Yo, i am a UK based music producer and DJ/performer called FuntCase. I have been making music for around 9 years now and have been touring for around 3/4 years.

PROOF: www.twitter.com/funtcaseuk, www.facebook.com/funtcaseuk

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athock43 karma

when are we gonna get that Squid Attack remix????

FuntCaseUK33 karma

just as i thought! well we had some really bad background issues to do with the original and the original label who released squid attack. all issues are now accounted for and the remix will see light of day real soon, actually depends on genetix finishing something secret their end before anything comes out of it...!

ScruffyLOL32 karma

I love you

FuntCaseUK22 karma

oh hai scruffy!

DJSkullblaster24 karma


  1. How do you keep yourself moving around so much? I see you live, and you're a fucking animal?

  2. How's the Circus Crew? I see you spend alot of time with Cookie, how's he like off-stage? Also, I heard you guys have a collaboration coming out soon?

  3. Come by Boston man, we'd love to have ya.

  4. What's your favorite song?

  5. How come both you & Crissy Criss (Who I Assume you spend some time with, you drop alot of his songs) don't seem to release alot of stuff as much as other producers.


Genetix - Squid Attack (FuntCase Remix)

FuntCase - 50 Caliber (Crissy Criss Remix)

Cookie Monsta - Can You Guess What It Is Yet? (FuntCase Remix)

Props, great music, love your shit, love you, and above all, keep the bass going.

FuntCaseUK20 karma

  1. well i feel you have to entertain as well as bring the sick music, what kind of a DJ just stands there and doesn't interact with the crowd? you need to put on a whole show.

  2. circus crew's good man, consistently building and we're a tight family. Cookie's a sick guy man, love him to death...funny bastard drunk too!

  3. I myself have a big release lined up, we're just confirming it and making it best we can. crissy im not so sure, have you checked his new alias...dead exit?

sskylines21 karma

You are a god; I just saw you in DC on New Years. I've waited way too long to see you in the states. I definitely need to see you again, SOON.

FuntCaseUK11 karma

thanks man! really glad i made an impact in DC!

Filthzilla20 karma

Hey James, do you even lift?

FuntCaseUK55 karma

despite the troll on this...yes...i do actually lift lol

Bammzar19 karma

Why is your name funtcase/cuntfase?!

FuntCaseUK35 karma

i didn't genuinely think i would get a career in dubstep...i was trying to make it in drum and bass as DJ Dose and when i played around making dubstep, which i didn't even like at the time, i used funtcase as a joke name so i could give my mate the tracks for his dubstep radio show

dubstylerz19 karma

Hey mr cunt. How long does it typically take you to make and master a track? Also, what did you think of lights all night in Dallas? I want to see you in a smaller venue next time

FuntCaseUK20 karma

haha mr cunt. well as above i've explained how long it might take...mastering i don't actually do so much, i try to keep it quite simple so that the actual masterer we use for releases does all the final final stuff. lights all night was really really sick, just wish the system was a little but more weighty and loud.

ps9319 karma

Where did you got your mask? You made it yourself?

FuntCaseUK22 karma

i bought it from a superstore...its actually copyrighted but im sorting that now!

c2saint15 karma

What do you think of drugs used during your shows?

FuntCaseUK54 karma

i couldn't care less, i don't own anyone, im not anyone's mum! i do believe that drugs are shit though and i don't do any drug of any kind. but people are free to live their life. i know many people who have done it, lived a perfectly good life and career and i know people who've done drugs and wasted their life! just down to how you handle it

bakeitthansayit15 karma

big fan of your work man! Thanks for doing this AMA

FuntCaseUK10 karma

thanks man, appreciate that :)

oaschbeidl11 karma

https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/602331_494990880514619_956559234_n.jpg Is that actually you in the crowd? (Urban Art Forms Festival, Austria, 2012)

FuntCaseUK14 karma

hahaha nope! someone made that as a replica mask!

they_call_me_dewey11 karma

Hey man! I'm a big fan. I was super stoked to see you in Tampa this summer but I think we all know how that didn't pan out. Keeping an eye out for your name on flyers in the Tampa or Tallahassee area for sure!

Anyway, on to the question:

Do you think the dubstep (or at least what we've been recently referring to as dubstep) scene is shrinking? I've noticed for a while now that the beatport charts, and the new releases have been a little stale for the last year or so. Honestly, Circus seems to be the only label releasing quality stuff in that space. Do you think it could be due to a shift to steady beat genres like electro house (which seems to me to be the hot thing right now in the US)?

