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{edit} OK... It may be obvious to some of you that I didn't do this AMA thing right. I posted it this morning not realizing you actually have to sit down right away and start answering questions. So I'm gonna keep at it answering all your questions here and there for the rest of today/tonight and I'll close it at the end of today the 30th. If anyone would like to contact me, please feel free to do so at my fb fan page listed below! Thanks for making this a truly fun experience!! I'm also gonna try to answer all the questions posted.

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{edit} WOW!! Kinda blown away by how quickly the responses have piled up after starting this MORNING!!! I'll get to them as quick as I can but just remember that I'm a father of 2 YOUNG KIDS and WORK during the day (for the most part). :P Thanks for your patience, everyone! Love that everyone loved the show so much!

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youngli0n506 karma


did you get paid a decent amount? how the hell did they even stop that show? did you ever meet the dude form art attack or was that on another channel? have you ever gone inside... THE ZONE?

EDIT: 1 more question... how old are you now?

EDIT2: so this was posted in r/toronto 1 day ago

winkyahoo16 karma

I got paid quite well, for sure. I mean, it's not the States but I was verrrry happy with the pay. Never met Art Attack guy. I did a segment on The Zone and Breakfast Zone once. It was fun. I'm 42 but look a decade younger. :)

Skrattybones166 karma

Holy shit. I can't even think of a question other than,

"How much product did they use on your hair?"

winkyahoo87 karma

Not too much... ice mist was the key.

e7TopHat89 karma

I GOT TO GO TO THIS! My school won some contest and our entire 6th grade got to go and be the audience on the show! Jesus christ!

  1. How did you even get that job
  2. Did your character in the show reflect your real life personality
  3. Were there any times you hated your job.

winkyahoo77 karma

  1. it evolved from a sketch within the show It's Alive, which also aired on YTV. Producer asked if I'd like to do a full 1/2 hour show and I said "damn straight."
  2. A bit. I can turn it on and off. I like to chill and also be crazy at times. My kids can attest to that.
  3. Never hated the job but I didnt like getting up at 5:30am to get to the studio for my 1/2 hour hair appointment. Also didn't like losing my voice at the end of a day where we would tape 4 episodes.

checkgeardown11 karma

  1. Where was the show filmed?
  2. Did you guys film this on weekends only to accommodate the kids?
  3. What times does filming start, and how long does it go on for?

winkyahoo11 karma

  1. Global studios Toronto
  2. Filmed for a week during end of summer camp days (we got camp kids) and during weekdays during school year and bussed kids in.
  3. We had a fill day of taping. 9am to 3:30pm but I started at 5:30am and ended at 4:30

[deleted]64 karma

Were you aware that the red team always had the advantage by being last? I swear they won more than blue and green combined. Too many game changers on that wheel.

And, did you ever hang out with any of the old cast from YTV, like Jeff, Phil or Sugar?

winkyahoo74 karma

One of my best friends today is Danny Smith from It's Alive. He played Merton on Big Wolf on Campus. Show was never rigged tho.

unknown_poo16 karma

I remember PJ Phil, he was cool. And PJ Sugar has such a high pitched voice. Dammit, too many memories flooding back

winkyahoo72 karma

Me and Sugar did a film together called STAG with Donald Faison. Been winning some awards lately at festival circuits and it'll be out in 2013.

canuckfanatic48 karma

If Uh-Oh were to be brought back to YTV, would you like to host it again?

winkyahoo80 karma


MikeWisniowski36 karma


shat9325 karma


winkyahoo22 karma


winkyahoo6 karma

Hahaha! I'm busy enough with life to make this happen but someone else can if they'd like!! :)

Kushmasterx46 karma

What was your favourite part of working on the show, was the punisher as much as an asshole as he made himself out to be on the show or was that just an act. Thanks for being an awesome part of my childhood, I can remember watching Uh-oh nearly everyday back in the 90s and it was kick ass.

winkyahoo85 karma

Favorite part - being a goofball and getting paid for it. Punisher - not an a-hole. Just a tough guy. Good actor, too. The first Punisher that is. The second one (black guy) was a real nice dude and his name was Bubba. No joke. Thanks for watchin' it!

lophyte38 karma

I have this vague memory when I was in the audience on the pilot episode. We were walking out of the sound stage during an intermission, and the punisher was walking next to me. I said something to him, polite conversation, and he put his goo-covered hand on the back of my neck and replied in his punisher voice.

