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suffererhifi6 karma

just becase something "may" have had a positive effect, doesn't mean it did. a lot of normal adults ran much much more wild than it sounds this kid did.

suffererhifi6 karma

who had the wildest supporters? have you played in any of the bigger and well known stadiums in the world? where would you like to play at? whats your favorite pitch?

suffererhifi4 karma

it doesnt seem all that bad? trust me, having to spend any amount of time in jail sucks. the real punishment is the points on your license and those fuckin fees you have to pay.

suffererhifi3 karma

Ditto. It's a dream of mine to touch the this is anfield sign.

suffererhifi2 karma

LAPD is probably one of the most hated police departments in the entire country, and aside from the opinions of the "fuck the police circle jerk crowd" who will get down on basically any PD, it seems that you guys have really earned the honor of being hated. what does the average LAPD officer think about this? and also, im sure you experiences are different than mine, but you guys weren't loved by law abiding working poor. not by a long shot. i hate asking for proof, but... uhhh... proof?