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  • What effect did your ex-wife have on your comedy?

  • If you couldn't be a comedian, what career would you choose?

  • What's the longest you've spent writing/refining a joke?

  • What joke from your career are you most proud of?

  • If you could legally kill a celebrity, who would it be? Or, if you could end a celebrities career, who would you pick?

  • You are often quoted on this website on the Atheism page, how do you feel about that?

Thank you for doing this AMA. I bought your new special last night and it was fantastic.

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My god...there's an /r/tall? I'm 6'7"...how am I just now finding this out!?

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I've always wanted to see Batman riding a dinosaur storming a bridge occupied by Nazis.

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Lightbeam is great! I've had it for a few days, but now my Graph is massive and a tad hard to inspect due to how large each circle and triangle are (they overlap quite a bit). Have you guys considered adding a scale slider so that I can shrink the size of the shapes? I know I could just clear the data or switch to the list...but I love being able to look at my massive graph and being able to see all of the connections, it's just really cluttered once it reaches a certain size.