Hey guys!! I get hundreds of questions a day on twitter and other online forums so I thought I would take the time to answer all them here so ask away!

Here is my post on twitter letting all my fans I'll be on at 7pm pst to answer all your questions( https://twitter.com/ItsJessieRogers ), so in the meantime start upvoting and subscribe to my YouTube channel <3 http://www.youtube.com/missjessierogers

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sharkfest47348 karma

You are my favorite adult actress. Can you acknowledge my presence please?

MissJessieRogers64 karma

yes ;)

zello36 karma

I saw a video where you were getting fucked in a hardware store for like half an hour. You easily squirted a few pints.. doesn't that hurt after a while?

MissJessieRogers56 karma

i loved it!

sharkfest47335 karma

Jessie Rogers !! Honestly jerked it to you earlier today! Why did you retire!?

MissJessieRogers54 karma

lol im glad i could be of assistance to your erection.. but I just did everything i wanted to do in the industry now it's time to conquer other things

Anfomay29 karma


MissJessieRogers38 karma

That's a really good question! But yes and yes. People judge me a lot on my past based on what I have done as if I am still no less of a human than they are. It annoying sometimes because people have primarily seen me do one thing and they just judge me based off of that and think that is all i am about, when there is really a lot more to it :)

Anfomay15 karma


MissJessieRogers9 karma

thank you(:

caulkhammer21 karma

How/why did you get into porn?

Does anyone in your family know? How do they feel about it?

When/why did you retire? Regrets?

How many scenes have you filmed? How many guys/girls have you fucked?

Favorite scene or sexual act?

How well were you compensated? Did you ever feel pressure to do weirder or wilder stuff?

What was your sexual experience before getting into porn?

Would you advise other women looking to get into porn to do it or avoid it?

MissJessieRogers37 karma

I basically looked for it. Since i was 16 i had an urge to model naked, so right when i turned 18 i got right in the industry. I also wanted to "slut out" in a safe environment where everyone gets tested and knows what they are doing. My last porn scene was in december. i don't regret any of my decisions because at some point and time it was what i wanted to do. Im glad i did it because i got all of that out of my system at such a young age and now i can move on.

Frajer21 karma

I saw on your imdb page most of your movies involve anal, is there any specific reason for that?

MissJessieRogers72 karma

haha i like it more. I'd rather have anal than vag any day. the only annoying thing is i don't eat when i do it

evilbob14 karma

Anal pays more?

MissJessieRogers26 karma

it depends on the girl. Every porn girl has their different rate.

jtrules9519 karma

When did you first lose your virginity?

MissJessieRogers34 karma

I was 15 and it wasn't too fun actually. It was at the prom of the guy I was dating at the time.

BirdLawLawyerEsq15 karma

What kind of activism do you do?

Edit: I just saw your "activism" on youtube. Wow. I'm pro-gun and I was a little turned off by all of it.

MissJessieRogers6 karma

what "turned you off"?

hockeyalexx9711 karma

Got a couple questions:

  • Why did you retire?
  • Do people notice you in public?
  • Beans or nuggets?
  • Do you feel that standardized testing should be eliminated? Why?

MissJessieRogers11 karma

there were a lot of reasons. i fulfilled all my fantasies basically, i never NEEDED to do porn like most girls do for the money. I CHOSE to do it because i truly enjoyed it, i loved being watched and I was going through an extremely Nympho slutty phase, but i grew out of it and I want to focus my energy elsewhere. YES all the time, they get all shy though UMM beans lol No ,the testing system now in the biz works

Wyldjay210 karma

When you first came out I noticed how beautiful you are and only did girl/girl--which is understandable. I was ecstatic when you started doing b/g...and in an interview on one you said it was because you were pretty promiscuous anyway might as well get paid. You career started to take off and you abruptly quit. Which is obviously your choice. Just wondering why the sudden change of heart re: porn?

MissJessieRogers22 karma

Well, i was told by people that i should "pace myself" in the industry. but i wasn't doing porn to perform, i was doing it for myself and to try different fantasies i had so everything i did on film is what i like and do in real life. I tried and did everything, i know what i like and don't so there's no sense for me to do it anymore.

BradSabbath7 karma

I have always wondered why some girls start in g/g to later move on to b/g, is it that it seems to be an easing into porn?

MissJessieRogers16 karma

for some girls i guess so but my first scene ever was a b/g and then an agent told me i was to pretty to be doing that so soon so i did g/g only for a bit then i was like okayyy im horny i want to do b/g lol

MainTheDread9 karma

Based on some tweets a while back you seem to be into bdsm? How was it shooting those kink websites?

MissJessieRogers17 karma

I am actually i fucking love Kink.com. I guess i am a Sadomasochist. I love giving pain just as much as i like receiving it but I don't really enjoy being a submissive, i did it in my films bt in real life i am somewhat of a control freak lol

redspyder7 karma

Do you think it will be difficult for you to have an average sex life ( as compared with non-industry workers ), or has that part of your life been played out?

