I can post pictures if anyone wants proof. A little background on myself: I am in my second year of college and currently pursuing a degree in Political Science. I'm a huge sports fan. Some hobbies of mine are fishing, hunting, video games, and geeking out on Yu-Gi-oh for a heavy dose of nostalgia. Ask away, reddit!

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Airhawk91150 karma

Are you for or against the 2nd amendment, the right to bare arms?

Thehuth1056 karma

I applaud you, sir. I have not heard that one yet :P

OftenRude369 karma

Applaud?...you do?

Thehuth651 karma

I applaud very carefully

Newsuperstevebros590 karma

I know this will be shot down but i just have to ask... Do you even lift?

Thehuth733 karma

All day, bro

sasquatch60659 karma

What kind of exercises do you do? I would assume you wouldn't want to reduce your flexibility.

Thehuth140 karma

I do a lot of yoga and stretching along with cardio and various strength training exercises to maintain a proper body weight

jabask53 karma

If you're doing cardio, how hard is running without the counterweight of arms?

Thehuth121 karma

Its my natural center of balance now so I guess it never bothered me

VisionWreck474 karma

Instead of fingerprints do you have your toe prints on record?

Thehuth828 karma

I do actually lol

troutslap270 karma


Thehuth1638 karma

It's all about the nuzzles, man. Bitches like nuzzles

jMCHammer188 karma

This comment is under appreciated.

EDIT: That's more like it.

Thehuth303 karma

Trust me, they love it

So_Many_Hot_Camels244 karma

Ever tempted to stick toilet plungers on your shoulders?

Thehuth505 karma

Been there done that :P

junppu227 karma

are you typing this with a special device? do you have someone typing for you? or are you using a voice thing

Thehuth434 karma

I type with my toes. Just a laptop on the ground where I can reach it.

junppu185 karma

Not sure if trying to rustle my jimmies or if you're serious, if you are serious, not bad my friend.

Thehuth379 karma

Don't get me wrong, it took years of practice to get to the point where I can type at a normal speed. But I do my best to have has few special modifications on things as possible. Makes it easier to adapt to new surroundings.

AlmostACanadian173 karma

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE record yourself typing with your feet. That would be quite the feat.

Thehuth108 karma

I'll make one eventually lol

Thehuth92 karma

Ha I wish. I have a Dark Knight Rises wallet at the moment so it's close enough lol

ras34445 karma

Where do you keep your wallet?

Thehuth199 karma

I actually keep my phone and my wallet in my shoes. I wear nike high tops so they don't fall out while walking. I just gotta make sure they don't smell like shoe lol

kesekimofo25 karma

How do you answer your phone?

Thehuth92 karma

The answer button. I hold it on my shoulder much like anyone else does when they're on the phone but need their hands for something

alanadot215 karma

sorry to be that girl to ask: but seriously.. how do you wipe your ass? this has been a question ive pondered for a long long time. Also, masturbation? Can you do that? like wth? i would be so sad if i couldnt touch myself.

btw also a 19 yo girl, two arms.. and a dirty mind.

Thehuth216 karma

I dont really know how to describe what the device is but I have almost like a stick that I can wrap toilet paper around the end it. This gives me the extension I need to actually reach back there. I'm flexible but not that flexible.

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Thehuth434 karma


Crackmacs65 karma

Is there a video of this somewhere?

not gay, just .. science

Thehuth146 karma

no lol. but someone told me once that I'd make a killing in fetish porn haha

alanadot42 karma

THANK YOU. i knew there was a device. what if, you mounted it in front of your toilet, and i had some kind of angle to it, so that when you stood up, you could just give 'er the old one-two-wipe-down?

*btw, sorry for being the first person to ask, and have a completely arrogant question. but when i saw that girl with no arms on tosh.o i couldnt help but think it

Thehuth77 karma

I like having something portable that I can take with me so I can go to friends houses or public restrooms by myself. If there's absolutely no way I can bring it with me I make sure to take care of those things before I leave the house

OhBlackWater186 karma

I wonder how many guys tried to masturbate with their feet because of this AMA.

Thehuth253 karma

maybe they should do an AMA on how it went lol

coolwubla182 karma

When you go swimming do people call you Bob?

Thehuth404 karma

I swim like a frog lol.

Thehuth169 karma

I'm back guys, I had to take a final. So ask away if questions still remain

glitterary45 karma

how do you cook?

Thehuth80 karma

I don't do anything special. But prep times are a lot longer for me

sasquatch606129 karma

If by a new medical miracle, you received functional arms but they would only last for a day, what would that day involve?

