I'm in New Orleans in my hotel room for Super Bowl XLVII, so AMA. This is my 10th Super Bowl, and I've been lucky enough to get to interview every half time performer through the years.

Super Bowl Special airs on NFL Network this Friday 7PM PT /10 PM ET, with fellow Redditor Joel McHale, 50 Cent, and David Spade.

And if you missed it... the entire Ravens team joined my Punters Are People Too movement.

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EDIT: Hey everybody -- gotta bolt now. Have over 100 live hours to fill here in New Orleans over the next few days. This has been a blast. Enjoy the Super Bowl week one and all.

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uhhhhmmmm259 karma

Rich, I just want to thank you for turning my life around. On your last AMA, we had this exchange, and it made me think. Was I a miscreant? Was I someone Rich Eisen would think highly of? I took a deep look at myself and I realized that if we met, you would disavow everything you had ever said about me. So I set off to change.

I stopped the knife fights, cut off contact with anyone who was a bad influence, and did all the rest of the drugs so that there weren't any left. I deleted my blog punterssuckhahaboopunters.blogspot.com and started in its place richeisenisbeautiful.blogspot.com as an homage to you. I stopped listening to heavy metal and picked up a copy of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons instead. I bought a suit and managed to get a job as a local sportscaster where I get to say things like "what a marvelous punt" and "That pass was so beautiful, I almost mistook it for Rich Eisen." I've started working out and running and have managed to get my 40 yard dash time to under 7 seconds. (I did A LOT of drugs.) I met a beautifully balding woman and we have started seeing each other. All together, my life has been better than it has ever been.

So thank you, Rich Eisen, for all that you have done.

Apples21289 karma


uhhhhmmmm92 karma

We have a pretty big Chicago Bears knife-fighting community.

RichEisen127 karma

Now, come on. Let's all get along.

nutwrinkles166 karma

Yo Rich . . . we cool?

RichEisen468 karma

Oh, Nutwrinkles. Do you even need to ask? Of course. We cool.

gunslingers160 karma

Hey Rich.

Roger Goodell is doing an AMA later here today.

What would you ask him?

RichEisen625 karma

I'd ask him: "Just how important is Rich Eisen to the NFL Network and shouldn't he get a raise?"

RichEisen153 karma

Time to get rolling. Seems a few of you already have.

neeghairs66 karma

Trust me Rich, no miscreants floating around here this time.

RichEisen103 karma

You sure about that?

RichEisen129 karma

Hey everybody -- gotta bolt now. Have over 100 live hours to fill here in New Orleans over the next few days. This has been a blast. Enjoy the Super Bowl week one and all

witty4pity125 karma

How many times do you think Ray will cry on Sunday?

RichEisen281 karma


eztarget896114 karma

Do you think the age of read option quarterbacks such as RGIII, Kaepernick, Wilson, and Newton are going to be a continuing trend in the nfl or will it just pan out?

RichEisen194 karma

Excellent question. Again, I had Rod Woodson on my podcast last week and asked him this very question -- part of the reason why I'm calling your question "excellent". At any rate, Rod seems to think that, with a full off-season, defensive coordinators will catch up to the Pistol offense and the like and cause the aforementioned QBs to hone their pocket passing craft in order to succeed further. He said he thought the Ravens would spend this past week studying COLLEGE film to try and get a read on how to stop Kaepernick this coming Sunday. So, that's Rod's belief on this. And he's an all-time great who knows his stuff. I still need to see it to believe it. These read-zone-option QBs are big and strong and very difficult to stop. Super Sunday is a big-time test-case platform.

trapt195107 karma

Now that we know about your 40 speed, can you show us your vertical during the upcoming combine?

RichEisen291 karma

I don't think ANYONE wants to see this white man jump.

dak75104101 karma

Have you ever regretted leaving ESPN?

