Rupert Boneham

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is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th

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Thank you so much! Being on Survivor gave me a chance to show the world who I am and what we Hoosier boys can do. I think people saw in me honesty and integrity, even when I was beat down and starving. I've been able to be for 48 years here's to the next 48 and hopefully 8 of them as Governor of Indiana.

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We can't keep putting people in jail for hurting themselves. A state study just came out showing that our prisons are over capacity and we'll need to build more. Instead of doing that... I think we need to change the way we handle drug addiction. It's a medical condition, not a crime.

Let's get through this race before we start planning the next one ;)

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And I gave it away. $487,000 in taxes, $236,000 on my family (bills, used car for mom, daughter's education, house payments etc) and then split $277,000 between three local charities. We pay our taxes, take care of our home and then help others.

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Thank you so much! I think it got boring when it went from being a battle against yourself to a battle against others. It's not Survivor anymore, now it's Conniver.

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No way do I want to be a career politician! When I leave office after 8 years of service to Hoosiers I'll still be doing what I always... advocate for youth and community empowerment programs. Two 4 year terms is all you can do as Governor.

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Ok everyone it's after 9pm. I need to go and tuck my daughter into bed. I'll be coming in here over the next few days and responding to some of the questions I didn't get to. What do you think... should we do this again Sunday November 4th at 7pm?

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Battling sleep deprivation, starvation, endless challenges and conniving backstabbers... Then there was my time on Survivor.

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a. Empower, Fund and Choice
b. Educate, Deregulate and Promote c. HIP, Hybrid-Exchange and Community d. Reentry, Educate and Employ e. Constitution, Fairness and Equality

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You should vote for me because you are "disgusted" by the major parties. Nothing changes if you don't vote for the change. If you like my policies, how I approach things and my sense of personal responsibility...then you should use your vote as a loud voice demanding change in the system.

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Neither. I wouldn't hurt any animal. Especially something as special and unique as a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck. But if I was still on Survivor and lost the last challenge for a steak... that's a horse of a different breed.