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For the final shows of the High Violet tour, a bunch of us from allthewine forum wrote you guys our experiences and you were given a book, what were your thoughts on the book?

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Just wanted to also let you guys know, you have an amazing team surrounding you. Dawn, Lisa, Meghan and Gabe are all great people for their prompt responses and helping set this up! They deserve raises and promotions!

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What is your guys' favourite music video?

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I gotta say Uh-Oh was definitely one of my favourite shows as a kid. 1.What was the punisher really like? 2.Was there any inspiration behind the character of Wink Yahoo?

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You are one of the few directors with an absolute perfect filmography. I'm a huge fan. What was the experience like filming I'm Here? That short is absolutely (get it) brilliant.

Also what is your favourite Charlie Kaufman film you didn't direct