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I am totally writing this movie.

In a world, where competitive miming doesnt pay the bills.... ONE MAN... takes his mysterious talents to the criminal underworld! What happens next will leave you....


The CornflakeJustice Story

Produced by Fox Searchlight Pictures & Winner of the coveted North Korean Film Festival's Gargling Swallow Award

This summer, justice is not only blind.... it's also mute.

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Totally. If you want, you can do a Stan Lee-esque Cameo too.

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Hi Rich -- there has been a lot of attention on the Pro Bowl and its future. It seems like the players tried harder this year but maybe not enough to save the game from a trip to the glue factory.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What can fans who enjoy seeing "All-Star" games do to help keep the Pro Bowl?

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Thanks so much for doing this Rich. Big fan of the podcast and your work on NFLN. I hope my comment doesn't get boat raced by all the others, but here is my question:

What has been the biggest contributing factor(s) to or to what/whom do you owe your success in entertainment & broadcasting to?

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Hey Anthony, I'm a big fan - thanks for doing this!

Do people ever send you their dirtiest/non-PC jokes so that you can use your persona to say what they are afraid to? Have you ever used any?

I find it annoying that people think certain kinda of comedy is not okay to laugh at and appreciate that you take the stance of an equal opportunity offender.