So I had the surgery right before I turned 20, my current age. My size before was 38HH, and I had the surgery because of horrible back and breathing problems. My size now is 38D.

Proof: [NSFW]

Ignore my tired and silly face, I was exausted from staying overnight in the hospital for an unusually high heart rate and being super puky after surgery. (Maybe a bit silly from pills too).

EDIT: Somene made a Good Guy Greg about my fiance!

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ItsAnArt956 karma

I have no shame, I came here for the proof. I will be leaving now. Good luck, hope your back feels better!

oppaihime282 karma

Thank you very much, it does. Also, upvote for honesty.

superbleeder416 karma

So do you feel like you have had a weight lifted off your chest?

oppaihime169 karma

Oh god yes.

SpaceMantis308 karma

Boob-liters may be my favorite unit of measurement.

oppaihime118 karma

oh you.

Robot_Ghost123 karma

Will they grow back?

oppaihime111 karma

I hope not! Its a very low chance.

Robot_Ghost36 karma

Is there anything sex-wise you and your bf can no longer do?

oppaihime78 karma

Nope! One of my boobies has no feeling in it, but thats about it sexytime wise.

EdtheConqueror114 karma

Wait, one of your boobs has no feeling in it? Will the feeling come back? I don't want to be a dick, but that reminded me of this.

oppaihime52 karma

It probably will afte awhile. But it was a major surgery with a lot removed so I was not surprised.

panzerdriver59 karma

So technically someone could be groping your boob without you knowing it at any time ? Keep that hushed up- but let me know if you're in town I want to ask you something.

oppaihime26 karma

Haha I'll keep that in mind.

come_on_seth8 karma

What did one boob say to the other?

You're dead to me.

oppaihime6 karma


lucifer-obgyn101 karma

I was going to say that you basically slapped God in the face for giving you a wonderful gift, but you still have A+ titties in my book.

Also, I don't believe in God, so there's that.

oppaihime61 karma

I'm not a God believer either, so there is that. And thank you for the compliment.

Your username made me laugh out loud, have an upvote you nice person, you.

bigpapajon40 karma

I am a believer AND I think they are still great. It's like pruning a prize-winning rose bush to make it even better.

oppaihime26 karma

D'awh <3

Bucketkev79 karma

So you're saying it wasn't the breast of both worlds?

oppaihime29 karma

No sir it was not. :P

ichbinnichttoll60 karma

How hard was it to find a bra?!

oppaihime97 karma

Impossible. I would ask store clerks if they had my size, and they would just look at me as if I were lying about my size.

JavaMusic227 karma

*Impossibra. I'm so sorry.

oppaihime22 karma

Hahaha! Upvote for you!

ichbinnichttoll21 karma

did you ever get privillages or free stuff because of them?

oppaihime35 karma

Because of my boobies? Probably, but I don't remember.

whitneylovesyou2 karma

As someone with a 36L (US) bra size, I completely understand. I can't shop in stores anymore. Gotta shop online. Good luck with your continued recovery! Come join us over at /r/bigboobproblems

oppaihime2 karma

oh my goodness, you are a boss!

Delay49 karma

They look alot better after the surgery. Grats on the success.

oppaihime31 karma

Thank you so much!

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oppaihime44 karma

So I finally decided, this might be nessecary after my fiance noted me complaining about back problems a LOT.

We went to my doctor (very sweet woman) who said, it would very likely be covered by insurance, and suggested a surgeon.

The surgeon asked me questions (Do my shoulders hurt, where does my back hurt, blahblahblah) took some pictures, then made sure I knew what I was getting into.

She sent pictures, a report, and a letter to my insurance so they would cover it.

Waited around 2 months, started losing hope (I'm not paitent.)

Got a call from surgeons office, saying I was approved, and when did I want to schedule my pre op appointment, and when did I want to schedule my surgery.

Did my pre op appointment, got all my markings done (First pic)

Then, surgery day.

Moruitelda16 karma

Waited around 2 months, started losing hope (I'm not paitent.)

PSA for people who have this problem:

Former insurance claims examiner here. If it's not an emergency and we're busy, a lot of times authorizations for medical procedures get triaged. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take this long to get an authorization, if the claims examiner handling your policy is particularly busy.

Sometimes, you can get the process expedited by calling your insurer directly and asking to speak to your claims examiner. Say (POLITELY), "Hi, I am waiting on an authorization for this procedure and am a little anxious. Can you tell me when it is likely to get approved?"

