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PART 2!!! We are going another 12 hours with my famous butler JOSEPH aka the guy who played GEOFFREY.

My name is David Choe, I am a professional gambler, artist, ghost porn writer, vitamin distributor, motivational speaker, and pervert. I made hundreds of millions of dollars gambling, making art, and risking everything. Ask me anything.

I'm making videos for you all, the first responses are going up now. My video guy is like Sloth from Goonies.

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Edit 1: The insatiable Asa Akira and the beautiful Jessie Andrews just joined me and Mark Spiegler of Spiegler Girls in bed for a porn star studded orgy. Ask us anything!! But, if the question is, who is fingering who right now? Yes, definitely Mark and I are fingering each other while there are two hot girls next to us. Not gay, not gay.

Edit 2: Dan the Automator, hip hop producer just walked in with Kid Koala. They are playing cowbell. Ask them anything, they will be here for a while.

Edit 3:

Edit 4: Edison P Nasty, master button pusher has joined the party.

Edit 5: I'm down to draw some tasteful nudes this morning, ladies give me your best pose.[1][2][3]

Edit 6: Demitri Vocal Freestyle

Edit 7: Female Bodybuilders Dallas Malloy ,Heidi Anderson, rikki rockett from POISON just arrived!

Edit 8: A lot of people asking who the fuck I am.

Edit 9: FRONT PAGE What a fuckshow...

Edit 10: A music video just happened:

Edit 11: Eric Nakamura of Giant Robot just rolled in!

Edit 12: Some pidgets just few in:

Edit 13: Eric Nakamura!

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davidchoe_ama226 karma

Asa Akira leaves to go prepare her asshole. Dan the Automator stands by.

Bitchtits_Shephard157 karma

Is there going to be a new season of Thumbs Up?? Also, how is Harry Kim these days?

Jsshibat26 karma

my favorite episode was where you and harry took mexican steroids and ran across the boarder...was that real?

davidchoe_ama36 karma


DoctorMoses56 karma

god damn i love this AMA

Swissmilkhotel47 karma

I have no idea what is going on here.

AndyRooney13 karma

Me going through the threads.



Tomatosaurus19 karma

You've just been immortalized on a giant dildo. How does that make you feel?

davidchoe_ama57 karma

Kid Koala and Dan the Automator joins us

submarinemonk56 karma

Who is the absolute worst person you know personally? The worst.. I want details main.

ctusk42318 karma

You are now banned from /r/Pyongyang

baozebub9 karma

Having dated a Korean girl in college, I am now messed up for life.

Daske49 karma

David, I have you on facebook so I might send you a more detailed message there. I don't have any questions for you but you've been the biggest influence of my life and I'd really like you to read this.

Ever since I watched your video "whales and orgies: the early years of david choe" four years ago I have lived my life by it. You said in the video the movie 'colors' really changed your life. 'Whales and Orgies' and 'dirty hands' changed my life in a big way. Before I watched your movies I was always getting in trouble with the law and spent 6 months in a junvenile detention centre. Just fucking around with mates. Breaking into places, stealing cars and destroying property. I was a very angry kid. After watching your movies I stopped with a fair bit of my drug use and breaking/stealing and spent my money instead on paint and my time on graffiti. I really got into art and I found this appreciation for quick dirty, messy art: Art in its purest form. Raw energy. I got caught a couple times but haven't spent any more time in prison yet and don't plan to (I'm 19 now).

I just wanted to thank you for keeping me going and motivated through all the bullshit. Honestly if it wasn't for you I'd probably be dead or in jail. And i mean that. Ive got pretty bad depression and I probably would have killed myself if I'd never found those videos. You got no idea how much you helped me and I can't thank you enough.

I'm from Australia but i'd love to come to the US just to hang out and have a beer (or even go painting). I've been saving up money and I plan on going overseas soon. I think I have enough to fly to the US so let me know if you want to just do something one day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this man. If you even just read this it will have made my day big time. Much love.

hankadank49 karma

freakiest most perverted thing youve done?

davidchoe_ama65 karma

It was actually when I stuffed an octopus in a girl's pussy last week

davidchoe_ama47 karma

Question for you Reddit readers. Click on link below and tell me your heartbreak stories...

carnenom44 karma

If you could say anything to yourself when you were 16 what would you say?


It's been an hour with no replies, did you get distracted on r/gonewild ?

davidchoe_ama105 karma

You're right. I got distracted. Video replies are coming out now and being posted.

ShitDickOnaStick42 karma

Are you happy?

sbabster39 karma

do you and Anthony Bordaine smoke the grass together?

Meggalif39 karma

How many porn stars have you fucked? And who is your favorite porn star at the moment?

davidchoe_ama110 karma

Hi Meggalif. Watch the link for your reply.

davidchoe_ama38 karma

Kid Koala and Dan the Automator joins us

Antlers_25 karma

How can I be a "Real G"?

You recently did a show at UCLA but they wouldn't let me in cause I'm not a UCLA student, any chance you'll do some more shows at other campuses?

255522224 karma

What was your favorite cartoons growing up

davidchoe_ama24 karma

go fuck myself? go fuck yourself

aeroesoul24 karma

david, hoes before bros???

davidchoe_ama23 karma

Harry Kim and Edison Dance Party!!!!

