Hi everyone! I’m a 22 yr old female and I was born with an extra clitoris! Yes, that means I was born with TWO!



My doctor decided the best way to confirm my anomaly would be through biopsying a sample of tissue. Even though it did pose a high risk of the desensitization, this would confirm 100% that I indeed was born with two clitorises (besides it being visually obvious). As expected, the biopsy results came back confirming erectile tissue was connected and present, making me the fourth case of having a duplicated clitoris ever documented.


Visually, the best way I can describe what it looks like is two peas in a pod. Both of my clitorises are underneath one hood. If inclined to see a picture, I have posted pictures. There is a link in my bio to those pictures.

I just started a TikTok and am making more educational videos and videos answering more in depth questions! My TikTok username is: 1girl2clicks

ALL BUSINESS INQUIRIES EMAIL thegirlwith2clits@gmail.

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gahane1598 karma

How often do you hear jokes along the lines of "You have two and men still can't find them."?

Shesmakingit1288 karma

Alllllll theeeeee timeeeee

Regulai614 karma

Do you have twice as many nerve endings or is it more of a split between the two?

Shesmakingit917 karma

Twice as many nerve endings!

aredditor98398 karma

Does this mean you can double orgasm?

Shesmakingit580 karma


Zivis155 karma

I think it's pretty cool. I never knew until today that I wished I had a second frenulum with twice the nerve endings!

Shesmakingit206 karma

It’s intense but also can be amazing!

travelingtraveling_42 karma

Lucky, lucky you!

Shesmakingit37 karma

Haha thank you!

tino768567 karma

Do your friends think you're "2 clit 2 quit?"

Shesmakingit188 karma

I’ll have to ask them😂

mordrath382 karma

How has this impacted your personal sex life? Does your partner just take it in stride? When do you prime them for it (I imagine just before)? Have you ever had a partner that just didn't even notice?

Shesmakingit833 karma

Tbh I really didn’t have a sex life for a while. Personal or with a partner. I felt weird touching myself or having someone else touch me. I’m learning to embrace it now!

I do not have a partner right now but when I have, I usually hide it (different positions, or covering with my hand pretending to stimulate down there). I’ve shown two partners and both of them thought it was amazing!

mordrath348 karma

Glad you're more confident now! Best of luck out there.

Shesmakingit237 karma

Thank you!🥹💘

UDPviper94 karma

Are they above/below each other or side by side?

Shesmakingit180 karma

Above and below! They are vertical

Blood-Lord80 karma

If you're self conscious about it. Don't be. All walks of life come in different shapes and sizes. Is it unique? Unusual? Yes. But it shouldn't impact your life.

Shesmakingit130 karma

I let it impact my life for the longest time, I’m not allowing it to anymore!

aoskunk59 karma

It sounds like you have the best possible way to have 2. Two peas in a pod doesn’t in anyway sound like it would be off putting. I wouldn’t be deterred from you sexually for that one bit. I would have a hard time not telling people about it though because it’s so interesting. Adds some interesting possible dirty talk.

Shesmakingit56 karma

I’m just starting to get use to opening up and talking about it! It’s not going anywhere so I might as well embrace it!

assholetoall25 karma

Don't know if you intentionally used "opening up" and "embrace it" but I chuckled because that is what you are going to be doing.

I wish you positive experiences going forward.

Shesmakingit19 karma

Thank you💘

SpeakThunder31 karma

I think you’d be surprised what most men would be into. Probably no need to feel awkward about it. Flaunt what you got!

Shesmakingit18 karma

I’m learning to! Thank you💕

bojibridge337 karma

So the clitoris is like a whole wishbone shaped thing, so do you have two whole wishbones or just like two nerve clusters coming off the same organ?

Shesmakingit487 karma

Two wishbones, they are two completely separate!

sumiiko65 karma

How does the biopsy tell you that it’s completely separate, wishbone and all?

USPO-222180 karma

The biopsy wouldn’t. But a scan like a CT or maybe even an ultrasound probably would reveal the different tissue layers. The biopsy was likely just confirmation that the second one was indeed erectile tissue so that they have proof since it’s such a rare condition.

Shesmakingit119 karma

Yes exactly!

Shesmakingit86 karma

It didn’t! They did ultrasound beforehand

froggrip305 karma

How old were you when you realized most women only have 1 clitoris?

Shesmakingit439 karma

I didn’t think much of it until I started watching porn. Then I realized it wasn’t normal. And that I was indeed not suppose to have another nub there

ghillieintherain92 karma

Sorry, are they both fully formed and normal looking or is the second one just a nub under the skin?

