I mentioned that I worked for LEGO and some people wanted me to do an AMA. I don't think there'll be a huge demand but what the heck, right?

I'll answer anything I'm able to that won't get anyone in trouble, pretty much.

EDIT: It's getting late and I have to work tomorrow, as it so happens. I'll try to answer any questions I get tomorrow, but it could be some time. Goodnight everybody.

EDIT: I'm back for now. It's around 8 PM PST.

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mcdei79 karma

Are you a: "old-school-builds-with-many-corners" or "these-rounded-and-specialty-pieces-have-changed-my-life!" kind of guy?

cyanCrusader78 karma

When I was a kid I was a lot more focused on the story than the building, as much as I loved putting things together.

With that said, I appreciate old-school builds with a lot of regular bricks a lot. Any time a kid is able to build something cool and symmetrical, I always get a little bit excited.

picodroid52 karma

Would you rather assemble 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

cyanCrusader57 karma

Are they lego-sized or real sized?

If they're lego-sized, the latter. If they're real sized, the former.

Mataraiki47 karma

I, a burly 28 year old male, recently discovered one of these stores in a Portland mall. I may have let out an uncontrollable squeal of excitement. Is this a common occurrence?

cyanCrusader52 karma

Yes. Yes it is.

Ihmhi46 karma

Where do you fit on this scale?

I Like Building By The Instructions -------- Ooh, More Parts For The Lego Bin

That is, are you more inclined to look at a set as a new set of build instructions to follow, or are you more inclined to look at a set as a heap of new parts to add to your big bin of lego stuffs?

cyanCrusader10 karma

Well, the thing was more that I liked integrating new sets into what I already had. My lego, when I played with it, was a space odyssey. Knight set? Knight planet. Ninja set? Ninja planet.

Usually my sets stayed together so long as they were useful to my story. Once they weren't, then they were disassembled and then would later reemerge as something new!

Mobiiuss43 karma


cyanCrusader36 karma

Well, there's Hero Factory. And the new HF line is actually pretty similar thematically to the ideas in Bionicle.

But as far as I know it isn't coming back. Which makes me sad.

faunablues32 karma

Do you get many girls interested in the non-girly legos, or is it pretty much Lego Friends and nothing else?

cyanCrusader68 karma

Yes, actually! Friends dominates that demographic, but not as strongly as one might assume. And there's one major reason for that: The Friends line was not meant to coax girls who already like Lego into playing with it. It was meant to get girls who otherwise wouldn't be interested in Lego to try it, with the hopes that they would then branch out. I've seen it happen a bit, but we'll see how successful it is to that end. Personally I'd love to see the Friends line continue to make sets like the Karate Practice, Magic Show and Soccer Field. Let's get the girls doing stuff that kids do, not that girls do.

Girls who like Lego besides Friends tend to favor City and Creator quite a lot, unless they have nerdy parents or older brothers, in which case it's not uncommon to see them checking out Ninjago or Star Wars.

But with that said, the one that surprised me the most was that a lot of young girls really like the Monster Fighter series! Especially the ghost train, or anything with Ghosts, really.

Which is totally awesome. I think it might be a combination of Monster High, older girls liking Twilight and just a natural appeal of the supernatural, but hey, if that's what it takes to get them interested in Lego and Mythology, I'm willing to give credit where it's due. The more 8 year old girls asking me to show them where the Frankenstein's Lab sets are, the better. :D

faunablues12 karma

Ha, that's really cool. I asked because we bought a Lego Friends thing for a friend's daughter, and before then I didn't even know it existed. I... I might have gotten the inventor set for myself as well. ALL THE SCIENCEY THINGS, OMG

I agree it would be nice to see it branch out a little more into general kids things, but I guess it's a hard line to walk with girl's toys, being surprisingly traditional, or even if more "modern" have a very "girly" twist to them (i.e., a doctor play set with glitter, hearts, and pink all over the goddamn place). The balance between girly and "progressive"(though not really, more just realistic...) I think is shown pretty well by the heartlake vet set. It's girly because it's about animals and taking care of them, but you've also got the science aspect and a woman being the doctor (also looks like secretary, but whatever). Anyway, I like what they've done with it so far, speaking as a formerly frustrated girl who wanted better toys :)

cyanCrusader14 karma

Olivia's Invention Workshop is actually a really cool set. She's even got a little dang-ass Robot in there! How cool is that? It's a shame they felt it necessary to make the tools purple. That just felt over the top for me.

