I am Rupert Boneham, three time contestant on Survivor, voted Fan Favorite and Libertarian candidate for Governor of Indiana - Ask Me Anything. I'll be taking your questions for 2 hours starting at 7 ET.

Here's my proof: https://twitter.com/RupertForGov/status/260866407208738816

For More Info:

To learn more about my campaign, please visit my website RupertForGovernor.com. You can also follow Team Rupert on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can also make a Campaign Contribution!


Ok everyone it's after 9pm. I need to go and tuck my daughter into bed. I'll be coming in here over the next few days and responding to some of the questions I didn't get to. I had a great time answering your questions...even the duck sized horse one. What do you think... should we do this again Sunday November 4th at 7pm?

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sherlip599 karma

RUPERT!!! Do you know how much you changed my view on reality TV? From the moment you stole the other team's shoes, I thought you were the best contestant ever, and then seeing how much you've done for the people in Indiana and all across the country, you are a true American hero, no matter what Russell or anyone else says.

RupertBoneham289 karma

Thank you so much! Being on Survivor gave me a chance to show the world who I am and what we Hoosier boys can do. I think people saw in me honesty and integrity, even when I was beat down and starving. I've been able to be for 48 years here's to the next 48 and hopefully 8 of them as Governor of Indiana.

PaqTooba59 karma

When you say 8 years, does this mean you will step down after such time has passed? You mean you aren't trying to make this a career?!

RupertBoneham187 karma

No way do I want to be a career politician! When I leave office after 8 years of service to Hoosiers I'll still be doing what I always... advocate for youth and community empowerment programs. Two 4 year terms is all you can do as Governor.

Beckawk77 karma

OMG OMG OMG OMG. He was my FAVOURITE. I was like 12 when I watched him on Survivor for the first time and I was like "That guy is awesome, he better win, or I'll cry" and I did, I cried when he was voted off. :<

sd6631 karma

he still won a mil!

RupertBoneham213 karma

And I gave it away. $487,000 in taxes, $236,000 on my family (bills, used car for mom, daughter's education, house payments etc) and then split $277,000 between three local charities. We pay our taxes, take care of our home and then help others.

snowaddict24 karma

Me too. My first celebrity crush, even though I'm a guy.

Beckawk13 karma

Oh, but are you straight? :P

snowaddict12 karma

Yes. Haha

RupertBoneham120 karma

Way to be secure in your sexuality.

RupertBoneham181 karma

Ok everyone it's after 9pm. I need to go and tuck my daughter into bed. I'll be coming in here over the next few days and responding to some of the questions I didn't get to. What do you think... should we do this again Sunday November 4th at 7pm?

venomousbeetle75 karma

Goodnight Rupert, I'd love to see another AMA. Tell your daughter goodnight from Reddit (Don't actually do this it might seem creepy)

I'd go for a November AMA

RupertBoneham35 karma

I am for sure going to do another one on November 4th. Keep an eye out for it on my Facebook page and Twitter feed.

QcFox97 karma

Do you think the Survivor show got a lot more boring since your awesome person can no longer be a part of it?

I cheered for you all three times. I was so happy you got that million fan prize.

RupertBoneham196 karma

Thank you so much! I think it got boring when it went from being a battle against yourself to a battle against others. It's not Survivor anymore, now it's Conniver.

PrimalBoogie95 karma

  1. In three steps, using one word for each step, what would you do to improve Indiana's: a. Education b. Employment c. Health Care d. Penal System e. Civil Liberties

RupertBoneham171 karma

a. Empower, Fund and Choice
b. Educate, Deregulate and Promote c. HIP, Hybrid-Exchange and Community d. Reentry, Educate and Employ e. Constitution, Fairness and Equality

insomatory75 karma

Hi Rupert,

I loved you in the debates and I will be voting for you. I have one question and one request.

I'm glad that incarceration was a big topic for you in the debates. As someone who has been around people who have been jailed for long periods of time over non-violent drug arrests I would like to hear more about what you would do to address this issue in the state?

