasn't gone by since I haven't listened to one of your albums. I love your positive vibe. Thanks for all the good music man!

MegaRan2 karma

WOW That is amazing. thank you! :) positive vibes save lives.

Seangonzo794 karma

Awesome to see you on here Ran, you're one of my favorite rappers around, I was devastated yesterday when I found out my Language Arts case/signed booklet was ruined by a frozen soda can in my car's center console

What was your favorite book have the kids read while you were teaching, and could you share a story or two from the front lines?

Also, will you be touring New York in the near future? I know you're based in the West Coast but it sucks that I missed you last time you were here.

MegaRan7 karma

aw man.. frozen soda?? sheesh. I'll sign another for you. I should be back in NY in March/April. I'm def at PAX east in March so come to Boston!

My favorite books have become rap songs: Flowers for Algernon, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings...

and a story from the frontline - wow. one day as a sub, after a hard day, i left school at 3pm (a huge no no for teachers) and I wasn't driving so i had to walk the same way the kids did. one kid threw rocks at me from across the street. I walked over there and told him "we're off campus, let's go." Thank God he didn't take me up on that, I'd be in jail.

ziddersroofurry3 karma

Dude my friend was a teacher. His first year, he taught at a school in providence, RI that took all the 'bad' kids from every other school in the city and tossed em in there & gave them NO money. He had to steal books from other schools & some kid brought a backpack full of M-80's in the very first day he was there. This was back in '99.

MegaRan5 karma

very believable. my school was in the middle of breaking up an Ecstasy ring when i got there.... a middle school.

ledmachine4 karma

I just want to say thank you to all three of you! Chasing the dream can be a fear to many people, and I have struggled with it myself at times. When did you all decide that it was time to make that transition? Did anyone stand in your way and how did you deal with that?

Boston and Geekbeatradio miss you!

MegaRan6 karma

Much love to BOSTON and Geekbeat! I feel like my decision was made for me. My music began to pay bills and my job was giving me a pay cut. That was the best confirmation for me.

My mom was my biggest opponent but when she saw I wasn't backing down, she's super supportive, sells my merch to her co-workers and comes to every show she can now.

radiofreegamer3 karma

Hey Ran! Thanks for giving me something worthwhile to plug today, looking forward to hearing some of your responses to these questions.

I'll throw my hat (or question? or Riddler's hat with a question mark on it?) into the ring as well - from your Mega Ran, River City Random, and Forever Famicom albums it's clear you draw inspiration from the classic games you played in your childhood. Have any games you've played in your adulthood influenced you in a similar way?

MegaRan2 karma

Hey dude! Thanks for joining us. There are a few current generation titles that have inspired me: Bioshock, Uncharted, Mass Effect.. and more recently Ni No Kuni.

juicelee7773 karma

Ran!!! this is juice lee whats good man? congrats on everything whats up on that Sega project? if you end up doing it let me know the sega project deserves a shenmue song

MegaRan3 karma

Juice!!! What Up!! I honestly haven't heard anything from Sega since they announced it. So we're in a holding pattern. I believe that Shenmue was one of the highest vote getters so that's definitely one I wanna tackle.

biolysis3 karma

Hey Random,

First off, thanks for retweeting the youtube link for Paperman because I totally missed WarRock putting it up.

First question is that I've wondered how you ended up in AZ having been raised/went to school/worked in PA (I always like stories about people moving around)?

Second, how do you feel about being really solely a nerdcore artist these days? You started off as an artist who was not nerdcore and now you're one of the biggest names in this scene.

Third, any plans to be back up in the Northeast? Work got in the way last time you were in Boston.

MegaRan3 karma

The PA to AZ story is a weird one... there's really no good reason that I'm in AZ. I moved because I was tired of the snow. That's it. I had a good job, was making music part time, had just released my first album "The Call," and had some cool things going for me in the scene. we had a crazy blizzard in 06, and I remember it snowing in April. I had a busted car, with no heat, and I had enough. put my resume online and didn't check off any boxes, cause I wanted a job anywhere. It was down to NC, Miami, Vegas and Phoenix. I interviewed at all of them and the PHX school was the only one that didn't need me to fly out for a face to face interview. so I moved. didn't know anyone here and no one moved with me. Started from 0. that experience wound up giving me all that I needed to really push myself to a new level.