RichEisen181 karma

Not once. For real. I love what I do, where I do it and the freedom I have to do other things while being at the tip-of-the-television spear for a crucial venture for the National Football League at the very moment the league is exploding in popularity. I feel very lucky and don't miss covering other sports whatsoever. I'm free to be just a fan watching baseball and hoops and the like.

dconnorp86 karma

Given Bernard Pollard's statement that football will not be around in 30 years... Where do you see the game 30 years from now?

RichEisen191 karma

Around. I see the game being around. Plus, it's tough to hear what Bernard is saying when he's not wearing a towel.

jax_jaguars3270 karma

Who do you think the jaguars should draft?

RichEisen266 karma

Definitely not a punter. They already have a great one.

sideberns106 karma

He's not just a punter, he's a person.

RichEisen241 karma

And a weapon!!!!!

ejohnson7870 karma

It's awesome that you are doing this again!

Has Chris Cooley tried to prank you again since the last one?

RichEisen586 karma

Not a chance. It had to be the worst prank attempt of all time. Not even Te'o would fall for it.

esunner67 karma

Hey Rich. What do you think will end up happening with Alex Smith next year?

RichEisen126 karma

I think he'll ask for his release, but I think the Niners will trade him. The man has value, without question. And he's under contract. This makes the Cardinals a final destination a difficult proposition since the Niners probably won't want to see him in division. That said, I think the Cardinals are a quality fit for him.

Zachk90763 karma

Mr. Eisen I have been a huge fan ever since I was little. NFL network is amazing and you do great work. Since you have the greatest job ever, what would you be doing if you didn't work in football? What's Adam Schefter like?

RichEisen133 karma

Thanks for saying this. And for making me feel old. If I wasn't doing what I'd be doing, I'd probably be doing something that allowed me to give away cash-and-prizes. I enjoyed hosting the now canceled "Great Escape" on TNT last summer and, this Friday, I'm going to be on The Price Is Right giving away an NFL-related Showcase and taping that was a dream come true. As for Adam Schefter, he's the best at what he does. And he's an even better person. Great, great dude. Even if he refuses to put my book behind him spine-out on his live shots for ESPN.

CiscoCertified59 karma

Hey Rich, thank you for doing this AMA. What is your goal for the 40 this year? Have you been training in the suit?

RichEisen143 karma

My goal in running the 40 is the same every year and it's annually three-fold. First, get through it in one piece. No need to pop an Achilles for this insanity. Secondly, be faster than the year before. I honestly believe I'm going to break the SIX second barrier this year. It's not based on anything concrete. I mean, I'm not training for this thing and never will. I just run on sheer passion for the craft. Plus, I only know one speed: slow. Thirdly -- and last but not least -- I don't want this endeavor to jump the shark. It's still got to be fun and funny. Once the Super Bowl is over, the NFL Network is going to launch a RunRichRun campaign, where we're going to ask folks to run a 40 in their work clothes at work, just like I do at the combine. Prizes will be given away to those with the best video, with me choosing the best video of all. That person gets a call-in to the podcast. But we've all got to get through Super Bowl week first

marsh-mellow2358 karma

obvious one, who do you think will win the super bowl?

RichEisen120 karma

I know it's the obvious question, but there is no obvious answer. Part of me feels the Ravens have all the intangibles from Ray Lewis to the three-game winning streak that included beating Peyton and Brady in their homes in back-to-back weeks. But, Kaepernick is the ultimate wild card. If the Kaepernick that showed against the Packers shows up on Sunday in the Superdome, that would be a wrap and you can cue the confetti. This sounds like a cop out but I just don't have a choice on who's going to win...yet.

fuzzyglory52 karma

What station do you think will say "harbaugh bowl" the most this week? If you promise you won't, I'll watch you're show everyday

RichEisen156 karma

I promise. But I might call it the Bro Bowl. Or the Super Baugh. Cool?