As for the request; If for some odd reason you don't win this time around please consider a run for the Indiana Secretary of State in 2014. As I'm sure you're aware it takes 2% in that race for the Libertarian Party to be considered a 'minor' party again. Of course running for Governor again would be great as well!

RupertBoneham232 karma

We can't keep putting people in jail for hurting themselves. A state study just came out showing that our prisons are over capacity and we'll need to build more. Instead of doing that... I think we need to change the way we handle drug addiction. It's a medical condition, not a crime.

Let's get through this race before we start planning the next one ;)

Krysanth42 karma

Hello Rupert! My husband and I live here in South Bend, Indiana.

If Romney, Obama, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul and Donald Trump (Including Donald Trump from the lulz) were in involved in a special season of Survivior, at what point would you throw a hatchet at your television screen to stop the pain?

RupertBoneham110 karma

10 seconds after the intro...but instead of beating up on my poor TV, I would probably just change the channel ;)

Survivor_BUFF42 karma

What will you do for marriage equality if you're NOT elected?

RupertBoneham100 karma

If by some chance I'm not elected as Governor, this time, I have already pledged to a few Marriage Equality groups that I will campaign against HJR.

Edit: that should be HJR-6 (the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in Indiana)

fusto9941 karma

Rupert, this is Jason. I'm sitting here in the hospital with Rosie and we both have a question for you. I would like to know what you think the best way to clean up our neighborhoods would be. There are a lot of boarded up houses where I live and there are a lot of rental properties that are almost as bad because the landlords don't care about them. How can we change that? Rosie would like to know why you like tie-dye so much.

RupertBoneham56 karma

Hey there Rosie! I'm sorry you are in the hospital. You and your sister have been in my thoughts. Hope you both are able to come to the election night party with Jason.

In the past I've helped to build community based neighborhood cleanup projects. We worked with the city to get a trash truck and a few supplies. Communities can be empowered to take these actions on their own, when the government has failed to do it. I would be more than happy to talk with you more about how to setup one of these programs. Heck, I would even come and help out.

One thing that I think would help prevent this from being a problem would be first-time homeowner programs sponsored by the city. The city of Indianapolis has tons of livable housing in it's "Land Bank". But it's all just sitting there rotting.


Hello Rupert! I met you once at an afterparty in indianapolis. I was there supporting Telsa Armada tho sorry lol.

Are you a morning person?

RupertBoneham67 karma

I think that was the after party for Indy visit of the Libertarian Presidential candidate, Gov Gary Johnson. I liked Tesla Armada, too.

I wake up every morning by 7am and head out to work with the young men in my mentoring program. Then I head downtown to the campaign HQ and meet with staff, make calls and go over the day. Then I'm on the road, traveling the state, until 11 to 12 at night. But... I would love to sleep in if I could.

ninvertigo22 karma

You were out rather late down in fountain square a few months ago bantering with me in a Gallery for about an hour. You sir certainly do need more sleep.

For the record, Rupert is a super nice and classy guy with some real ideas to try to get some shit fixed here in Indy... he damned near persuaded me to vote Libertarian.

RupertBoneham19 karma

Was that one of the First Friday events? What more do I need to do to persuade you?

urbster133 karma

I am disgusted by major parties and I am not planning to vote. Why should I vote for you?

RupertBoneham171 karma

You should vote for me because you are "disgusted" by the major parties. Nothing changes if you don't vote for the change. If you like my policies, how I approach things and my sense of personal responsibility...then you should use your vote as a loud voice demanding change in the system.

boobsalad33 karma

Hi Rupert! HUGE survivor fan here! In fact, I help run a survivor online fantasy game! I have two questions.

1) Do you think a 3rd party is an option for the future of America? How do you see it affecting future elections, and the one you're running now?

2) What's the hardest thing about surviving, and which of the seasons you did was the hardest?