And I must ask, is Arcade Fire ever going to see the light of day?

FuntCaseUK16 karma

im sorry about the tampa gig if you're referring to that festival. the USA security at new york airport screwed me over and made me miss my flight. i just barely got on the next flight too as it was packed. i was then refused to play by the stage manager even though i could have played half an hour!?

question: shrinking? dubstep has only just surfaced in the likes of radio and tv, there's definitely no sign of shrinking anytime soon! the charts on websites don't always represent the scene as a whole. i've seen rubbish number 1's be up there and that doesn't mean that its a good track! just have faith man, i know personally that dub police, circus and other labels have some serious fire...2013 is going to be a sick one!

olleroma11 karma

Oi Funty -makes Angry Claws-

What would you say your

  • Favorite Dubstep song to play out is?

  • Favorite Dubstep song of all time is?

  • Favorite Musician of all time is?

Love your stuff man, so pissed you missed SMF in Tampa, FL. Hope to see you mix some time soon!

FuntCaseUK16 karma

im gutted i couldn't play that gig too man, trust me!

fave dubstep track to play is probably: flux pavilion - i still cant stop fave dubstep track of all time probably: metrik - between worlds fave musician is probably: marco pitruzella (drummer from brain drill)

beatnikasfuc10 karma

What came first Haze or Funtcase?

couferson13 karma

DJ Dose, Funtcase, Haze

FuntCaseUK13 karma

as above!

Kalvinclein9 karma

Yo Funtcase, love seeing you live last week at 50Hurtz Amsterdam you killed it! I was wondering when you are starting a new track do you usually begin with a simple kickdrum/snare pattern and build from that or do you usually start with a melody/hookline?

FuntCaseUK7 karma

that all depends really. about 90% of my tracks are pre planned ideas, like hummed ideas and such. if i HAVE to lay down the bass ideas i have in my head i'll start like that. usually with a simple kick snare and cymbal behind it to get a feel for it, then build around that!

dynamique8 karma

I love everything under "Haze" what made you start that up?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

i love making alsorts of music, my studio pc project collection would probably shock you! i made a few deeper bits then decided to put them out. haze and funtcase are a more 'you know what you're going to get' kinda thing

asmith11258 karma

whos nicer flux or the doctor

FuntCaseUK10 karma

i really couldn't answer this question if im honest. they both actually either stick around and be friendly or leave due to tiredness! i wouldn't assume someone's not nice if they don't stick around after a set...even i've done that and i really try not to!

Zetchy8 karma

Okay there are so many rumors going around about who produced this track, can you put them to rest?


You play it quite a bit! I NEED to know who it's by!

FuntCaseUK13 karma

i can't say who produced it but i know its due this year!

brandinni7 karma

Hey FuntCase!! Just wanted to say that we all really appreciated you coming out to Galt (outside of Sacramento, CA) for your Rage by the Pound tour! So here's my question: Do you prefer performing for Massive crowds, or smaller ones?

FuntCaseUK16 karma

this is a very frequent question but i think people appreciate when i answer it. as a DJ there's nothing more special than standing there with lights on you and thousands of people chanting your name...but there's also nothing better than being in a small venue, sick sound system, with a crowd of people that literally go ape shit the whole set. sometimes you get quiet big crowds and sometimes you get sick big crowds...its the same with small crowds though. 10 or 10,000 people, i will smash it the best i can

mikac1237 karma

whats the weirdest/strangest thing thats ever happened while playing a set?

FuntCaseUK21 karma

well 2 things actually...1 time i was touring australia and i was playing a gig in a hall in sydney. the 2nd drop to 50 caliber was about to come in and i feel a whack on my head that felt like someone punched me but with the knuckles in the middle of their fingers? my head went instantly cold and i shrugged my shoulders and carried on...i then felt dripping on my neck so i wiped it away and it was blood. i took my mask of and my head was gushing out with lots of blood! i put my mask back on and took it like a man, as the last thing i'd want to do is turn diva and let down a crowd who may have spent ages waiting to see me. 45 minutes into my set i started going dizzy and faint and had to finish my set. 2nd time was when i was in a band when i was younger, someone threw a curry pot noodle at me...turns out they'd won a lifetime's supply and felt like rewarding my good show with food! ahahah

Spaghetee7 karma

Funtcase! I saw you live in NYC with Dirtyphonics. You killed ittttt but straight up homie do an AMA on reddit.com/r/edmproduction we got people there that would love to talk to you about being a producer :)

FuntCaseUK2 karma

only so much i can do on here lol, its a struggle keeping my own AMA atm!

adamhari257 karma

Hey FuntCase, you and Trolley Snatcha should work something out to release that "Dubstep Style" track :)

FuntCaseUK6 karma

maybe! i don't see it happening to be honest, but i'd love to do more collabs with zack!

