Just like the title says, I ride freight trains around the country. Ask me anything, just please be patient if I don't answer right away.

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LocalH2102 karma

So is this like a Chris Mccandless thing, where you've under taken some spiritual journey? Is it just for fun/the experience? Or are you on the run? Any thoughts about an end to your movement?

Thanks for doing this!

AboveTheClouds4023 karma

Im not sure who that is, so idk. Mostly it's for fun. I think all the time about going home and settling down, but once I get there it takes about a week before I get that itch to hit the road again.

Flaming_Baklava3 karma

Chris Mccandless left his home and went on a spiritual journey across America. There's the book about him called Into The Wild, there's also a movie adaptation of the same name and im pretty sure Sean Penn is in it. It's a great book and you'll probably be able to relate to the character since you pretty much do the same thing.

AboveTheClouds4022 karma

Oh I've heard about it. I guess I'll check it out soon.

BorealHound1 karma

How are you accessing the internet right now...? Library?

AboveTheClouds4023 karma

I'm at my aunts house.

Zilchopincho1 karma

Hope you're still answering cuz this is a great AMA.

Do you take a break in the winter or really harsh weather?

Ever had anything stolen or get mugged?

AboveTheClouds4022 karma

I just go South for the Winter. I've never been mugged but certainly had stuff stolen by some slime-balls.

palidon1 karma

Rockon! I've done some hitching myself, never rode the trains, but have mad respect for anyone living an alternative lifestyle like what you're doing

keep on truckin'

you ever go to rainbow gathering?

AboveTheClouds4023 karma

Lol I've been to a bunch, but I really cannot stand those fucking hippies. I swear to god if one more person calls me brother bear....

GarlicAftershave1 karma

Thanks for doing this. I was one of those kids who loved trains and train lore, so knowing that this sort of thing still happens makes me smile a little. Like many things, I probably enjoy the idea of it a lot more than I would enjoy the actual experience. Now, a question: do you often run into pieces of "rail car graffiti" which are clearly done by the same person? (I'm thinking some repeating motif like "Herbie.")

AboveTheClouds4022 karma

Yeah I see a lot of the same tags. I really enjoy just watching trains to see if I recognize any.

suffererhifi1 karma

how do you deal with being around so many junkies?

AboveTheClouds4022 karma