Actually the only male minifig in the Friends line is Olivia's Dad. Every other character is a woman or young girl.

7Goose3 karma

also worked in a LEGO store. Gotta disagree with you. I loved the purple tools. I have gray tools, yellow tools, black tools, and even some silver tools. But now I also have purple tools!

The robot is incredible though. No doubt.

cyanCrusader2 karma

That's fine for you, since you're a Lego fan, and not a little girl, though. I dislike they felt the need to "girlify" the power tools.

fennekeg2 karma

my niece got a Friends set and i was surprised at how really Lego-y it was, compared to the first sets aimed specifically at girls, where there was hardly anything to build. they finally realized that girls like to build too. although, maybe they just forgot and then realized again, they used to know it apparently

cyanCrusader2 karma

That's pretty much exactly how I feel as well.

SuperheatedSteam2 karma

Thanks for answering,

As a Target employee, I've only seen one family really get excited over Lego Friends (apparently they were collecting and building all of them). Besides that, I either see boys get excited over other Legos or Parents without their children get Lego Friends. I had the same question on my mind for awhile now.

cyanCrusader2 karma

I'm definitely not suggesting that girls aren't into Friends. Because we get so many young girls fawning over Lego Friends. They love it.

SuperheatedSteam3 karma

well Lego's been doing a great job since their attempts after "Paradisa."

On a side note, I always wanted those shore side base boards.

cyanCrusader5 karma

I thought Paradisa was kind of cool, actually. It worked really well with the City sets.

But they did try something else in between Paradisa and Friends, though...


We don't talk about that though.

amawaldo20 karma

Do you really sell them? I mean it seems like LEGOs would sell themselves.

cyanCrusader37 karma

You might think so, but LEGO's constantly launching new lines, which people do in fact need to be sold on, so to speak.

That said, my job isn't actually to sell anything. I'm just there to help people make decisions and inform them, and basically to be friendly to kids. If I don't actually sell anything all day, it's still a good day.

...I mean, I still like to sell things, though. Since I need to pay rent and eat.

amawaldo8 karma

Didn't mean to suggest that you don't add something. It's just LEGOs are so awesome. I wish I could build my real house out of LEGOs.

cyanCrusader9 karma

Oh, I'm sorry if that sounded defensive. I didn't mean for it to be.

LEGO is awesome, yeah. No denying that.

amawaldo7 karma

I'm very very sorry that in your reply you did not inform me that LEGO now offers real house building sets.

cyanCrusader16 karma

Well we do. My personal favorite is Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater.

But it's kinda small. It'd be more of a house for ants.

eirlous8 karma


cyanCrusader15 karma

karbonaceous19 karma

on the rare occassion that someone is caught stealing, do you make them take off their shoes and step on legos as punishment?

cyanCrusader9 karma

I'm not allowed to answer this. But yes.

Wesside18 karma

What's your favourite kit?

Do you have unknown or rare kits?

cyanCrusader25 karma

My favorite set to sell is probably The Desert Skiff. It's a fairly small set with a lot going on, and features fan favorites Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker. It appeals to kids and older fans as well, so it's usually a sure-fire bet.

My favorite one that I own is harder. I seem to recall playing with my Sith Infiltrator a lot as a kid. The B-Wing was pretty cool too.

Are you asking if I personally have any, or if the store does?

LE4d6 karma

First one, then t'other.

cyanCrusader15 karma

Ole Kirk Christiansen's house is pretty rare.

As for sets we have...