FootballFirst51 karma

A lot of coverage has been given to Ray Lewis. Ed Reed has been playing with a torn labrum all year and has set a standard of excellence in his career. Do you think this could be his last ride or are rumors about testing free agency really a reality for him?

RichEisen112 karma

Ed says he's playing after this year and I sure hope he doesn't change his mind if he wins on Sunday. It might be tempting to ride off with a Lombardi Trophy and go into the Hall of Fame with his buddy Ray in five years -- they're both first ballot HOFers. I had HOFer Rod Woodson on my podcast last week and he compared Ed to Barry Sanders in that he may retire sooner than people expect and if he stays he would break every single record there is for a safety. I hope he stays.

thechalligator46 karma

Can you settle an argument between friends? I think that when Brady retires in 2-4 years, Mallet will be a worthy replacement and stick around for a few years. My buddies think he's just an arm and probably won't even be there when Brady goes. My thought is that Belichick wouldn't waste a high draft pick on a quarterback if he was just going to deal him. Any thoughts?

RichEisen128 karma

I think whoever replaces Brady better be Aaron Rodgers-good or Andrew Luck-good. Is Ryan Mallett that guy? You never know but he better be. Same goes for whoever is going to be the guy after Eli in New York. Many Giants fans take him for granted and don't know how good they have it.

JayK102644 karma

Hi Rich -- there has been a lot of attention on the Pro Bowl and its future. It seems like the players tried harder this year but maybe not enough to save the game from a trip to the glue factory.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What can fans who enjoy seeing "All-Star" games do to help keep the Pro Bowl?

RichEisen180 karma

I honestly don't believe there's any way to fix the Pro Bowl anymore. The NFL rightfully moved the game before the Super Bowl because the Super Bowl should be the exclamation point on a season. But, the Pro Bowl will never be a hotly contested game in the manner we've grown accustomed to seeing an NFL game contested. Players simply don't want to get hurt and don't want to hurt anyone else. You can't play the game at half-speed. It's need to see the best of the best compete on the same field against each other, but I think if anything can be done it's this: send the players to the Pro Bowl and play flag football, with a skills competition held the day before. I'm serious. Just stop attempting to put on a real game and put flags on them and have them play a game that all the fans play. Maybe it will be fun to see if someone can catch Adrian Peterson without having to tackle him. Maybe it won't. But it give that a try. Otherwise, just know the Pro Bowl won't be like a regular, real game and deal with that.

SCREW-IT41 karma

Rich, why do you bag on Ryan King? He is a informative talk show host and pretty funny sometimes.

RichEisen132 karma

I'm his nemesis. That's what a nemesis does.

edotwoods40 karma

I don't know if I missed this, but you look like somebody and it drives me nuts every Sunday that I can't think of who. It's not Mike O'Malley. It's... damn it! Anyway, my question is: Who do people say you look like?

RichEisen117 karma

Dan Aykroyd. When I had hair. And he was skinnier.

SierraFoxtrot38 karma

Hi Rich. My question is: what advice do you have for someone who is aspiring to be a future play-by-play commentator/on-air host such as yourself?

RichEisen69 karma

Be yourself. Never put on airs or an act because viewers can smell something false from a mile away. Plus never take 'no' for an answer from someone in management. Keep plugging away and be yourself.

fromthedice37 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! Being from Paradise, CA, I still remember back when you were a sportscaster in Redding, CA.

What is your prediction for Jamarcus Russell's NFL comeback? Do you have any clue what team he might go to?

RichEisen262 karma

Whoa. Let's see what the man looks like and what his work ethic will be before we go ahead and peg an NFL team that might be the best fit. Warren Sapp once told me this story about Jamarcus. The Oakland Raiders -- rightfully -- suspected he wasn't really into the concept of working hard on improving his play. In other words being a, you know, professional. So, one day, as Jamarcus was heading home for the night, the Raiders handed him a DVD of all the plays they said they thought he needed to work on. He said he'd watch the DVD and report back in the morning. The next day he hands the DVD back to his coaches and says, in essence, "I agree with everything you put on there and will work hard to improve." Guess what? The DVD they gave him was BLANK. They just wanted to see if he'd merely even take the time to put a DVD into a DVD player and watch it. Case closed. Let's see what he looks like and sounds like before we talk "comeback"

stewyg2736 karma

On an episode of ARLI$$ you covered a Pro Bass Tourney, whats the silliest event you've covered professionally?

