My name is McKenna Pope, and I started a petition on after my little brother wanted an Easy Bake Oven from Santa, asking them to use both males and females in their packaging, commercials, and promotional materials, and feature it in gender neutral colors, because it currently only comes in colors gender specific to girls: pink and purple. This past Monday, Hasbro invited me to their offices and showed me a black, silver, and blue prototype which will come out next year. They also promised they are going to market this one in a gender-neutral fashion. I thought people might be interested in this, so go ahead, AMA! Proof!

EDIT: If anyone wants me to ask my brother a question, I guess I could do that too!

EDIT: Kay, gonna get off now. Bedtime, sadly :( It's been fun, though! If you wanna put more questions, though, feel free, I'll try to get to them in the morning. But for now, bye, and happy redditing!

EDIT: Wow, woke up this morning and checked, thank you so much for all the questions!!! Now, since I'm getting this a lot, I'll answer it up here I guess. I don't believe pink to be a "girl color". I believe society has made pink to be a "girl color". Which is why when Hasbro used it to promote a toy so obviously aimed at females, they reinforced that stereotype more.

EDIT: To whoever gave me the reddit gold, wow!!! Thanks :D

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uffington479 karma

You know your drive, the spirit which made you start this petition against a HUGE company who might not have listened?

McKenna, please keep that for ever. Its people like you who change things for the better.

Hugs from England.

easybakepetitioner235 karma

Yay, hugs are fun!

Flowerbridge273 karma

Hi, I wanted to mention that your grammar is impressive for your age and your writing poops on most of reddit's.

Do you read a lot of books?

easybakepetitioner262 karma

I do, as a matter of fact. Bookworm forever! :D And thank you. c:

ek_khiladi28 karma

what are your favorite books? I'm an avid reader as well! :)

easybakepetitioner116 karma

Definitely anything by Stephen King. :D

DerpMatt108 karma

Do you have a favorite pony?

easybakepetitioner446 karma

From Friendship is Magic? Pinky Pie, of course c:

iamthenewone72 karma

Will you now get one Easy Bake Oven for free?

easybakepetitioner128 karma

From Hasbro? Not sure. But we did get one of the current ones from when I was interviewed by Inside Edition.

MattCunnelly69 karma

I'm almost twice your age and you've accomplished much more than me in life already. That's cool.

easybakepetitioner143 karma

Never too late to start accomplishing some awesome shiz!

OlmecBall66 karma

How have people responded to this? Has it been overwhelmingly positive? Have you received any negitive feedback from people?

Also, I just wanted to thank you for this. Thank you for fighting dumb gender sterotypes in America.

easybakepetitioner101 karma

I've gotten my fair share of negativity, but hey, there's always gonna be haters, right? c:

Anthro8842 karma

What was the negativity about? And in what form did you receive it?

easybakepetitioner299 karma

Mostly about how I was either obviously some overreacting femnazi, or a girl with overzealous parents who are using me as an outlet to force their political propaganda on others. That upset me more than anything though; judge me all you want, but don't judge my family, or how they raised me.

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easybakepetitioner12 karma

Well, Friendship is Magic, after all :D

candystripedlegs66 karma

if you message the mods with proof that you are who you say you are, you might get more people interested.

easybakepetitioner85 karma

How do I do this? Been a reddit lurker for a while, but I'm kinda new to posting...

WeLoveKanjimari386 karma

There are 13 year olds lurking Reddit?

That's horrifying! D:

easybakepetitioner15 karma

The things I've seen... shudders

PrimaryDealer54 karma

I saw this all over the news today -- congratulations to you and I sincerely hope this AMA takes off. What was the timeline of events in getting the change done from the time you decided to petition to the time you went to Hasbro's headquarters?

Also, I imagine this must have been quite an experience for you, can you walk us through some of the conversations you had while at their headquarters and with any of their executives?

easybakepetitioner85 karma

After I started the petition, the thing basically exploded overnight. I appeared on many news stations and all over the interwebz. I finally got a reply from Hasbro about a week after the petition started, but it was a pretty generic response, that didn't really address anything I was talking about. However, a few days later, Bobby Flay and a multitude of other celebrity chefs got together and made a video for me and my brother, showing their support! Hasbro finally invited me on down a few days afterward, and Monday, there I was at headquarters!

As for your second question, while I don't remember specific conversations, Hasbro was awesome. They showed me how their toys are manufactured, how they do their market testing, and even how their commercials get made!

technoSurrealist2 karma

Wow, how did it feel to get a video from celebrities whom you've never met? I bet that would be a huge confidence booster.

easybakepetitioner4 karma

It was awesome!

specialmed44 karma

Did your mom/dad play a role in this or is this a pure McKenna's intiative?

I saw your interview on TV btw, you are very well spoken.

easybakepetitioner92 karma

It was all me, to most people's surprise. A lot of people seem to think that my mom wrote and did everything and is just using me as her outlet, but that's actually not true at all. And thank you c:

CanadianRegalia43 karma

Firstly congratulations, secondly I can't believe this AMA hasn't taken off.

