I was born with a condition called club feet, and my parents were told by the doctors that I wasn't going to walk. I went through half a dozen extensive surgeries while playing little league and working my way to my 2nd degree black belt in karate. I was clocked 86 mph during my varsity baseball senior year in high school pitching against our across team rivals. I graduated with a 3.7 and now I'm attending a university where I pitche bull pens still. I wanted to see if I could get any schloarship offers in the Summer of 2011, and UW-Parkside offered me a half-tuition schloarship. I turned it down to keep attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. AMA

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Little_Rascal3418 karma

Don't have a question, but must say congrats on all the achievements! Keep working at it, and never give up.

J-Money226 karma

Thanks, I really appreciate it! I worked really hard to get to that point, and I finally made it to my dream of making it to the Major League baseball tryouts with some success.

Little_Rascal341 karma

I too play baseball, and have had to overcome things to continue. Not nearly to the extent you had, but i did tear my UCL, and played an entire season with it ignoring the need for Tommy John surgery.

J-Money223 karma

That had to have been really painful playing with that, and I bet ice didn't affect it too much. Do you pitch?

Little_Rascal341 karma

Yes, Left-handed that season I threw low-mid 70s. That Summer, I clocked at 86mph (This was in high school). Also, Electro stem and Ice were my best friends every day between school and practice.

J-Money221 karma

I used to use biofreeze after I iced and ate 2 hot dogs 10 minutes before I went on the mound.

MirandaRenee199111 karma

I'm a chick that was told that I'd never have vision when I was born in '91, then I gained sight, then lost it, then got some back, then lost it again, then gained a little back and here I am at 22 tying this to you, it being a miracle that I can see at all, nice to meet you fellow miracle!

J-Money222 karma

Congrats on a miracle too, they are gifts that we can't take for granted! What did kind of condition did you have? I'm actually going to be a Pediactric Orthopedic surgeon, so I can give back to kids that will be born like how I was.

JiggaMuffinKittyFace3 karma

Love this! I'm actually in Putnam reading this, so makes is that much better!

J-Money222 karma

No shit, that's pretty sweet! I'm actually getting ready for class right now. I wish I could upvote this more than once :) If you ever see a De Pere baseball pullover, that's me.

JiggaMuffinKittyFace3 karma

I'll make sure to keep an eye out :)

J-Money221 karma

What year are you at UWEC?

JiggaMuffinKittyFace1 karma

Soph, you?

J-Money221 karma

I'm a junior, but it's cool to know there's another redditor on campus, and once in a while when I'm walking around campus, I remember you're comment and that makes me smile a bit.

TChuff3 karma

When I was born I was probably told I was cute, but I can't remember because I was just born.

J-Money223 karma

This made me laugh a little bit, I was born biggest baby of the month at the hospital, true story! 10 pounds, 7 1/2 ounces.

stonefoxxette3 karma

I just wanted to let you know your title made me smile. Thanks for that :)

J-Money222 karma

You're welcome, that's what I like to do! Have a great Monday.

omgwutd00d3 karma

Wow, I was also born with a little bit of club feet but it was fixed without surgery. Also, I live just north of Eau Claire and graduated from CVTC last year. Another fun fact, I was also born in '91.

Where did you go to high school?

J-Money222 karma

It's a small world! I went to De Pere High School in Green Bay Wisconsin. Which high school did you go to? How'd everything go with you? Did you have to wear those shitty shoes at night with the bar in the middle to straighten then out? I still can remember the pain of those things.

bobbycans2 karma

I didn't know a club foot was so serious. Thought it could be fixed without surgery.

Congrats on the scholarship. How is your walk? Can you run with pace?

J-Money226 karma

My feet were all the way backwards and my Achilles tendons weren't attched to my heels, and the doctors had to break my tibia and fibula and reset them multiple times with pins and plates, kind of like a combonation of Forrest Gump's and LeRoy Butler's scenarios. I was on the Cross Country team my senior year of high school, and my coach was a big influence on my success, but unfortunately he passed away because of cancer, but I alway used his words of wisdom. I was actually put in as a pinch runner when I wasn't pitching, so I have plenty of speed.

bobbycans3 karma

Sweet Jesus. That sounds quite severe. Doctors are fucking fantastic so they are.

Do you have "strange" walk or just like everyone else?

J-Money222 karma

I don't walk weird, almost all of my friends say they couldn't tell until I told them, and I like to think I have a little swag in my step lol.

thermalcry2 karma

Are you left handed?

J-Money222 karma

I'm a righty but I throw 3/4 because I think I can get more whip behind the ball.

MyLifeInRage_2 karma

Pretty strong arm for someone in a wheelchair.

J-Money222 karma

Well I'm not in a wheelchair anymore, but that's how I think I got the core strength to throw hard when I was a kid. All I did was play catch, and I had to use my core to twist up to get enough torque to throw the ball.

sjsharksfan4life2 karma

What MLB teams would you like to be in?

J-Money223 karma

Since I'm from Wisconsin, and the Brewers are having bad luck with pitching I feel i could help out their bullpen, even be a starter since I have been starting for quite some time, but it not the Brewers, then either the Red Sox, Twins, or somewhere warm.

JackTheCripple2 karma

When the doctor told your folks the bad news, what do you think were the actual chances that you'd never be able to walk? In movies, tv, news, and real-life anecdotes this "Diagnosis of Doom"(tm) always seems to be the prognosis thrust upon the protagonist, whom frequently "proves them all wrong" in the end. Do you believe that all of these (real) doctors have an agenda when delivering the news?

Any of the following: "Always give the worst case prognosis, to prevent false hope."? "Always give the worst case prognosis, but in order to motivate."? "Actually give the honest odds." -but this is rounded down/forgotten over time?