I wish I could remember exactly what I asked and exactly what he replied.

winkyahoo79 karma

He said 'I LOVE YOU". ;)

LookItsSully44 karma

The Punisher always scared the crap out of me when I was a child. Was it always the same guy? Or did they have new guys hired. How was he chosen?

winkyahoo25 karma

2 different punishers. One white guy for a few years and a black guy for the final 2. First one was part of the cast of It's Alive and second guy was auditioned.

the_black_cat41 karma

I loved Uh-Oh, like most Canadians in my day!

I'm curious, what was the role (live action, or animated) that you're most proud of?
How did you get into acting?

winkyahoo7 karma

Great question! Live action - Rookie Blue series premiere. The scene is on my website http://www.theactor.net in the clips+ section under demos. Also loved my turn on Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures. Also on my site. Enjoy!! As far as getting into acting - as a kid I was interested in it as young as 7. Started auditioning at 12. And just kept on going. :)

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winkyahoo72 karma

Damn! Facebook like me at https://www.facebook.com/theactor.net?ref=ts&fref=ts , let me know it was you in a wall post and we'll see what we can do. :)

MurphTurf32 karma

i love wink yahoo more than my own parents

winkyahoo31 karma

Now now... how do you KNOW that I'm not your daddy. Really. ;)

therreddittor31 karma

90s nostalgia overload!

Did you meet any of the other YTV cast in your time on the show, like the hosts/PJ's of the Zone? What were they like?

Do you still keep in touch with anyone you met during those times?

How much stuff did you have to put in your hair to get it that way during the show?

Do your kids now watch YTV as they grow up? What do you think of modern children's TV?

winkyahoo13 karma

For sure. Katie, Phil, Paul.. all nice people! I only keep in touch with the folks from my shows Uh-Oh and It's Alive. And mainly Danny Smith (it's alive). A lot of stuff in the hair: gel, spray and the most important part, ice-mist! My kids watch tv, for sure, but they're young so it's all tame. I have yet to look at and judge the older kids shows - but I'll tell you I'll be watching it like a hawk! I'm not cool with a lot of the stuff out there.

midtoke30 karma

On what occasion, if any, do make this face nowadays?

winkyahoo6 karma

Not much. Only if someone asks because they loved the show. :)

bydd30 karma

Always loved watching this on YTV!

  1. Most memorable moment on the show?

  2. Did it ever get old watching the punisher haul those kids off to get slimed?

  3. Not really a question, but I hope you were able to keep the jackets and ties you wore!

winkyahoo18 karma

  1. See above posts. :)
  2. Not old but I was more thinking of lines to ad lib while he was hauling people off. So my brain was in work mode.
  3. I did! Some of them.

MrB0ngo29 karma

Alright Wink... I got a burning question that I have been holding onto since I was like 8. Why was the score swap even allowed in the game? It was so unfair... blue team would suck the entire game, but get a lucky spin.... and poor red team, who would be crushing it, would be sent home as losers.

Also... How was the guy who played the Punisher in real life? Was he REALLY a sadistic bastard?

winkyahoo15 karma

Punisher question answered throughout thread so check that out. :) I know the trade and spin was a killer but it made for awesome tv to see that the game could be won in the final spin. Not so fair for the contestant who loses but totally riveting for the viewer at home who is watching and rooting for his/her team. They still had a shot to win!

SULLYvin28 karma

When I was 6 I applied to be on Uh-Oh!, but never got picked, and I was pretty sad.

But more importantly, WHAT WAS THE GOO MADE OF!?

Fleabert34 karma

I believe you meant you applied to be on Uh-Oh.

But I bet all the ladies were applying to be on Yahoo, am I right Wink?!

winkyahoo29 karma

Nahhh. Some people had a little crush on me. But I loked kinda freaky so it took a certain type. :)

Bohgues30 karma

I was on the show, and I was awesomely dunked when my teammate got her question wrong.