Bob42jh3 karma

When you coming back to London? And what ever happened to all that footage you guys shot! Also a big hello to K-Murdock! Hope you guys are doing well.

Oh and i been waiting for an excuse to share this lol

Trapped - behind the scenes

Trapped - Finished version

MegaRan2 karma

BOB! we'll be back in the UK in April, doing some shows with Professor Elemental and others. should be fun! Looking like Apr 19 to 30, be ready!

Lost Perception lost some of the footage but i have a little of it. My camera broke as well.

Great times, we gotta do it again!

BullshitAsUsual3 karma

Is there a Forever Famicon 2 being made?

MegaRan2 karma

we're gonna milk this franchise like our favorite game developers have!

EtherizedOnes3 karma

Hey Mega! I am a huge fan, and am really excited to see you on here! Your collaboration with K-Murdock on Forever Famicom was incredible, and I loved every second of that album. I remember reading that you were doing another collaboration soon. Any more details on that?

MegaRan3 karma

Yep, Project Dream Master... details and release date are TBA. we have a list of Sega games we're gonna pilfer, but no word yet on approvals from the big S.

brakkum3 karma

Hey! You did an amazing job at MAGfest this year, thanks a ton for kicking butt.

I was really impressed when you did the freestyle where people would hold stuff up and you just went from one person to another rhyming everything together. How do you keep a good flow going with so many possibilities?

MegaRan3 karma

Thanks so much. MAG was epic.

The Freestyle is something I've been practicing for years at home, in the shower, in the streets, it's just a fun exercise for your brain. I don't know how that happens to work out, but there are some pre-prepared "crutch lines" that i can fit in whenever I'm stuck, and some things that always pop up at a Mega Ran show, like Nintendo DS's and keys....so i try to stay ready.

vmoney483 karma

hey this is DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N Doug Funnie's dj. Wanted to know if you are going to get a chance to come to SXSW. I know that you got the tour going on and I know that you like coming to Austin. And K, when is hero musik vol 2 coming out?

MegaRan3 karma

What up!! I just got word that I'm not playing the nerdcore showcase at SXSW. I was a little bummed but I'll be okay. But Austin is one of my favorite places in the world so I'll be out there as often as I can.

dartiki3 karma

Are you going to do another nerdcore panel at PAX Prime this year? It was definitely my favorite panel from last year. Love your work!

MegaRan2 karma

I'm happy to say YES, we just got the green light. I'm doing 2 panels at PAX East, one on nerdcore with MC Frontalot, and one on Chiptunes with Danimal Cannon. March 22, 11:30am and 1pm

DOH i didnt read clearly. PAX Prime, I don't know yet. but I'll be in seattle 2/14 at El Corazon!

winwar3 karma

Yo, Random!!! You the baddest!! Loved ya in chicago these past two years! Returning anytime soon to the Sub!!?

Murdock, DABEARS!!!

MegaRan2 karma

What up! Hope to make it back on my next tour with Louis Logic. My favorite Summertime city of allll tiiiiiiime!

Loserman5003 karma


MegaRan2 karma

You are just as cool! Thank you.

saw-boss3 karma

No question. Just wanted to say thank you for making awesome music.

MegaRan4 karma

Thank you for being an awesome supporter.

mookiepercy3 karma

This is not really a question, First time I heard of you was at an MC Chris concert,.....dude when you performed I instantly loved your music bought a couple of your CD's got them signed and now am hooked on your music, keep making awesome tracks and I will be at your concert in San Jose, CA next month. yeaAAAHH!!!

MegaRan3 karma

Thank you! be there early! I'm playing in the afternoon in SJ so I can fly to LA for the GRAMMYS!! WOOT!

BohlBERG3 karma

Can you describe your recording setup? How do you put down ideas, and how do they find their way to a finished song?

MegaRan2 karma

EDIT: DN3 can tell you what he works with since he records me...

I walk to my DJ's room and he hits record, haha. I play beats on loops probably 150 times, before I write a single word. I had a great talk with Homeboy Sandman that kinda changed my world, while we were working on a song. he said he really works on making choruses first and making sure they're important and can be remembered and repeated at shows or at home.. this wasn't new information but coming from a suuuuuper lyrical dude that was surprising. so now i come up with choruses, maybe 2 or 3 to choose from, then get to work. Thanks for the question homie!

