It's been a while Reddit! My name is Jeff Matsuda, I used to draw comics and then became the Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon. Ask me anything, and I'll draw it!

cough cough I also have a kickstarter campaign going:

Fair warning - the kickstarter campaign is to make Christian apps for kids. If it's not your thing (and for many of you on reddit, I don't imagine it's your thing) just go straight to the drawing requests and let's have fun! (Please don't downvote because of that, unless you just hate my drawings, in which case, proceed)

EDIT #2: Live streaming fail. You can't see the screen. We'll record and upload the videos as we go.

EDIT: Drawings so far:

Manbat in a universe where bats rule:

Bat Stewart and Robin Colbert!

Rumble in the Gotham! (Jackie Chan vs Batman)

Batman having trouble drawing me:

Batman riding a tauntaun:

What Batman would look like if his parents weren't wealthy:

Batman vs. Venom:

Batman facing the age old question - who to fight:

If you're curious about the drawing process, here's a video we took as I drew, since we failed to do the livestream:

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massivejoe107 karma

BTW, here are some favorites from my previous AMAs: Thank You Reddit: Breaking Batman: Batman Don't Care: Occupy Batman: And my personal favorite:

xrawfish23 karma


massivejoe46 karma

yea, sorry, that's not even a drawing, but a photoshop filter over woody's original. couldn't resist.

BurgWorks59 karma

Request: An alternative universe were bats are the dominant species, and one becomes a human themed costumed vigilante.

massivejoe68 karma

it's a man eat man world out there...i'm just a bat trying to get a nu...i'm just a...i guess in that world, they'd probably still just say "i'm a squirrel trying to get a nut". anyway, here ya go!

waidot25 karma

I couldn't resist trying an alternative version, tried to imagine a human suit on a bat.

Edit: On second thought, "Manbat" sounds way better.. I'm an idiot.

massivejoe16 karma

yes, good call...i changed it to Manbat up above as well.

massivejoe53 karma

are you guys interested at all in seeing a livestream of the drawing process? i ask only cause i don't want to put on pants unless i really have to. if enough people want this we'll set it up for a couple drawings!

massivejoe21 karma

OK, recorded video is you can see me doing the drawings of not-so-wealthy batman:

massivejoe6 karma

we tried to do it but the built in webcam on the mac simply couldn't pick up the lines on the we're uploading a youtube video instead...stay tuned...

drumcowski17 karma

I've always wanted to see Batman riding a dinosaur storming a bridge occupied by Nazis.

massivejoe38 karma

while i'm working on new drawings, here's one from last time of batman riding a t-rex with laser eyes:

Satans_Finest15 karma

A version of Batman where his parents weren't wealthy. He becomes Batman anyway, only he has really shitty looking gear.

massivejoe37 karma

Whew, this one took a while. This album has rich bruce, rich batman, not-so-rich batman:

Also uploading video of me drawing progress...

massivejoe2 karma

Aaaaannndd, here's the video we took during the process of making those drawings:

clitromney14 karma

Can you draw batman struggling to draw you?

massivejoe36 karma

AndyCoughman12 karma

The Joker as a zombie, eating Batman.

massivejoe24 karma

this was one we did for a previous AMA that's close?

we_the_sheeple11 karma

Colbert as batman, and Jon Stewart as robin (or the other way around).

massivejoe32 karma

Bat Stewart and Robin Colbert!

TempestOfTheElephant10 karma

Could you draw Batman and Jackie Chan either teaming up or fighting? Your choice

massivejoe26 karma

rumble in the gotham!

warpdesign7 karma

Your choice: Batman fighting 100 duck sized horses or fighting 1 horse sized duck.

massivejoe19 karma

man, that was too close to call...i'll let batman decide:

droy06 karma

Hey Jeff, Love your work! What role are you playing in the development of Rex and Rooty? Thanks for doing this. How about Harley Quinn riding a Vespa?

massivejoe6 karma

Thanks! I'm part of a startup called Deep Fried Manna, and so we came up with the story together, and I'm doing all the art for it!

abelinkon18642 karma

Batman riding a tauntaun...

massivejoe7 karma

great request!!!

brimpol1 karma

I thought that's what your show was! The Batman is my favorite rendition of the Batman storyline. I still watch it sometimes when I feel nostalgic. I love your work! (Not to mention Jackie Chan, second favorite one) You wouldn't happen to have any ideas behind the concept of the Joker from the show? It's a fascinating design. The Joker and the Riddler were, honestly, the best drawn villians of that series. Good luck on your new endeavors! :)

massivejoe1 karma

Thanks for the compliments! The Joker concept, and all villains from "The Batman" were our interpretations of the character. We'd figured that batman has been around forever and will stay around for a long time, so why not give everyone a version that is different? We stayed respectful to the core mythology in most cases. The Joker was crazy, thus the straight jacket and no shoes. I wanted him to have the floppy/way too long sleeves all the time but they didn't go for it. His hair was fashioned after a court jester, just no bells on the tip, just retaining the shape. Thanks again!

Vinegar_Tom1 karma

Huge fan of the many Batman cartoons that have come on the air. Even as a grown-ass woman, the story-telling and animation just impresses. I was thrilled when I first saw promos for The Batman a few years back and have good memories watching out for all the new character designs and concepts. A lot of the changes are just enough to make them recognizably 'Matsuda' without losing the charm of the originals.

Gushing aside, I have to put in a request. The Ratcatcher is one of my favourite Batman villains and hardly anyone uses him. Possibly because he's not especially smart or powerful... I mean, he uses rats. I guess there's only so much context that can work for that. HOWEVER you can help this rogue gallery misfit by making him and his rats look badass! Please?

massivejoe2 karma

Thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed the show! I'll try to get to ratcatcher if I can!