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I love how this AMA became popular, but my AMA about me volunteering to dress up as Snow White doesn't get anything. I'm glad you get paid for it though!

Well, I'm not trying to be rude. :3 My question is: What do you love the most about your job?

When I volunteered, I loved the idea of the little girls going to school and telling their friends that they met a princess.

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It's cause I'm a teen and Reddit hates teenagers. Meh, whatever.

I volunteered to walk around at a Race for the Cure event, the part where all the vendors set up. I still have the wig and headband, as well as all of the make up! One guy said my dimples just made it complete.

I'm probably going to volunteer next year too!

My best friend was Cinderella and another friend was Belle. All three of us were talking to this little girl, and Belle asked who her favorite princess was. The little girl went, "Ummmmm... SNOW WHITE!!" And proceeded to tackle me. XD Belle and Cinderella were just as shocked as I was! Easily my favorite moment. :3