Gapmasta3 karma

What's the story behind your name?

MegaRan8 karma

Random, aka Marshall Evan Stone. the Marvel Comics character, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_(comics) - he's a shape shifter and I felt like I could do that with my music.

DiscoPanda3 karma

Do you ever find yourself self censoring due to your role as a teacher and the influence rappers have over young people?

MegaRan7 karma

ahh.. self censoring... i used to a lot but now i think i'm just at a point where rapping clean is a second nature to me, I don't think about it, I just do it. Before I used to think "man, an f-bomb would go perfect here" but now I don't even think in that way, so it's not a problem. I knew some teachers who were rappers and they never worried about it, I don't think cursing is something kids don't hear on the regular, but they just won't hear it from me. I like when adults can say to me "I play your music whenever my kids are in the car."

yemd3 karma

It's obvious that final fantasy 7 is your favorite ff game but besides that one, which of the other FF games do you enjoy and why?

Edit - I love black materia by the way. Definitely one of my go to albums.

MegaRan3 karma

I love ff7 but honestly i dont think it's the best... 6 and 8 are a little better story wise to me. my faves are 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8

plustwoagainsttrolls3 karma

Hey Ran, thanks for doing this! I don't know if you remember or not, but I did various graphics work for you before (Life After Lesson Plans, River City Random, that Final Fantasy shirt, and that ninja turtles poster for the Race Wars tour) and I met you when you played in Burlington a few years ago. You're a really chill guy and I can tell that you really enjoy doing everything you do.

I was wondering what made you decide to move from your more traditional hip-hop work, like The Call, into what has become the Nerdcore/Nerd-Rap scene? Is the story you tell in Dream Master pretty much how it went down or were there other factors at play?

MegaRan2 karma

Of course I remember you man! your posters almost got me kicked off the Race Wars tour, lol! nah it wasn't your fault. hope to get back out there. thank you for the great work.

The traditional to me was just that, too traditional... but I felt like when "The Call" was done, I was drained, physically, spiritually, emotionally, it was like all of my life force was put into that album. I had nothing left. When you're truly passionate about something, it can hurt you when it doesn't fully work out. I felt like that album was a modern day hip hop classic, and not just because I made it... i was a small part of it, the production, arrangement, instrumentalists, guest artists, vocalists, poets.... The reviews were cool, but I really didn't think people appreciated the effort that went into it. I bore my soul on a lot of those tracks. I contemplated quitting music after that because I felt so...exposed. I had to get far away from it so I started playing video games. In that sense, gaming saved Random's life. So for that reason I try to give back.

Dream Master was very very close to reality for me and for other folks I knew coming up.

Uza3 karma

Hello. Like what you've done with video game styles. Black Materia was dope.

My question: My given name is Random. I am up-and-coming as a battle emcee and otherwise (s)wordsman, and really prefer to use my name instead of a moniker, only, someone was born ahead of me and got to it first. Can we please never have problems with this?

MegaRan2 karma

Thanks man. your given name? like birth-name? That's awesome. There's also a Swedish chiptune legend named random - http://randomizer.se/ we can all have a triple threat match, tables, ladders and chairs!

nah but its just a name, truly. I try to use the "aka Mega Ran" out of respect to others who may use the name, cause it is a pretty common word in our vocab. Glad we had this talk. daps

Tofuboy3 karma

Let's start this off easily:

How are you doing today?

MegaRan4 karma

NOT GOOD. My shower was COLD. I'm very angry at my apt complex right now. but other than that, life is good.

MegaRan3 karma

Storyville is here! we're working on something amazing..but I won't tell unless you ask, lol

WastedPanda3 karma

DN3 and K-Murdock: Love the beats that you guys make, both while collaborating with Random, and when working on your own. My question for you two is when you're remixing a beat from a video game, what pulls you towards that specific theme, and what kind of mindset do you take on when you approach them in regards to how you expect them to turn out?

