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And the customer needs only 30 seconds...

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Arec Bardwin.

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Is there any new technology where you might get a robotic arm or anything like that?

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There are some people, sadly, who do not have the mental capacity to understand sexual relationships-- or to even CONSENT to having sex. There are different levels of understanding. Someone with the mental capacity of a 2 or 3 year old can not consent to sex and understand the implications emotionally or socially. To the mom with the Downs daughter. I think this is something that you should have a doctor talk with her about-- a neuro specialist can determine if your 19 year old has the capacity to understand. If she does, then ok.

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As an outside observer and a pretty liberal reform Jew, it seems to me that you were religious and used that image as a great marketing tool (no criticizing I though it was genius, the black hatter singing Reggae) and became successful, but now, you no longer look like you are an orthodox Jew. (No pais, fringes, kippah, beard, etc) Again, all good. I am curious, did becoming successful and making money convince you that spending all day studying Torah wasn't the best use of your time and cause you to question your religious upbringing? Or, did none of that really apply?