Scott Yaphe

actor and comedian best known as a cast member of the YTV variety show It's Alive!

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Not too much... ice mist was the key.

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Favorite part - being a goofball and getting paid for it. Punisher - not an a-hole. Just a tough guy. Good actor, too. The first Punisher that is. The second one (black guy) was a real nice dude and his name was Bubba. No joke. Thanks for watchin' it!

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He said 'I LOVE YOU". ;)

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  1. it evolved from a sketch within the show It's Alive, which also aired on YTV. Producer asked if I'd like to do a full 1/2 hour show and I said "damn straight."
  2. A bit. I can turn it on and off. I like to chill and also be crazy at times. My kids can attest to that.
  3. Never hated the job but I didnt like getting up at 5:30am to get to the studio for my 1/2 hour hair appointment. Also didn't like losing my voice at the end of a day where we would tape 4 episodes.

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One of my best friends today is Danny Smith from It's Alive. He played Merton on Big Wolf on Campus. Show was never rigged tho.

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Me and Sugar did a film together called STAG with Donald Faison. Been winning some awards lately at festival circuits and it'll be out in 2013.

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Damn! Facebook like me at , let me know it was you in a wall post and we'll see what we can do. :)

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Yup... you're right. But the food stuff was prepped the night (or 2 before) so it stank real bad.

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Yes, yes I do. I saw you.