Hey guys, I will be answering questions from 6-8pm EST. So ask away.

And I wanted to let you all know that I have a new political comedy special called Pauly Shore's Pauly~tics that's available for pre-order now on paulyshore.com for only $5. I did it with the same people who did Louis CK's special.

Proof: www.twitter.com/paulyshore The mods approved me as well. Let's do it BROOZZZZZ!!!!!

EDIT: This was a blast guys! Thank you! And don't forget to go to paulyshore.com to preorder Pauly~tics.

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ZangiefsBalls222 karma

Did you fuck Tiffany Thiessen while working with her on Son in Law?

PaulyShore672 karma

Why do you have to be so harsh BRO!? Why can't you say make love to her? I recall I did, she recalls she didn't. Roll roll rollll in the hay! Baby fresh nugs!

PaulyShore201 karma

Anyways, thanks for all the questions. You guys all seem pretty intelligent. Which is shocking because I've done various things like this in the past and people always ask stupid questions. I will definitely be back to the reddit site! If you will have me.

You guys have a killer night. And if you are fans, thank you so much for digging the shit that I've been doing for the last 25 years. All the way from 21 Jump Street to Pauly~tics. I love you. Check out my tour schedule and come party with me in one of your towns. Peace! I'm out!

And definitely follow me on twitter @paulyshore and instagram (paulyshore) and youtube.com/paulyshore

And go to paulyshore.com and sign up for my email list so we can keep in touch. And tell your friends to as well. Laterz!

shaleesmo109 karma

"Free Mahi Mahi! Free Mahi Mahi!"

I literally screamed when I saw you were doing an AMA...

Firstly, I am entitled to say this, whether you see this or not, that you have no idea the impact you have made on the lives of my cousin and I. I am not going to lie, we have not seen many of your works, but your work in BIODOME was one of a few things we grew up with that impacted the way we see the world and the way we see entertainment. Since my cousin was 6 and I was 8, we acted out your scenes, and quoted you daily. To this day, at ages 20 and 22, we still skip to "The Safety Dance". To us, you are Bud McIntosh, and always will be.

Now here is my question I've always wanted to ask; how do you feel about children so young being exposed to your work? Concerned? Honored? Our parents weren't really careful or aware of what we watched, which is how we stumbled upon Biodome so many years ago (I must say, we didn't understand most of the references, but did as we grew). Do you think it is wrong for children to be watching such types of comedy? Do you think it affects the way they will behave when they grow up? To add, my cousin and I turned out to be great people, more or less; we have never touched drugs or alcohol in our lives, and we try to be the best people we can be, even though films like Biodome, Dumb and Dumber, and Austin Powers raised us more than our own parents did.

Also, I just want to thank you for being so awesome. You are part of a very select group of people whom of which have shaped my life. Lots of love, from Canada.

PaulyShore118 karma

That's a great question. To be specific when I was growing up I watched comedians like Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison talk about edgy shit with no parental supervision. Unfortunately and fortunately this is a never ending cycle that will never stop. The bottom line is there are things out there the kids shouldn't do or see and be exposed to but wind up being exposed to. Life is about choices. Someone who is an alcoholic and that has been sober for many years can go into a bar and chose not to drink and still have a good time.

As far as Biodome, everyone seems to really love that one. Maybe I should watch it again and see what I did so great. Cause I kinda forgot. Thank you! I love you! Definitely check out my new comedy special Pauly~tics tomorrow night on Showtime at 9pm. Hit me on twitter. Let me know your thoughts.

And tell your cousin I say stub and doyle! stub and doyle!!!

Edit: SP

hipswiggle109 karma

I remember seeing a story where people were picketing your mom's club and you decided to pee on them from the roof. Was there ever any fallout from that?

PaulyShore335 karma

No I was 6 years old.

PaulyShore104 karma

Alright BROZZZ Let's do this!

stormshadow46244 karma

Was "The Weasel" your idea? Or did you you have some inspiration for doing that. My sister was obsessed with learning that noise you made after seeing it on MTV spring break forever ago.

