Hi! My name is Justin, I'm 25, and here is my episode of Pimp My Ride!


-How long did it actually take them? Took 5 months to complete the car.

-Did you like what they did? At first, no. But I eventually got used to it. I also redid the whole car, added about $20,000 worth of things to it. You can see that here

-Did all the stuff actually work? They actually take out a lot of the stuff that they showed on TV. Such as the "pop-up" champagne, and the "drive-in" theater.

-Do you still have the car? Unfortunately, due to some wiring errors (work done by a completely different shop), it burned. You can see it happen here.

-How did you get selected? It was a casting call at GAS. There were over 200 cars in the parking lot, auditioning. I was requested to go to a final audition with 15 other people. There, I made a video of the car, and from there, they sent it to the producers. A week later they called me back to start shooting. I was in competition with the other 15 contestants. So whoever made the best video would be the one getting their car pimped. In reality, it wasn't true. All of the other "contestants" got their rides pimped anyways.

Proof it's me: http://i.imgur.com/UHmBa.jpg

Ask me anything!!

Edited for clarity.

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DystopianReality1459 karma

All that to have your car set on fire. Maybe it was ashamed for what it had become and killed itself.

ColdisWarned572 karma

Yeah, sorry man putting 20k into a fire must not have felt good. At least you're still here with us!

ukulele_j765 karma

Yeah it was pretty crazy. My SO and I were on our way to grab some food, and as we were going down the hill, the sound system popped and shut down. So we turned around and pulled over as soon as we saw smoke.

ids19941134 karma

What was xzibit like

ukulele_j2287 karma

He's a nice guy. Smells like weed.

osnapitsjoey831 karma

word. did you smoke with him?

ukulele_j1071 karma

No, I don't smoke. Just hookah. And cigarettes.

osnapitsjoey992 karma

did he at least offer??

ukulele_j2139 karma

he did, actually.

estillings1500 karma

follow up: AMA request, someone who has smoked with Xzibit! Reddit, make it happen.

ukulele_j1159 karma

I approve this message.

Bootleg_Fireworks424 karma

Well, not really XZibit, but there was a story on the frontpage a while ago, where a kinda famous farmer was contacted by Snoop Dogg to show him his "growing skills".

Edit: Sorry, it is Snoop Lion now!

ukulele_j471 karma

Snoop Lion lol

BfmVfan1972 karma

He's really cool. I sold halo 4 to him, he's a regular at Toys R Us

ukulele_j621 karma

Oh, my SO used to work there! At the one in Porter Ranch. Is that the one you work at? I only ask because I know Xzibit lives somewhere around there.

BfmVfan1491 karma

Yep that's the one :)

ukulele_j489 karma

She's sitting next to me right now, wondering who you are. haha. Maybe you worked together?

BfmVfan1369 karma

When did she work there?

ukulele_j397 karma

2008-early 2010

BfmVfan1449 karma


ukulele_j596 karma

Yes, she knows Taylor. You probably know my SO's sister, Vanessa. She worked there until July.

Dont_drop_the_SOPA155 karma

My co workers Paul Omar Mike and Kugel currently work at my BestBuy. I'm sure you know them.

ukulele_j119 karma

Captain Best Buy?

45adapter763 karma

Did they fix anything in your car that wasn't detailed in the episode? I always assumed the cars on the show would have a lot of other problems that had unglamorous fixes (i.e. engine problems, steering system, mostly mechanical issues I guess).

ukulele_j1187 karma

No. It was all mickeymoused cosmetic.

rewere31118 karma

That's why I never liked the show. Put some rims on it and put an herb garden in the back but forget about anything important.

ukulele_j1071 karma

That's why I was disappointed by it, as well.

