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Best. Disorder. Ever. Seriously though, do you ever find that your sex drive forces you to get a little more adventurous?

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Good question, I think my sex drive (which I would say is healthy, maybe more) is not really driven by my condition. I would say I am on the more adventurous side in bed, but I don't hook up with an abnormal amount of people and am usually in some monogamous relationship (I date both genders).

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So when you have these episodes of orgasms during the day do you discharge?

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I'm impressed that nobody has asked for proof yet... :-\

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I really can't provide any, I mentioned it to my regular physician and it may or may not be on my medical records. I am not actively seeking treatment for it. I'm doing this mostly to see if anyone else has some form of the condition. It's kind of the only anonymous way I could get at it. Believe me, it's a real condition and I am almost positive I have some form of what is described as PSAS in the medical community. I described my symptoms, if anyone can tell me it's something else that would be greatly helpful too.

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Also, I totally don't reddit, I was just a reader until I thought of the idea tonight to see if I could find someone else with a similar experience, so trust me I'm not looking for whatever point system is used on here. Barely know how it works.

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It's simple. We upvote all the things.

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I mean I understand how to click an up or down arrow, I do programming for a living, I'm not an idiot. I just don't understand what you actually win. Can someone please explain this? Or is just who's line is it anyway where the points don't matter?

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You could potentially win the entire internet..

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Someone pushed me one time, or jumping from a loud noise. My few close friends who know my condition will sometimes scare me on purpose. Actually kind of funny though.

Also not to be too graphic/awkward but I found out spanking works...

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So what you're saying is that your friends love to make you orgasm? :P

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I have really weird friends.

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I would do it just once, so I could say I made a lady orgasm.

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I'll give you one as well, you can count one of my ones from earlier if you want. Get a special plaque made if it helps? Haha.

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I'll give you one as well

That, err, doesn't come across the way you intended it to.

Unless you really did intend it that way, in which case carry on! I'm sure you'll make Epithemus a very happy person.

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Haha, told you my English is atrocious.

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Oh, and what would you rather fight, 100 duck sized horses, or 1 horse sized duck?

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what would give you a stronger orgasm, sitting on 100 duck sized horses or sitting on 1 horse sized duck?

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You're not from around here are you?

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I read reddit sort of often, never posted until tonight when I was like what the hell.

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None whatsoever. Used to, if you read my backstory.

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Where was the most awkward place that this struck you?

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Like I said, really easy to conceal my reactions. That having been said motorcycles didn't work out for me AT ALL.

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More of a backstory: went on the back of a college boyfriend's motorcycle and immediately had intense reactions and had to step off and walk away. He just laughed.

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There is a group of doctors in the Netherlands who have done numerous studies on this condition. Their studies are considered the top research on this subject. Here's a page of research on the subject. Sandra Leiblum is considered the foremost in research on the subject. Perhaps you've seen all of this. Just thought you(and others) might enjoy checking it out. It also serves as resource and list for/of doctors around the world who treat the disorder.

I am typing for a close friend of mine who happens to have this same condition. She found this webpage, before being diagnosed, and showed it to here doctor. She says her doctor, here in the states at the Mayo clinic, viewed the website and confirmed its validity and that the doctors on this site are at the top of their field (I am trying to keep up!).

Another possible indicator of the situation, and this is a little out there...some therapists are saying its related to your shakra, specifically your "root" shakra, which is located in your pelvis. Stress and nerves can possibly be the leading cause of the problem.

Here's the BIG question- Have you found some things to help alleviate symptoms?

If YOU have any questions from my friend, as she understands your frustrations, feel free to ask now for a while. She's here and staying over for the night!

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Aww, you started out great with scientific research but then brought up "chakras."

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Oh crap didn't read that right, tired and delirious. Yeah, no I thought she meant a crushed nerve in your lower spine or pelvis which I heard can be a cause? Maybe?

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I have heard of the pelvis issues being one theory, and have heard of possible surgical procedures.

I have been on anti-depressants and they did mitigate my symptoms, although I took them for their original purpose. I have no intention of alleviating my symptoms now through medicine or surgery, it really does not bother me.

I was not aware of the group of doctors in the Netherlands performing studies, that is fascinating I thought no one was working on this since it was so rare/difficult to confirm. (I'm in the states idk what good I can provide for the research here...damn Europeans always on the cutting edge of everything).

I would love to talk to your friend.

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Do you ever make sounds or moans when it happens, or you have control over it? Did you have an experience where you accidentally shouted or moaned loudly while this was happening?

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If I can remember to, certain friends of mine make me tell them when it's happening, but I'm so used to it I always forget to say when. I have good control over it for the most part except extreme circumstances.

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Does this limit you from partaking in any certain activities? Cycling, roller coasters, etc.