Some examiners will try to avoid having to hear from you again and will just do an authorization right then.

oppaihime4 karma

I never thought of doing that. I kew I would just have to be paitent, even though I'm not.

oppaihime16 karma

As for considering gettingthe surgey, there ween't that many hurdles, just the insurance one.

spacev1king10 karma


oppaihime21 karma

Good luck! And I can promise you its not scary. I was laughing when they wheeled me into the OR(probably cause I was high as fuck).

brookelynbridge2 karma

I cried when I was being rolled away:(

oppaihime2 karma

Awww :( -hugs-

HumphreyRocks41 karma


oppaihime63 karma

It always felt like someone was pushing hard on my chest, it's like when someone sits on your chest and you can't breathe.

Pils12332 karma

Maybe, someone was pushing on your chest.

oppaihime73 karma

Scumbag Ghost D:<

NoCleverUser50 karma

Aww, she gave her SO a nickname.

oppaihime16 karma


Pratypus29 karma

Breast reduction surgeries are pretty cool actually, I have been to a few (med student here) and basically you go from way too big, unhealthy and sometimes even gross boobs to perfect, beautiful, natural boobs, I'm very happy to see you are happy and healthy now. What did your BF think about them? EDIT: When I said "Way too big" I meant it as having a medical condition such as gigantomastia, nothing wrong with big awesome boobs.

oppaihime46 karma

My fiance loves them cause no he can hold one in each hand, instead of using two hands for just one.

pandaclawz28 karma

Ha. Love that your username is basically a Japanese euphamism for "Boobjob Princess" lol

oppaihime36 karma

I got called that by a Japanese exchnge student in high school once, so my friends started calling me that and it stuck.

HT35724 karma

Are you happy with your current breast size or would you like to make them even smaller?

oppaihime43 karma

I love them just the way they are :D

Cool-Zip6 karma

Me too!

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

oppaihime15 karma

Me three! Wait, what?

wonderwanderexplore21 karma

A friend of mine wants this surgery, she's very thin but has something larger than double d's and has problems running and with her back, but her parents don't want her to make this choice so young (she's 20). Any advice for her to convince her parents this should be her choice?

oppaihime42 karma

She's the one having the breathing problems not them. Its her choice, and her life. Th reduction drastically changed the quality of my life, I can run, jump, dance, buy cheap bras, and most important, no more breathing and back problems. Her parents should think about what best for her and most comforatable.

EvangelineTheodora2 karma

This is exactly why my mom got a breast reduction when she was young 20, I think). She said it was one of the best decisions that she ever made. She was dating my dad at the time, so she asked his opinion, and all he said was that if it would make her more comfortable and be happier in her own skin, then she should do it. That's also one of the reasons that she married him: his only concern was for her happiness.

oppaihime2 karma

Aww, thats exactly what my fiance said when I brought it up to him!

Chainsawws19 karma

I'm[17] preparing for my reduction[currently a 32JJ] this summer! Any tips? How bad was the pain and do you think it was worth it overall?

oppaihime28 karma

A JJ?! HORY SHIET. Yes it is definately worth it and the pain was more annoying to me than actually painful. The nausea was worse, it was right after I woke up. Their bright doctor minds thought, "lets give her a pill for that when she can't even hold down a cracker!"

Chainsawws3 karma

I know, Its terrible because my waist isnt that large. Anyway, thanks and congrats! I'm so happy for you! They look great!

oppaihime2 karma

Thank you very much. I hope you can at least do something about your back pain, that shit is awful.

BustaSlug16 karma

I feel like I'm at the eye doctor...

"Which one of these do you like better?.."

"A.. or B..... "

"A........ or B.."


oppaihime3 karma



You got a good sense of humor, that is all.

oppaihime9 karma

Thanks a bunch :D

ohmandi15 karma

Did your posture change when you first started walking after they were removed? I know a girl who recently got a breast reduction and she said when she woke up she felt as if her chest was lighter than air.

Congratulations! Tell your boyfriend to throw you a bra mitzvah!

oppaihime15 karma

Upvote for bra mitzvah :)

My posture improved but my balance is still wonky, sometimes I'll lean too far to compensate for the extra (non exsistent) weight and stumble. I'm a klutz though.

UltravioIence14 karma

Nice tits.

oppaihime11 karma

Thank you.

