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is an English dubstep and drum and bass producer and DJ, from Bournemouth, England.

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despite the troll on this...yes...i do actually lift lol

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i couldn't care less, i don't own anyone, im not anyone's mum! i do believe that drugs are shit though and i don't do any drug of any kind. but people are free to live their life. i know many people who have done it, lived a perfectly good life and career and i know people who've done drugs and wasted their life! just down to how you handle it

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i didn't genuinely think i would get a career in dubstep...i was trying to make it in drum and bass as DJ Dose and when i played around making dubstep, which i didn't even like at the time, i used funtcase as a joke name so i could give my mate the tracks for his dubstep radio show

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just as i thought! well we had some really bad background issues to do with the original and the original label who released squid attack. all issues are now accounted for and the remix will see light of day real soon, actually depends on genetix finishing something secret their end before anything comes out of it...!

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to be honest, LA has been insane. my first ever gig in the USA was at a festival called 'Escape from Wonderland' and i didn't know what to expect. i walked on stage and saw around 11,000 people scream and cheer at me as i plugged my headphones into the mixer and instantly i looked up thinking "fucking jesus hell, i've made it!". every drop, the crowd roared and it made me feel ecstatic at how it went. every single time i've played LA since then, even though smaller venues, have been the same crowd. amazing!

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oh hai scruffy!

FuntCaseUK22 karma

i bought it from a superstore...its actually copyrighted but im sorting that now!

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well 2 things actually...1 time i was touring australia and i was playing a gig in a hall in sydney. the 2nd drop to 50 caliber was about to come in and i feel a whack on my head that felt like someone punched me but with the knuckles in the middle of their fingers? my head went instantly cold and i shrugged my shoulders and carried on...i then felt dripping on my neck so i wiped it away and it was blood. i took my mask of and my head was gushing out with lots of blood! i put my mask back on and took it like a man, as the last thing i'd want to do is turn diva and let down a crowd who may have spent ages waiting to see me. 45 minutes into my set i started going dizzy and faint and had to finish my set. 2nd time was when i was in a band when i was younger, someone threw a curry pot noodle at me...turns out they'd won a lifetime's supply and felt like rewarding my good show with food! ahahah

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  1. well i feel you have to entertain as well as bring the sick music, what kind of a DJ just stands there and doesn't interact with the crowd? you need to put on a whole show.

  2. circus crew's good man, consistently building and we're a tight family. Cookie's a sick guy man, love him to death...funny bastard drunk too!

  3. I myself have a big release lined up, we're just confirming it and making it best we can. crissy im not so sure, have you checked his new alias...dead exit?

FuntCaseUK20 karma

haha mr cunt. well as above i've explained how long it might take...mastering i don't actually do so much, i try to keep it quite simple so that the actual masterer we use for releases does all the final final stuff. lights all night was really really sick, just wish the system was a little but more weighty and loud.