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VeggieLomein2353 karma

YOU! You're the reason why strangers come up to me at bars and say "annyong". (Context: I'm an Asian woman with short hair).

But thanks for Arrested Development anyways.

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Hi Anna! We were actually at the Sake Bar Hagi at the same time a few months ago after a Broadway show!

What did you order?

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What are the odds of Warren actually running? I thought she made a statement about not wanting to run? She's my first pick.

VeggieLomein5 karma

How accurate do you find the Julianne Moore TV movie "Game Change" about the 2008 Palin/McCain campaign? One of the best quotes in regards to that movie was, "the movie represented not Sarah Palin or the Republican party, but our political landscape."

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But if Hillary-- (Howard) Deans it up... she'd be quite viable candidate.