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Yes. Motorcycles and any sex toys that vibrate. Rollercoasters are usually alright, but probably not the rickety Coney Island types... I tend to avoid those.

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With no ill intent of sounding like a terrible person, I can only imagine my partner having this illness, and 'torturing' them during adult play time with the use of a vibrating sex toy..

On a more serious note, have you had the.. pleasure.. of using a vibrating sex toy, and were the orgasms too intense, thus your desire to steer clear of them? Or was it the motorcycle ride that caused you to not want to use, or experiment with a vibrating sex toy?

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Tried it, was a huge, huge fail. I'm totally fine with more plain vanilla sex I guess is the best way to put it.

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What has been your worst or most embarrassing experience with this syndrome ?

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Definitely just being a little kid and asking my parents about it and them not knowing why it was happening. I had trouble with my urinary tract as well so they assumed I was a weird kid who wasn't going to the bathroom when I was supposed to or something.

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Do your parents know "the rest of the story?" Have you discussed this with them and are they supportive, or did they think it was a phase you went through as a small child and have no idea of your current medical condition?

Also, you mentioned that your "mini-orgasms" have been coming much more frequently with age. Judging by your job I presume you to be in your mid- to late-twenties, perhaps early 30s? Do you (or physicians) expect this condition to subside with age/menopause, or will you be in continuous orgasm at age 55?

beherebenow2 karma

So from what I have read, some women see it drop off after menopause. Not sure what will happen since I'm younger than 25 and it is already pretty frequent.

And yes my parents know.

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Maybe it's genetic and your mother has the same symptoms?? Then you can find out what happens when you get even older?

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She doesn't.

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I know you hinted at this, but how has this affected dating in general?

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Usually as soon as I begin hooking up with someone I have to stop and tell them. That's the only real way it has affected my dating life just because I used to be nervous revealing it. Most reacted favorably and now I'm not really scared to tell someone. Still makes me selective about whom I date/hook up with. Usually I only date/hook up with really good friends (although I'm sure people can tell you about the troubles with that....)

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How many times did you orgasm while writing this post? :o

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Haha didn't even think about it! Was too focused on not writing like a moron, since I do mostly computer programming for a living and I'm sure a lot of you know how that makes your language skills go out the window...

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Any cool stories?

From purely trying hands-free, how quickly can you get off? Just a second or so?

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Hands free less than a few seconds, but that is just the very weak muscle spasms. Hands on I could probably get it down to less than ten seconds and have an "actual" one if that makes sense. No really cool stories other than the time I found out I can do it hands free and the first time sleeping with someone because they found it very comical.

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How easily can you get a full-on body melter?

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Less than ten seconds.

Shady_Love15 karma

I'm surprised you get out of bed at all.

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Full time job in finance does the trick. I really enjoy work and life outdoors and trust me the novelty wears off.

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Rubs off

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This is so awkward but yes, all the time, and at work.

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Yes, super easy I don't get too flushed or breathe heavy or anything, there's no real build-up it is just those muscle spasms. The exception being really bumpy subways and motorcycles and speed bumps.

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Are there ever times that you have intense unwanted orgasms in front of people?

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Yes but I have been fortunate enough to conceal them well enough where people didn't ask questions (fake yawn on a bumpy subway) or it was around someone who knew about it, like the motorcycle story.

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Do you ever hear people nearby say" I'll have what she's having?"

Please complete my movie stereotype.

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I wish. That would be horrific if that was my reaction every time though, I'd wear a paper bag over my head a lot.

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Wow. Frankly you covered a lot of ground in the introduction, that's cool.

What I'm wondering is,

1: how do you feel when women without this ability (not a disability as far as I can see!) talk about frustration with inability to reach orgasm?

2:Would you say you're always totally sexually satisfied, or are there special moments in your sexual experience as well? E.g. do you have orgasms that are better than the others, with partner sex, etc?

3: When you're having sex, what do you aim for?

These are all quite personal questions, but heck, you sound like a brave girl and I'm really curious, especially with how you relate to other women's situations.


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  1. Super awkward and I have no advice. Really really awkward and I hook up with a lot of women so I know how difficult it can be.

  2. The ones I have intentionally are way more intense and can "satisfy" me. Whether alone or with a partner. Also staves off my involuntary symptoms for a while.

  3. At this point I can no longer count. Seriously. I also get "stuck" in orgasms for lengthy periods of time, although then sometimes I can get muscle cramps in my legs and that can be a bummer.

beherebenow14 karma

I just heard myself complain about that. I apologize that needs it's own first world problems meme. But the muscle cramps/toe cramps do hurt. I can also pass out from having sex (the blood rushes from my head and I get really dizzy, lose my vision, and sometimes collapse).

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Blessing or curse?

beherebenow6 karma

I would say overall net positive.