BrodyApproves757 karma

Did your 'Pimped out Ride' get you laid?

ukulele_j1288 karma

Haha yes it did!

djamzdaddy672 karma

I... I just watched a whole episode of pimp my ride...

ukulele_j1157 karma

I'm sorry.

justyne92551 karma

When exzibit came to your house, were you actually surprised or was it all scripted? Was any of it scripted?

ukulele_j942 karma

100% not scripted. All they gave me was a topic and we just went with it. My topic, obviously, was the "hopeless romantic". However, it was a staged house.

mordacthedenier474 karma

So you didn't actually get to choose how your car got pimped?

ukulele_j977 karma

Nope. I was supposed to. They interviewed me about my likes and dislikes, but they ended up liking my dislikes.

shaggydog739592 karma

So basically they were just trying to get a story out of you.

ukulele_j727 karma


LuvMeSomeGuitar189 karma

Ok, I'm sorry if I am an idiot but I have to make this clear for myself because I always wondered. So it was totally fake, just not scripted?

ukulele_j184 karma


jacksonralston534 karma


so did it attract all kinds of ladies?

ukulele_j1110 karma

Hell yeah! Haha. I was doing a lot of car shows and all the models were at my car, getting the chocolate-dipped. strawberries fed to them.

Proof: http://imgur.com/vYrgt

poopooindapaints244 karma

Something doesn't sit well with me about the guy on the left.

ukulele_j247 karma

lmao! he's the son of the owner of the shop that I got all the work done. He was cool.

DarkFlame7607 karma

You mean the shop whose work got it set on fire?

ukulele_j526 karma


distortednet482 karma

did you have increased insurance rates on the car? did they stick you with any sort of bills as a result of getting your car "pimped"?

ukulele_j813 karma

The insurance rates were actually the same as before. No changes there.

They stuck me with a lot of legal documents. For example, if I sold the car, I cannot say that it was on Pimp My Ride. I couldn't try to sell it on certain websites.

jinglesassy366 karma

did they say why you couldn't say it was on the show?

ukulele_j782 karma

So I couldn't up the value of it.

homesick66111 karma

How airtight is an agreement to not reveal it was on the show? Say for example you just happened to have a picture of you and Xzibit with the car included among other pictures on a craigslist ad?

ukulele_j192 karma

It was just for the sale of the car. It is out of my hands if someone recognizes it.

mordacthedenier477 karma

When they pulled the sheet off was it really the first time you saw the car?

ukulele_j822 karma

The first two times, I had to pretend to see the car. Then, on the third take, they pulled the sheet off and I actually saw it.

[deleted]419 karma

How was xzibit in person/off camera? I was at Disneyland/DCA one time and he was in front of me in line for California Screaming'. I said hi and he seemed cool. Wondering if you had any interaction beyond what went on in front of cameras...

ukulele_j874 karma

Yeah he's a really nice guy. We had random conversations about stuff. I told him the real stories behind my exes. He listened.

Razzy96413 karma

What are some of the things that random people have said to you about your car after the matter?

ukulele_j1047 karma


"That's a funny-looking Scion."

"Nice car."

I was chased on freeways, while being stopped, people would come up and have a full blown conversation about the episode. Cops would pull me over every day just to see the car.

cgdiaz859 karma

Wow, this is the worst hazard about being on Pimp My Ride, "You will be pulled over, a lot".

ukulele_j656 karma

Very true.

Ricketycrick221 karma

Did the cops give obvious bullshitty answers as to why they pulled you over? "You were going 41 in a 40, I'll let it slide this time"

Or were they just like


ukulele_j714 karma

"Your 3rd taillight is out."

WhyBecauseISaidSo412 karma

For the 5 months they had your car, did they supply you with a replacement car? How pimped out was that car? What didn't you like about they way they'd pimped it out? How did they explain to you "Sorry, dude, we actually gotta take these super neat things back"? Were the wiring errors their fault or yours? What does GAS stand for? What were they looking for when they initially chose you and your car? The most broken down, crappiest car or just something to work with?

ukulele_j585 karma

  1. No, they gave me $2,000 to rent a car. But I was 19 at the time, I rented a car for a month, and cost me $1,000. So I pocketed the rest.