Bosstiality14 karma

You realize it's 2013? Not 2014?

oppaihime30 karma

Oops! Sorry, I'm from future, probably should have mentioned that.

Bosstiality10 karma

oppaihime5 karma

Haaha, oh you!

glendon2411 karma

Not a question but a validation. The older I get (39) the more women I know who have had this surgery many of whom had it in their early 20's. I think it took courage to do what you did. Good for you.

oppaihime6 karma

Thanks, I was scared at first, but it was for nothing.

gypsywhisperer8 karma

Hey hun, I remember I talked to you when you were on /r/gonewild.

Yours are healing super well, and they look great!

I'm so sorry you had drains. :( What was your experience with them? Did your fiancee help you empty those? I didn't have them, thank God.

oppaihime7 karma

I could empty it myself, but when my doctor would actually squeeze the pumps to get the excess out, it hurt. Getting them pulled out was the weirdest feeling.

gypsywhisperer3 karma

Aw, that makes me cringe! I was so glad I didn't need them.

Yeah, seriously though, they look great, and you're only 4 months post-op? You look the same as I did at 6 months NSFW pic.

Your scars are fading super well. And it looks like they healed super well. Congratulations, and enjoy the new and improved boobies!

oppaihime2 karma

Thanks a bunch, and yours look good too! My scars are just really pink, but they are still fairly light.

gsettle8 karma

Good for you! So many girls want large breasts but don't consider the health aspect of it. The problems are not a joke, as I am sure you know.

oppaihime5 karma

Definately. Big boobies are a hassle.

meggosaurusx7 karma

what made you want to get the procedure?

oppaihime47 karma

The awful back pain, the breathing problems, going over speed bumps in a car and getting the breath knocked out of me... it's a long list :P

SkumbagAce21 karma

I lol'd so hard at the last part.

oppaihime17 karma

Its funny, but it was unfortunately true. It was worse when we had to borrow a Suzuki Samurai while my fiances Explorer was in the shop.

romeo61924 karma

Someone in my high school actually got knocked out by her tits once. No joke. It was on cross country day.

oppaihime13 karma

I wouldn't doubt it.

Undoer4 karma

But now if you fall over you won't bounce straight back up.

oppaihime12 karma

Its worth the loss of bouncyness.

TerminatioN13376 karma

How many pounds does 2 liters of boob convert to? (difference between pre and post surgery weight?)

oppaihime16 karma

Pre surgery weight for just boobie was 15-20lbs for both. Now, I'm not sure 3-4lbs at the very most?

TerminatioN133711 karma

So you're saying they removed a good 11-17 lbs of just boob? Wow.

oppaihime4 karma

Sounds about right.

TerminatioN13373 karma

Wow, that is a lot of boob. Congrats.

oppaihime2 karma


ApocalypseThen5 karma

That doesn't make sense. If we assume that boobs are the same weight as water (they're probably a little less, due to all the fat - plus, boobies float), then 2 liters should be less than 5 pounds.

oppaihime9 karma

Boob fat is heavy. And I have no idea how heavy my boobs are now, so I could be way off. It was probably a cruddy estimate.

SikhGamer5 karma

I think we men severely underestimated the negative impact a larger than average bosom have on a woman.

That being said congrats on the smaller boobs!

oppaihime2 karma


timg5555 karma

They look loads better after.

oppaihime2 karma

I think so too.

ChimpsAhoy4 karma

Was the surgery necessary to your health, or was it simply for convenience and better quality of life? (i.e. if you hadn't gotten the surgery now, would you have faced permanent back or breathing problems later on?)

oppaihime12 karma

It was for my health. My back is still adjusting to the weight differnce, and so is my balance, haha.

angelshavethebox3 karma

Good for you! I had that when I was 24, went from an 38E to a 38C, best decision I ever made. Wait a year and these things will feel even better, Once they settle into place. I'm 31 now and have no noticeable scars.

oppaihime2 karma

Yay! My scars aren't even that bad, my surgeon showed me pictures of some really icky scars xP

gregdoom3 karma

This question isn't about your boobs, but how many Redditors sent you creepy PMs?

oppaihime4 karma

Only 3 so far. I posted on r/gonewild before my surgery, and I got a ton. I expected that though.

eterna-oscuridad3 karma

The selfish part of me says why would you that?? They were huge! But as a person whose mom had to get breast reduction I totally understand. Btw with all due respect you are also very pretty,I hope your back gets better,don't forget to do stretching exercises.

oppaihime3 karma

Thank you very much, I always warm up before i work out.