Pendax7 karma

where can i get/buy Funtcase & Slickdon - Dont Talk like That ?? is it even officially released? saw it in an oldschool haze set on youtube. Sick shit man!

FuntCaseUK8 karma

well that actually manifested into a track with footsie from newham generals...he released a free EP called 'zoot break 2'.. go download it, i produced 'zoot break' and 'mr myagi'!

KidKimchee6 karma

whats the one city that just fuckin rinsed? the one with a crowd that left you wantin to play more.

FuntCaseUK24 karma

to be honest, LA has been insane. my first ever gig in the USA was at a festival called 'Escape from Wonderland' and i didn't know what to expect. i walked on stage and saw around 11,000 people scream and cheer at me as i plugged my headphones into the mixer and instantly i looked up thinking "fucking jesus hell, i've made it!". every drop, the crowd roared and it made me feel ecstatic at how it went. every single time i've played LA since then, even though smaller venues, have been the same crowd. amazing!

Theadaminski6 karma

How long does it take you on average to produce one track?

FuntCaseUK13 karma

that can vary...anything between 6 days (the deadline i had for the plan b remix i did) and anything up to 4 months depending on if its 'working for me' or not!

orcfull6 karma

What do you think of mizuki? Since hes just joined Circus.

FuntCaseUK6 karma

he's great man, good guy too. good little talent there! i think he's got a long way to go yet but his ideas are really fresh

orcfull5 karma

Can see a massive improvement on his production since he actually came to you guys. He's from around where I went to school, knows a few people I know. Small world.

FuntCaseUK3 karma

very small ;)

pheelgood5 karma


FuntCaseUK6 karma


MoJ0SoD0Pe5 karma

I have to ask:

Have you ever had sex with your mask on?

FuntCaseUK8 karma

haha no, no no no...if you'd smelt it you'd know that answer

HuffaDubstep5 karma

Okay, so you've got Bob Saget, Oprah and Paris Hilton in a room. You gotta fuck one, kill one and marry one.. GO!

FuntCaseUK18 karma

kill em all, vile swines!

Wafflezone425 karma

Sup Funt. Just wondering, what are your general go-to VSTs?

TheElderNigs3 karma

Anything by Native Instruments, probably.

EDIT: Holy fucking shit, Funtcase replied to my comment!


FuntCaseUK6 karma

yeah native instruments...also use maelstrom on reason and a few outboard synths too!

EagleSkyline4 karma

Hey Funtcase! I love your unique spin on dubstep and the masked persona you've established!

With the rising popularity of trap, do you think you'll start experimenting with the genre or continue focusing on dub? Thanks for coming to reddit!

FuntCaseUK11 karma

i've actually made 2 trap tracks now! 1 of them i can't really say whats happened but someone huge has taken it to work on so im stoked as hell! the 2nd track i made about 2 days ago when i couldn't sleep and had a screen headache, so everytime i hear it almost get a headache! have given it to a few heads already and they think its sick so, watch this space ;)

BAK2K34 karma

1) Who is your favourite Dubstep Artist ATM?
2) Who is your favourite Non-Dubstep Artist ATM?
3) What is your favourite track (any genre) of all time?

FuntCaseUK6 karma

fave artist at the moment, probably genetix! fave non dubstep artist, probably ed sheeran fave track of all time? well my favourite EP of all time is Abysmal Torment - Incised Wound Suicide

FuntCaseUK3 karma

favourite artist at the moment is probably genetix. fave non dubstep artist probably ed sheeran. and fave track of all time...well my fave ep of all time is: abysmal torment - incised wound suicide

DubfunkingSTEP4 karma

When you start off producing a song, how many times do you think to yourself, "This sounds exactly like _____." Do you ever have to second guess the production of a song because it has similar beat or instrument to a song you've already heard? If so, how do you go about fixing it?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

hmmm not really, which of my tracks sound like any other? i always try to make something others haven't so i never really get that trouble!