  2. It was a rental from Hertz.

  3. Before viewing my car, they took me out for lunch, and asked me questions about my favorite colors, least favorite colors, my hobbies, etc. I hated the color red.

  4. They told me they were a road hazard. They legally cannot leave it on the car.

  5. The wiring issues were from the shop that I was going to, 5 years after the show.

  6. GAS=Galpin Auto Sports.

  7. The most unique car. By the time they were filming this season, they had already done minivans, mercedes, a fucking bus, and an ice cream truck. They have never had a RAV4 before, so they went with it.

lethargicwalrus204 karma

Did you have a good time?

ukulele_j445 karma

Yeah, I had a blast. It was a pretty good experience.

ColdisWarned163 karma

What made it a hazard exactly?

ukulele_j300 karma

The hood, since it was reversed, they didn't have a way to lock it down, so they had to put it back. At the time, they were just starting to create the reverse-hood brackets. It was unavailable at the time of my episode.

Dreadnark383 karma

Be honest, what were the reactions like when you first showed it off?

ukulele_j827 karma

A lot of people asked why they didn't do more. Pimp My Ride is known for doing more, such as a lot of TVs everywhere. I had 2 headrest TVs. and that was it. I'm not complaining, but my friends complained.

d3l3t31480 karma

First world problems at its finest

ukulele_j694 karma

tell me about it.

105Hummel310 karma

Dude.. minivans have headrest TVs..

You got ripped off.

ukulele_j555 karma


ohno-zombri369 karma

So an overall review of the experience: was it worth it? It sounds like a lame experience from how you've described it....

ukulele_j1104 karma

Yes it was worth it. It gave me confidence, which I didn't have, growing up.

I_am_computer_blue26 karma

That is great to hear man!

ukulele_j26 karma

thank you

turbie361 karma

Why are all your ex-girlfriends so angry?

ukulele_j783 karma

It was just something I made up. Except for the last one. She cheated on me.

uplink1718 karma


ukulele_j569 karma


italian_gurl346 karma

Did you have to pay for anything?

ukulele_j721 karma

Just taxes, once it was complete. They also gave me more than half of the money to pay for said taxes.

WuTangCIan339 karma

What was the amount of tax? Just curious.

ukulele_j654 karma


professerchaos0316 karma


ukulele_j379 karma

YEEEESSSSS. I am also a huge fan of Jake Shimabukuro.

Farisr9k1461 karma

Look at all these crazy words on my screen.

ukulele_j515 karma

It's a ukulele thing, you wouldn't understand.

breaking_jackpots223 karma

Did they reimburse you for the faulty wiring that lead to your car catching fire and being totaled?

ukulele_j646 karma

My insurance covered what they could. We tried to go after the shop, but the shop "disappeared".

StupidlyClever684 karma

"I swear the shop was right here!"

"shops don't just get up and run away ukelele_j"

ukulele_j114 karma

I pass by it every now and then, but there's really nothing i can do about it at this point.

pockettrumpet221 karma

What's your favorite song to play on the ukulele?

ukulele_j713 karma

I proposed to my girlfriend by singing "I Wanna Grow Old With You". So currently, that's my favorite.

slapFIVE302 karma

When's the wedding? Can I come??

ukulele_j501 karma

definitely. pm me your info. your invite will be in the mail in about 2 years.

slapFIVE538 karma

OP BETTER DELIVER!!!!!!!! I'll wear a tux with a 'slapFIVE' name tag.

EDIT: Address has been sent. Commenter has delivered.

ukulele_j208 karma

I promise i will! Just make sure you deliver!

Mr122185 karma

What does your current car look like?

ukulele_j532 karma

After the RAV4, I got 350z. I recently traded it in for a 2012 EVO X.

edit: i accidentally a word.

meshugg182 karma

All of the other "contestants" got their rides pimped anyways.

What do you mean by this? Are they used for other episodes?

ukulele_j269 karma

Yes, in order to fill the rest of the season.