Thehuth227 karma

Rock climbing, theres a lot of cliffs by a river about 20 miles from my place I've always wanted to go. Other trhan that, that's a hard question to answer

MrWhuzzy92 karma

I'm actually applying to college now to go into Biochemical engineering. I want to create lifelike prosthetics and technological body systems. If you could ever have the capability of having a lifelike arm, would you take it? You could potentially have these arms forever, they would either run on batteries or your own biological energy (glucose fuel cells)

Thehuth102 karma

I would give it a long hard look before I make a decision. But I would consider it

ImJustSuppaMan99 karma

First off I just want to say you are an absolute badass. Secondly I would like to ask what is the biggest challenge of having no arms.

Thehuth117 karma

definitely school when I was younger. It was hard to keep up with assignments and stuff like that

sjbock399 karma


Thehuth214 karma

I can masturbate lol. Though the details of that I'd like to keep private haha

boardgamejoe113 karma

Why would you use your feet when this exists? http://www.fleshlight.com/shower-mount/

Thehuth350 karma

you just opened up a whole new world to me

IamVeryLost65 karma

Hmmm... are you flexible?

Thehuth175 karma

I can put my foot behind my head if that answers your question lol

_FEW_WORDS_101 karma

You can suck your own wang can't you...

Thehuth396 karma

Nope. But I wont deny that I've tried lol

b1untman89 karma


Thehuth238 karma

No. But I had an issue with the owner of a local gas station once where he literally wouldn't take my debit card from my foot. the guy in line behind me had to give it to him

b1untman158 karma


Thehuth215 karma

They gave me kind of a settlement because I did threaten to. But legally I'm not allowed to talk about what they gave me

InfamousBLT878 karma

So this is why you won't talk about how you masturbate

Thehuth349 karma

Hahahahaha best comment so far

CaptainJimmy87 karma

So looking away from the misfortune, what are some advantages that you've found that you have in your condition?

Thehuth208 karma

The social security I get for disabilities is really helping me through school. Oh and I'm a cigar smoker and the owner of the local tobacco shop always gives me like a free lighter or something everytime I go in there haha

DoctorPotatoe84 karma

Can you light your own cigars?

Thehuth139 karma

yep! and cut them too

DoctorPotatoe63 karma

How do you light them? Like, what kind of lighter/matches do you use?

Thehuth120 karma

I use a zippo

DoctorPotatoe62 karma

You must be one flexible motherfucker. But I'm happy that you're doing so well. :) Do you do any form of stretches or are you naturally that flexible from using your feet?

Thehuth72 karma

just naturally that flexible with the toes lol

I_am_the_Jukebox67 karma

You're like...a monkey or something....without arms.

Thehuth296 karma

I think that every time I peel a banana lol

Agnostalypse83 karma

You asked Weird Al to help you move a couch, didn't you?

Thehuth65 karma

hahahahahaha I love weird al

thelordofcheese80 karma

What do you do about sleeves? I mean, do you tie them shut? Cut them off and sew up the holes? Is there an article of clothing already in mass production specifically for people with no arms? What's going on in the market of armless fashion?

Thehuth90 karma

I dont do anything with sleeves though I prefer them to be short

BadProfessor78 karma


Thehuth118 karma

Like an old sailor

babombmonkey6177 karma

Do you give people dirty looks if when someone is trying to help out they ask "Can I give you a hand?"?

Thehuth202 karma

No. I love making jokes about it. And I realize that that's more of just the way we speak rather than someone trying to make a pass at me

RachieGB61 karma

where's the most annoying place to get an itch?

Thehuth102 karma

Lower back

masanian57 karma

Yu-Gi-Oh you say? Is it possible to dudududu dududududuel without arms?

Thehuth65 karma

Yes lol. I'm actually thinking about doing local tournaments soon

skintightmonopoly57 karma

Do people ever act really weird around you? If so, how do you respond?

Thehuth173 karma

Not really other than little kids not understanding. Sometimes I initiate the awkward moments just because I find it humorous.

brizznook180 karma

"Yeah man, I'll grab that for yo... Oh wait."

Thehuth329 karma

Need a hand with that?

ScratchBomb187 karma

"you need help, sir?"


Edit: As fucked up as this may sound, I've always wanted to go to a party in a wheelchair and fallout of it; refusing help, screaming in agony as I try to get back in the chair myself. Does that make me a bad person??

Thehuth140 karma

and then headbutt!

sjleader54 karma

Is there any new technology where you might get a robotic arm or anything like that?

Thehuth89 karma

If I'm older I might need it. At this moment I can do everything I want without them so for now I'll pass on anything I see

peachfuzztesties46 karma

How comfortable are you when being out in public?

Thehuth147 karma

Very. It gets weird when little kids stop and stare or sometimes say something. But you learn to brush it off. We were all at that age once

Spacely2145 karma

I know you want to keep details private... but honestly how the hell do you masturbate...?