We're also looking for applications for our next season if anyone is interesting in playing survivor :) http://survivorchronicles6.yuku.com/

RupertBoneham87 karma

Of course there is a place for third parties in the US elections. Our society has been divided between left and right ways of thinking for far too long. We need other options and other voices that better represent the people. In my race, I have been able to set the tone for many, mostly ignored, issues. In this election I've helped give a voice to small towns and the forgotten people on the edges of society.

Hands down Heros and Villians was the hardest season... in the first hour I broke three bones in my foot. Ouch! But I still stayed in there in played the game for 36 days.

retnuh10130 karma

I am a future teacher.

  1. What policies for education would you make/keep/change if you became Governor?
  2. If you were governor, who would be your ideal person for state superintendent: Tony Bennett or Glenda Ritz?

RupertBoneham92 karma

Thank you for standing up and taking on the unsung task of teaching young people. Teachers should be held up as our heroes!

First thing I'm going to do as Governor is cut 10 to 20% from the administration portions of our education budget. I will then redirect that money back into the classroom. We need more teachers, better pay for teachers, smaller class sizes and new technology. Then I'm going to END the I-STEP! Teachers should be teaching to the student not to a test. We need to show our youth that life isn't multiple choice, it's an essay.

Both Dr. Bennett and Mrs. Ritz have a passion for education. They go about it different ways, but are both truly committed to educating Hoosiers. I just hope they both will drop any support for Common Core.

i_am_sad26 karma

Then I'm going to END the I-STEP! Teachers should be teaching to the student not to a test.

Okay, I'm going to officially go out and care enough to give my first ever vote, and it's going to be for you, sir.

Teachers don't educate, they force students to memorize state standards so they can pass the I-STEP and get a good enough score to make the school look good so they can get paid.

The purpose of a classroom should be to learn.

I'm sure you won't see this, but for anyone that does, have one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes strips as a reward: http://bestofcalvinandhobbes.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/education.png

RupertBoneham17 karma

I saw it and giggled a little. 1620!

Icefan3026 karma

Rupert, I am a central Indiana resident, most of these private prison corporations are making contracts with individual states, in these contracts they are trying to put clauses to keep the prison population above a certain percentage, usually 95%. I am not sure of the status of who runs Indianas prisons but how would you stand up to these corporations and their ridiculous demands of a minimum inmate population? We need to keep those who might want to indulge in something other than alcohol to relax out of their grip.

RupertBoneham87 karma

Stopping the privatization of our prison system is of the utmost importance. Putting and keeping people in jail should never be a for profit endeavor. When there is a financial incentive to keep people in the system there is no way out. These are peoples lives. I will keep on fighting to bring this issue to light and will work to cancel these contracts.

goboleko19 karma

When elected, what will you do to address the disproportionate number of young black males who are imprisoned in the State of Indiana?

RupertBoneham78 karma

The first thing we MUST do is change the way we deal with non-violent offenders. We need to stop locking people up for hurting themselves. Then we need to create the programs and opportunities that help keep first time offenders from getting stuck in the revolving door of the criminal "justice" system. If we help you learn how to go out and make a legal living the state will save lives and money. We can spend a little today or $50,000+ a year when someone becomes a career criminal.

mp352818 karma

Rupert, I was lucky enough to hear you speak recently at IUPUI, and it was fantastic. I do have a somewhat silly question, though...From one man with a large beard to another, have you found that people treat you differently or don't take you seriously due to your nice, big beard?

Best of luck in the election, you've got my vote.

RupertBoneham116 karma

There are a few people that have said I should shave the beard and ditch my tie-dye undershirts. Why would I change who I am just to get elected. After all, these fake polished politicians are the problem. If you want honesty and integrity in government...let's start by being ourselves first and not what we think people want us to be.

PaqTooba18 karma

Hey Rupert! I heard that my buddy's band played for the Libertarian convention (oops after party*) here in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago Tesla Armada! Very cool that you support indie music. Anyways, to my questions!

  • Do you think Mitch Daniels has done a good job? What has he done well? Not so well?
  • Why should I vote for you? (besides the obvious 'not corrupted and actual care about the Constitution' thing)
  • Will you send me a free bumper sticker? :)

RupertBoneham43 karma

Tesla Armada rocked it that night!