AlvinQ89 karma

That's just the production company being efficient: select 15 contestants, tell them each they are one of 15, thereby generating happy surprise when "chosen," send camera crew to make "application" videos, all of which will be used - no wasted effort.

Same thing about having to fake imagining seeing his dream car twice - if he hated it, they can use the two takes of fake joy to make it work.

ukulele_j21 karma


tepuki_thunder172 karma

  1. Did you/your car ever get recognised for being on Pimp my Ride?
  2. Is it embarrassing that owning a Rav4 made you famous?

ukulele_j356 karma

  2. I was pretty proud. I was 19 at the time. I got a job because of it. I didn't even have to interview at all.

Shadowkittenx155 karma

Why didn't you just sell it for profit?

ukulele_j369 karma

I couldn't, because if I did, I would be in breach of contract if I said that it was on Pimp My Ride. Also the car had some sentimental value: it was my first car.

xrg2020130 karma

Can't you like still sell it at a higher price without saying it was on "pimp my ride"?

Like say you did all this?

ukulele_j242 karma

Yeah I could have. But how many people do you ever come across that was on Pimp My Ride?

evrynamewastakn139 karma

Two questions:

1) Was the faulty wiring from your additions, or their mistakes?

2) After watching the video of the fire, why didn't they pimp your car alarm?

ukulele_j183 karma

  1. My additions. The shop messed up and killed my car.
  2. My car actually didn't have a car alarm. I bought an aftermarket one way after the show.

xdtrammell55 karma

Did the shop that messed up the wiring have any kind of warranty or insurance or did they just leave you with a burned car?

ukulele_j102 karma

No, my insurance company covered some of the damage, and attempted to go after the shop, but they somehow "disappeared".

xdtrammell41 karma

I'm sure if the just randomly disappeared you weren't the first persons car they messed up.

ukulele_j138 karma

ACTUALLYYYYYY, after mine, 4 other cars caught on fire.

xdtrammell67 karma

Sounds like they were hiring people from burger king to work on cars and didn't know what the hell they were doing.

ukulele_j117 karma

People on the show never touched my car. They had other people behind the scenes.

wievid132 karma

When they first started filming the show and when drift racing in the US became such a massive fad, they found a guy with a 240SX and put him on the show. Over on the 240sxForums.com, he did a short interview and in the show he made it seem like he only had ONE seat and it was a rather expensive racing seat.

In reality, he had two but MTV told him to take one out for the introduction video to make it more "extreme" - did MTV do anything like that with you?

ukulele_j284 karma

Yes, they removed my front bumper, used aircraft remover, and enhanced the dent on the side of my car.

loginthenregister128 karma

Were you satisfied with the outcome?

ukulele_j220 karma

Better than what I had before. So yes.

diskhead1119 karma

were the changes mostly cosmetic, or did they add performance back to the vehicle?

ukulele_j221 karma

It was all cosmetic. Everything under the hood was factory, except for the battery.

Deracinated110 karma

Was there anything that you really disliked about the car after? Also, was it surreal or awkward to be filmed/or on tv? Did you feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Thanks for the AMA!

ukulele_j214 karma

The whole interior was awful.

When they revealed my car, it was awkward because of the people there. I didn't know who they were.

Yeah, I was comfortable in front of the camera.

dirt41086 karma

If you could redo the experience all over again, would you? What would you do differently if anything?

ukulele_j197 karma

Change my hobbies. Keep the other $1000 that I spent on the rental car.

Dvwtf73 karma

Were you asked to react a certain way? Did they give you a script at all for the little time you were on camera?

ukulele_j153 karma

Yes, I'm not a very enthusiastic person to begin with (due to a poor childhood), so they had to keep retaking my reaction.

No script.

karadan10062 karma

Tell me how the fish tanks in your hub caps worked out for you.

ukulele_j160 karma

fish died...

horbob45 karma

Can you post a before and after photo for those of us outside the states who can't watch the show?