The Orc Forge can be pretty hard to find, I'm told.

cyanCrusader2 karma

Look at the numbers though. Between those two amazon links there's only ten in stock.

MetalGearFlaccid15 karma

Does your initiation process involve a week walking around work with no shoes on?

cyanCrusader6 karma

Hahahaha. That's sort of a running joke of sorts, but initiation is mostly catching up with the latest products.

In my case I really had to hit the ground running. Thankfully I'm a big fan, so it wasn't too hard.

alliknowis12 karma

What's the employee discount for working at a Lego store?

cyanCrusader20 karma

I don't know if I'm actually allowed to say this, but it's pretty substantial. More than a quarter, but less than half.

Most of the time.

alliknowis6 karma

Awesome. Anything exclusive that you have available to you that the average consumer doesn't get access to?

cyanCrusader11 karma

My Boss is pretty great and runs promos a lot to keep us involved and motivated, and we got pretty cool Christmas presents, but if you're asking if I can access some secret part of the LEGO website and order sets that have been discontinued or anything awesome like that, then no.

That would be cool though!

alliknowis4 karma

Dang it, I already had my application 3/4 filled out! Will have my first kid in July and would have started filling the closet...

cyanCrusader9 karma

We did just launch a whole bunch of new DUPLO sets for very young children. You may want to check them out. :D

alliknowis7 karma

Will do! I think I must have been the last child born before the invention of Duplos (Born in 1982), so they never jump to my mind, but yes, great idea. See, I'm glad you did an AMA!

cyanCrusader4 karma

I just became an Uncle, so I'm in a similar boat.

DanaKaZ10 karma

Do you realize that every time you sell a Duplo set, you're making a Lego packager cry?

cyanCrusader21 karma

With the way our freight comes in, they deserve to cry.

hansjens479 karma

could you post a picture of your favorite lego piece (single block)?

cyanCrusader20 karma

codhope12343 karma

What is it?

cyanCrusader12 karma

It's a light brick! :D

azd98 karma

What is the added benefit of buying legos from a lego store vs. from another big box store? It seems awfully specialized for something that you can get anywhere (especially the internet) for less probably.

cyanCrusader24 karma

Selection. You go to a place like Wal-mart or Toys-R-Us and yeah, they'll have some lego, and sometimes they might even have lower prices, but you just can't beat the selection we have at the LEGO store.

We also have exclusive sets and the Pick-A-Brick wall, along with various promos.

As for shopping online, well, the LEGO store basically is the Lego online store, just a real, physical place. So the advantage there is pretty straight-forward: You get to buy it and then take it home. Wait an hour, rather than several weeks.

Tetereteeee7 karma

what's a Pick-A-Brick wall?

cyanCrusader20 karma

The Pick-A-Brick wall is a section of the back-wall that has a huge selection of various Lego pieces, which we sell by volume. We rotate the exact pieces a lot, but the pieces can range from bricks to axles to antennas to transparent 45 degree 2x2s to flower stems. It's a great way to get a lot of one piece, or a little bit of everything.

We sell it by volume too, as opposed to by-piece online, so it's way cheaper.

A_perfect_sonnet5 karma

Who takes several weeks to ship anything? Max within the US is 5 days.

cyanCrusader21 karma

Keep in mind a lot of sets actually ship from Denmark, not the US. That and the online store is very frequently sold out. Of everything. All the time. Forever.

It can be a hassle, haha.

A_perfect_sonnet11 karma

Sounds like they need to build some gorram warehouses in the US

cyanCrusader8 karma

I can't really vouch much for the US, since I'm in Canada. We do have a few warehouses here, but everything still has to ship from Denmark.

neko4 karma

Toys r us here. Jesus fuck, we have a ton of legos. They're all licensed kits or ninjago here, though.

cyanCrusader6 karma

Toys-R-Us is actually the first place I suggest people look if we're sold out of something.

Unless it's old. Then Wal-Mart.

irvinefan6 karma

Which is the most painful brick to stand on when you're barefoot?

cyanCrusader14 karma

Probably a 2x2 brick. I probably have scars on my feet from those little bastards.