DurkahDurkah21 karma


Theawesome12344319 karma

Jessie have you in your personal life ever used a strapon on a guy and Asa will you be filming any new b/g strapon scenes anytime soon?

davidchoe_ama19 karma

davidchoe_ama18 karma

A music video just happened:

davidchoe_ama18 karma

Dan the Automator and Kid the Koala joined us earlier...

drhrble18 karma

How does a lonely white kid get into the KGB?

davidchoe_ama17 karma

my statement and answer, on "choe spending his facebook money like a retard" comments and questions, yes that is actually happening, but thats always been happening, i always spend money like its going out of style .besides the people who actually work for me, i dont pay my friends to come hang out with me. my shit is free . my art is free , my body and mind are free, and hanging out is fun and always free. always remember if you never ask, you will never know. Don't be shy, be brave, be bold ! Capture people's attention and imagination. Stop caring so much what people think, nobody cares ,nobody gives a fuck , and if they do they forget by tomorrow ,so who wants to go get a pizza and fuck??... what you dont like pizza? ps: always put good energy out into the world and it'll come back to you in ways you won't believe. i left the money on the table and basically did the facebook job for free because i believed in mark and sean. would you have walked away from 60,000$ during the myspace era ? how many painters do you know that made millions? how many gamblers do you know that made millions? how many people do you know that make millions no matter what they choose to do? i did all that before the Facebook money ever came. Am i just the luckiest man alive? or is it something else? sure luck is a part of life, but it can't and never will be about the money, hard work, planning, believing in yourself , honing your craft and skill to as close to perfection ,and taking life changing risks is most of the battle. so now you have to sit there and ask yourself, what's holding you back? what do you have to lose? this shit is almost over, your almost dead , tomorrow was never promised to you. While you sit there and talk shit im over here doing everything ive ever wanted to do and try and crying from lauging from shitting on the face of defeat. and so what are you waiting for? #cryingfromlaughingfromshittingonthefaceofdefeat

Britender16 karma

Choe Bucks? How do we get them if we're not porn stars or close associates?

chaostitties15 karma

What's a day in the life of David Choe like?

davidchoe_ama15 karma

Hot pics of porn stars Asa Akira and Jessie Andrews in their panties prancing around in my warehouse for all you pervs. Even hotter pics of Mark Spiegler and me right before the orgy.

sukebe114 karma

iMAdirtyOldMan: David, longtime lissener, first time caller. Am I on the air? Have you evar killed someone?

crackcracks14 karma

Whats the last song you listened to? Also wanted to say you were fucking awesome on Stern.

vajasmine13 karma

What is the greatest way to get to know strangers?

davidchoe_ama12 karma

My threesome with Harry Kim

Champie12 karma

I just need this one question answered. What does Jessie smell like?

Chets_McDoogle11 karma

What is the korean word for manhole?

funkskipneedlebank10 karma

power of flight, or invisibility?

borum10 karma

Do you still do stuff with upperplayground sometimes?

Pixeleyes10 karma

Where can I buy that awesome MC Hammer shirt?

Galacticabyss9 karma

David should I get a tattoo on my chest of Mount Rushmore but replacing the faces with Carl Sagan, Charles Dawkins, Einstein & Napoleon? Oh and Niggard.

davidchoe_ama9 karma

thanks to all my friends who called and stopped by yesterday

Asa Akira, Jessie Andrews, Mark Spiegler, David Chang , Kayla Carrera , Prince Bobby Namba AKA Barstow Brownstar, Anthony Bourdain (couldn't call in so sent this drawing he did of himself shooting up dope ), Pidgets , Daniel Dae Kim , Daniel Wu, Kid Koala, Money Mark, Dan the Automator, Edison, SABER AWR, Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air , Stevie Janowski of Eastbound and Down , 5 cent , Stacy Adams , Eric Nakamura, Estevan Oriol, Bobby Hundreds, Joey Kurtzman aka Maury Showbizawitz , Penny Pax, Sarah Shevon, Chastity Lynn, Veruca James, my personal trainers Dallas Malloy & Heidi Anderson, 2 old guys , KronDon the albino rapper , Yuji Okumoto from , Banksy (the monkey) , critter, Bernie from weekend at Bernies, gospel choir singing the most beautiful song in the world , my love Aubrey Plaza , and the final straggler Harry Kim , (sorry if i forgot anyone it was long day)

naewpaks8 karma

Could you take a video of Asa Akira headbanging with a box on her head while someone is twirling her tits? I'm weird you understand

davidchoe_ama23 karma

No, but here's something close or better. Here's Asa sucking on octo-pussy for you.

countvonsexula8 karma

hey Dave, whats you're greatest extravagance?

_whyy7 karma

Dave how much of your success is hard work vs talent vs luck?

jams727 karma

Will I ever meet you?

haetae7 karma

What’s it like/how does it feel sharing the world YOUR world- to have your art come to life?

davidchoe_ama7 karma

About to marry a korean girl? Watch this first...

currypowderman6 karma

I FUCKING LOVE YOUR PODCASTS I FUCKING LOVE THUMBS UP I FUCKING LOVE HARRY I FUCKING LOVE DIRTY HANDS actually like just finished watching it again and bought the dvd for xtra footage You're the shit. I'm horny as fuck. I wanna meet you one day when I'm older. Your fucking inspirational.

way_duh6 karma

Where can I get a copy of the Choe Method video you played at UCLA a few weeks back?

davidchoe_ama6 karma I uploaded it just for you, way_duh. You like to play?

DirtyElite5 karma

what do you do to keep yourself grounded, being that some people with intergalactic talent, influence, resources, hoes, hobos, etc. sometimes believe their own hype, and snuff it? (big up homophobe)

simplis5 karma

can you show your favorite piece of art you own?

davidchoe_ama17 karma