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Have you considered doing a more dramatic starring role as other comedians have (i.e. Jim Carrey)? Has the opportunity ever come up?

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What was your reaction to the New York Times' decision to shut down its environmental desk and redistribute the reporters and editors to other desks?

Do you feel this will have a chilling effect at the New York Times for coverage of environmental issues and do you agree with veteran journalist Peter Dykstra that when you 'abolish a standalone beat, it sends a strong message to every career-conscious reporter and editor that chasing environment stories is not a path to advancement'?

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How do you respond to Michael Wolfe's criticism of your handling of the Newtown shootings? http://m.guardiannews.com/commentisfree/2012/dec/17/npr-andy-carvin-overreach-newtown

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How did you meet Olivia Nuzzi?

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Nate Silver recently said that he didn't join the New York Times to make friends. How about you? Have you made friends with your CNN colleagues? Wolf Blitzer seems like a cool guy to shoot pool with.