AllisonChains903 karma

How old are you? Are vibes too intense for you and how quick do you get off using one?

beherebenow2 karma

Yes. Tried that once, nope. Very intense reaction and hurt. I'm less than 25.

beherebenow2 karma

Gotta go to bed, it's been real guys. Thank you for all of your questions and comments, really hope anyone who thinks they have something similar might start bringing it up. I think talking is always a good start.

TheFattestFatty2 karma

How many orgasms have you had on this AMA, thus far?

beherebenow2 karma

...I think only a few, to be honest I have a very active healthy relationship when we both get home after work at that can stave them off for a while or make it more difficult to have a random one from sitting funny or whatever.

amm34902 karma

I have PGAD as well. Even though it is one of the most annoying things to deal with, it has helped with discovering myself sexually. I recently did an AMA on r/sex. I'm glad more people are actually talking about it, because i doubt it's as "rare" as it has been said to be. My mom has it, and didn't even know it had a name until i came home from my doc's with the diagnosis. Funny, but after I told my mom it was called PGAD, she was like "oh yeah, i've always had that. Your father always told me I could screw the whole military and never be satisfied." Story of our lives much?

Also, I don't spontaneously orgasm. I'm always just mildy aroused and then from one moment to the other, BAM my clit is throbbing with the most the most violent arousal anyone could ever experience! Orgasms provide me with little to no relief when I'm being visited by PGAD. You just have to deal with the misery of it until it decides to go away. It's kind of like an itch on the bottom of your foot that you can't find for anything no matter how much you scratch.

beherebenow2 karma

That's what I've heard as most experiences! I have the total opposite, no engorging or whatever just the waves I guess.

beherebenow2 karma

And I am really sorry, I hope meds/something can help you out!!

evergladesbro2 karma

Have you ever slept with another person who has this condition? If so, was it any different than sleeping with an unafflicted individual?

beherebenow3 karma

Never. Would be cool but I haven't come across anyone, apparently it is very rare although more and more women are coming out on media outlets and talking about it. Very cool, hope they are actually telling the truth and I'm not the only one.

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So I am curious, are these muscles spasms similar to kegal contractions ... giving you greater control over the muscles or certainly making them stronger?

beherebenow1 karma

No they are sustained involuntary muscle spasms followed by like a relaxing feeling.

beherebenow1 karma

I've had intentional orgasms before, I know what they are like and I know that the involuntary ones are indeed orgasms, albeit pretty weak in intensity. Not sure if it gives me better muscle control or how I would test that? Umm? Awkward... Haha

Butter-Tub2 karma

Had a gf that suffered from something similar. Won't go into detail, but have you found it easy or difficult to maintain relationships?

beherebenow2 karma

Difficult but probably because I'm a tough finance asshole, not because of my condition. Now dating a tough finance asshole, seems to be working out. It actually has made some of my exes come back a lot, since they were attracted to that kind of experience I guess.

cpt_grasshopper2 karma

Prepare for creepy pms

beherebenow2 karma

I'll probably not use this account really but thanks for the advice. I can handle it, we'll probably sit around and laugh so don't send me them, that is all that will happen.

Dentzu2 karma

How'd your boyfriend break out of the friend zone?

beherebenow2 karma

His brain. Also he has a similar job as me and we just gel. He's also a babe, passed out right here next to me and just jolted awake randomly, actually.

jokanee1 karma

Well, you propose that you're both a woman and a programmer? It's a lie, I'm out.

beherebenow1 karma

Haha! Yes, for an investments company doing quantitative research. If you want me to prove that via a mod, I totally can.

DucksGoMoo11 karma

Because you happen to orgasm more than often, has there been a decline in the ability to climax with actual sex?

beherebenow2 karma

I climax approximately every 10-60 seconds during and frequently get "stuck."

Pockycrunch1 karma

I wonder about being active in this case. Does that mean you can't exercise - say go running or going to the gym because that'll put too much stress on your body?

beherebenow2 karma

I actually cycle and get them frequently but everyone makes weird noises in spin class/cycling anyway. Definitely has gotten harder over the years to do active sports. Used to be a pretty intense runner and would get them all the time running, but I got badly injured and therefore cannot run anymore.

IComposeEFlats1 karma

You say that you hardly notice the small unintentional ones. When you do, are you actually enjoying the sensation?

If you woke up and just the unintentional orgasms were gone (and intentional orgasms required "normal" masturbation or sex), do you think you would miss it?

beherebenow1 karma

Not the unintentional ones, no. I guess they feel somewhat pleasant and "cool" to be having a muscle spasm, but I barely notice their passing.

bebben1 karma

I read an article about a woman with the same disorder a few years back, and she called it "a curse". Do you consider yourself cursed?

beherebenow1 karma

Not at all, my spontaneous symptoms are incredibly mild usually (although I don't think that is the norm from what I have read, so maybe I have a slightly different type of condition). Like I said, barely notice them, like sneezing. In terms of my sex life, I'd consider myself blessed other than the fact that I can pass out...during and that can be pretty traumatic for a partner.