Shesmakingit172 karma

So my body didn’t produce the thickness of skin that contains/ holds the glans and nerves so the skin is super thin there!

TrumpDumper284 karma

You ever apply for a Doublemint commercial?

Shesmakingit115 karma

Should I!?😂

mikeu179 karma

Horizontal or vertical? Very happy you are getting through the anxiety and depression!

Shesmakingit173 karma

Vertical! And thank you! I can’t remove this part of my body so might as well embrace it!

Shesmakingit57 karma

Speak-to-text did me dirty!

Thin-Rip-3686153 karma

What kind of business inquiries are you looking for?

Shesmakingit204 karma

Not particularly looking. I had a lot of journalists and doctors reach out to me and I was missing their messages because they were through dm and not email! So I thought I would include my email!

SassiesSoiledPanties116 karma

Serious question: Does having two clits make it hard to wear tight underwear or clothing? I imagine excess sensitivity might cause issues.

Tongue in cheek: clitorii? clitorises? clitoren?

Shesmakingit226 karma

No problems with wearing tight clothes! But anything like riding a bike, motorcycle or even lawnmower is too stimulating.

And clitorises or clitorides

anwarunya106 karma

Do they share an overcoat or do they each have their own?

Shesmakingit117 karma

haha they share an overcoat!

PhasmaFelis89 karma

Have you talked to that guy with two dicks who did an AMA a while back?

Shesmakingit214 karma

That was a longggg time ago and I think it turned out it wasn’t true? I have talked to the girl with two vaginas tho!

ContextIsForTheWeak107 karma

and I think it turned out it wasn’t true?

Yeah, each time he cropped back up they'd somehow be bigger and with worse and worse Photoshop attempts

Shesmakingit34 karma

Well if it makes it any better I’ve posted videos and you can see it attached to my body haha!

Cabbiecar100187 karma

Does your doctor have any theories on how this occurred?

Shesmakingit187 karma

I’ve been told it’s defined as a congenital anomaly. Something spontaneous that happened when I was developing in utero. A theory is I could of been a twin. My doctor has another theory and I am currently waiting to hear back results on genetic testing we’ve done recently!

Cabbiecar100150 karma

I was wondering about the twin thing, it’s cool your doctor is still testing theories!

Thanks for replying!

Shesmakingit22 karma

Of course!

1825days65 karma

Do you have a boyfriend and how has it impacted your sexual life ?

Shesmakingit227 karma

I am currently single. The last time I tried to date a few months ago, the guy I was seeing really fetishized my extra clitoris and ultimately made me feel like that was the only reason he was with me. So I broke it off.

As for my sex life, I haven’t explored too much due to the fact of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin if that makes sense. I’ve definitely become more comfortable and starting to explore more! I also haven’t had sex with a lot of people in fear of what they will think of my extra clit.

1825days96 karma

I love the fact that you are becoming more comfortable in your own skin. More power to you

Shesmakingit60 karma

Thank you!🥹

_cantalkaboutit23 karma

You're body, you own it. What's not to like about your genetic twist? Men should be happy, a clit will be easier to find and you will be happy because, see the first part of this sentence.

I'm glad you're growing into acceptance.. Good luck in your explanations and personal growth:)

All the best.

Your poor inbox. 😂

Shesmakingit19 karma

It’s definitely a hard feeling to explain, it’s just a tad uncomfortable being it’s so rare. Thank you💘

Galveira51 karma

Do you 4 have a group chat?

Shesmakingit26 karma

You 4?

FrontierPsycho69 karma

I expect they meant the 4 confirmed cases!

Shesmakingit83 karma

Ohhhhh haha! the other 3 cases are very old cases so I’m not sure if their even alive still!

Mortuusi49 karma

If someone were to stimulate both clitorisis to the point of orgasm, does it feel better than if they just did it with the one?

Shesmakingit162 karma

Usually if I have one orgasm it sets off the other clitoris to orgasm so I mainly have double orgasms! It’s rare I only get one orgasm. My double orgasms, as I call them, are pretty intense/amazing though!

dashinny44 karma

What is your favorite food?

Shesmakingit54 karma

I’m a foodie so that’s hard to say! I do enjoy a good pizza tho!

overtireddm42 karma

Is there a difference in the orgasm when focusing solely on one or the other?

