Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers is a Brazilian born pornstar, most notable for her combination of a generally petite frame and a rather large buttocks.

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haha i like it more. I'd rather have anal than vag any day. the only annoying thing is i don't eat when i do it

MissJessieRogers64 karma

yes ;)

MissJessieRogers56 karma

i loved it!

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lol im glad i could be of assistance to your erection.. but I just did everything i wanted to do in the industry now it's time to conquer other things

MissJessieRogers38 karma

That's a really good question! But yes and yes. People judge me a lot on my past based on what I have done as if I am still no less of a human than they are. It annoying sometimes because people have primarily seen me do one thing and they just judge me based off of that and think that is all i am about, when there is really a lot more to it :)

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I basically looked for it. Since i was 16 i had an urge to model naked, so right when i turned 18 i got right in the industry. I also wanted to "slut out" in a safe environment where everyone gets tested and knows what they are doing. My last porn scene was in december. i don't regret any of my decisions because at some point and time it was what i wanted to do. Im glad i did it because i got all of that out of my system at such a young age and now i can move on.

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I was 15 and it wasn't too fun actually. It was at the prom of the guy I was dating at the time.

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it depends on the girl. Every porn girl has their different rate.

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Well, i was told by people that i should "pace myself" in the industry. but i wasn't doing porn to perform, i was doing it for myself and to try different fantasies i had so everything i did on film is what i like and do in real life. I tried and did everything, i know what i like and don't so there's no sense for me to do it anymore.

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Good question. Honestly every porn star i know ( myself included ) it was very difficult having a normal, personal sex life when you're fucking random people every single day. I mean its easier for guys i guess, but girls are a little more "tender" and get sore. That was one of the reasons i wanted to quit, i couldnt have a normal sex life because i had to save it for work.