Paul Montgomery "Pauly" Shore

comedian and actor who starred in several comedy films in the 1990s and hosted a video show on MTV in the late 1980s and early 1990s

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Why do you have to be so harsh BRO!? Why can't you say make love to her? I recall I did, she recalls she didn't. Roll roll rollll in the hay! Baby fresh nugs!

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Unfortunately because of the choices that I have made in the early part of my career I've somewhat pigeon holed myself as being a knucklehead. Which is totally awesome. But the problem is a lot of Execs in the business don't see me in any other way. But all it's gonna take is that one director, like a Tarantino or an Aronofsky or a Paul Thomas Anderson to say ya know what, I'm gonna have Pauly Shore play the roll of a serial killer/drunk/father in my next project just to freak people out.

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No I was 6 years old.

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Anyways, thanks for all the questions. You guys all seem pretty intelligent. Which is shocking because I've done various things like this in the past and people always ask stupid questions. I will definitely be back to the reddit site! If you will have me.

You guys have a killer night. And if you are fans, thank you so much for digging the shit that I've been doing for the last 25 years. All the way from 21 Jump Street to Pauly~tics. I love you. Check out my tour schedule and come party with me in one of your towns. Peace! I'm out!

And definitely follow me on twitter @paulyshore and instagram (paulyshore) and

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As far as studio films it seems that everyone loved Biodome and Son in Law the best. As far as why I love them... I love the story in Son in Law. I love the simplicity of it. I loved acting with Lane Smith, who played the father. Carla Gugino is adorable. Son in Law is the one movie that brought me to mainstream America. And Biodome was just silly as all hell. I told myself before filming it that I just wanted to be close to retarded and obnoxious at the same time. Similar to a live version of Beavis and Butthead.

As far as independents I love Pauly Shore is Dead and Adopted. Pauly Shore is Dead answered the question to the fans, "what the hell happened to me" in a fake way, but also a real way.

And I think I had the Guinness Book of World Records as far as celebrity cameos.

As far as Adopted. I wanted to show the positive side of Africa as a posed to the negative side that we all see so much. The people and the crew in Africa were amazing. If you ever get a chance to go to South Africa definitely hit it up!

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I'd rather ride a horse with a bayonet!

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The noise that I did happened spontaneously while I was shooting my first episode of MTV's totally Pauly. I was introing a video and I was saying "this video is gonna be MA-JOR! Cause I'm the weasel!" And I said to myself, if weasels made noises, to me that's how that noise would sound. So I did the noise.

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That's a great question. To be specific when I was growing up I watched comedians like Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison talk about edgy shit with no parental supervision. Unfortunately and fortunately this is a never ending cycle that will never stop. The bottom line is there are things out there the kids shouldn't do or see and be exposed to but wind up being exposed to. Life is about choices. Someone who is an alcoholic and that has been sober for many years can go into a bar and chose not to drink and still have a good time.

As far as Biodome, everyone seems to really love that one. Maybe I should watch it again and see what I did so great. Cause I kinda forgot. Thank you! I love you! Definitely check out my new comedy special Pauly~tics tomorrow night on Showtime at 9pm. Hit me on twitter. Let me know your thoughts.

And tell your cousin I say stub and doyle! stub and doyle!!!

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I think anyone that talks about The Comedy Store and my mother is really cool because obviously as you know, The Comedy Store and my mother laid the groundwork to develop several great comedians throughout the last 40 years. So Joe and his crew love the memories and the experiences that they got through the store.

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As you know, people are free to express whatever they want. But as you also know, there are several people that are in the entertainment business who grew up around it. Some make it, some don't. For instance angelina jolie's father is John Voight. Lenny Kravitz's mother was on the Jefferson. Nicholas Cage is related to Coppola. Most people know me from MTV, movies, and my standup. When they read about me, and learn about who I am, then they find out where I'm from. We're all products of our parents.

I do what I do in the business because I'm a true standup. I have two brothers and a sister who did not get bit by the standup bug. They're not in the entertainment business.