I think Gov. Daniels has had some ups and some really big downs. Our state isn't broke (we actually have a $2.7 billion surplus), but the way he's kept the state in the green is a little dishonest. Saying we are going to be short and cutting $300 million from the budget (for local schools, libraries, public safety and roads) just to find $288 million laying around in a bank account?

I think you answered the second one yourself. I'm no corrupt, not a career politician and I carry a copy of the US Constitution (and now Indiana, too) in my back pocket.

RupertBoneham41 karma

The bumper sticker... So you want me to subsidies both your bumper sticker and the postage to send it to you??? Ok, just this once.

il3Eli18 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses?

RupertBoneham131 karma

Neither. I wouldn't hurt any animal. Especially something as special and unique as a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck. But if I was still on Survivor and lost the last challenge for a steak... that's a horse of a different breed.

baconmuffins16 karma

How has your experience on Survivor helped you in your gubernatorial race?

RupertBoneham180 karma

Battling sleep deprivation, starvation, endless challenges and conniving backstabbers... Then there was my time on Survivor.

demso13 karma

What made you decide to go into politics and why did you choose the Libertarian Party? Thank you, you are easily in my personal top ten favorite Survivor contestants ever.

RupertBoneham26 karma

As a small business owner and youth advocate, I have experienced firsthand the effect governmental roadblocks placed in front of our struggling small business continue to have. I felt that Indiana needed a leader that understands the struggles that Hoosiers are facing. Not some polished politician that has a perfect sound bite for everything.

I am running as a Libertarian for one simple reason...I am a proud Libertarian. It may have taken most of life to figure out that I had been living and teaching the Libertarian philosophy for years! It was when I first took the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz that I discovered there was a political party that I trully alligned with.

PeoriaSucks12 karma

Who do you think is the most deserving winner of Survivor, based purely on gameplay?

RupertBoneham46 karma

I would say Sandra for her playing the game with integrity and pretty much on her own, both times.

Survivor_BUFF9 karma

Voters often have an aversion to third-party candidates. What would you say makes you the best candidate despite this obstacle?

RupertBoneham33 karma

I think I've proven that I'm not in this as a career politician or using this as a stepping stone to the White House. I'm a hardworking Hoosier that truly understands the effect misguided government programs and laws can have on the average person and small business. I bring compassion and accountability with me to the Governor's office.

earthb0undm1sfit9 karma

Rupert! As a fellow Hoosier I've been really pleased with your debate performances. You'll have my vote.

You talk about prison reform a lot -- if elected governor, what would be your first steps in reforming the prison system here? Thanks again!

RupertBoneham34 karma

Stopping the privatization of our prison system. Putting people in jail should never be a for profit endeavor. When there is a financial incentive to keep people in the system there is no way out. These are peoples lives.

The next step is to create a REAL reentry program that helps people get educated, employed and living with a sense of self worth and work ethic.

Mr_Hindy9 karma

I'm a college student who lives in Indiana, is there any reason I should vote for you? What changes do you think should be instilled into this state?

RupertBoneham25 karma

As the only candidate that has created private sector jobs and taught young men and women how to create jobs for themselves, I understand the consequences of misguided government policy.

These misguided policies are what make your college tuition high and job prospects low.

At the end of the day, I’m not a career politician I’m a small business owner.

LeslieHolding8 karma

We know you care about human rights. But do you care and have compassion for animal rights as well? As Governor would you crack down on deplorable and abusive conditions on factory farms, fur farms, etc in Indiana?

RupertBoneham48 karma

whether it's people or animals, my family and I have always stood up for those that can't defend themselves. Our "pets" are members of our family. When it comes to farms we have to remember we are not talking about pets, we are talking about our food supply. But, cruelty and torture are never acceptable. Period!

mmartin1727 karma

Hey Rupert. Glad you are running. Read the articles on your gubenatorial campaign. It was nice to learn that the 3rd party is making it somewhere here. I pray that it can. I used to just vote as 3rd party as a way to just stick it to the big namers. Now you are running and I believe in your campaign and beliefs on the government of Indiana. how well do you anticipate the 3rd party doing in this election? I can't really stand hearing about the big elections and the mud slinging. Glad here in good ole Indiana our governor candidates don't stoop that low.