Random: Fan of your music since I first heard it a few years back, and have had a blast both times I went to see you in concert ( Last year at the Blind Pig, and the time before at the Intersection on September 11th a year or so before. ) Huge fan of how you work the crowd and get them engaged during your sets. My question for you is similar to the previous question. When you approach a new project, what mindset do you take on? Do you look at the project as a whole to see how to incorporate everything together, or do you approach the project on a track by track basis while retaining a mental note to allow songs to blend with one another?

By the way, I'm a huge fan of how your Mega Ran series is a story told through music from the start of an album to the end. Same thing with the Language Arts project you did ( Was also a fan of the game, I was the person who played through and beat it quite a few times and sent the Lunar Giant guys a bunch of bug notes. ) I also really enjoyed Heroes and The Call as well. Just want to say thanks really quick to all three of you for the awesome music. Keep up the great work guys!

-Quick Edit- Forgot to add this. Question for all three of you: When you're starting a new project, what is there anything you hope to take away from the experience, be it experience, more knowledge, or even ideas to use in future projects?

MegaRan5 karma

Thanks! hey- was it you who did the walkthrough?? i cant find that online anymore!

When i approach a project I do it like a book report - I read up on the subject, read up on the writers, and of course play the game, and listen to the music thoroughly. Its kind of on the whole but once I soak that in I break down individual tracks, but its more of a melding into it to try to become one with the theme, you know? that's kinda my method. I get very wrapped up into one thing at a time, that's been proven to yield my best results.

Zemata2 karma

Hey Ran! You probly know me by now, I'm the guy you met briefly at tekkoshocon. I hadn't even heard of you previously, but the show you put on and the story you had to tell blew me away! Anyways my question is this; as a (amateur/aspiring) musician myself, I'd like to know what difficulties and hardships you've encountered at the beginning of your journey. How did you go from complete obscurity to where you are now? Did you hit any walls while learning about music production? Our genres may be different with me focusing on electronic tunes, but anything about this you'd like to elaborate on would be fascinating and extremely helpful! Thanks a lot and keep up the superb work!

MegaRan3 karma

Hey man! I def remember you. I spent a lot of time trying to please the people that I thought I needed to please, and ignoring myself. that was probably the biggest mistake I made. It might sound corny but try to stand out... That's the only thing I did. When i had an idea, i searched the net to see if it had already been done, then got with people who i thought could help it to come to be. Never be afraid to get help, and to pay people for their services.

Thanks man and I hope that helped!

MegaRan2 karma

and for hanging out, have a taste of one of the White Materia tracks: Aerith in Starlight (Mega Ran vs Alan Parsons Project) http://www.hulkshare.com/7njzijp0xsw0

Makkura422 karma


MegaRan5 karma

yes, I made beats (still do occasionally). I got my start on the MTV Music Generator for Playstation. Super ironic now that I think about it.

I also mixed as an engineer in a studio in Philly for a few years, but when I hear beats from DN3 or K-Murdock, or mixes from Storyville, I want to just hit the delete button on my stuff. I learned patience most of all from producing and mixing. I used to get frustrated when I couldn't get the sound I wanted, and I used to think if i couldn't knock it out in one sitting it wasn't worth it.

Also i just feel that my ear isn't good for my own production. I think everything sounds good, cause I made it, lol. I used to play mybeats for other rappers and then whichever beat they wanted I would say "it's taken" and then use it, LOL

TenaciousDreference2 karma

Why did you run?

MegaRan3 karma

smacking my head right now.. it took the whole AMA for me to figure this out!! Mega Ran.... why did you run.. HAHAHAHA nice one man! got one for you...what do you call a deer with no eyes?

miniaturedonuts2 karma

I used to talk to you from time to time on Twitter years ago. It was a very lonely and confusing time in my life and our short conversations really meant a lot. So thanks. :)

MegaRan2 karma

Thank you for that! wow I hope things are going better. You are a treasure.

BrothaDom2 karma

Two questions: Are you going to Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh again this year? And second, what's your favorite levels from the Megaman and Sonic game series?

MegaRan2 karma

Yo Dom! Haven't heard about Tekko yet but it might be a no go this year, I've been a musical guest 2 years straight and even that's never happened before... Love those guys.

but I have a tentative PGH tour date in late March, so that should make up for it :)

BigIrishHooligan2 karma

What's good, y'all?