Shesmakingit105 karma

It’s a bit tough to focus on one or the other since they are so close, so I usually just stimulate both! But usually if I’m not stimulating one enough and one starts to orgasm, it sets the other off to orgasm

ScottTennerman38 karma

This is super fascinating, thank you!

If you don't mind sharing - do you have any other anomalies?

Shesmakingit37 karma

That is my only anomaly! I did recently do genetic testing so we will see!

InnocentGirl200530 karma

How much money have you made from your OnlyFans so far?

Shesmakingit47 karma

I just started not too long ago, but people seem to love both of my clitorises and stick around for the content! I don’t know if im comfortable putting a number out there but definitely enough to pay some medical bills!

diesiraeSadness24 karma

Are sex toys focused on the clit too intense for you? Do you find that orgasms are easier for you to have (let’s say it takes a woman 10 mins to get off on average)? How noticeable is the second clit? Do you have two hoods? Or are they just next to each other?

Shesmakingit36 karma

Focused directly on my clits, yes. I wouldn’t say it’s easier, just way more intense. My extra clit is pretty noticeable but it does sit more underneath the hood. I only have one hood and they are both underneath it!

tor9323 karma

Did the biopsy end up having any negative effects on the 2nd clitoris?

Shesmakingit41 karma

I was numb for about a week down there, but regained feeling thank god! I feel like oddly it decreased the size of my second clit, but my doctor said that may just be temporary from the procedure

JThor1517 karma

Well technically it did. How'd they do the biopsy? Just shave off tissue sample? Full punch :( ? Seems like a complicated place to do one.

Shesmakingit34 karma

I was knocked out and didn’t ask questions beforehand because I was lowkey freaked out. All I know is there was the tiniest incision and they had to go deep to get a sample

Striker120v22 karma

Do you need more or less stimulation than other women to achieve climax? Alternatively is each spot independent in stimulation, that is to say dose it add to the speed/satisfaction if you stimulate both?

Shesmakingit34 karma

Less! And when stimulating, since their so close together they both become aroused! It is an intense orgasm though!

InimitableMe21 karma

Do they know what your second clitoris looks like internally? The 'nub' is only the tip of the iceberg; so is the whole shebang doubled?

Other than a more intense orgasm and external stimulation, are there any other symptoms of the second organ?

I am so curious.

Shesmakingit30 karma

So when they did the biopsy I guess they had to go down deeper to obtain tissue and they said it looks like my second clitoris (the body) is positioned behind the original.

InimitableMe15 karma

Behind! Neat!

And do you have any pelvic floor issues like pain with vaginal intercourse or peeing with a cough or sneeze? Sciatica?

Shesmakingit19 karma

No pelvic floor issues but I do have sciatica

M_SunChilde9 karma

You tried sciatic nerve flossing for that? Can be very helpful in some folks who have it.

Shesmakingit9 karma

I have not heard of that before! I’ll definitely look it up!

CdnPoster16 karma

"All business inquires e-mail"???

What kind of business opportunities does having two clitorises bring???

Shesmakingit12 karma

Last time I did an AMA I had a lot of journalist and doctors reach out!

tgunz033111 karma

Are they the same size, or is one like my buddy's 3rd nipple that's more like a mole?

Shesmakingit11 karma

The extra one is a tad bit smaller

guinader9 karma

Are the other 3 still alive? Or is this so rare that the last person died like 40 years ago or something

Shesmakingit11 karma

I’m not sure if their still alive but the other cases are from decades ago

A_Drusas8 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA. I'm so glad to read that you're learning to accept yourself and even appreciate your difference.

My question: Were you born with two being obviously present or did the second one grow and become more noticeable with age/puberty?

Shesmakingit10 karma

They’ve always been obviously present !

thunderer188 karma

So obviously you said you were very self-conscious about it when you were younger, how does it affect you now?

Shesmakingit22 karma

I asked my doctor if we could remove it, and they told me it would leave me desensitized down there. So basically I have to live with it forever. That being said, I’ve been on a journey to self love and acceptance of my body just the way it is. Ever since coming out on Reddit I’ve received such kind words of encouragement and that has really helped me feel less like a weirdo!💘

thunderer189 karma

That is fantastic! It's unfortunate so many women (and men too) feel so much shame about parts of our bodies. It sounds like there are no downsides or complications for you, so it's just bonus fun parts! Rock it girl!

Shesmakingit8 karma

Haha thank you!!!

rat42047 karma

How did you get connected with the research Dr? and Do you know anything about the other 3 dual wielders?

