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Quich2 karma

Are you female?

britmw2266 karma

Yep :)

crozbrobro2 karma

On average, how many hours of World of Warcraft do you play in a day?

britmw22610 karma

None I did have a runescape accound though in my youth

nato05191 karma

I just hope you're better then the princesses that showed up for my daughter's party we took her too. Cropped out my daughter

britmw2263 karma

Oh oh no. Well at least their dresses are pretty?

nsomani1 karma

How old are you? And how long have you been doing this for?

britmw2263 karma

I'm 19 :) I got hire when I was 17 :)

nototemz1 karma

Plot twist: you're a man

britmw2261 karma

How did you know?

ThatOneFace0 karma

I love how this AMA became popular, but my AMA about me volunteering to dress up as Snow White doesn't get anything. I'm glad you get paid for it though!

Well, I'm not trying to be rude. :3 My question is: What do you love the most about your job?

When I volunteered, I loved the idea of the little girls going to school and telling their friends that they met a princess.

britmw2263 karma

That's awesome :) sometimes we do the volunteer ones for the children's hospital here too. I gotta say I love story time too but I think my favorite thing is when the kids get really into it you know an just have that look of absolute belief in the magic of it all. Theres nothing better than seeing them smile :) and sorry to hear yours wasn't as popular sometimes it's timing reddits a funny thing :)

ThatOneFace-1 karma

It's cause I'm a teen and Reddit hates teenagers. Meh, whatever.

I volunteered to walk around at a Race for the Cure event, the part where all the vendors set up. I still have the wig and headband, as well as all of the make up! One guy said my dimples just made it complete.

I'm probably going to volunteer next year too!

My best friend was Cinderella and another friend was Belle. All three of us were talking to this little girl, and Belle asked who her favorite princess was. The little girl went, "Ummmmm... SNOW WHITE!!" And proceeded to tackle me. XD Belle and Cinderella were just as shocked as I was! Easily my favorite moment. :3

britmw2264 karma

Awww! That's so awesome :) way to go girl!

xcleex0 karma

Ever since I was a kid, I was very strict with the actors for not looking pretty like princesses I expected. Hell, recently I visited Disney world in orlando in January 2011 and did not like their Pocahontas. But I must say, I approve you for 3/4 roles. Last one being Ariel because the one I met in DW was wearing shell bras >:D don't worry though you are still pretty.

Now for the question. How did you get the job? Did you audition for this specific job or did you do audition for some company which sent their actors into various work? Because when it comes to modeling, the agency hires you and you are basically called to do photoshoot for different clothing brand linked to the agency.

britmw2265 karma

And ya we don't really do the bra with ours just to like be appropriate at this private stuff plus Canada of freeze and die :p

britmw2263 karma

I auditioned for the company I don't have an agent or anything it's through connections in my city mostly through school and productions I've worked on. It kinda works like an agency though in the sense that my boss gets all the bookings contacts me and sends me to them :) thank you by the way!

xcleex1 karma

Since you attend university, do you let your classmates know about your job or do you keep it anonymous? Or do people find out naturally? like me who suggests a person to try out for acting and find out that person is already majoring in theater.

britmw2262 karma

I'm really lucky because the music department at my school is pretty tiny (188 first years this year) so everyone's pretty kind and naturally knows about everything so if people ask I'll tell them the truth but I don't really like to be braggy. I love my job but it does sound pretentious sometimes.

hvasilev-5 karma

Just wanted to say that all this make-belief infront of the children will someday result in a stressful conversion to adulthood when they realize that most of their world is actually a lie. However i really hope that you're enjoying your job and in a way you feel like you're spreading hapiness among children. I really, really hope that you're a happy person :)

britmw2265 karma

Yea I get that. The I get married the end stuff sometimes makes me cringe. But hey it's not all a lie I'm 19 and I play dress up and sing songs all day you can still have fun with life not everything's gonna be pixie dust but sometimes dreams come true

whiteorb-5 karma

Ever dress as Tinker Bell? http://i.imgur.com/EFgk70V.gif

britmw2268 karma

Naw I'm too tall for tink. I'm 5'8 so we usually have the shorter girls play her. and if I'm not mistaken there's only one tinker bell costume and it's just one girl who plays her like Merida for me.

zachshallbetter-9 karma

Did you have difficulty passing high school English?

britmw2264 karma

I'm actually taking honors intro to English literature as my elective for my non music elective English 1022E. It requires an 85 minimum average in English for admittance and allows me to skip a second year course. I also can sing in the romantic languages as well. So yes you could say I passed.

zachshallbetter-7 karma

Not real till proof

britmw2265 karma

I don't know what to send as proof. My syllabus? A picture of an email to doctor Bentley? Our tutorial notes?

terari4 karma

You could also ignore him

britmw2263 karma

That could be a good plan