What is the first thing your brother is going to bake?

easybakepetitioner77 karma

The cupcakes c: He keeps talking about how delicious they look whenever the commercial comes on

CanadianRegalia24 karma

I approve!

easybakepetitioner53 karma

Woo to the hoo for cupcakes!

1Lolcat37 karma


easybakepetitioner37 karma

Your welcome! And good luck with your Award! :D

KKori31 karma

Pretty neat to hear about this - as a sociology major at university, I've had to do reading about how toys are really gendered in how they are sold.

Question for you, do you think it's getting any easier for people your age and kids to break "gender rules" - or what people expect from boys and girls?

easybakepetitioner164 karma

I think that it's definitely a whole lot easier for females to break gender rules than it is for boys; a girl plays with NERF guns and is called, at worst, a tomboy. However, if a boy wants a Baby Alive doll so he can prepare himself for eventual fatherhood? All hell breaks loose.

SmallDosesOnly30 karma

Did you know that Hasbro already had a boys version (The Queasy Bake Cookerator) and a gender neutral version (Real Meal Oven)? Your video seemed to make a lot of assumptions that Hasbro were gender biased, when in reality they were just profitability biased.

easybakepetitioner95 karma

I was aware; however, they don't currently offer anything other than that marketed to girls, which is what I'm trying to get at.

CedarWolf27 karma

I'd like to say that you're awesome and I appreciate the way you're helping to make things a little smoother for non-traditionally-gender-conforming individuals.

Sometimes, change is about starting on the little things and simply rolling with it when they suddenly grow and become bigger things. You're proof that everyone can create positive change by simply finding a problem and starting somewhere. Thank you!

Good job! =^.^=

~CedarWolf, /r/genderqueer mod

P.S. Also, I'm sure the bronies and pegasisters on /r/mylittlepony would be interested to know if you got a glimpse of anything pony-related while you were chilling at Hasbro's offices.

easybakepetitioner36 karma

Thank you so much! And of course I did, they gave me a Pinky Pie! :D

CedarWolf16 karma

Ah; I got my first ever Twilight Sparkle this past week from the Secret Santa, which took me by pleasant surprise. I like Twilight; she's the first pony I identified with in Season 1 because she's a bookworm like me.

(I have to envy her a little bit because she lives in a library. Maybe someday I'll have a library of my own, too.)

easybakepetitioner29 karma

I wish I could've done the Secret Santa. Unfortunately, I'm way too broke for shipping costs.

Xenrus2516 karma

Is activism something you generally believe in? Or was this just one issue you wanted to fight? Do you plan to continue being an activist?

easybakepetitioner71 karma

I believe strongly in activism; it's an amazing way to make social change, just as I did here. And yes, I will forever continue to fight for what's right c:

kyracantfindmehaha11 karma

What do you want to be when you grow up?

easybakepetitioner53 karma

I'm attempting to decide between three things that are pretty random... Either a defense lawyer, a large animal veterinarian, or a Broadway actress.

pandaclawz113 karma

Become a Broadway actress and play a character who's a defense lawyer defending a large animal veterinarian who is accused of a murder most foul. Then she falls in love with her client after realizing she has a passion for helping sick large animals and becomes a large animal veterinarian defense lawyer with a pet rhinoceros.

easybakepetitioner46 karma

That made me laugh way more than it should have.

7leafclovers2 karma

Do you have a favorite Broadway show?

easybakepetitioner21 karma

I guess RENT, cuz it was the first one I ever saw. However, it's probably really a 7 way tie between: RENT, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors, Avenue Q, and Spring Awakening. EDIT: Oh, and the Book of Mormon :D

Kold935 karma

How do you break a 7-way or 8-way tie?? I don't even think the NFL has a formula for that....

easybakepetitioner10 karma

What can I say? I'm bad at decisions....

7leafclovers4 karma

yess a fellow Book of Mormon fan :)

easybakepetitioner12 karma

One of the funniest things ever... xD Although, what else would you expect from the geniuses who made South Park?

casamakano9 karma

How are you going to top this feat ?

easybakepetitioner52 karma

Not exactly sure, but I know I'll do something new after this one's... cooled down a little bit. However, I've only won one battle, and there's a thousand more that I can fight!

Catdemons6 karma

What did your friends and family think about your quest for gender equality? Do you know many others your age who share your opinions? I'm a big fan, by the way. :)

easybakepetitioner13 karma

Thank you c: And everyone thinks it's pretty awesome. I've kind of become a bit of a celebrity around school. :D

letphilsing2 karma

Congrats on getting your voice heard, and even more congratulations for winning!

Kinda random, but... Why Broadway actress?

Is this something that you got an interest in thru your mom or Dad? Have you seen any shows there?

easybakepetitioner19 karma

I've seen seven Broadway and off-Broadway shows. And my parents actually don't really like Broadway; they find my constant belting of "Defying Gravity" a little annoying after a while. xD I became interested in Broadway through seeing the movie version of RENT. As a matter of fact, Idina Menzel, a popular and amazing Broadway actress, is basically my idol.