TheEthalea5 karma

My boyfriend buys kits; sorts them in his LEGO room and then builds original creations.

He's done a city of 2-3 foot high buildings, a skyscraper that's about 7.5 feet tall that opens up, an ice castle that lights up.....I could go on and on.

He thinks its not a big deal and doesn't understand why I think it's so cool he can do this.

Is this a unique thing to him or do many serious collectors do this?

cyanCrusader4 karma

I guess when you've done something your whole life it feels mundane to you. It's like when an artist does a really good portrait. To them, it's just another day.

TheEthalea2 karma

I think that is part of it. He is incredibly talented and artistic in this way. He can tinker with stuff and it blows my mind and he's just like "Meh."

He's been collecting since he was 5-6, I believe.

I take every chance I can to tell him he's amazing. Eventually he'll believe me.

cyanCrusader2 karma

He may never say so, but rest assured he appreciates every word.

E_from_vendetta5 karma

What's the biggest purchase that you've experienced? And what was it for if you know?

cyanCrusader10 karma

We sell way more Death Stars than you might think. Those run up at around 500 bucks a pop, plus tax. Which isn't anything to sneeze at up north.

The biggest purchase was probably some Lawyers who got 50% off during Black Friday. I seem to recall them spending around 2k by the end of it. There was at least one Death Star and four other very large sets in there. They had a hard time carrying it out.

Spiruel5 karma

What is the plural of Lego? Lego, or Lego's?

cyanCrusader6 karma

It's Lego. I cringe any time I see or read "Legos". It's like saying Mooses or Deers.

Although technically we're supposed to call them Lego Bricks or Lego Pieces. Just, you know, for the record.

inputfail5 karma

I've noticed that the lego kits in the corporate LEGO stores are the more expensive, "higher end" ones. Do you get more people that are nostalgic and want the more "sophisticated" Legos, like the architecture and aerospace lines, or people shopping for their kids?

cyanCrusader12 karma

Our stores is one of the smallest of them all, actually, but as long as we're not sold out of something (We're always sold out of *something), generally speaking, we usually have every Lego set still in circulation. Which isn't actually as many as you might think.

That said, most of our clientel by and large are parents/relatives shopping for small children. Our core demographic is probably 6-12 year old boys. I'd say we have more pre-teen girls than older, nostalgic fans.

Unless you count Dads buying things "for their kids". We get a lot of those.

picodroid13 karma

I went into the local Lego store a few months back. Felt odd looking just for myself so I said I was shopping for my nephew. The employee kept asking me questions. By the end of the conversation I had to have the gift by that coming Saturday for my imaginary 11 year old Nephew named Brandon who was really into space exploration. I just wanted to check out that sweet looking Space Shuttle kit.

Still might pick it up for a day when I'm bored.

cyanCrusader10 karma

Dude, I can't imagine why it would be embarrassing. Lego's awesome. It never stopped being awesome.

Does make me wonder how many people have pulled stunts like that though.

4ry1 karma

R u in Canada?

cyanCrusader1 karma


Pyowin4 karma

What's your opinion of the LEGO mindstorms set(s)?

What kind of people buy that? Is it just adults? Do kids ever go for that sort of thing?

cyanCrusader7 karma

Kids go for it all the time. Well, they look at it in awe, anyways. It's kind of expensive. But yeah, kids dig it. I once had a little girl save up to pay for half of it. I was so proud. Which is a silly thing to say. But I digress.

Robots are awesome. That's my universal law.

Alley-0op4 karma

Did you choose this job and actively seek it, or was it more like you needed a job and applied at a bunch of different places?

What kind of experience did you need, and what kind of training did you go through upon being hired?

Thanks for doing this AMA, really interesting stuff :)

cyanCrusader2 karma

I needed a job pretty desperately, actually. I was going any electronics store I could get to in less than an hour and applying there, and in between a Source and an EB Games there it was, the Lego store. I had never seen one before, so I checked it out. I dropped off a Resumé there just in case, and got lucky. No regrets.