PaulyShore119 karma

The noise that I did happened spontaneously while I was shooting my first episode of MTV's totally Pauly. I was introing a video and I was saying "this video is gonna be MA-JOR! Cause I'm the weasel!" And I said to myself, if weasels made noises, to me that's how that noise would sound. So I did the noise.

snapmedown94 karma

Have you considered doing a more dramatic starring role as other comedians have (i.e. Jim Carrey)? Has the opportunity ever come up?

PaulyShore388 karma

Unfortunately because of the choices that I have made in the early part of my career I've somewhat pigeon holed myself as being a knucklehead. Which is totally awesome. But the problem is a lot of Execs in the business don't see me in any other way. But all it's gonna take is that one director, like a Tarantino or an Aronofsky or a Paul Thomas Anderson to say ya know what, I'm gonna have Pauly Shore play the roll of a serial killer/drunk/father in my next project just to freak people out.

ReadMyPosts81 karma

Hey Pauly. What was your favorite movie that you were in and why?

PaulyShore155 karma

As far as studio films it seems that everyone loved Biodome and Son in Law the best. As far as why I love them... I love the story in Son in Law. I love the simplicity of it. I loved acting with Lane Smith, who played the father. Carla Gugino is adorable. Son in Law is the one movie that brought me to mainstream America. And Biodome was just silly as all hell. I told myself before filming it that I just wanted to be close to retarded and obnoxious at the same time. Similar to a live version of Beavis and Butthead.

As far as independents I love Pauly Shore is Dead and Adopted. Pauly Shore is Dead answered the question to the fans, "what the hell happened to me" in a fake way, but also a real way.

And I think I had the Guinness Book of World Records as far as celebrity cameos.

As far as Adopted. I wanted to show the positive side of Africa as a posed to the negative side that we all see so much. The people and the crew in Africa were amazing. If you ever get a chance to go to South Africa definitely hit it up!

lol_why_u_mad65 karma

what do you think about joe rogan and his crew always talking about the comedy store and your mother. They tell lots of stories.

PaulyShore106 karma

I think anyone that talks about The Comedy Store and my mother is really cool because obviously as you know, The Comedy Store and my mother laid the groundwork to develop several great comedians throughout the last 40 years. So Joe and his crew love the memories and the experiences that they got through the store.

krosber0465 karma

Why do you and Johnny Drama hate each other so much

PaulyShore99 karma

Because he's a son of a bitch!

Kidding, kidding... Kevin's character in Entourage was amazing. Very funny. I loved playing off of him. It was hysterical when he would come after me.

iamjacksprofile42 karma

Sup buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudy?

It seems that during the time that your show Totally Pauly was popular, MTV had a much more culturally significant impact on the youth of that era while it seems to have now lost that influence amongst teens and become just another reality TV station that has been banished into the realm of obscurity. How do you feel about the direction that MTV has taken since the mid to late 90s and what do you feel led to these changes? Is the golden age of MTV's glory days behind us?

PS - I KNOW you've got every episode of Totally Pauly on video tape lying around somewhere at your house. You need to be a bro and upload that shit to Youtube all anonymous style, music videos included. That would make The Weasel VERY happy buuuuuuuudy.

PaulyShore100 karma

People constantly everyday ask me about the state of MTV these days. I totally understand people's frustrations but unfortunately it's not MTV's fault. It's the people that watch these shows. If Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, etc. didn't get ratings, trust me, MTV would not put these on the air. At the end of the day, it's about ratings. Because without ratings, MTV won't have any sponsorship money to run its cable channel.

As far as Totally Pauly, you hit it on the head. I have over 3 years of episodes that I will release at the right time. Till then... Stay tuned come Jan/Feb of 2013 for all my Indies that will be released on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

JusticeMilanna39 karma

Who is your inspiration? I know it probably takes a lot to be a successful comedian today!