Think_Freely4 karma

First off, I absolutely love your music and you and Cookie Monsta were by far my favorite producers at Lights All Night! Here are my questions for you:

  1. Where did the ideas for the mask and angry claws come from? I had my angry claws up the whole time during your set, btw :)

  2. How close are you with all of the Circus Records guys?

  3. How does the EDM scene in the US compare to that in the UK? where do you prefer to play?

  4. How big of an influence has MDMA had on the EDM scene and do you care that most of your audience seeing you live is on drugs?

FuntCaseUK4 karma

the mask was an accident...i had it in my bag from a dress up event i went to the night before and my mate saw it in my bag and dared me to wear it during my first ever funtcase gig in front of southbound hangers and 3 other people. kinda stuck from there! angry claws was also an accident! i did it jokingly during a circus photo shoot (the blue smoke background picture on the red couch) and deicded to do it more often, since flux had his FP fingers! so stoked to see thousands doing it now!!!

FilaTrainers4 karma

In the summer at 'Strawberry Fields', that very small 'family' festival, do you remember a lad in a floral vest gurning his tits off at the front? He's one of my best mates. If you do, what did you think? This video may jog your memory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7uJaA2J-mM

FuntCaseUK4 karma

i don't remember actually, and im crap with remembering people! but big up haha

Yomarao4 karma

Trap, is it here to stay? Or is it gonna be just a short hype like moombahton

FuntCaseUK5 karma

i think trap is more a merge than moombahton was to dubstep. any proper association to dubstep i think is here to stay. question is, is trap viable to all styles of trap or will it die out due to lack of imaginations and variation

Kurupted543 karma

Will the whole circus team eventually do a whole u.s take over??? And what was the deal at LIGHTS ALL NIGHt... Y'all couldn't tell them to turn it up??? Thank you mate and appreciate all the hard work you do for us!!!!

Think_Freely3 karma

Lights All Night was badass, regardless of the early ending time and quieter music. People that lived near the venue bitched about the music after the first day so they had to turn the music down.

FuntCaseUK2 karma

im not sure why the music was so quiet, i did ask if i could turn it up but they gave me a huge no no...wish i was on the bigger stage!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

still an amazong gig though, thankyou for coming :)

smarout3 karma

What do you use on your master buss?

FuntCaseUK8 karma

isotope ozone 5...settings are preferencial to the track though

alexxross3 karma

Hey James, you stoked for Friday night?

FuntCaseUK6 karma

ofcourse man, im actually super excited. even though it's a late set (4-5am), this will be my first ever gig in fabric playing room 1. really can't wait!

Catalysm3 karma

Hello James! I'd like to ask you how you got started producing/performing. Who were your big inspirations?

Thanks, awesome music!

FuntCaseUK7 karma

i've always been into music since a young age and always enjoyed playing the drums when i was at school. i got my first drum kit when i was 15 and have continued to play it since then. i've been in a few bands in my life but only really gig'd properly with 3 of them and i used to go mental on stage (they were hardcore, death metal and grind core). so since those days i suppose i've always wanted to be a performer!

bongtimes3 karma

When are you coming back to Bristol? :D

FuntCaseUK4 karma

soon i hope!

SkrillexTroll3 karma

Why do you have so many bangers that are unreleased? I am constantly hearing new tunes played out yet no information on release date...on that note, PLEASE RELEASE TERMINATE ON SIGHT :(

FuntCaseUK4 karma

well im glad you think theyre bangers! this year is going to be a great year for releases for me and the circus lot so all i can say is keep your eyes peeled

My_Awkward_Account3 karma

Hey cunt face, how's it going? I've got a few questions.

• How did you go about getting your tracks around in the beginning?

• Do you have any plans on touring in Canada? (Not just around Toronto, Montréal etc.)

• Do you plan on being a regular redditor? /r/edmproduction would shit their pants to have a presence like yours over there.

FuntCaseUK3 karma

yo yo!

i didn't go about it at all actually, i gave it to one guy who kinda knew a few heads and then southbound hangers hooked me up with some guys at sub fm called afterdark and it grew from there..!

hopefully i'll tour canada yeah, i've not seen enough of that place yet!

i plan on keeping this page updated hopefully...the questions seem to be FLYING in but i'll TRY and stay on top!

datniggabivinz3 karma

I went to the Indianapolis show on october 30th, and I was still wondering if you'd give me an add on your personal facebook, I was with the group that talked to you on the bus! and when is your next US show, you played literally the best show of my life. Big up, keep doing everything you do, been my favorite producer in the edm scene the whole time!