Random and DJ DN3, it was an unmatched pleasure getting to meet and have lunch with you guys, Mike Eagle, and An Hobbes in Denver last year. I still say that show at Crash 45 is the most fun I've ever had at a hip hop show.

I don't really have a question. Just wanted to say that I'm looking forward to seeing you guys back in Denver again. Hit me up next time you're in town. There's a home cooked meal waiting for you. Also, Ran... My fiancee loves her Black Materia shirt.

Peace, homies.

MegaRan3 karma

man i had a BLAST at that Denver show! Denver is getting very close to my 2nd or 3rd home because of all the love we get out there. We'll be back soon.

givegodawedgie2 karma

If you're coming to Boston for PAX you should drop by Game Over at some point, we're doing two PAX after parties that weekend and I know a lot of people from the local scene would love to meet you. We'll be making all the announcements on our facebook closer to the event, PAX is going to be insane this year.

MegaRan3 karma

for sure, hit me up with a reminder and I'll be there!

GrayStudios2 karma

What a coincidence, I just found you on my iPod on MC Lars' "Nerdcore Died." Since the publishing of that song, how do you feel about the genre? Have things improved or gotten worse?

MegaRan3 karma

Nerdcore has gotten a lot better! I try to listen to new stuff when I can and I really appreciate the quality of stuff that is coming out. I think guys like Doc Awk, Warrock and others have really put the pressure on because they're making stuff that stands up to "traditional hip hop" standards, proving there's no specific sound of nerdcore. I'm excited for the future, and pleased with the present. I just want guys to get on the road, do shows and see how hard this stuff really is, and improve from it.

412iceman2 karma

Hey Mega Ran, you normally at one point of the show do a freestyle where you have the crowd hold something in the air and use the items in the freestyle. What is the weirdest thing someone held up?

MegaRan4 karma

a bra was weird, considering that my girlfriend was there and the first cool line I thought of was something like "meet me after the show." but the most memorable was in Portland when a girl held up a bong, and of course I mentioned it, and then 3 minutes later she was getting dragged out of the club by security, ha.

sircrowbar2 karma

Hey Random! I had a blast talking to both you and K-Murdocck after your show in the MAGFest room during PAX East last year (I was the guy who was talking about making a Persona mixtape. I haven't finished that, but I've got a few other songs out there as Doc Isaac. So, progress!) You going to be up that way this year too?

Keep rocking as always, man!

MegaRan3 karma

yep, I'll be at PAX East, probably only for that Friday though. See ya there!!

akkmedk2 karma

I dj at a little bar in the middle of nowhere using YouTube. I love your music and sneaking in my favorite artists when everyone is partying to top 40 stuff. What is your best party/club track?

MegaRan5 karma

you gotta throw in Splash Woman! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCJ0-hyJ-YM

Stark_Muffin2 karma

Hey Megaran! Huge Fan here. I was actually just listening to the Ghouls and Ghosts EP that you did with Richie Branson. Great stuff!

Which artist do you hope to do collabs with the most? When can we expect to see you in NYC? Which Megaman boss is your most favorite or hated? When can we expect to hear anything in the works from you and Storyville? Or anyone else you've worked with in the past?

Thanks for making awesome music for the nerdy kids to bump to.

Tifa's Theme and the Don of the Slums from Black Materia are still two of my favorite nerdcore songs to date.

MegaRan3 karma

hey hey! thank you!

I'd love to collab with MF Doom. I'd give him my first born for a verse. NYC in Mid March. My fave boss is MetalMan, most hated is Top Man. Working on a whole album with Storyville, should come out this year.

Thank you for listening!

southsideirishguy2 karma

Hey Mega Ran, I have all your albums except Black Materia. When are you coming to chicago? all your tour dates are always west coast. Thanks and keep up the good work!

ps. just got todays free download thanks for that as well!

MegaRan3 karma

well you need to get Black Materia! :)I was in Lisle for Anime Midwest. I'll be back in Chicago in late March, will announce that tour when this one is over. thank you so much!

JackOfCandles2 karma


MegaRan3 karma

I'd love to make music with Black Thought of The Roots. That'd be amazing. Strange story is that we actually communicated when I first moved to AZ and talked about it and then they got this little gig with this guy Fallon, and then everything fell apart.

I haven't played Cave Story but my good friend dannyB works on it and I love his music so that is a very strong possibility!

kubusxd2 karma

What is "indie rapper"?