F_m_H3 karma

I'm your size as well. I have the back problems and all. And I am sick and tired of not being able to find decent fitting clothes anywhere. I am honestly considering getting it done as well, and it's really nice reading positive things about it :) I'm just scared that insurance won't cover it in my case as I am not exactly a stick figure, but I guess inquiring about it won't hurt.

oppaihime2 karma

I can't say for your insurance, but if the are causing you more than mild distress, they will cover it. It is a medial issue.

FractalPrism2 karma

you have nice boobies and a cute grill.

i hope you enjoy strangers flirting, cuz i had fun gawking at your shared nakedness. :)

you look like a sweet and fun person to know.

Much success with your recovery!

oppaihime2 karma


cowlover5562 karma

2 liters of boob is how much wieght??? Always wanted to know the density of boobs

oppaihime3 karma

Too much. I don't know exactly how much.

DrummerDave10122 karma

Looks much better after!

oppaihime4 karma

I think so too!

FromTheBurgh2 karma

You still have a nice rack. :-) Good luck to you and I hope your back and breathing issues have been resolved. :-)

oppaihime2 karma

They have, and thank you.

thedoghead2 karma

Out of curiosity, what size where they before? as in bra size? And what are they now?

oppaihime2 karma

38HH before, 38 D now.

vixxie2 karma

How was it going throught puberty? Did they grow gradually or pop out of nowhere? I'm a solid D and mine seemed small until one year/summer they just grew to their current size.

oppaihime4 karma

They gradually got to their size, and I developd young and it was awful. I got teased a lot.

The_Correctionist6 karma

You get teased for big boobs? wtf

oppaihime11 karma


paby2 karma

I was going to ask about this. Girls who develop early often have an awful time with other kids...and often get hit on by older kids (sometimes young men). It must have been pretty rough.

Were there any outstanding incidents of getting teased or harassed due to this?

oppaihime3 karma

There was a girl in my middle/high school who teased me every day. I ended up flashing her in the locker room and yelling at her. Never teased me again. I did get a lot of rude comments, butI mostly ignored them. My friends called me "oppai-hime" and "boobie-chibi" and sometimes just "boobs", but I didn't mind because I know they didn't intend it to be mean.

TerminatioN13372 karma

How long has it been since the surgery? Would you do it again? Any worries or regrets?

oppaihime3 karma

I had my surgery September 12th, and if I had to I would do it again. My only regret is that I had to stay overnight in the hospital >:P

thewaybaseballgo9 karma

9/12 Never Forget

oppaihime6 karma

Hahaha! It was also my fiance and mines anniversary.

rewrewsuh2 karma

what size were they before?

oppaihime2 karma


MrDuctTape2 karma

Did you get to take the two liters home with you?

oppaihime3 karma

Haha nope. there were so many women that were like "Can I have the leftover boobage?"

Janakatta2 karma

Nice username! For the non-Japanese speakers out there, her username means Breast Princess, but you guys can run quite a large pun thread off the other valid English translations.

oppaihime3 karma

As you can tel,l I made this reddit username before my surgery was a thought.

Symbolis2 karma

Just stopping in to say that "to remove 2 liters of boob" cracked me up.

So does your expression in pic 2. :P (Also: Yay bunny!)

Hope everything goes very well for you, long term. :)

oppaihime3 karma

Yup, I demanded my bunny after my surgery, her soft as hell ears helps my anxiety a lot.

aaronx9872 karma

Looks great op. Some people will never realize how bad they can be if they get too big. How's the scars? Are they vanishing nicely?

oppaihime2 karma

They are really pink, but they also really faded, which is awesome.

madusa772 karma

Did you have any other problems besides back and breathing problems?

oppaihime5 karma

It was really hard to sleep, my shoulder hurt from the weight on my bra straps, going ovr speed bumps sucked ass, especially since there are lots of speed bumps in my apartment complex.