From what I could tell, it was water with clumps of flour and random bits food/candy maybe?

winkyahoo45 karma

Yup... you're right. But the food stuff was prepped the night (or 2 before) so it stank real bad.

lol_camis26 karma

Wow after multiple Political figures do AMAs, this is still the one that gave me the most excited reaction. I'm 23 from Victoria BC and I probably watched every single episode. I don't really have any questions for you. But I'm very happy to tell you how excited I am to see you do an AMA.

winkyahoo26 karma

Thanks!! its fun but impossible to keep up!

PassTheSyrup25 karma

I go to Wilfrid laurier university, and last year during orientation week we had an UH OH contest complete with wink yahoo impersonator, punisher, prizes and of course, slime

winkyahoo17 karma


jon_york24 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, Scotty

1) How did you keep your hair so perfect during the show?

2) What was your favourite obstacle (wording?) ie: Dump Tank

3) What was that green goo/slime made of?

4) Was the Punisher a cool guy?

winkyahoo11 karma

1.Ice-mist! The key!!! 2. The Dump! 3. Food and food colouring 4. cool but tough

ilikestuffsometimes23 karma

The hair, is it alive?

winkyahoo5 karma

You bet!

quietsnooze23 karma

Oh man, this show was amazing back in the day!

  1. What was the weirdest trivia question on the show?

  2. Did you guys realize how creepy the Punisher really was, when you were filming? He's got a weird sexual undertone to him, for a kid's show..

  3. What was your opinion of your fellow crew members?

  4. Do you think this show would fare well if it were made today? What would have to be different to make it work in modern day?

winkyahoo31 karma

  1. can't remember ANY of the questions!!!
  2. Yes.
  3. Awesome!
  4. Dunno. Game shows were the thing then. The game show genre would have to make a comeback if it were to do well today. plus a few modifications to make it modern and hip.

Jim_Boonie22 karma

Do you still keep in contact with The Punisher?

winkyahoo15 karma

Yeah, via facebook.

bzomesius22 karma

  1. Were there any hook ups between hosts?
  2. Were any of the cast members drug users?
  3. Did anything ever happen that YTV (or whoever produced the show) would not want the public to find out about?

winkyahoo7 karma

  1. Not that I knew of but a lot of flirting. :P
  2. Not that I knew of. True.
  3. see no. 2.

SparklesM822 karma

Do you ever get recognised? you obviously look a little different. How is it knowing that you were one of most canadians childhood icons? Thank you for being part of my life

winkyahoo15 karma

Hahaa! Yeah, I get recognized mostly by 20-30 year olds. And I love that I was able to be part of their growing up!!! I'm glad I was able to for you too. :)

kotooni22 karma

  • What do you miss most about the 90s?
  • Can you record "hey reddit, this is wink yahoo" in the wink yahoo voice? It would mean a lot!!!

winkyahoo8 karma

I miss the way my body felt after playing a hockey game and not being sore. :P Where would I even do that recording? Contact me on facebook fan page to reply because this AMA is ending tonight!

[deleted]22 karma

Not so much a question, rather a statement of fact - You were my childhood, and I thank you.

winkyahoo23 karma

No. I thank you. :)

the_injog17 karma

If you've already answered this, please kindly disregard. Much (I can't necessarily say most) of reddit is highly skeptical of Reiki, and other mystical practices. Could you describe your work with it and any evidence, even anecdotal that you have had with it? Please and thank you.

winkyahoo31 karma

You're actually the first reply I've gotten to believe it or not. :P I'm not in the business of trying to convince anyone of reiki's validity, that's for sure. All I know is that it's absolutely real and can be very powerful as I have had some life altering experiences (full waves of energy that were blissful in nature, flowing throughout my body up and down) that I have felt in my body while doing it. This was even before I had practiced reiki on anyone else. Then when I started on other people, I received feedback from them as well that further confirmed it's effectiveness. That's cool if people knock it. I'm not a preacher trying to convert anyone. Just relaying my own amazing experiences.

ollievee17 karma


winkyahoo22 karma

Never been slimed. nice costume!!! No inspiration inasmuch I just wanted to make him zany and off his rocker.