BadAtParties1 karma

As a guy who often gets rock hard driving over bumpy roads, and as the captain of a crew team (that means spandex) with our boathouse at the end of a bumpy road, I guess I have to ask:

1) If you had to put a price on how much this is worth to you, what would it be? As in, you could buy/sell this disorder.

2) If you were a guy, how do you think this would manifest itself (boners vs. jizzing every few minutes), and how would you cope?

beherebenow3 karma

  1. Great question for me, let's make a market (hypothetically). I'd sell it at $250,000 USD, no less.

  2. Guys have a different form of it that is better researched in the medical community, from what I've read... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priapism? Maybe? I would be very unfortunate to be a guy. I'd probably pay a hefty fee to have it fixed then.

tsimon1 karma

Your friends who know of your condition and attempt to 'stimulate' it, can they tell when you orgasm?

beherebenow1 karma

Yes. Some find it funny to scare me or drive over speed bumps really fast.

ajkVQ1 karma

Since you have to hide the fact that you're having an orgasm in public, do you think it makes your orgasms via intercourse less intense?

beherebenow2 karma

They feel really different in terms of level of intensity. Like magnitudes different.

dush641 karma

It's good that most people react positively, but does it ever turn you off when they do?

Like on a date when you tell them, has it ever gotten a 'sleazy' reaction, for lack of a better word?

beherebenow1 karma

Sometimes it turns me off to have a guy be desperate to have me again because his ego needs stroking, yes.

beherebenow1 karma

Note: I'm bi but no girl has done this to me. Girls are pretty chill about not needing their sexual egos stroked? Maybe?

EdGG1 karma

Do your orgasms feel different with your boyfriend/girlfriend as opposed to when you sneeze or whatnot? Does intimacy or closeness make it that much better?

I wonder, since orgasms are extremely common for you, if that has given you a different scale of importance to your sex life, partners, etc.

beherebenow1 karma

It's not intimacy that drives the intensity it's touch. Intimacy is nice though but I'm pretty sure touch/pressure makes the difference.

mgr861 karma

  1. Have you have had a sexual partner not make you orgasm durning intercourse? If yes, did you shame them? While you should try hard to make your partner orgasm, I normally don't agree with shaming for this. However, I think this is a special case.

  2. Have you ever had a partner finish before you?

beherebenow1 karma

  1. Never
  2. Never.

evolutionaryflow1 karma

have you ever had one at a funeral? or while giving a speech?

beherebenow1 karma

Never been to a funeral, one time I got one from walking around in a suit during a presentation.

Penguin_Pulveriser1 karma

If you were to take teatment to stop it and it worked, would you miss it?

beherebenow1 karma

No reference point, maybe? Unless I could still reach satisfaction during sex I'd be okay but I'm not going to voluntarily try to treat it unless my symptoms take a change for the worse.

TheYuppieWord1 karma

Have you found any other men with this disorder? I imagine they'd have a hard time talking to a woman about it, obviously, but meeting someone with a similar disorder would be encouraging to know that you're not the only one. And hey, at least your disorder isn't like that one guy who did the AMA about having the semen-allergy. I'll try to track that down right now!

Edit: Here it is. Could only find it in the BestofAMA site, but it'll have to do.

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LaronX1 karma

A very interesting condition from a medical point of view. I hope you don't mind if ask some questions.

1) I read though all the post and you talked about getting 'stuck' several times. Would you mind to explain what you mean with that.

2) How does your condition effect your view on the world. If at all.

3) How does it effect you sexuality besides the fact that you are easy to arouse( sry for the lack of a better word). Do you enjoy other sexual practices which are not the norm like Analsex etc.

4) Also from reading you posy it sounds you had both girl and boyfriends are you bi- or pansexual.

Also yes programming kills writing skills XD

beherebenow1 karma

  1. The muscle spasms/wave of orgasm feeling continue for more than 20 seconds
  2. I think if anything it makes me less judgmental or easily embarrassed
  3. Nope, other than I guess sort of playful things like spanking? Is that really abnormal though?
  4. bisexual, wtf is pansexual haha.

And to programming yes I go home feeling like my brain is jello so words can escape me.

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beherebenow1 karma

The weird thing is I have mixed feelings when people tell me this. It is all I know, and I don't know what it is like to be a normal girl. I don't know if I would enjoy it more having someone have to work harder to please me, maybe? I just have no point of reference other than my own because I have had this since I was little and therefore during the entirety of my sexually active stage.