MissJessieRogers18 karma

Good question. Honestly every porn star i know ( myself included ) it was very difficult having a normal, personal sex life when you're fucking random people every single day. I mean its easier for guys i guess, but girls are a little more "tender" and get sore. That was one of the reasons i wanted to quit, i couldnt have a normal sex life because i had to save it for work.

MONTAVO6 karma

Did you hang out with any of the guys you worked with before or after shoots? Or was it that you just met them when you arrived at the scene?

MissJessieRogers11 karma

it depends.i hung out with a lot of them after i worked with them

asian_minx5 karma

Was it difficult to have a traditional relationship with someone? I mean, were they OK with you fucking other people as a job? Also, is one of your aliases really Jessie Pinkman? (If so, that's fucking awesome!)

MissJessieRogers8 karma

no, i had the name Jessie Cakes for one scene though lol. But yeah, normal people don't want to have to deal with dating a pornstar unless they are swingers

bobbyleendo4 karma

What happened between you and Prince Yashua?

MissJessieRogers10 karma

hmm We dated but it didn't work out. We just had really great sex and nothing really went beyond that. i'm too independent and too focused to be worrying about guys on my nuts right now lol

Dgreen254 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. Do you feel that pornography exploits women? If so, should consumers of porn feel guilty for participating. This is an unbiased question, just looking for your views on this.

MissJessieRogers15 karma

I can't say yes or no to that. I think that some do and some don't. There's a lot of porn that accentuates a woman's beauty, but there's also the kind of porn that is based on seeing a woman in pain and completely submitting to her man. It's a woman's choice, ultimately, the kind of porn she chooses to do.

ordonez1234 karma

Favorite sex act?

MissJessieRogers7 karma

anything S&M related

theotherabusivewife4 karma

Are you much of a gamer yourself?

MissJessieRogers4 karma

yeahhhh :)

Edgar_Allan_Joe3 karma

Who makes a good lover in your opinion? In the sack and in life.

MissJessieRogers9 karma

Personally i like someone who is dominant because i am pretty dominant myself and i like to, i guess you can say "fight" with people in bed. if you hit me i will hit you back, if i choke you i expect you to choke me back etc etc. but in real life i just like HONESTY. love the person for who they are without having other motives like money, or wanting to further a career or just liking sex with that person.

ljp03903 karma

Do you feel the women in the adult industry have a harder time breaking through to mainstream media due to their career choice?

MissJessieRogers9 karma

yes. porn is easy to do, you take off your clothes and then suck dick lmaoo. In mainstream you first off have to actually have TALENT and you have to TRAIN yourself and WORK very hard at it. YOu cant just show up with your pretty face and wait for people to tell you what to do ;)

[deleted]3 karma


MissJessieRogers2 karma

i find it a lot more exciting, theres no script or no planned positions

Bigdog383 karma

Are you defintely 100% done with porn, or will you comeback?

MissJessieRogers9 karma

im done

BradSabbath2 karma

Do you think there is a point of no return of society being too sexualised?

MissJessieRogers5 karma

No, people change and others choose what they want to allow or not allow.

amperx112 karma

What are you doing in Arizona?

MissJessieRogers4 karma

i have friends here and like being around nature

bobbyleendo2 karma

What would you say was your worst experience in the Adult Industry?

MissJessieRogers6 karma

People trying to take all my money lol -_-

Kenbof2 karma

What was your experience of giving head and giving a hj like for the first time?

MissJessieRogers5 karma

the first time was pretty awkward lol

lj_fish2 karma

I'm a huge fan. If I were to send you some kind of lingerie, would you sign it and send it back? You'd make my year.

MissJessieRogers10 karma


go-outside-2 karma

How old were you when you started in the porn industry and why'd you decide to do it?

MissJessieRogers4 karma

i started the day after my 18th birthday

LumpyGenitals2 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

MissJessieRogers5 karma

green tea :)

thephreshness1 karma


MissJessieRogers2 karma

Yeah, he's a cool dude. we have a lot in common in spirituality

ajg11 karma

What were you willing to try out on camera that you really did not want to do at first?

MissJessieRogers4 karma


CMack19781 karma

What's something you learned about porn that you would have never known without being involved in it? My birthday was couple weeks ago, can I get a happy birthday?

MissJessieRogers5 karma

Happy Birthday! and how insecure the performers actually are hah

Wyldjay2-1 karma

I saw your video regarding the 2nd amendment rights and I agree with you 100%! My question, what are you studying in school?

MissJessieRogers-8 karma

guess? hehe

BradSabbath-4 karma

Any thoughts about Aaron Swartz and what happened with him?

MissJessieRogers12 karma

I feel what happened to him is wrong. I think the government should be pursuing real criminals instead of going after people who are standing up for something that is right.

DirtPile-6 karma

What's your favorite part of not answering questions?

BradSabbath12 karma

It may because 7pm pst is still 20 minutes away perhaps?

MissJessieRogers8 karma

exactly :)

Caorilla-9 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?

MissJessieRogers3 karma

The one horse sized duck cause i like focusing on one thing at a time