RichEisen130 karma

Damn. I thought the only people who remembered that would be me and Robert Wuhl. That was a VERY long time ago. I once hosted a show on ABC called "Domino Day" about the world's largest domino tumbling contest. That pretty much wraps it up. I also called the play-by-play for an Expos-Padres game on ESPN2 that was scoreless after NINE innings. Might that qualify?

sr87998533 karma

It's 11 AM on January 28th, a month and 3 days after Christmas. Is your son still watching the Disney Christmas Parade on DVR?

RichEisen89 karma

I've finally weaned him off it, but he knows every last aspect about the Disney Cruise boat, which, I believe, was Disney's main objective. They should put a "Mission Accomplished" banner atop the Lido deck.

bocboda32 karma

Hey Rich, I was just wondering what made you decide to leave NFL Gameday Final? The Eisen/Deion/Mooch/Irvin crew was the best highlights crew I've ever seen. Still love watching you on Gameday Morning though!

RichEisen62 karma

It just wasn't humanly possible. I'm the only person on sports TV who hosts a network's regular season game package on-site, in-person and then turns around three days later and hosts that same network's Sunday Morning NFL program in-studio. Many of my colleagues either do one or the other, but no one else does both. So, with the expansion of Thursday Night Football to THIRTEEN GAMES that meant five more weeks of travel on TOP of the SEVENTEEN regular season editions of NFL GameDay Morning, which requires a subhuman early morning Pacific Coast time call-time each and every week. So, staying around all day to host a night-time highlights show just wasn't in the cards. But thanks for saying what you've said.

Prodigy5532 karma


RichEisen109 karma

The Tyree catch in the Super Bowl. I was getting ready for the NFL Network postgame show and was standing in the corner of the endzone that Plexico eventually caught the game-winning touchdown moments later. That was incredible. The following year, seeing the James Harrison length-of-field pick six was mindblowing. Almost seemed in slow motion, like The Matrix.

SamWilber31 karma

What's your favorite pizza topping?

RichEisen82 karma

I'm a straight cheese man. For real. Don't really like toppings on pizza. I can handle the occasional pepperoni slice, but that's about it.

smellum31 karma

How long until Tebow runs for president?

RichEisen105 karma

Woody Johnson is a big GOP booster so Tebow may have to run as a Democrat to get in the field.

MarcusHalberstram8829 karma

Is it true Jimmy Brockmire is a back-to-front wiper?

RichEisen51 karma

I believe he leads he league in that, if I'm not mistaken.

DavisAg25 karma

You and Stuart Scott were a fantastic duo on ESPN. Do you guys still keep in touch?

RichEisen46 karma

We do. And I send only the best wishes on a quick recovery his way with every fiber of my being.

ItsDJ21 karma

If I scrolled through Rich Eisen's iPod, I would find...

RichEisen64 karma

an absurd amount of Raffi songs. I have two young children. Then you'd find a lot of Coldplay and Sinatra.

hellointernet8121 karma

Hey Rich Eisen, let me hold two dollars.

RichEisen82 karma

Please tell me that's not code for anything. It's disturbing enough on its own.

RonnyDonaldson5520 karma

Proudest you were of a Sportscenter term you coined back in the day? I was always was a fan of the witty catchphrases you guys came up with. Thanks for the AMA Rich.

