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What do you think of mizuki? Since hes just joined Circus.

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Can see a massive improvement on his production since he actually came to you guys. He's from around where I went to school, knows a few people I know. Small world.

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I'm a huge fan. I love the work you've done for citizen journalism and your talks at BBC whats trending last year were a major inspiration for my degree project NewsGather.

I really dig the work you've been doing with tagg.ly. I spoke to Issac Philips last year with the intention of skyping about my project and hearing more but nothing really came of it in the end.

Any updates on tagg.ly? I think thats a really important realm of journalism that deserves more attention.

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I don't know anyone who doesn't have a smartphone and its probably more difficult to get a non-smartphone is 2014 than it is to get a smartphone.

He started with the occupy movement I believe. In his own area and then got picked up to go and film in foreign countries.

I don't think the style of journalism Tim does is something you can do in a foreign country without money backing you, obviously but then thats not how he started.

I guess it's the ratio of how much you're in it for the money or actually telling the story. You can probably break even a year travelling and living on the edge whilst telling peoples stories through film. Or become community funded if you have a dedicated plan / story to tell prior to actually arriving in the country.

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...he had a phone and an internet connection to get started.

Is that fancy equipment these days?