PaulyShore73 karma

My inspiration in the 70s was Richard Pryor. In the 80s Sam Kinison. Who both were very close to me and my mom, and to the Comedy Store. Both guys were so likable on stage and so endearing and so lovable. While also being dangerous and somewhat offensive and very foul.

djreluctant29 karma

It seems that in the comedy podcast community you are viewed as a bit of a villain, and your chance at fame was only made possible by your mom's connections in the comedy world. Is there any truth to these accusations, or are they all a bunch of jealous hacks who don't have the talent and perseverance to become successful?

PaulyShore106 karma

As you know, people are free to express whatever they want. But as you also know, there are several people that are in the entertainment business who grew up around it. Some make it, some don't. For instance angelina jolie's father is John Voight. Lenny Kravitz's mother was on the Jefferson. Nicholas Cage is related to Coppola. Most people know me from MTV, movies, and my standup. When they read about me, and learn about who I am, then they find out where I'm from. We're all products of our parents.

I do what I do in the business because I'm a true standup. I have two brothers and a sister who did not get bit by the standup bug. They're not in the entertainment business.

reccaikari26 karma

What is your thoughts on Hollywood? Specifically, how they or any industry, will use a person while they are a hot commodity, hammering their image into the ground, and then forget about them?

PaulyShore67 karma

Great question. My advice to anyone who wants to get in the entertainment business. Don't do it. Unless you're ready to be hammered like a nail. As entertainers, we all put ourselves out there to be liked. Not everyone is gonna like your stuff, no matter what. You wanna try to look at the glass half-full as a posed to half-empty. Focus on the people who like your stuff and try to build somewhat of an audience with those people.

Ben_Deroveur26 karma

Overall, are you happy with your career? If you could do anything differently, what would it be?

Sidenote: I (22) have been watching your movies since I could remember. In The Army Now is probably my favorite, although I own Son In Law, Jury Duty, Encino Man, and Bio Dome as well. Bio Dome would probably be a near tie with In The Army Now.

Thanks for all the laughs over the years.

PaulyShore96 karma

Overall I'm very happy with my career because at the end of the day the way I look at life and my career is half-full not half-empty. The fact that I have two hands, two feet, and a fucking head...I'm ahead of the game. You know, the movies that I did in the 90s for some reason have had a resurgence and constantly play on TV at various times and I'm constantly gaining new, younger fans because of it. And in the last 10 years I fell off the bike and I got back up and I took my career into my own hands and started producing/directing/acting in my own projects. Financially, some of these projects may not have paid off. But what I've learned through the process...you can't put a price tag on it. And anyone out there reading this, stop talking about making a movie/webseries/TV show and just say fuck it, bungee jump and try it. And when you fall off your bike, get back up.

My new project I'm really excited about. It was very challenging to take on politics without coming across like all of a sudden, what, Pauly's into politics now? In the special, Pauly~tics, you'll notice I don't chose a side. I'm right in the middle. I love CMT & BET. I love gays and conservatives. I love all races. I wanted to disarm the politicians and show them in a really cool light. And you'll notice in my conversations with pundit Michael Steele, Larry King, Barney Frank, Ralph Nader, and Herman Cain there is fun and joy between us.

My special premieres tomorrow night on Showtime at 9pm. And it's available for download (longer version) Nov. 6th. As you know, or don't, you can click to pre-order now for only $5. And once we get 100,000 downloads I'm going to be picking someone's name out of a hat and giving them $100,000. But so you're all clear, I can't release the money until we get at least 100,000 downloads.

walterknaub22 karma

I know your mom owns or owned the Comedy Store. I love Bill Hicks, and that was a spot that he performed at regularly. Did you ever meet Bill Hicks? Do you have any stories about times you did meet him?

PaulyShore32 karma

To be quite honest, Bill Hicks did not perform at the Comedy Store a lot. Just a few times. But I knew Bill because he was very close with Sam Kinison and I watched him work at other clubs. Whenever he popped up at the store I saw him as well.

jgonzalf20 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

PaulyShore136 karma

I'd rather ride a horse with a bayonet!

troubleonsaturn13 karma

Do you believe the Comedy Store is actually haunted and if you do, have you been witness to the ghost?

PaulyShore40 karma

No & no