FuntCaseUK5 karma

my personal facebook is only for my proper proper friends and family im afraid.

thanks for the love man, i remember the group actually! great night :)

_shakta3 karma

Hi mate, this might be better and seen by more who are interested if you posted it to /r/edmproduction. I definitely have some production related questions!

So if you were gonna give one piece of advice to a producer looking to take their production to the next level what would it be?

Oh, and would you rather fight 100 horse sized ducks or 100 duck sized horses?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

probably 100 duck sized horses...

if you wanna go next level then learn things that are so much deeper than just eq'ing...i cant tell you how much more i know since years back and it's benefited me as a producer! also, study your favourite artist's tracks and listen to all the elements. that will give you an idea of what you need to do to go that extra level

SourVinDiesel933 karma

I saw you at Starscape over the summer with Cookie Monsta, that shit was bangin! But you need to come around New York City more often cus that show would sell out.

FuntCaseUK2 karma

yeah true man i miss new york! starscape was so epic too!!

mrhydrosity2 karma

Is "Full Power" getting released? Heard it from a R1 rip a while back and it's massive!

FuntCaseUK6 karma

thanks man! yeah probably eventually. it was actually due to release late 2012 but i've had mixdown problems with it and things have gotten in the way with me finishing that properly. will sort it out this year :)

[deleted]2 karma


FuntCaseUK9 karma

there are so many. for me at the moment the only real stand out people are genetix, persist, shift key, kinzy, badklaat, bukez finest etc. i will be supprting all artists i love though so keep an eye on my tracklistings

xleeg952 karma

How would you go about building on a fanbase? What sources would you recommend getting in touch with? Such as blog's, websites, radio, online promotion and promoter's that look at booking upcoming producers/DJ's who are less established. A response would be fucking sick! Cheers for your time man.

FuntCaseUK2 karma

it's actually a really tough question to answer...there's not really any 'specific' good ways, there are lots of good ways! if there was only 1 great way though i think everyone would obviously be doing it! just work hard and try and get in on working with radio stations and getting your facebook and twitter out there etc. it'll all follow!

radikul2 karma

Saw you back on Halloween in Detroit and I can honestly say you were easily one my favorite live DJs to date. Your energy and charisma on stage is unreal; love how you feed off the crowd and keep it hype! Nothing worse than watching a set and the DJ looks like he doesn't even want to be there. Can't wait to see you again! Big ups!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

yeah i always look at some dj's and think wow...cmon...you've got the best job in the world, getting paid ridiculous money and this crowd worship you...and the best you can do is stand there and dj then just walk off? i dont hate on them i just think that the crowd deserve a little more at least!

sadzaj2 karma

Hey funty, what was your favourite track in 2012?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

possibly noisia's remix of smack my bitch up!

Dotjpegavigif2 karma

Squid Attack VIP?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

soon man, soon!

Pilgrim692 karma

Yo, Funtcase. Long time fan, you and the circus crew are what got me into dubstep and i've been a die hard fan ever since. 2013 is looking to be an awesome year and i'm looking forward to your new stuff but i'm wondering who you think we should all watch over the next year in thier rise to fame and if there are any plans to add any new members to the circus crew. Also WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK DOWN UNDER?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

i love aus and nz man so hopefully soon!

2013 will be a sick year man, definitely! look out for genetix, they've got some heavyweight madness coming!

austinhopwood2 karma

what inspired you to makeing the music you inspire other people with?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

i just make what i enjoy and if other people like it, its a huge bonus. that's ALWAYS been my attitude to production :)

SamNukem2 karma

Hey Funty! Just wondering will you be making any releases early this year or later this year? Thanks! Listening to you on GetDarkerTV right now haha

FuntCaseUK3 karma

haha safe! yeah early this year i have a release lined up..its a big one too, keep your eyes peeled!

pwnstar1162 karma

What's your production software of choice?

Would you say your life as a DJ is one you enjoy and don't get sick of?

FuntCaseUK6 karma

ofcourse, my life is amazing and i feel extra stupidly lucky to have such a n awesome job. have learned it's not all glitz and glamour but how can i complain?! its insane that i'm even where i am! my DAW is cubase 7

Ponyboy092 karma

From what I've heard you say, you've switched from using Reason to using cubase. Do you still use reason in rewire mode into cubase? how has the switch effected your workflow? (love your tunes by the way!!)