TheShitHitTheFanBoy2 karma

Went from awesome to awesome. Good job!

oppaihime2 karma

Thank you.

lurkeat2 karma

as an itty bitty titty'd lady, gigantor boobs are something i just can't imagine living with....did you have to like swing them over your shoulder to wash them? were they heavy to lift? Was lifting your boobies pre-surgery like working out? also, stairs must have SUCKED. congrats on the lessened back pain and what not!

oppaihime2 karma

Your first question made me giggle. They were annoyingly heavy, an stairs weren't that bad. And thank you

ElricG1 karma

Litres of boob? I'm gonna use that in the future.

oppaihime3 karma

Do it.

spitfire91071 karma

what did your boyfriends ever say about them?

oppaihime4 karma

The big boobies? "DAYUM."

Laughcrybaby1 karma

Are you from the future?

oppaihime2 karma

Sure am!

R3enzZ1 karma

Why do you look so angry in the second picture?

oppaihime4 karma

I had spent the night in the hospital, not being able to take vicoden and kept getting woken up ever 2-3 hours.

imaslinky1 karma

Did you change their names?

oppaihime4 karma

Nope, still Patty and Selma.

thekillers4081 karma

are you worried about possible breast feeding problems in the future?

oppaihime2 karma

nope, she didn't have to mess with my nipples at all, just moved them up.

bulooh1 karma

A buddy of mine is on the way to being a HH, 38-40 H now, and is scared of the surgery for only one reason. She is for breastfeeding / really wants too. Would a reduction make it impossible for her too?

oppaihime1 karma

She would have to talk to a surgeon to be sure, but there is a low chance of breastfeeding being affected.

bibliokatie1 karma

I did the same thing when I was 20! Some people didn't understand because I was young or "I could lose weight later" but it will only help you later I promise. I'm now 27, and don't regret it at all. Hope you feel the same :)

oppaihime1 karma

I don't at all! I've joined a gym, I play a lot of just dance on wii (I know not real exerseize, but t least I can do it now). Life has gotten better.

jwh-6661 karma


oppaihime2 karma

Don't be sad, boobies!

myjerkoffaccount1 karma

I was gonna be mad at you, but I actually like them better afterward.

oppaihime1 karma

Username relevant?

French871 karma

I'm at work so I cannot open that link so I am curious

how did you end up at 38HH natural? are you hugely overweight? that's insane...

I do not mean this in an offensive way, I just can't fathom a natural breast size that large on a small girl. and I cant open the pic to check.

oppaihime3 karma

I have no idea how they got that big, and no I was not overweight.

spitfire91071 karma

genetics maybe?

oppaihime6 karma

Very likely.

TerminatioN13371 karma

Anyone in your family have similar issues?

oppaihime4 karma

Nope, my aunts on my mom's side were always jealous and teasing me for it, it was awful.

TuskerMalt1 karma

Hell yes I'm clicking this IAmA!

oppaihime2 karma


SirDoreille1 karma

Jan 14th 2014? time travelling, guys guys ! She's time travelling !! Edit:Grammar.

oppaihime1 karma

oh no, you discovered my secret! Abort mission!

girlfriend_in_a_coma1 karma

I'm in my mid twenties, 5'5", weigh around 140 and have 32G/FF breasts. They cause me some shoulder discomfort and I undoubtedly have worse posture because of them, but other than that it's mostly just INCREDIBLY inconvenient having breasts this big.

I've thought about having a reduction but it would mostly be for convenience and to look more "normal". Obviously my breasts attract a lot of attention, some of which has been pretty tough on my self esteem and ego. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a wuss for not being tougher and saying fuck you to everyone who has made me uncomfortable with my body. If I were to get surgery it would mostly be to blend in more.

How much of your surgery was for pain and how much was for the not insignificant inconvenience of just having to live with them (clothing, unwanted male attention, self esteem in general)?

oppaihime2 karma

I would say half and half. My self esteem definately improved afer the surgery, and I think you should go for it, especially at your size. You are tiny o: (no offense)

Jedimastert1 karma

I'm pretty freaking impressed. That's a lot of boob to remove. They look very nice now though. I hope you can breath better.

oppaihime1 karma

I can, and thank you.

climbintrees1 karma

So i see you are from the future. 2014

oppaihime14 karma

Yes sir Iam. I posted this from my flying facebook car.

Haematophiliac1 karma

I'm glad to hear everything went well!

oppaihime2 karma

thank you very much!

cpuking1 karma

Did you ever get black eyes from running? I know Pamela Anderson did from running in Baywatch :D

oppaihime1 karma

I held my boobies down whe I ran, no nope.

Sarastrasza0 karma

tits or... wait nevermind!

oppaihime3 karma

No you!