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Great stuf, youre a genuine herof. Do you work? Was your company supportive? Paid time off etc? Do you know the person you're donating to and if so are you able to give us information on that person?

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Sounds like a complete joke and isn't actually helping anyone.

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You are going to be wondering how hot this girl is for the next year.

Is there any danger in the procedure for you?

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I hope you had clenched fists too. This woman comes on here advertising her tour as if its different to the other tours that go to the place. Have a look at any video about the tours to the DPRK. Everyone of them is the same no matter what video you see, the people are all taken to the same locations. This isnt an AMA, its commercial for your uritours.

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So there isn't an outside chance of death or anything no matter how small because of the medication you're taking?

Will you be left with any permanent scarring?