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Become a Broadway actress and play a character who's a defense lawyer defending a large animal veterinarian who is accused of a murder most foul. Then she falls in love with her client after realizing she has a passion for helping sick large animals and becomes a large animal veterinarian defense lawyer with a pet rhinoceros.

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Ha. Love that your username is basically a Japanese euphamism for "Boobjob Princess" lol

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If I were Koh, I totally would've stolen your face.

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You've mentioned that you have everything written out already. How do you deal with the new editions as they come out? You added that soul-spiking thing from 4th Edition...will we see more stuff that didn't exist when you were writing Goblins? Will there be Warforged? Please let there be Warforged.

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Hey Thunt! Great to see you're on Reddit now!