Shesmakingit5 karma

I did an AMA before, and they reached out! And I do not

ambamshazam7 karma

Did the biopsy end up damaging any of the nerves ? I saw you commented that it was a risk going forward with it

Shesmakingit7 karma

It has not thank god! I was numb for a little bit down there but everything is back to normal now!

Yellowbrickrailroad7 karma

This is the best AMA since Double Dick Dude, and fittingly so.

OP have you ever seen the Double Dick Dude AMA?

If you and him did a "business inquiry" together, it would likely go on record as being the most watched porn in human history.

I don't even watch porn, but I'd watch that out of curiosities sake, at the least.

Shesmakingit7 karma

Unfortunately double dick dude turned out to be fake, although the condition he was talking about was VERY real! I just started an OF page though and wouldn’t mind partnering with someone with 2! haha

bethebumblebee6 karma

I don’t even know if this is physically possible to do but have you tried simulating them separately? Does one feel better than the other?

Shesmakingit7 karma

I have tried! And yes the extra one is way more sensitive!

bipolo6 karma

Have you given them weird nicknames?

Shesmakingit7 karma

lol no should I?!

WozziHumperdink5 karma

Is one more sensitive than the other?

Shesmakingit6 karma

Yes the extra one is!

seidinove5 karma

This has probably been asked already, but do they both “work?”

Shesmakingit4 karma


seidinove6 karma

Happy for you!

Shesmakingit4 karma

Thank you!

alkiv224 karma

wow. In bed everything similar or not?

Shesmakingit8 karma

Yup! Just double fun lol!

ContextIsForTheWeak4 karma

I'm sure you've heard a lot of the same tired jokes over and over again about it, but what's one of the funnier things someone's said about it that genuinely made you laugh?

Shesmakingit19 karma

Someone just made a joke about my onlyfans saying it’s like a BOGO deal😂

TheJigIsUpThrowaway4 karma

How much tissue did they take in the biopsy and where did they get it from on your clitoris(es)?

Shesmakingit11 karma

A tiny tiny sample. And the got it from the deeper portion of my extra clitoris

BizzyM4 karma

Which one is your favorite?

Shesmakingit8 karma

I love them both equally lol

throwawaythrowyellow3 karma

Do you like to rub them one at the time? Both at the same time ? Or back and forth?

Do you generally orgasm from sex ?

Shesmakingit2 karma

Both at the same time! And yes!

exiledfromreality3 karma

OP, may I offer some advice as a father to a 19-year-old daughter?

  1. When you are looking for a long-term relationship, please don't lead with this news.
  2. You are going to be able to attract a LOT of people using just this bit of information. MANY of them will be pursuing you for the wrong reasons. (The thrill, the conquest, curiosity) Be careful.
  3. May I suggest you use a fake name if you do an Onlyfans and maybe obscure or disguise your other features? You don't want to have to filter through a bunch of 'suitors' that are interested in you for your peculiarity.
  4. Have fun, but please do NOT let this define you. Make the money and please be safe.

Good luck. I wish you well.

Shesmakingit2 karma

Thank you for the fatherly advice!💘 I do keep my self anonymous and do not mention my anomaly to guys unless the relationship is serious! Thank you again!💘

deepsea3333 karma

In trivial Pursuit there was a question that had the answer diphallic terata , a male equivalent perhaps?

Shesmakingit2 karma

I believe it might be the equivalent of somewhat in the same realm!

bishalsaha992 karma

Are you hard to please?

Shesmakingit1 karma

Not at all!

wildriles2 karma

Ford or Chevy?

Shesmakingit8 karma


albertjacc-5 karma

Oh no, it's double dick dude all over again. But this time i'm here and i ain't going nowhere! I know now that DDD was fake, but if this is real, i think your teenage years must have been hell. But hey, if you're here and are open to questions, is it two holes or just two clits?

Shesmakingit10 karma

Once I was 16 and realized my ‘down there’ didn’t look the same as other ‘down theres’ it was a toughhhh mental battle. I really just isolated myself and was too embarrassed to show anybody, of course until I went to the doctor!

Shesmakingit5 karma

It’s just two clits. Only one hole!

garlopf-14 karma


Shesmakingit2 karma


megalomaniac71-34 karma

Why am I not surprised you have an OnlyFans account up and advertised in your profile?

*Edit: Not bashing. This is someone with something unique to offer and not just a broke/bored college chick.

Shesmakingit22 karma

People are curious as to what it looks like!