FuntCaseUK3 karma

reason for me was so good as i could crack a track super fast! i had it all lined up so i didn't need to do much work! the problem was that the sound engine just still wasn't good enough. so i turned my hand to cubase and decided to turn myself into more of a 'producer' than just a track maker. now i'm alot more savvy on the way deeper production side of things, more technical. it may not show in my tunes i dont know, but im alot more keyed up on things!

Beer_Thrower2 karma

what to you, is the best track you've ever produced? is it out yet? or is it a dubplate still?

FuntCaseUK9 karma

probably 50 caliber...its my most successful track and one of the only tracks i play of mine guaranteed every set!

Deseto2 karma

Funtcase ...did u receive the ''paint stain'' posters i made for u guys at the performance in Tilburg last November?? ( one of the DJ's snatched/ took them to to hang at the office.... said Circus Records)

FuntCaseUK2 karma

was that the one where i had a tiny body and doctor p was wearing what looked like a wizard robe?!

ogebear2 karma

Yo Funtcase! Do you prefer Cuntfase or Funtcase? Big ups!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

lol, funtcase shall suffice!

PDK_Dinkleberg2 karma

hey funt! i saw you in dublin last year, absolutely loved it. how does the irish crowd compare to other countries? also, are you planning on coming back anytime soon?!

FuntCaseUK4 karma

theyre kind of quiet and kind of crazy at the same time, very mixed bunch! loved it out there though, back hopefully soon :)

ourkidmusic2 karma

Safe james, ive seen you 3 times now can honestly say you are my favorite dj to date! other than me and danni ;) have you got any weird fans that bombard you with just..shit??

FuntCaseUK3 karma

oh hai mike! umm, not so much. im not a fan of when people start abusing you on messages on facebook because i may have read what they put but not replied. sometimes its something i have no idea what to reply or a link to their music and i've not had the time to check it...! i find it a little odd that some people think that we're now friends when i speak to them maybe once at a gig backstage and they add me on facebook. im not saying we're not friends but when you meet someone once and probably never again that's not really a friendship!

MuckleWalloper2 karma

any plans to come back to edinburgh and tear the arse out of the electrikal sound system again? missed you last time!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

i love elektrical sound system!!! i did a haze set there recently and it was SICK. it's not me that plans the visits, its the promoters. hopefulyl theyll get me back :)

kartman443212 karma

What's next on the haze front?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

alsorts! workin on lots of different styles, few collabs too

Clincker2 karma

what direction do you think dubstep is heading at the moment? Do you think decent dubstep producers such as yourself will eventually win the struggle against shitty producers ie skrillex borgore?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

theyre good producers man, but they'll always stay on top...why wouldn't they? i just do my thing and appreciate the love :)

djjordank2 karma

I just put your remix of Hot Pursuit into a set for some homeys asking for bass music.

I love it! my wife and I have been fans for a long time. Keep it up!

FuntCaseUK5 karma

ah thanks man! i made that track in 3 hours at the hours of 4am...fun fact!

SoftLove2 karma

What was that feeling like of getting a track signed for the first time? What helped you take your tracks to the next level, what changed in the production to make your tracks become better and better to the point they are today?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

my first ever signing was amazing, i didnt know anything about the label but to be told he thought it was sick and wanted to release it i was tellin everyone like a child who just built a lego house :) working hard pretty much was the reason im at where im at today, always strive to be better

kartman443212 karma

Maschine or ableton?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

i don't use either...but i hear ableton is sick

Pianoman3692 karma

This will probably get buried but I just wanted to say thank you for your performance at Resolution 2013 in Seattle, WA awhile ago. You absolutely KILLED it and your set was incredible. I just had one question:

  1. How do the DJ's/Producers on one label (Circus) get along with DJ's/Producers on other labels? (ex: OWSLA, etc.). Are there any rivalries or specific people that get along really well together?

Thanks for doing this AMA, hope to see another one of your shows real soon if you make it back to the Pacific Northwest!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

to be honest i personally (and actually everyone on circus tbh) gets on with everyone we meet! no1 has arrogance and everyone has an understanding for each other so everyone usually just gets on straight away! even when there is rivalry its all usually label wise, not singularly as an act

Eksta-C2 karma

Can i have your number?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

1 one day hopefully ;)

Flink1272 karma

Is it true that you are secretly Loefah?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

hahaha that old chestnut! i wish i was so i could poke it in people's faces saying im still a new artist!