Thehuth121 karma

my feet. thats about all I'll say. AlsoI dont have a foot fetish lol

Salacious-45 karma

How are you able to hunt with no arms? And yes, post a picture for proof.

Thehuth70 karma


Thats a picture of me from a spring break trip awhile back. Also I have a custom made ground blind with a swivel tripod on the front where I mount my gun. the blind is sturdy enough that I can lean against the butt of the gun and not have the recoil destroy my shoulder. I can do the trigger and safety with my toes.

Portgas43 karma

How do you play videogames? Using special stick and your mouth?

Thehuth100 karma

nope. I use my feet. just put my controller on the ground and I can do go at it. Shooters are mildly difficult since the LT and RT buttons are difficult for me to get at. but other than that I like to think I'm fairly decent

DDangdang40 karma

Hey, you must have seen the news yesterday a quadrepeligic ...sorry spelling...was able to move a robotic arm with a brain implant...


This is only the beginning! You will have arms...legs...write these people. You being young might be the perfect candidate. This technology should move fast now, to refine it...hey good luck to you, k? I wish you all the best

Thehuth97 karma

I used to have prosthetic arms. I never liked them. Maybe when I'm way older they may help but for now I'd rather let someone else who actually needs them have them

Sour_Nipples37 karma

Even being one of those unfortunate people; you still care more about those who you feel are affected worse than you? How nice :)

Thehuth46 karma

I am blessed. For the most part I am self sufficient. but I realize not everyone in my situation is. But I also know their struggle because I wasn't always as independent as I am now

VisionWreck35 karma

And assuming you've had sex. Do you always have to be bottom?

Thehuth76 karma

I prefer bottom (but what guy doesn't?) but I can be on top

a_soy_milkshake78 karma

You don't have arms and you are probably more sexually active than the majority of redditors.

Thehuth151 karma

Arms don't affect what I got below the belt ;P

originalgrin139 karma

I get why his disability so easy for him. The guy has three legs.

Thehuth79 karma


cheddahcheez34 karma

Are you able to drive a car or ride a bike? I sneaked a peek at your Facebook and you seem like a pretty awesome dude.

Thehuth51 karma

I can drive without any modifications. I don't have a car or a license however because I can't afford it at this point. Biking is a whole different story lol

jabask31 karma

A few questions related to you using your feet for a lot of stuff.

  • How do you handle winter? With big ol' shoes and socks, is life harder?
  • Do you worry about losing your leg mobility with age?

Thehuth63 karma

I dont wear socks or boots at all. My feet are so used to it that it barely bothers me in the winter And yes that is about my only insecurity

redesckey30 karma

Do you ever experience phantom limb pain, or other sensations?

Thehuth56 karma

No I have not. I was born this way and I think thats more for people who lost them later in life

mooseman18229 karma

Hows the action with the girlies? I would imagine difficult, BUT being that you seem like a really cool dude things might be different! sex life?

Thehuth94 karma

As of now I am sexually inactive but in high school everyone knew me very well and I didn't have much trouble with the ladies

StephyyDakitteh26 karma

How long does it take you to "eat pie" with your Biffle? <3

Thehuth60 karma

A long time. Gotta savor that shit

[deleted]24 karma


Thehuth58 karma

I more worry about when I get older and my flexibility isn't where it is now

sasquatch60631 karma

Wow. I tore my Achilles in the spring. Compared to you sir, I'm am a pussy.

Thehuth41 karma

I'm careful with them, though. I played soccer in high school and had a few sprained ankles that really limited what I could do for awhile so I know the dangers of injuring them

Mieksie20 karma

I understand that you do a lot of stuff with your feet, like typing and hunting. What are other cool stuff you can do with them that other people can't?

Thehuth50 karma

I can cook, do laundry, mow the lawn, even fix the lawn mower, and probably a lot more but I can't really think of any since they all seem like normal tasks to me

wildcard5819 karma

Did you have any issues adjusting to college life?

Also, have you heard of Tisha Unarmed? (she has a youtube channel and also had a video on tosh.0)

Thehuth29 karma

Not really. I actually found college easier.

And yeah I saw her on tosh. I found her rather bland though. Everyone told me I should have been on there instead lol

sasquatch60613 karma

Also, what sports teams do you follow?

Thehuth61 karma

Any team from minnesota. Though I'm not a big basketball fan.

Josh_FiveO12 karma

Does it feel as weird for you to think about having arms as you could imagine we feel about not having arms? Try to describe how you think it would feel.

Thehuth24 karma

It is really hard to think about. extra upper body weight, then getting a grasp on how to really use them. i don't know how I'd feel

sydleismith11 karma

Thanks for the AMA, OP! :) Very interesting. What do you do want to do with your degree?

Thehuth28 karma

I would like to one day hold some type of public office or be some type of advisor. I'm unsure since I haven't chosen what I want my degree to have it's focus on yet