I'd love to hear your honest thoughts on this.

J-Money222 karma

I think that doctors want to prepare families for the worst case scenarios, but my legs were really messed up by being backwards and having my Achilles' tendons detached. I'm planning on being a Pediactric orthopedic surgeon by attending medical school in a couple years. I might learn the psychology of delivering a prognosis to a patient's family. I'll let you know when I hopefully make it to medical school!

DYELBretheren2 karma

So is the MLB on the horizon? Also what an awesome story! It sounds like it should be on ESPN!

J-Money226 karma

That would be really cool, and maybe I can get my degrees and pursue baseball professionally. I only have a couple more years of school, and it doesn't take long to get back into throwing shape. If I found the connections, I would love to play through a Major League system!

RCIrobson2 karma

1991 lad checking in. You sir, were born in a good year.

J-Money221 karma

Yes it was, a great year that started the kick off to good 90's Nickelodeon shows.

lngwstksgk2 karma

How bad was the clubbing? Is it considered fully corrected now? Do you require any sort of assistive device for residual disability? Any resultant pain now or anticipated in the future? How would you say the disability and related multiple surgeries affected you growing up?

J-Money224 karma

They were completely turned around, so I had my first surgery when I was 2 days old to connect my Achilles tendons because they weren't attached. I also Had a wheelchair in kindergarten, a walker in first grade, and I was in Physical therapy from when I was a baby till about 2nd grade. I was able to participate in karate, and I've won many trophies at tournaments for sparring and forms. Sometimes my feet are sore after a long day on them, but isn't everyone's sometimes? lol. I have very limited ankle movement, but I think that helps me on the mound get torque toward home plate. The arches of my feet have very little feeling, and my doctor said foot massages are good to break up my scar tissue, so that was pretty cool as a kid getting those once in a while lol. I learned how to throw with my dad because he also tried out for the Major Leagues (Red Sox and Royals), so I always tried to be like him. I grew up an only child, so I learned to throw really high up in the air, and run to catch it, which also helped my legs recoop faster. I also had a baseball pitch-against machine that I played with for hours in between surgeries and casts. I tried not to let them hold me back, and with all the down time, I read books and liked reading this 4th grade math book and getting the concepts in kindergarten. It helped me be smarter and more accepting, so I like giving back to the community as well when my busy college schedule allows me.

teitel1 karma

You dream of playing baseball, but turned down an opportunity to play collegiately to attend a school with no baseball program?

J-Money221 karma

I was going for my education before I try anything like baseball, plus I was going to be a sophomore in college that next fall, also I signed a lease and had school commitments I was obligated to do. After I get my bachelor's degrees in majors of Spanish Business and Latin American Studies and a Minor in Economics. I still throw bullpens almost every week, if not twice a week at college so my arm stays in shape.

hundreds1001 karma

What MLB team would you wanna be drafted to any preference?

J-Money221 karma

I'm from Wisconsin, and since I feel bad for the Brewers' bullpen at the end of every season, I know I can help them with their pitching struggles.

wavedelsh1 karma

So what was your response when you were born and they told you that?

J-Money222 karma

I prolly was still trying to process why I wasn't in my mom's uterus.

Sassymidget1 karma

So who do you want to play you in the movie they'll make?

J-Money221 karma

I would love to make a movie, or a documentary about it for sure. i wouldn't mind playing myself, but I think that Adam Sandler would do a funny job even though he's 20 years older than me lol.

Crudus11260 karma

Since you spelled it like this three times: scholarship, not schloarship.

J-Money223 karma

just a typo, nothing to have a heart attack about.

guerrero20 karma

I know your condition was a lot worse than mine is now, but anyways, I'd like to ask you something. I play baseball too (middle IF) and had labrum surgery in my throwing shoulder in november, I'm scheduled to start throwing again in May. I live in Germany, baseball is a small thing here and there are many guys that are better than me, but baseball is just my biggest passion. So since you are probably a better player than I am and you have accomplished something that great, what would you advice me for being able to play again as I used to? Thanks!!

J-Money222 karma

I would definitely say that you should start out for the first 2 weeks throwing at like 40%, the week 3-5 throw 60% start throwing 80-90% and week 6 you should be good to go up to your full 100%. The crutial things are long toss before you pitch, a lot of shoulder stretches (all different ways), 3 ibuprofen before you throw (reduces inflamation), one pole for every inning you throw, and ice your shoulder and elbow after you throw for at least 20 minutes, then stretch for like 5 minutes. I follow the chicago cub off season work out with some tweaks to make it more pitcher oriented.

MisterHaine-3 karma

Sounds like you really overcompensated for your insecurities. Just like all the other successful people in history did.

J-Money223 karma

You try walking with backwards feet, and let me know how successful you are. Surgery was the only option, and it's not over compensating for any insecurity, I'm just gifted as an athletic person after my half dozen major leg surgeries. Maybe you think your circumsion was a major surgery on your half incher, but this was serious shit and I'd appreciate the respect.

MisterHaine3 karma

I wasn't insulting you. You put in a lot of hard work and overcame the odds. People don't become great at something by feeling confident in their current abilities. They always see room for improvement, and always feel like they need to be pushing themselves further.

I'm guessing the people who downvoted me felt like I was insulting you too, but I think you're to be complimented more than anything. If my comment was intended as an insult, then it would have insulted every other person in history who actually achieved something instead of sitting around on their ass all day.

Now your little tantrum demanding respect on the internet, on the other hand...

J-Money222 karma

Well I thought you were insulting me, but thank you for the compliment, and I'm very sorry. Many figures in history came back from unbelievable scenarios like poverty, war, and a rough upbringing. Have a good day, and again, sorry for the rant.