RupertBoneham19 karma

Well...I say we are going to win! That's why I'm in this race. We've literally put everything we have in this campaign. Myself, my family, my friends and my wonderful all volunteer team... we believe in it. It's Our Time!

RudyWaltz6 karma

What is your favorite thing about Indiana?

RupertBoneham27 karma

It's the way we stay out of each other's business, but are right there ready to help when it hits the fan.

Selfscan6 karma

Hey Rupert! This will probably get buried, but I just wanted to say you are awesome. You hold one of my favorite moments in T.V. It was when you stole that guys sandals. It was brilliant. Here is the video

RupertBoneham7 karma

Thanks buddy!

offleashgirl4 karma

Hi Rupert!

First I am happy to see you running for Governor of our state.

Second what will you do for animal rights here in the state and are you for or against stronger punishment for animal abusers/hoarders/fighters.


Ps I love your tie dye pocket square!

EDIT: Views on BSL?

RupertBoneham19 karma

We need to treat animal cruelty and torture as just that. Not some petty crime where you get a fine. We also need to make sure that local prosecutors actually take these cases on. What is BSL?

offleashgirl4 karma

Breed specific legislation, generally anti-pitbull.

RupertBoneham14 karma

No way to BSL! It's not the breed that makes a bad blank it's the bad owner! If you treat an animal with love and respect, that's what you'll get back. If you are violent and abusive...you'll get bit!

VeggieLomein3 karma

Up vote for being a libertarian in Indiana! I wish I was still home so I can vote for you!

RupertBoneham3 karma

I really do appreciate that! Do you have any friends or family here in Indiana that you can share our message with? Because that would be a big help, too.

DoctorYucatan2 karma

Mr. Boneham, what is your opinion on entitlements/uncontrollable expenditures?

Futhermore, which programs would you decrease funding to/cut funding to first if necessary?

RupertBoneham20 karma

I have worked for 21 years running a mentoring program that takes young men and women and teaches them how to have self worth and work ethic. We've done this with NO government dollars, tax dollars or grant funding. We are a 100% private charity that runs on donations and community support. We need more programs like that working on the local level addressing the needs of the individual. Not some bureaucratic behemoth making arbitrary rules and tying them to funding.

I can't single out one individual program that I would cute from. I can say that if cuts are needed, it will always start with administration costs first.

SystemicMystic2 karma

HI! Two questions!

1) What are three things people watching the show are oblivious to?

2) Who would you say are the three greatest players ever?

RupertBoneham13 karma

You really can't tell how much physical pain they are in. The toll hunger can have on you. How easy it is to let the boredom in and just sit and complain (wasn't a problem for me...I went fishing).

Rudy Bosh, Grave Digger James...and of course Me :)

WeCameAsBromans2 karma

I haven't watched Survivor in at least 5 years, and you are still my favorite participant, hands down. Good luck in the election.

RupertBoneham4 karma

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support!

thebattlepimp2 karma

Rupert. Im an Australian so I don't really have any political questions for you but I just wanted to say good luck and I think you are an amazing human being and the only reason I have every watched a season of survivor. Peace out!

RupertBoneham5 karma

Thanks buddy! I love my Aussie friends!

blue-eyed-girl2 karma

My dad and I have seen every season of Survivor and YOU remain our favorite! I fucking love you and everything you stand for!

I just wanted you to know.

RupertBoneham3 karma

Thank you! Be sure to tell your dad I said Hi.

gettingawayfromthesp1 karma

No question, just wanted to say thanks for being a great Survivor contestant...my whole family always rooted for you and your tie-die shirt! :) Good luck in your race!

RupertBoneham7 karma

Thank you so much for the support!