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GarlicAftershave78 karma

Thinking back to the "Keep Circulating The Tapes" tagline, how do you feel about the P2P presence of MST3K episodes which haven't had a video release?

...Thanks for all the laughs. I can't count the laughs we've had over "The Crawling Hand" and the like.

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SLS seems to have encountered more criticism than average for a heavy launch vehicle. How has this affected your experience with the program?

Also, obligatory question about whether any of you have played Kerbal Space Program.

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I wonder if anyone else has done half as much as Wodehouse did for our ideas about butlers.

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Clearly the job of butler has a lot of tropes attached to it in the Anglosphere. How did you feel about all the cliches and other assorted cultural baggage?

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My son would love to hear a Ben 10 anecdote if you have the time. And, since it's an AMA, what's your favorite sandwich?