Godort17 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA, this is mad-interesting.

1)Who is your favorite hockey team?

2)Who is your favorite Basketball Team?

3)What is your favorite kind of cheese?

4)Is a unicycle a valid form of transportation?

winkyahoo29 karma

Habs Raps Jarlsberg Yes.

BoAd15 karma

My friend posted two of my questions earlier, but as a huge fan I really want one answered:

Is there any possibility of reviving Uh Oh!, or alternatively doing a university tour with more difficult questions, more mayhem, and more slime?!

Please say yes.

winkyahoo19 karma

Hahahaa!!! I'd love to say a university tour could be done but it all comes down to money, unfortunately. We'd need a huge sponsor to supply the $ for the crew, the materials, the set and the travel and accommodations. And someone to get the ball rolling, too. :P As far as an Uh-Oh 2.0, there were discussions and plans to see the feasibility of doing it but nothing has materialized yet. It's still a possibility but don't hold your breath 'cause I'm not! :)

memorycollector13 karma

what is your favourite contestant response? mine was a girl spelling cat "c-a-at" during speed round.

winkyahoo11 karma

Bwahahahaa!!! Can't remember unfortunately. Our last taping day was 10 years ago!

luckytaurus13 karma

Hey Wink! Were you ever dumped on by the goo?!

winkyahoo19 karma


reelbigfishtml11 karma

What was the worst part about hosting "Uh-Oh"?

winkyahoo24 karma

losing my voice after taping 4 shows a day

EpsilonSigma11 karma

Wow. Uh, sir? Can I just say that you are easily one of the most influential people of my childhood. Uh-oh was and is to this day my absolute favorite television show as a child. You and the show will forever be in my mind and I can't thank you enough for bringing me soooooo much joy and fun as a child. I'm 16 now, but every now and then, I go to youtube and try to find an episode or two so I can relive the enjoyment of my favorite kids show. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for hosting that show. You and that show mean so much to me.

winkyahoo20 karma

Wow!! It is absolutely my pleasure. I'm glad I was able to play that role in your life, my friend. :)

ccjjallday10 karma

Are you going to be Wink Yahoo for Halloween?

winkyahoo30 karma

Nope. Taking my kids out just as dad. :P

Macmee9 karma


Did you know I watched you on TV every night when I was little?

winkyahoo36 karma

Yes, yes I do. I saw you.

spitenl9 karma

How did you get your hair to stay like that? Did the slime double as hair product?

winkyahoo18 karma

Combination of ice mist, gel and hair spray. No. :)

dustwads_1017 karma

How long did it take to tape an episode? and Did an audience member ever do anything on camera that was cut from broadcast?

winkyahoo13 karma

About an hour for a half hour show. I'm sure that something was cut but I was never aware of anything really crude or anyone hurt.

guntfuddler7 karma

What was the punisher like out of character?

winkyahoo14 karma

Nice guy but tough. Opinionated but good guy. This was the first punisher. Second one I didn;t know as well, but a nice guy nonetheless.

elephantgun426 karma

I gotta say Uh-Oh was definitely one of my favourite shows as a kid. 1.What was the punisher really like? 2.Was there any inspiration behind the character of Wink Yahoo?

winkyahoo12 karma

  1. see above
  2. nope. just to be crazy and zany

TheFluxIsThis6 karma

So, here's some basic questions...

1: How'd you land the gig in the first place?

2: Just how enjoyable was getting the chance to ham it up like a maniac on a frequent basis as Wink?

3: What have you been doing with yourself since the glory days of reading trivia to kids covered in nasty goo stuff?

winkyahoo11 karma

  1. See above.
  2. Awesome but tiring - 4 shows a day for 2 weeks straight.
  3. Full time actor/Voiceover guy. See my personal website or facebook page for deets!!

Strider-SnG5 karma

This reminds me of my happy childhood days. Thank you for brightening up a very shitty day so far.

winkyahoo9 karma

Heeeyyyy!!!! There are no shitty days. Just shitty ways to VIEW the day. Brighten up!!!! :)