RichEisen82 karma

My home run call of "He Gaaaaat It" -- it was based on a roommate of mine when I was living in DC in the spring of 1994 in the Medill School of Journalism's graduate program. We were watching the game in which Wayne Gretzky was attempting to break Gordie Howe's all-time goals record. My buddy fell asleep on the couch and when Gretzky scored the rest of us jumped up and cheered. My sleeping friend got up, briefly focused on the TV and said "He got it" and turned back over to get more shuteye. We all laughed and I promised then-and-there that if I was ever going to get on SportsCenter -- which was my goal at the time -- that I would use that as my home run catchphrase. Two years later, I was fortunate enough to follow through on that pledge. And for seven years, that was my catchphrase. I still use it for big game-winning field goals whenever I'm doing NFL highlights

iceyhot419 karma

Where do you get your suits and would you ever go shopping with Primetime?

RichEisen41 karma

The great Amir of Amir Fashions has been my fashion/suits guru for the past season. And I'd go anywhere with Primetime. Anywhere.

Glitchless18 karma

I used to think you were a try-hard tool for always being so hard on my Cowboys but after reading your last IAMA you seem like a pretty cool dude and have earned a new fan. Trey Wingo has taken your place as the preeminent try-hard hater.

Any chance Gruden comes to Dallas?

RichEisen46 karma

Thank you...I guess? What is a try-hard tool? As for Gruden, it sure seems like Jerry is acquiring quite a nice collection of top assistants who used to work for Gruden. If you will, a ready-made staff should Garrett not get the Cowboys to the playoffs this coming season and should Gruden decide to step out of the booth and hook his wagon to Romo's.

baconlovr16 karma

Hey Rich, huge fan. When are you going to put your bid in for NFL Commissioner? I'm half serious about this.

RichEisen38 karma

If you're a long-time viewer of NFL Network, you'll know that I threw my hat in that ring the last time the position was open and even announced my candidacy live on the air to Tagliabue. And you can see how well that went for me.

richgannon16 karma

Do you get to meet Beyonce at the SB? better yet you better be working on your single ladies dance in case she invites you on stage!

RichEisen47 karma

I'm interviewing her on Thursday. One of the coolest aspects of the Super Bowl gig is that I interview each and every halftime act. Over the past ten years, only two didn't sit down -- Paul McCartney and Prince. The cute Beatle decided against doing the interview and Prince NEVER talks. He didn't even hold a press conference with the entire Super Bowl media as every halftime act does -- instead, he held a kick-ass three song performance for the media. At any rate, I loved sitting down over the years with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and soon...Beyonce. And my four-year old son has the Single Ladies Dance down pat.

relevant8414 karma

I keep trying to think of a great football question but I'm coming up short. What's the best gift you've ever received?

RichEisen48 karma

Wife got me two seats from the old Yankee Stadium for my fortieth birthday.

richgannon13 karma

Do you think Jerry Rice and Tim Brown tarnished their legacy speaking out against Bill Callahan?

RichEisen24 karma

They didn't tarnish their legacies but I quite honestly don't know what they were talking about. I've heard countless times that the game plan the Raiders had all week long was changed at the last minute, but the widely-held belief in regards to that centers around Al Davis meddling and tinkering at the last minute, not Bill Callahan purposefully tanking a Super Bowl. Plus, all the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who, you know, won that Super Bowl should rightfully be indignant about the take of Rice/Brown. But their legacies are totally intact as being two of the best ever.

gobroncos2710 karma

Hey Rich
What do you have to say about Manning's performance this year in the playoffs, and the stigma he's acquired about not being able to perform in the playoffs. Do you see him and the broncos coming back strong next year?

RichEisen33 karma

I absolutely see him and them coming back as strong as ever and Peyton being even stronger. I think the frigid temperatures effected his abilities to grip the ball in that playoff game that they would have won anyway had the Broncos been able to stop the Ravens from converting on 2nd and 73, which defenses are supposed to be able to do.

canadian_ben9 karma

Is there going to be a season 2 of "The Great Escape"?

RichEisen24 karma

Nope. TNT canceled it about three months ago.