MegaRan6 karma

rapper who makes music without major recording contract.

EpicHorizons2 karma

Yo, I'm gonna see you with Urizen on the NES in the West Tour! Are you excited for that to go down? Also, how'd you get hooked up with a band like Urizen? Do you like their music? Have you ever seen one of their shows?

MegaRan3 karma

Im very excited to be playing with Urizen! I'd never seen them live but the videos and the reactions from people I know about them have really raised the bar! The music is so great, I can't wait to see it up close every night. holler at me at the show man!

charliemccarthy2 karma

Hi dude. I have been an aspiring rapper for thirteen years & I am still a total nobody. Thing is, I think my songs are great and would love more people to hear them. I try using social media (youtube, bandcamp, etc) but I still manage to stay in the same place, which is nowhere!

Any advice for an aging genius on building an audience?

If you're interested you may download my current LP 4 Free: http://mcbreath.bandcamp.com


MegaRan4 karma

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Make some music for a different audience...I will check your link out when I get a chance but I have to say I made music for a long time without making headway. Do shows--even open mics, pass out CDs, email your music to 25 hip hop or music blog sites a day, with personalized greetings. Make sure everyone around you knows that you're a musician. Everyone. Keep an email list of those who say they like your stuff, send them your music first. Rap on some popular, current production once in a while to keep the Internet buzz going. Collaborate with dope rappers... And don't be afraid to pay someone for a collab. If you do all that I guarantee that you'll make some headway... That is unless you're completely garbage on the mic, lol

storyvilleemcee2 karma

Shoot - got another one. Ran, K, DN3 - funniest stories from touring?

MegaRan3 karma

LOL! funniest tour story has got to be K locking the keys in the rental car in Houston.. or Matt eating up all the food in Dallas... or playing at an event called "Hoodstock" in the middle of Central PA in a trailer park. lol Story, you were there for all of those. But the best is one from the first Nerdapalooza. IT was in a very small dump of a "bar" in Gainesville and the bathroom was right next to the stage. I took the Browns to the Superbowl right before I got onstage, and about 2 songs in, we did Shadow Man and there's a cut on there that says "Dirty Job but it must be done." and right at that moment, like clockwork, the odor from the bathroom started seeping out and everyone in the front row almost passed out. I played it off and kept going and even made jokes about "whoever had done it" and no one knew it was me that dropped the bomb... until now.

sentient81 karma

What was it like working with A_Rival on Circuitry?

MegaRan2 karma

A_Rival is so incredible. When I did that song, back in 2008. I had no idea who he was or that he was so talented! He's probably the most well rounded guy I know. Rapper, producer, DJ, dancer... And does them all well. We'll be playing together in SF during this upcoming tour. I want him to produce an entire album for me. But he's so busy, but hopefully one day.

South121 karma

Hey MegaRan, I got to see you some time back with MC Chris, MC Lars, and Adam Warrock. It was a great show, especially when you got on stage to do the track with Warrock. Some months after that, /r/gaming started blowing up with MC Chris show complaints, and people getting wronged by him. Did you ever see anything that would not make you want to tour with him again, and did you talk to him when all that went down?


MegaRan4 karma

Oh wow, great question... this took longer to come up than I thought. I worked with mc chris 2 years in a row on tour and I'm glad he's had my back. He was the deciding factor when I got an offer to go back to teaching, and he offered me a 44-city tour opportunity, that let me know I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.

It kinda hurt to see all those negative comments about a guy who had never done anything like that to me... I'd heard some stories but wow...I really thought this was a career-ending post.

I played the very next show after that fiasco, in Baltimore with mc, Richie and Powerglove as a special surprise for a 10 min set. it was packed and the fans were just as loving as I remembered them the previous year.

When i saw mc before the show, he cried. he really cried in my arms. Right in front of my DJ who he had never met. when that happened I knew that he didn't want all of this to happen, and didn't care who knew. He told me he just wanted to look out for the people that he believed in. He regretted taking it too far and he looked really sincere.

I've had some rough times on the road with mc chris, but the great times FAR outweigh those. I feel like we really bonded and we still talk today. When you're passionate a lot of times you're misunderstood, so I think that's a lot of what goes down with him.