Retail experience is a must, especially good customer service places. Normally you're trained pretty thoroughly on the product and the inner workings of the store, but I was hired during a holiday rush and there was no time for me to get eased in at all.

fruitsticksoup4 karma

So do you get to play with LEGOs while working?

cyanCrusader14 karma

Yes, actually! I get a bit fidgety if I'm not doing something with my hands, so I usually always am building something while I'm walking around talking to customers. It also makes people inquisitive, since they want to know what I'm doing. If a kid is playing with LEGO in the play area, I always ask what they're building, and if it's slow I always offer to help, too.

Sometimes when we get new sets with new functions, like the new CHIMA Speedors, we get to play with them before they launch to understand how they work, and then show kids how they work as well in-store.

We also have monthly mini-builds where kids can come in and build a set with us for free, which they then get to keep. This month's set was an Igloo with some penguins.

Also, any displays for sets in store are all made by employees. I personally made the display for the Star Wars ship The Malevolence.

So yes, yes we do.

fruitsticksoup6 karma

Pretty sure that's one of the best jobs to have. Thanks for the AMA!

cyanCrusader6 karma

It's not my dream, but if I never wake up, it wouldn't have been for nothing.

You're welcome. I hope you got something out of it.

fruitsticksoup2 karma

I'd rather work in a LEGO shop than a bookshop, tbh. But then again I played with LEGOs probably about 12 years ago, and only had the multicoloured blocks in my collection, and two wooden boards with a green LEGO sheet thingy pasted on to build my stuff on.

My friend has some of The Hobbit collection so the concept of having something that's not just the blocks is foreign to me.

cyanCrusader5 karma

It's a great place to work, don't get me wrong, but Lego has very high standards about everything and it's also probably the most intense retail experience in existence. Because standards are so high, I basically have 1-2 minutes to give someone a tenouttaten experience.

Imagine the Apple Store. But with a quarter of the employees, a store half the size, but the same customer numbers. And half of those customers know nothing about the product, or what the person they're buying it for wants.

It's not easy. Fun, yes. But not easy.

fruitsticksoup1 karma

I can imagine what that would be like, though we only have one Apple store that I know of, and no LEGO stores (we do have stores that stock LEGO products though).

cyanCrusader2 karma

If school's in session it's not too busy. But once the kids are out, every day is boxing day.

Alley-0op3 karma

How do you carry around the pieces? Do you get to carry around an awesome tool belt with different compartments for all the pieces of lego? That would be AWESOME!

cyanCrusader2 karma

Uh, yeah, kinda. It's an apron, rather than a super-cool utility belt, but it feels like the same thing when I'm walking around.

Well, maybe more like a Kangaroo than Batman. But yeah.

matthew50254 karma

Do you guys sell NXT? All the Lego stores in my country don't.

cyanCrusader8 karma

Yes, but we're usually sold out. We'll get around 10 in at a time, and they'll then sell out within the week, usually.

matthew50254 karma

Wow! I always thought NXT are hard to find due to low demand!

cyanCrusader2 karma

Nope, really popular here! We have a hard time keeping them in stock! :O

impishoradmirable4 karma

is it cheating to use structural supports inside buildings?

cyanCrusader4 karma

Only if they wouldn't be there in real life.

stothepowerof34 karma

Do you work at the store in Vancouver and did you help me during Christmas?

cyanCrusader9 karma

That's a mystery for the ages.

Biomancer3 karma

One of my childhood hobbies was collecting, building and playing with Bionicles. What did you think of the Bionicle franchise? Also, why do you think it was cancelled - was it selling badly, or was there another reason for canning it?

cyanCrusader7 karma

Bionicle was one of my favorites as well. I had a bunch of the Ice ones, as well as this big dead dragon lookin' thing that shot out. It was awesome.

Bionicle was cancelled because it had been running for so long and they wanted to make room for something new. In this case, Hero Factory. New ideas, new directions.