Insane_Savior2 karma

Can you get me new pants? I saw you doing an AMA and soiled mine.

FuntCaseUK2 karma

i need new pants...i think my assholes been doing a rally session again...

n-some2 karma

I saw you at resolutions and halfway through your set the sound cut down to like half volume and stayed there for the rest of the night. What happened?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

that's sound engineers for you...

bweezy262 karma

What happened with NYE denver last year? Flight issues or something?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

USA didn't issue my visa in time :/

edmismylife1 karma

What's the biggest advanced mastering tip you have to get that extra crispness and punch out of a mix? I know how to get the basic master down with Izotope, but it always feels like I'm slightly behind something releasable.

Any general tips you wish you had known earlier in your producing career?


FuntCaseUK3 karma

yeah i wish i knew how to produce in general haha. my style of production has always been really simple, hence my computer music masterclass video. but producers are always learning!

Ballcoozi1 karma

How do you go about achieving such heavy bass without giving out specifics?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

try not to push your channels too hard and make sure you're sub is a raw clean signal, try not to do any processing to it!

glitchmoderator1 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA Funty, huge fan here :)

  1. I was wondering why we are yet to see a collab between Circus Records and anyone from Amorphous Music (Particularly Bassnectar) I personally think you guys' sound would compliment beautifully.

  2. Should we give up on an official release of Arcade Fire by now :( I know you probably hate that question but it was worth a shot :P

  3. Will we see you at Ultra this year :)?

FuntCaseUK2 karma

  1. i agree! i think we're all quite busy and maybe one day it'll happen!

  2. haha. well i'm going to have to let you down and say yes...i wanted it out but it never got finished!

  3. i hope so, what an epic festival!

DjxZero1 karma

Funty! Huge fan man. Thanks for doing this. Hope you're still answering questions.

  1. Can we expect to see more from haze this year? Or are you mainly focusing on Funtcase and circus for 2013?

  2. How many dubplates would you say you have? What percentage of said dubplates actually will get released?

  3. The big question, any chance you and crissy cross would ever put out "50 caliber (crissy criss remix)" and "stop (Funtcase remix)" as an EP?

Thanks man! Hope you're still doing this.

FuntCaseUK2 karma

thanks man!

  1. yeah im gong to be giving haze a good push this year aswell as funtcase but obviously funtcase is the main artist so i have to put that first.

  2. i have alot of dubplates, i couldn't possibly name a % but a big wedge of that is coming this year!

  3. those two won't see light of day im afraid, me and crissy did it for each other so that only us had it and for clubs only

Zetchy1 karma

Funtcase! Been a huge fan for so long now!

How many hats do you have? Every time I see you you're wearing a different one! xD

FuntCaseUK3 karma

hahah! well spotted! i have probably close to about 70 hats!

FuntCaseUK2 karma

haha well spotted! i have near enough 70 hats now! sponsored by some clothing companies so i get free ones too :D

c2saint1 karma

What was your first gear?

FuntCaseUK9 karma

i started using a really slow laptop, reason 2.5 and a pair of cheap headphones. then i got 1 monitor (yamaha hs80) and plugged that into an epically cheap mixer, i made 50 caliber, gorilla flex, takin the piss, make our day, so vexed and all my old classics on just that 1 speaker and crap mixer...since then i've bought loads and im chuffed :)


What is your favorite non dupstep related artist?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

abysmal torment or six ft ditch

blackreddit1 karma

ohh, 2 questions. are you coming to denver any time soon? and how do you feel about drug use in the EDM scene?

FuntCaseUK4 karma

denver im coming mid feb! (look above) and drugs, i dont like em and certainly don't do them, but people are free to do as they wish. as long as they stay happy and don't let it ruin their life

burnzkid1 karma

What is your favorite part of the music production process?

FuntCaseUK3 karma

the smile i get when i really like a tune i've made and the smile i get when another artist i really like says its sick

hazmondo1 karma

would you ever play Bestival?

FuntCaseUK1 karma

i'd love to!! not been booked for it yet but fingers crossed :)

scyther4201 karma

-What's your favorite track you've written?

-If you could only play at one venue, do you know which it'd be?


FuntCaseUK2 karma

i'd say my fave track is 50 caliber.

i'm not too sure on the venue as most of my most epic gigs have been in stadiums or built festival tents!

i loved atlanta it was epic!!