To be perfectly frank, I think Bionicle was objectively cooler. But that's really just my opinion.

Biomancer2 karma

Did the switch to Hero Factory work out for you, financially speaking?

cyanCrusader3 karma

Yeah! The show's been pretty popular, actually. I think it might be winding down soon, though.

Biomancer4 karma

Interesting. I guess the boys who were buying Bionicle when it debuted were in their late teens by the time it ended; maybe a new franchise every few years is necessary to keep attracting new kids in the target age range.

cyanCrusader3 karma

That's pretty much it.

Geschirrspulmaschine3 karma

What's the most recent set you've assembled?

cyanCrusader4 karma

The most recent set I assembled myself was Ole Kirk Christiansen's house.

It was very, very complicated. The whole time I was building it I kept thinking to myself how difficult it would have been if I hadn't spent my entire childhood playing with Lego.

nabaker3 karma

Thanks for the AMA! Do you put together any big kits for display(s)? I'm thinking like Star-Destroyer size.

Also, what is something you wish would change about the LEGO industry? A new series? Lower prices?

cyanCrusader11 karma

Any displays for sets in store are all made by employees. I personally made the display for the Star Wars ship The Malevolence, but we've had The Super Star-Destroyer on display, as well as the Rebel B-Wing, both of which are several thousand pieces.

If I could change anything, it would be their marketing! Lego should be enjoyed by anyone, and that means not just 10 year old boys. So, less war/fighting/etc and less segregation and reinforcing gender roles.

Lego's starting to do that for the most part, but it's still kind of faltering a bit. We're better than a lot of other toy companies, and I'm not blaming them, but you said anything, and that's what I would change. :D

xcbeast3 karma

do you guys have those giant life size Lego characters? if so who builds them?

cyanCrusader4 karma

If anything especially crazy needs to be built then it's up to a Master Builder. But we don't have one in Canada so that kind of stuff doesn't happen very often up here. :O

hyperhopper2 karma

What exactly is a master builder?

cyanCrusader3 karma

A professional lego builder and designer hired by Lego to do promotional stuff. Anything amazingly awesome made out of Lego that wasn't Fan-made was most likely made by a Master Builder.

AGnawedBone3 karma

Did you guys get the blue aprons? What do you think of them?

cyanCrusader2 karma

I like the color but they're too long.

hoffsFTHC3 karma

I sell Lego too at Legoland Windsor, the 2nd biggest in Europe apparently!

cyanCrusader3 karma

You guys have cool uniforms.

OliverWDahl3 karma

I'm almost afraid to ask this dreaded question. What's your opinion on Megablocks? (Heaven forbid!)

cyanCrusader2 karma

Megablocks: Made in Canada, so that's cool. They have really cool licences, which is also cool. Their minifig-like action figure guys have a lot of articulation, which is really cool too.

Their bricks don't fit or hold together nearly as well, their more recent sets revolve too strongly around their licensing so there's not really much to build, and their sets don't encourage imagination nearly as much, I find.

They're not RoseArt or anything, but there's a reason why they're so much cheaper.

amodernmodder2 karma

whats it like to work there, do you get a discount? and are you hiring part time

cyanCrusader3 karma

It's about as fun as you can imagine, and twice as intense. I've worked retail for a long time, but nowhere are you pushed as hard as at the Lego store.

Because everyone who works there loves Lego though, pretty much all of my coworkers are awesome, so that's a nice perk.

We do get a discount. I believe someone asked that earlier.

We pretty much only hire part time.

shabutaru1182 karma

Whats it like to be a dirty SRSer?

cyanCrusader5 karma

I was actually banned from SRS because of something I said without thinking way too late at night. If I had thought about it, I wouldn't have phrased it the way I did. As a result, I haven't really looked at SRS in months.

But that said, I may not agree with their tools and all of their fronts, but I agree with the war. I'm not fighting with them any more, but I'm still fighting the same enemy.

This however, has nothing to do with my employment! :O

jabby12 karma

how many legos do you step on in a day

cyanCrusader2 karma

Lots! Sometimes so many get embedded in my shoes that I grow an inch.

Just kidding.

6-1-22 karma

Have you ever worked on anything that went to the Mall Of America or have you ever been to see the Lego displays at the Mall Of America?

cyanCrusader4 karma

I don't live in America. So no.

swaghaver4202 karma

What's your favorite Technic set ?

I got a set as a gift for christmas (The motherfucking unimog), and with it I got a "Fill this box with the bricks & elements of your choice at the lego store pick a brick wall, between december 26 2012 and march 31, 2013" box. Is it free ?

What is your opinion on star wars episode 1 and the lego that goes with it ?

cyanCrusader5 karma

Technic was never really my thing, because I always liked to tell stories with my sets. Not a lot of stories you can tell with a lego remote-control car, sadly. The pieces themselves are really cool though. The Malevolence had a technic rig inside for structure. Worked really well.

It is free! I recommend putting bricks together if you fill it with any. Pack that sucker snugly. And if you can, come when school is in session. So it's not super crowded.

One of my favorite sets as a kid was Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator as a kid.

Disney buying all the rights from Lucas was one of the best things I've heard in years.

I think that says everything I want to say about that subject. :P

StarryKnight222 karma

Why don't you talk about clikits? They used to be my favourite toy as a kid!

cyanCrusader2 karma

Haha really? Most people weren't really fond of them. Plus they deviated pretty strongly from the Lego paradigm.

mrsquares2 karma

Why is lego so expensive?

cyanCrusader6 karma

Partially because of licensing. Partially because of the plastic made.

sqrt-1loveyou2 karma

How callused are your hands?

cyanCrusader2 karma

I grew up in the woods, so compared to that, Lego's pretty easy on my hands.

Yitsul2 karma

Do you miss bionicle?

cyanCrusader2 karma

Yes. Yes I do.

CoruptThresh1 karma

What are the most rare legos?

cyanCrusader3 karma

Out of things still in circulation or out of everything ever?

stunnellweb1 karma

Ask me almost anything? What do you have to hide?

cyanCrusader3 karma

I don't want to lose my job for revealing some kind of trade secret or something. I happen to quite like my job. :P

kochier0 karma

What rival companies fit with yours? I went looking the other day to relive my childhood and couldn't find too much that I enjoyed. I like the lego city lines, reminds me of what I had. I saw the Mega Blocks line looked very similar, but didn't get it because I wasn't sure if it would fit together with regular legos? Also I noticed Lego has several different types, like Duplo, do they all fit together? I assume the bigger ones won't mix with the smaller ones I remember from childhood.

cyanCrusader2 karma

Megablocks is the closest comparison, but our biggest competitor in general is either Mattel or Hasbro, but for the demographic probably Playmobile.

Duplo and Lego actually do fit together, surprisingly enough! A 2x4 Lego brick fits evenly on a 1x2 section of Duplo.

underground_kid2 karma

Ah yes, tyco. I always felt a little bit dirty when I had to use one of those pieces.

cyanCrusader2 karma

I always felt bad for Megablocks because they had cool ideas, but their pieces just didn't fit together nearly as well as Lego bricks did.

kochier1 karma

Alright, and I really love the lego city line, what else would you recommend for me?

cyanCrusader2 karma

Well we just got a whole bunch of new 2013 Lego City stuff. The Museum Break-In is actually really cool! :D

But as for other lines, the Lego Batman sets can integrate into your city pretty well. If you want something a little bit more challenging the exclusive Modular line is awesome for that.

kochier2 karma

Wow thanks, the Modular line looks perfect for me.

cyanCrusader1 karma

Right on. Glad I could help.

AGnawedBone1 karma

Because they're to scale.

cyanCrusader1 karma

Well I know that.:P

andicotsteel-1 karma

Can you hook me up with a discount or coupon? Well, not for me but for my son so he can spend his allowence on something nice?

cyanCrusader3 karma

If I had one, I would give you one.

I do not.

Sorry, man.